Introducing A New Writer on Beyond Highbrow

Hi, this is a new writer who will be writing for me, Magneto. He’s writing under a nom de plume because he told me that if he wrote under his real name, he might get physically attacked or even killed. That’s how nuts Indians are about criticism of their culture. He’s very smart, and I think he is also quite a good writer. He’s also a really nice guy. So welcome aboard.

Introducing A New Writer

by Magneto

Greetings to you all. I am a new writer for the blog, and although I don’t want to reveal much about myself, I will say that I am a White person from a Western country who has been living in India for the past few years now. As a result I’ve gained a tremendous perspective about India that most outsiders could never gain, and I am eager to share my realizations with people. Robert has kindly given me an opportunity to do so.

Not all of my future articles are going to be solely focused on the negatives of India. There are indeed some positives, and I’ll be talking about that too. But for now, and since this is my first article, let’s focus on what I would consider as the Number One problem in India – sexual repression.

I can promise you that you won’t find a country that is more sexually repressed in this whole world than India. The root cause of this is due to the egotistical pride of Indians. They pride themselves so much on their backwards, ancient culture that they refuse to change and consider accepting a better way of doing things. And if you even so much as suggest to them that there is a better way of doing things, they get offended and turn around to attack and insult you. Most Indians have very fragile egos and are very insecure, and this is why when Indians come to the West, they stick to their own ghettos and don’t integrate with White people or other cultures. It’s because they are very insecure, and deep down inside they feel inferior to White people, and thus they are too afraid to ever try to became part of a different social group.

Indian men demand that their wives are virgins at the time of marriage. But they also want to have sex with tons of women. Now, how can you have sex with tons of women if you force the women to remain virgins until marriage? What women are you going to be having sex with since they are all virgins?

Indians also are hypocrites, and I’ve had a few honest Indians tell me this directly. Because most Indians are still brainwashed by their backwards, ancient culture and religion, they will publicly put on a moral face and act like sex is a bad or dirty thing. But in private, they are the horniest and most lusty people you will ever find. So why not just stop being a hypocrite and stop trying to treat sex as something that is morally wrong or dirty and just embrace it?

Anyway, most Indians don’t have sex until marriage, so if you’ve been a virgin you’re whole life, and you finally get married around age 30 and have sex, all of that sexually repressed energy is going to come flooding out, and there’s no way that one sexual partner will be able to satisfy you. This is why India has the highest infidelity rate in the world. As one Indian girl told me in her own words, “Indians don’t have any sex until marriage, and then after marriage they have so much sex”. Now, all of these extramarital affairs takes place on the down-low. And adultery is actually still a crime in India, even in the 21st century!

Another example is how the vast majority of hotels in India won’t rent rooms to unmarried couples. And since most young men and young women still live with their parents (Indian women live with their parents up until the time of marriage, even if they get married at age 30 or 35), where are they supposed to have sex, since they obviously can’t have sex at their parents’ houses? Well, you’ll find many Indians having sex in dark public parks at night, or in abandoned buildings, or in cars, etc. The situation really is quite pathetic.

Another negative side of India’s sexual repression is that many men grow up and never learn how to interact with women in a normal way, since young men and young women are basically segregated due to the conservative religious culture. So they literally have no idea how to behave around women, and they watch these stupid Bollywood movies which shows the hero stalking the heroine and eventually winning her heart by continuing to stalk her.

That explains why Indian men will stalk women online, and if a woman doesn’t reply to their message, they will send another and another and another, and sometimes it will add up to hundreds of messages. I’m not criticizing the poor guys, I truly feel sorry for them. The darkest side of this is that Indian men also do not know how to handle rejection because they’ve never had any real experience with women before, and so if a woman rejects their advances, they explode with rage. This rage leads to sexual assault, rape, violence, acid attacks, and murder.

Since most Indian women are so sexually inexperienced, they also have zero idea of how to have sex, and sex with the average Indian girl is quite disappointing. Sex for most Indians means the missionary position. That is the full extent of their sexual lives. And because Indian men are so sexually repressed, most of them will last only 2 or 3 minutes in bed. So it’s not hard to understand how sexually unsatisfied most Indian women are either.

What is the solution to India’s sexual repression? People have to be willing to evolve and change. And that means being willing to admit that their backwards ancient culture and religion is not the absolute answer to everything and that outsiders (non-Indians) might just have better ways of living. Some very simple solutions:

  • Make it illegal for a hotel to deny an unmarried couple a room
  • Get rid of the adultery laws and make it legal for people to have sex with whoever they want to
  • Legalize prostitution
  • Promote more liberal sexual values in the media and schools including sex education
  • Stop considering sex as a sin
  • Be honest and admit that you like sex and stop feeling guilt about having sex


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  1. Tulio

    Why do Indian men love white women so much?

    • Because their culture worships white skin. The caste system is truly evil and it brainwashes people to think that white skin is good, black skin is evil.

      Also they think white women are sluts who will easily have sex with them. This is how delusional they are.

      • Jason Y

        I suspect east Indians, like many other Asian groups, treat white anything with kid gloves while being harsh on anyone black or brown for doing anything bad.

        • That’s true as well. Indians are the most racist people on earth, without a doubt. They worship white people but treat black people like shit.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah Mad Magazine was mocking things saying orange is the new black, but in reality, most of the world is just as racist as the US was in 1940. On top of that, the US is still incredibly racist in certain areas, my area being one. Some people on one hearing that a person is liberal, then they become enemy # 1.

          WNs and Republicans want to jerk off to the idea that we live in a post-racial world, especially with Obama. That’s not true by a long shot.

        • Jason Y

          On top of all this cruel racism is the notion that liberals and the NAM victims of racists are pansies, that they cannot take the abuse like a man. That they’re crybabies. They’d probably say “Pink is the new black” as some joke. etc…

        • Tulio

          When you say they treat black people like shit, how many black people are there actually in India? I can’t imagine it’s even 1%. Where does this hostility toward black people come from when blacks and Indians don’t have much interaction historically.

        • Tulio, they know Blacks from TV, and also there are Black tourists. My word is that Black visitors to India say they can experience bad treatment.

        • EPGAH

          Don’t forget, India was conquered by Blacks for awhile, and that area became Detroit. So they have a good historical reason for hating Blacks, right? If you accept the Rodney King riot victims’ memories as a valid reason, actual conquest should be even a better reason, right?

        • Tulio

          “Don’t forget, India was conquered by Blacks for awhile, and that area became Detroit. So they have a good historical reason for hating Blacks, right?”

          What the hell are you talking about? If you’re referring to those Aboriginal looking people in some parts of India, they are not blacks.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      Because they’re easy.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      Blacks & Indians have much interaction historically. From Trade in E Africa to indenturement in Caribbean.

      Imagine if you took even African American behavior & told it to an alien people without white guilt & ‘responsibility’ you wouldn’t be allowed there.

      As for oppressing darker people; they consider themselves the same ‘people’ & so consider it an internal matter.

      Ie difference between a Creed & Communal religion, that many jews have also commented on.

      I digress, there’s no point to this. 1% of the readership wants to learn & the rest need to be reminded of who the largest economy was & may soon be. Past that, it’s war Mr. Magneto.

      You want to destroy us, we want to provide refuge to your women.

      As a Patriot American would say If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit your back side.

      • EPGAH

        We don’t want to destroy you or any other group, we want to prevent you from destroying us. Problem is, we now have strictures against violence, suicidally, even against violence on our enemies.

        If we don’t re-learn to fight and fight back, our enemies will have an easy victory.
        But instead, we have Globalists like Clinton and Collaborators like Merkel, who claim Islam “belongs” in the Civilized World.

        Why do you only want to provide refuge to our women? Perhaps to use them as breeding units? Taking the women of another group is indeed war, don’t you think?

        • KsytriaKhalsa

          Do you not realize most Muslims live around the Sub-Continent?

          We have the same issue w/ Secularists trying to Brandish Marxism/Christianity/Islam vs Hinduism an Indo-European tradition you should find common cause with, before its too late.

          Alas you probably won’t & we’ll both be some mounntain man tribes like Yazidis living marginalized & fighting after a few centuries.

        • EPGAH

          Well, it feels lately like the Moslems are pouring into Europe AND AMERICA like no tomorrow…Which means we won’t have a tomorrow.

          And yes, secularization here is why the Moslem Cult is making such inroads. Liberals love to take the side of the Moslems against Christians at any and all opportunities.

          But I am responding to what seems to be your hostile tone. If you didn’t mean to sound so hostile, then I apologize.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      BTW, Tulio one last point. Caste is a Spanish word & Varna is not.

      Society is divided in 4 with a tribe being designated a Nature or Varna. An individual maybe different from the tribe & pursue other things.

      However, this system allows a group of people to own their occupation.

      Now the Hindu Epics Mahabharat & Ramayan were both compiled by ‘outcastes’

      The Vedas were compiled by someone who became a Rishi despite his mother being a Fisher woman (very ‘low’)

      Other example in the South Near Hyderabad after the Nobility died, a common man rose to protect the Brahmin & Mandir (temple)

      It’s written that they considered the 4th Varna Shudra or worker the purest, as all else depended on them & the Ganges also arises from the feet of Vishnu.

      In many areas Muslims who followed Hindu practices were stopped by British decree. & Untouchability was strengthened to facilitate conversion like in Kerala.

      Cultural Missionaries like Magneto will wish to deny these gaps in their story & are no different from the missionaries of old who said all non Christians are savages.

      You too can set up this four fold system in your society, as the Japanese & Thai did

      However, we want your society to strengthen in its own homeland while our own is left to its own devices.

      You Understand?

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      What else is hilarious & I fear I’ve written so much I’ll be banned for spam is

      Traditionally the highest caste Brahmin, is a beggar. The poorer he is the more his status, this is confirmed by Hindu scripture.

      Wealth was concentrated among the lower 2 as Knowledge & Force along with land/gold create an imbalanced society.

      This is why traditionally, the Swastik with its four stands like a wheel represents the 4 Varnas.

      If the society is so inferior, why does it survive? Asian man has become a communist & European man meekly bowed to christ.

      Islam like the American invasion in 71 has been supported by the West since at least the 1st Crimean War.

      It will fade just as Western European (Anglo Saxon) man will for his crimes.

      What more is left to say?

      They tried for centuries & could rule for only 90 years frought with rebellion & genocide.

      & Now, after only 20 years of ‘hegemony’ their own daughters have turned against them.


      The Khalsa(Sikhs) belongs to Vaheguru (VasudevHariGovindRaam)
      Victory Belongs to Vaheguru

      • EPGAH

        What crimes, exactly do you accuse whites of?
        Whites created a created a better technological society and tried to educate and uplift the world. You have a computer–and presumably other Civilized World luxuries–only because of this effort.

        Why do the savages either resist, or worse, take our teachings and use them against us?

        If your society is so superior, why do you need our technology–including massive shipments of our food–to survive?

        You can’t even accuse whites of genocide, unless you redefine the term, or just misuse it intentionally for shock value.
        Pick one:
        Indians (Either group of Indians)
        We haven’t wiped out a single nonwhite group, no matter how much they attacked us, or in the Moslem case, continue to attack us.

        What is left to say? How about you explain yourself and your accusations?

        • KsytriaKhalsa

          We don’t want Christianiity, rest is irrelevant.

          Christian conversion is genocide, we wish to save European culture from its own 99% Genocide committed in the name of Christ.

          We export Food but, your seige mentality of White v Non-White shows in your statement.

          Good for you, you advanced at a time when 3 major Asain Civ Viz-aViz China, Persian Calipphate & India were at war for centuries.

          As uncivilized Barbarians like the Arabs you took advantage of a sit & became Kings of the World.

          Good for you, you’re bad at making it last.
          There’s more than one definition of genociide & you have wiped out nonwhite groups.

          Cultural genocide is worse & what’s at iissue.
          The Brits helped Muslims, you can agree that’s a crime without forgiveness.
          Even the Chinese supported Muslims in Xinjiang & Malay/Indonesia.

          Europeans should be proud of their achievements, yet they didn’t happen in a vacuum. & all of that is irrelevant in a world where we have common enemies in booming Africa & Islam.

          Calling Hinduism Savage is a stretch but ok. Competition is natural, why do you expect dif?

          Don’t care to argue, if u want Euros to survive esp in their pure Pagan form, you’re an ally. Otherwise just another dog in the street.

          Jai Hind

        • EPGAH

          We’re bad at making it last, because we give everyone the tech instead of keeping them in the inferior position. We’re too good for our own good, to coin a soundbyte.

          If you don’t like Civilized World culture and call it “Cultural Genocide” please give back your car, house, computer, every benefit the Civilized World gave you when we uplifted and what I consider housebroke you.
          Give them to me, I will “save” you from our culture.

          Otherwise, I don’t expect thanks, but at least don’t call it “genocide”.

          As to siege mentality, we are indeed under siege. Name one white country that nonwhites aren’t trying to overrun and de-civilize? (Not counting the ones they’ve already done that to, and use as Staging Areas for invading other Civilized World areas, obviously.) You wouldn’t call it Reverse Colonization, so let’s call it siege. Hungary built a wall to keep the riffraff out, so they really ARE under siege in the classical sense.

          And yes, the Brits, and Clinton, helped the Moslem Cult, which I consider unpardonable. The male Clinton, you will remember, bombed a certain country that was trying to kick out the Moslem terrorists invading their sovereign space? The female Clinton promises to be the more vicious of the two.

          If you believe Wikileaks, she started ISIS!

          I would never make such a claim without evidence.

        • KsytriaKhalsa

          I understand your second comment but, will you give back mathematics & carbon steel?

          As examples.

          Fact is, this is competition. You can merely say ‘Christianity caused the white excess where instead of being benevolent rulers, they tried to destroy & morphed the people under their charge; to more or less be filthy degenerate jew liberals that much of the white christian elite had become’

          Instead you want to try & balance a Euro Nordic-Greco-Roman heritage with a foreign one.

          We don’t hate your blood only your religion, which can be changed.

          Fuck all TECH, would much rather die of disease & have my entire tribe even country wiped out so we can go back to a pre-abrahamic world.

          If you don’t have same mentality, you’re not respectable.

          No need for us to argue, I agree with the seige mentality what I meant is:

          Asia is food self-sufficient you send food aid to Africa, something Asia (I HOPE) will not ever do.

          Lumping Asia in with Africa is retarded & why a certain portion of WN rhetoric is not taken seriously.

          Especially to anyone with half an understanding of history.

          Past that I agree,

          IMO sacrificing America to Save Evropa would be worth-while

          However, I’m obviously an Ethnocentric Ultra-Nationalist so a counter argument based on materialistic terms & free of emotional ‘Muh Motherland’ Sentiment could be made also.


        • EPGAH

          “Filthy degenerate Jew Liberals.”
          Ouch, the worst part is it’s largely true.

          Mathematics is part of our Roman-Greco heritage as you called it.
          We could’ve continued doing math in the Roman Numeral system, the Arabs took numeral system from India, called it “Arabic Numerals” and forced it onto Europe after the fall of Roman Empire, who would’ve been the only power able to mount a vigorous defense.

          What do you mean by carbon steel?

          As to giving up all our medicine, you would die. That would be a genocide, albeit passive, in that it would truly wipe you out. Indeed, I think we just need to cut off food and medicine shipments to the Third World scum that keep murdering us. Whites are the only ones foolish enough to Feed The Mouth That Bites. Whites allow dissent, even riots, which would’ve been wiped out hardcore by any other ruling power.
          Contrast America’s kid-gloves treatment of rioters with China’s “persecution” of Falun Gong.

          What do you mean sacrificing America to save Europe?

          I would think it would be America’s duty to be the lifeboat again for persecuted Europeans, this time persecuted by terrorists that their elites let in and turned a blind eye to mass sex assaults and even terrorist attacks.

          Or did you mean just have the population of America pour “back” into Europe, driving out the Moslem terrorists?

          In either case, think of who takes over America, and what kinda damage they could do with America’s resources, even if we demolish all our infrastructure and ESPECIALLY our weapons to prevent the New Management from using them?

        • Jason Y

          We haven’t wiped out a single nonwhite group, no matter how much they attacked us, or in the Moslem case, continue to attack us.

          The Japanese attacked Hawaii and the Phillippines, both colonial outposts of America, not the mainland. The Japanese had no dreams, at least before World War II, of conquering America, only conquering Asia.

          However, I know, and I will do the cuck cakewalk again, that Europeans did want to conquer Africa, the New World, Asia etc… So now of course, I’m again, and Robert chastised me for this, pointing out white crimes to excuse Asian crimes.

        • Jason Y

          Even if it is true that Japanese wanted to conquer other Asian lands they had no right to, it is also a fact the UK and US held large parts of Asia under their rule already: The British in India, the US in the Phillippines, the Dutch in Indonesia, the French in Indochina…

          ???? Whose the bad guys, or is this more of the cuck cakewalk ?? 😆

      • The Muslims discovered/invented Algebra, introduced the Europeans to sterile surgery, had ancestors that started the cradle of civilization.

        This type of anti-Muslim stuff from EGAH is basically reverse Afro-Centrism; absurd.

        • point is, to say Islam or Arabs/Persians are inherently Anti-Civilization is ridiculous.

        • Jason Y

          Possibly a large downfall in Muslim civilization is first cousin marriage. Maybe that stuff hadn’t come into frutation when algebra was discovered. I mean think about it, 70 percent of marriages in Pakistan involve first cousins.

          Is it no wonder the place cannot advance, why tons of them are a drain on Europe’s social services etc…

        • EPGAH

          No, the Babylonians invented Algebra, the Moslems just put their Name on it. The Moslems MIGHT have introduced the Europeans to surgery, but it wasn’t sterile, particularly the habit of chopping off the cock and balls of their slaves. Guess the mortality rate?

          Islam is not pro-civilization, they are pro-conquest, they took tech from one area of their “empire” and forced it onto another area, like the fictional Goa’uld of StarGate SG-1.

          Oddly, you hold it up as good when they force civilization and tech onto Europe–after waiting for Rome (WHICH ALREADY HAD IT!) to fall, but I bet you hold that it’s bad for Europe to force civilization on lesser cultures, right? I’m surprised you didn’t credit the terrorists with bringing us baths, and ignore that Greece and Rome had public baths already.
          Or try to credit them with flight. Do you know what happened to the Moslem that tried nonpowered flight?

        • Jason Y

          Also, considering the incest, whose to say they could do much even if Bin Laden did conquer the USA. The place would just be run into the ground like the Muslim world. Possibly considering they keep into the incest, the control would be easily taken back by some other smarter group, maybe Chinese invaders.

      • Listen to the bitter Hinduvata who still resents the British Raj 70 years after English “quit India”.

        If Indian men ruled the world it would go right down the tubes like a caste-killing in an Orissa.

    • Varun

      This one doesn’t need any analysis. White women are considered sexy due to their evolved Caucasiods looks, plus, they are perceived easy, relatively speaking. So it is win-win situation.

      I don’t buy ‘fair-skin analysis’, that Indian men only love fair skin. Asian women are also fair, but they are rarely put on pedestal by Indian men as whole. I, along with some my Indians friends, find Asian women cute, no doubt. But white women are preferred even for marriage after Indian women.

  2. Jason Y

    A lot of western men are the same, so it’s a case of “Look who’s talking.” For instance, men want to look at porn, go to strip clubs, screw loose women, yet demand thier future wife is pure as snow, and call her a whore if he finds out she is not.

    • Well it’s men’s biological NATURE to want a chaste wife, because if a woman is not chaste, there is no way to know if the children is his. So it’s from an evolutionary DNA point of view.

      Either way, this is why PROSTITUTION was always part of society. It kept men from polluting other men’s wives or unmarried virgins. If a man wants to have sex outside of marriage, he can just go bang a prostitute.

      And prostitution is not “immoral” either. It was an acceptable part of most religions, too. Until the sexually repressed modern Christianity came along, at least. Did you know that it was a Christian woman’s group that originally campaigned to have prostitution made illegal in America?

      • Jason Y

        I guess it depends on your morals. Robert, himself, claims to be a liberation theology Catholic, but well, I won’t comment, lol. Anyhow, assuming there is no puritanical religion, then an outlet for sex is a good thing, assuming there is no AIDS.

        • AIDS is almost impossible to get through heterosexual sex. And that’s unprotected sex. Some study done showed that you would have to have sex with an AIDS infected woman 700 times in order to get AIDS from her. That is how rare it is for AIDS to be transmitted through heterosexual sex.

          And remember, that is UNPROTECTED sex. If you use a condom, then you got nothing to worry about. Also, less than 5% of prostitutes in developed countries have AIDS.

      • Jason Y

        I suspect it was Christianity that caused a lot of African American’s trouble with slavery. The whole notion of civilizing the savage, or in other words, making them Christian, did far more harm than the racist notion that blacks were inferior.

        I mean, OK, blacks are inferior. So what? However, once Christianity is thrown into the picture, then they have to travel over there to “uplift the savages” and “carry the torch”, and of course, to make hefty profit also.

        • My main objection is against hypocrisy. Indians whine that they are oppressed by whites and have been oppressed by whites for centuries. Then they turn around and do the exact same thing to blacks and to the darker skinned indians of their own race.

          In reality, indians are just bitter because they feel themselves too inferior to ever become accepted into the new multicultural White society. And it’s not because of their skin color that White people reject indians. It’s due to their BARBARIC culture and religion. But Indians are so arrogant that they refuse to accept that is the source of their suffering and instead they want to whine about how “white people are racist” towards them. No, we white people are DISGUSTED by your barbaric culture.

          Give up your barbaric culture and EVOLVE and White people will have no problem with you and then you can fulfill your little fantasies of getting a white wife. Cause that is every indian’s dream, to get a white wife or white husband. But for white people to be willing to accept them will require them to take a massive step in evolution first.

          And remember, indians are the ones that came to the West. So if they feel so “oppressed” here, why don’t they just go back to India?

          Anyway this comment is becoming the length size of an article, I better stop for now.

        • Jason Y

          My main objection is against hypocrisy. Indians whine that they are oppressed by whites and have been oppressed by whites for centuries. Then they turn around and do the exact same thing to blacks and to the darker skinned indians of their own race.

          That’s what all Asians do. I saw it so much in East Asia. Also, Western Europeans do the same, bitch about American troops and call it colonialism, when for years they were colonizers.

          Also, Western Europeans are racists also toward darker people. Guess Western Europeans cannot stand it when they’re the bitch.

          Everyone wants a pity party toward thier own group, but they don’t want to treat others below them, how they want to be treated by those above them.

        • Jason Y

          Of course, WNs call all this egalitarian thinking “political correctness”. However, isn’t though simply a logical way to think? Why the hell should one feel sorry for a group, which treats another group like crap? Isn’t the bad stuff happening to the said group from those above them, simply karma for how they act toward those below them?

        • Jason Y

          Give up your barbaric culture and EVOLVE and White people will have no problem with you and then you can fulfill your little fantasies of getting a white wife. Cause that is every indian’s dream, to get a white wife or white husband. But for white people to be willing to accept them will require them to take a massive step in evolution first.

          Possibly along with the demonization of all things dark, the Indians simply see white as exotic and perhaps more stable emotionally, economically. Note a lot of African Americans feel the same way, always chasing white women, especially blondes.

          On the flip side, white guys often have a fetish for Oriental women, possibly due to the exoticness and maybe some other hidden biological reason.

        • Jason Y

          Some groups like Koreans have a more logical reason to hate blacks. They have vivid memories of the LA riots etc.. Nonetheless, their obsession with hating anything black is way overkill, illogical and immoral. Again, just more of the dumb white worship similar to what we see in India.

        • Jason Y

          Note, that I understand, guys will be guys, people will be people, people are human. However, the problem with certain groups, say Koreans for instance, is they’re so fucking whiny So they drag you into a situation where they want you to side with their whole “vicimization thing”. Give them a pat on the back cause they had it so bad under Japanese rule etc…

        • EPGAH

          Jason, the basis of the anti-PC movement is that groups that act like crap deserve to be treated like crap, groups that act better deserve to be treated better. There may be individual exceptions, but overall, can you really say that the lesser groups don’t DESERVE to be treated like crap until they improve?

          Think Classical Conditioning:
          Punishment for bad actions.
          Reward for good actions.

        • Jason Y

          Jason, the basis of the anti-PC movement is that groups that act like crap deserve to be treated like crap, groups that act better deserve to be treated better. There may be individual exceptions, but overall, can you really say that the lesser groups don’t DESERVE to be treated like crap until they improve?

          Think Classical Conditioning:
          Punishment for bad actions.
          Reward for good actions.

          Is it always acting like crap? What about prejudice against the disabled in many parts of the world? Also, if idiotic views of WNs are correct, how can NAMS keep from acting like crap?

          Finally, anti-PC people don’t give the disadvantaged much of a chance. even if it were true they made mild mistakes.

      • Varun

        Let me add another biological point as to why men seek chaste wives. Imagine 100,000 year before a cave man invests a tool to fend of other men. This tool, a secret, gives him great evolutionary advantage in harvesting food and living a better life without the fear of getting killed.

        Now his sex partner, a cave woman, is a slut. What happens? She tells all her lovers the secret of making new tools. So now our poor cave man, who invented the secret, is totally screwed. He loses his very evolutionary advantage. Done.

        So men, the smart ones, have evolved to screen women for their trustworthiness. And biggest and easy criterion here is the slutiness of women.

        A slut doesn’t just sleep with other men, she can also get you killed and take all your money. This is also related to the men’s insecurity about his penis size. If a woman finds his size small, she will go to other men and tell his secrets. Again, it is all about man’s secrets, be that tool making or penis size or wealth.

  3. SHI

    I don’t know which part of India he’s from but many of these statements couldn’t be any further from truth.

    Make it illegal for a hotel to deny an unmarried couple a room
    Yes, but this is not an India-specific problem. It’s an ID issue. You don’t have a valid ID, you’re not allowed to check in. Simple.

    Even in many European countries, at the time when you check in into a hotel room in a fairly respectable downtown place, they like to see the “ID” of both people. And easily deny the other person if they suspect that she’s a prostitute. They tend to look the other way if you were already checked in, but yes, there are no rules against unmarried couples. Marriage rates are pretty low all over Europe, in France it’s as low as 4 per cent. So, an Unmarried couple rule would not make sense.

    India however has a different culture which must be respected. Most 3-4 star hotels and above in Indian cities won’t question who you were sleeping with but there are many places which deny this privilege, because they happen to be catering to a family clientele. There are kids around after all. You should respect the fact that they want some semblance of decency in their corridors.

    If you’re unmarried in India, and want to book a hotel room with someone of the opposite sex, you need to stick to 3 star properties and above, or hotels frequented by “couples”. They’re easy to find nowadays on travel mobile apps. You can read the hotel’s TERMS AND CONDITIONS on couple entry while booking online. If they do not expressly prohibit unmarried couples, it means you should find an alternate accommodation.

    Look I’ve been around the block for a very long time. Never had any difficulty checking in into a hotel room with random females, including hookers. My thumb rule is “Keep it simple and don’t make it a big deal.”

    Get rid of the adultery laws and make it legal for people to have sex with whoever they want to

    These laws are primarily designed to protect minors. There are no laws preventing consenting adults from having sex with each other. However, if you’re caught with a married woman, her husband can/will drag you in court. And if he’s influential, rich, can have you arrested by the police. At your own risk. Cover your flanks and don’t leave any evidence on CCTV cameras.

    Noone said India was a free democracy, alright. It’s a country run by thugs and goons. Might is right, and stuff like that.

    Legalize prostitution
    It’s already legal, or pretty much low priority for law enforcement. In Sweden, if you’re a paying client, you go to jail for buying sex. Yes, there are restrictions such as you can’t bring in hookers into a house where there are families with children, etc. Respect that much. Indian cities have an abundance of escort services, massage parlours, swinger clubs and a lot of other kinky stuff. Noone ever gets busted for having a good time.

    But yes, if it’s your first time in a brothel, you should probably go with someone more experienced than you. I agree there are no government regulations on how much the hookers can charge you. But for USD 20-50, you can get laid pretty much anywhere in India. Carry your own condoms.

    Promote more liberal sexual values in the media and schools including sex education

    While I’m totally in favor of sex education in schools, especially safe sex, Indian culture does not allow open discussion of sex topics, in the company of males and females together. Or in co-ed schools. It makes people uncomfortable, and awkward. Hard to change I believe.

    Stop considering sex as a sin
    From the land of Kama Sutra? I don’t think so. If at all, Indians should have less sex than they already do. There’s 1.3 billion people now. Indians shouldn’t be breeding anymore, IMO.

    Sex ads sell the most in India. I saw much less obsession with sex in Western countries. Indians (including women) think of sex all the time, every waking hour. There are more meaningful things to do in life.

    Be honest and admit that you like sex and stop feeling guilt about having sex.

    I don’t think Indians, of all people, have guilt feelings about sex. Not all of them anyway. Things are pretty much out in the open.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      I hadn’t seen an Anti India article on this blog for awhile, was wondering when it would come up?

      Thanks for atleast refuting some of his points, I didn’t see the point of it. Especially as his whole premise rests on ‘evolve & we’ll give you women’

      Unfortunately, this paradigm fails when brought to reality. Author is likely living in the south. North has no problem with hypergamy & with tourism, students & plain moving to the west, any NI man (above 5 6) can get 3 white girls for any one that he desires.

      As for the South, keep rolling with us & we’ll rule the world.

      The author ignores the demographic seige of India & that Hindus should be acting barbaric. It’s that exact behavior that’s prevented us from being cuckolded wannabe jews & arabs.

      Jai Shri Ram

    • SHI, you’re actually totally right about prostitution. So in that sense, you could say that India is more sexually liberal than the West. Feminism is so bad in the West that the bitches want to ban all sex and just turn men into eunuchs. At least the average guy can still afford to buy sex, if nothing else. And you’re right, the cops generally don’t do anything about it or try to bust guys who are visiting brothels.

    • TRASH

      Prostitution is legal in India and every Russian call girl in Mumbai knows this but the safest place to pay an Indian woman to have sex with you is Dubai. You won’t be robbed with your pants down.


    • TRASH

      Indian women are far from frigid but generally have more feminine behavior than certain other races.

      I’ve used Indian prostitutes for a great percentage of my adult life as well as some Desi women who were not prostitutes.

      • They aren’t frigid like western feminists but they are very shy too and also most of them don’t really know how to give you good service. Anyway I guess that is probably normal anywhere but I have found some good indian girls who were good in bed but most were crap.

  4. KsytriaKhalsa

    As for hatred of blacks it depends on the area.

    Bengal & Maharashtra had black eunuchs overthrow muslims & run kingdoms like Gaur for a few years. Their reign was so terrible that Hindus & Muslims including Arab/Turk actually united to slaughter them down to a man.

  5. KsytriaKhalsa

    Eh, Shi encouraged me.

    Thailand & Nigeria have highest infidelity rates.
    Laws against homosexuality, adultery & prostitution are all British laws. He’ll bring up Sati which was a few 100 cases per year in Bengal. Just proves he’s either a practicing Protestant or has strong values rooted in it (like modern Liberalism)

    Or he could be missionary/doing Ngo (liberalism missionary) work.

    Hindu Revivalist Parties have not been in power long enough to change them. Past that, why join a sinking ship?

    If our culture was/is so horrible how did we survive the multitude of invasions, which Btw add up to likely more Killed/Enslaved than all other wars COMBINED?

    To be calm minded I’ll add more parts

    Read the historical accounts or read this summary:

    Also read Koenraad Elst Decolonizing Hindu Mind

    It goes through Hindu revivalist movement & why radical Westerners have consistently denied it being given an equal & objective place in any academic discussion.

    Even when the movement itself is a topic of discussion, a third party will be used to the explain it. Like they/we were children

    The biggest crime of the socialists (Nehru) & their planned economy was denying the common man a chance at the new world.

    Without manufacturing the villager cannot rise,

    Untouchability existed in Japan, France & Spain as well. Disappeared with development

    Past that, No we’re not gonna convert to Christianity. Many of your people have already Converted to Hinduism/Euro Paganism under your feet.

    A house built without solid foundation, should not attempt seige war.

    Look forward to your next article & destroying your sensibilities.

    White women are ‘respected’ & white men killed in the north. Who are you hanging out with, better yet instead of converting those ‘poor dark low caste’ who leave christianity soon as they have money, why not help your own home.

    Long term you only put yourself & ‘your flock’ in danger.

    I know due to India being a strong pagan nation & susceptible to missionaries, Robert is looking for a reason to ban me.

    No, I’m not threatening him but yes his life’s in danger, as it should be. Many Hindu Saints who did good work in the west were also killed.


    • EPGAH

      What about the tourists who keep getting raped? Is that your idea of respect?

      • KsytriaKhalsa

        A century ago, most white women would agree any Indian city is safer at night than a Euro one.

        The destruction of the Sanskrit Education System (A British Deed) & the prevention of its revival by Secularists (A British Tradition) is the reason for this.

        Obviously not blaming British, I’m aware of Rotterham.

        Thiis secular + Islam crisis is out of the bottle, we can work together or perish together.

        Those are our choices, it seems.


        • EPGAH

          I would rather unite against the Moslems, but many would rather unite with the Moslems to crush Christianity.

          However, what about “Reformative Rape” and the idea that rape is a suitable punishment for underdressed women? Is that an Indian tradition, or is that the Moslem Cult overwriting Indian tradition?

        • Who cares about a century ago. The REALITY is that RIGHT NOW, India is considered as the most racist and hostile country towards tourists in the world right now.

          Everywhere tourists go, indians will try to scam them and the indians will laugh openly about this. The bastards don’t even feel any SHAME in cheating people.

          And for white women, my god. Everywhere they walk, they will have 1000 eyes staring at them and indian men making nasty comments to them.

          Not all indian men are pigs, but 90 percent of them are. Feminism in India is simply fighting for men to stop acting like pigs and respect women, so in that sense I would support indian feminism, although it is getting overboard and falsely accusing innocent men too.

          What will it take to get India to evolve out of the dark ages? Is it even possible? In the meantime, I must warn all white skinned women to avoid India because the chances of you getting raped or molested there are pretty high.

        • Jason Y

          However, what about “Reformative Rape” and the idea that rape is a suitable punishment for underdressed women? Is that an Indian tradition, or is that the Moslem Cult overwriting Indian tradition?

          Interesting ep-gah. Is this one example of classical conditioning you spoke of earlier? (sarcasm)

          You know cause nobody is a victim.

        • Jason Y

          Oh wait ep-gah, it’s cool when whites and high caste Indians rape, assuming who they rape is non-white, but it’s a crime against humanity if a non-white even glances at a white.

          Yet at the same time in this warped supremacist world, you guys don’t liked mixed marriages, that are not rape, between white guys and non-white women.

      • KsytriaKhalsa

        Can’t reply to your latest comment, so will do this one.

        It’s part both.

        The areas where this happens Ie WEST UP – had majority muslim before 47 so it’s 50-50

        A lot of the Village Councils order this, it’s an extreme punishment obv Killing the Guilty Party would be better but, the secular state gets involved.

        Sikhs/Rajputs are gonna clear that area out.

        To address your specific question –

        As far as I know, look at trad Indian clothes, in many areas women could go bare-chested w/o harassment.

        Islam has been invadiing heavily since Battle of Tarain where, the Hindu Emperor forgave the Muslim (as was his Dharma; to offer forgiveness, friendship & not kill another king) & subsequently lost the battle after.

        I think he won 1 Battle & 17 Skirmishes but lost after.

        Ie Liberalism allowed Islam into India.

        So not a Muslim tradition over-writing a Hindu one but, an effect of Muslims surely (98% sure).

        Jeans technically come from Mumbhai but Delhi in general around where this happens is a result of secular education.

        Ie India is a ‘composite culture’ Invaders benefitted India due to ‘diversity’

        This education has existed since 60s & 70s. Western friends educated since the 90s will be familiar with this formula & what it breeds.

        That we have any conservatism left in those areas, is a testament to the strength of the Hindus & same for hte West.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, I’m one of those Conservatives, who WANTS to hold Moslems’ past actions against them.

          We’re called “racists”, “Islamophobes” etc., but it’s not phobia when the enemy is trying to destroy you, it’s the rational fear, as of a snake getting loose.

    • TRASH

      Hey Sikh

      None of us GORAS now what BOLE SO NIHAAL means and you Punjabi people are some kind of redneck Russian tribe who are not real Indians anyhow.

  6. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    (..found at another site)

    It seems to be a very serious Ayurvedic medicine site.

    Just scroll past the dark & grey pages and read the heading on body fluids. Sounds very puzzling. It also carries an advertisement on a gadget (dildo)

    “..मानव पुरुष का लिन्ग-वीर्य और महिला योनि के चाटने या चूसने से प्राप्त आरोग्य के उदाहरण; SUCKING MALE PENIS and FEMALE VAGINA cured MENTAL and PHYSICAL ailments…”

    I’m not sure how widespread is such belief. It means if a physician of Ayurvedic practice asks a mental patient to suck his cock, it’s therapy, not sex-assault.

  7. KsytriaKhalsa

    On a non hostile note, as Jason said this is a male tendency.

    In the USA the mean & median partners for females is vastly different.

    So with prostitution which is legalized even in Maurya times, this works.

    These are the stats for America between # of partners, happiness & martial stability for females. Collected by CDC

    I suspect the next narrative is to support various Christian or Muslim separatist movements in the names that India was never a country:

    Here I preemptively counter that, as we’ve been hearing the same bs from white ppl our entire lives, and it only radicalizes us. 🙂

    To quote ” A small country like Italy which had people of the same race, same language, same religion which was divided into 8 provinces took 23 years to integrate into one nation from the day they started their national integration plan; Even a relatively homogeneous country like Germany took 18 years for Bismark to unite after a lot of killing, It took Mao a decade of killing to integrate a homogeneous China, and yet we forget that a large country like India with so many tribes, races, religions, languages, ideologies was integrated from 580 princely states into one entity by Sardar Patel in just 18 months. Now, if someone had told that story properly, we’d all be proud of ourselves, but no one did, so we have to make do with being proud of someone else, so we latch on to Israel.”

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      Crap, messed ip the order Images 3-6 are on female marriage.

      1 is the female vs male vote in Austria.
      2 is a memetic comparison of Christianity (Protestant) with modern Sjwism.


      • KsytriaKhalsa

        The rate for violence against children, is also more than 1000x higher when it’s not the biological dad married to the mother.

        This is natural obv, look at lions however, liberals have never recognized nature or science in their quest to make a christian world w/o christ. (See 2nd image)

        That’s all

        EpGah & SHI can take it from here, I’m not interested in monpolizing the convo (realize I almost already have)


  8. Sir;
    from my observation it appears many of the most ‘pro-European culture’ or ‘preserving America’ types are low caste East Indian immigrants to the U.S.

    They want to leave India behind, have converted to Christianity and reject a lot of Indian culture.
    This is also the case with the few more highly Indian types that made it to the elite of Latin America, they don’t want the culture that terrorized them (they have the ability to recognize the culprit), to come to the U.S.

    • Well obviously if a heartless culture like the Hindu caste system has oppressed them, they are going to reject that barbaric culture and embrace a more equality-loving type of culture.

      That’s one good thing Islam has done. Islam has rejected the caste system and says that all humans are equal before God.

      • Jason Y

        Apparently ep-gah thinks the lower castes deserve to be in a low caste cause they won’t improve their behavior. Classical conditioning. Right?

      • EPGAH

        With Islam, they’re just swapping one barbaric culture for another.
        Arguably more barbaric, given the rape culture of Islam!

        • I don’t know if you call Islam as a “rape culture”. The barbaric immigrants from north Africa are, yes. But pretty much all south Asians have this rape culture, whether they are Hindu Indians, Muslim Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, etc.

        • Optimus Prime

          Islam is a definite improvement from Hinduism something Hindutva nuts fill fervently deny, but it is still a barbaric religion catered to the medieval masses. Also I remember Atheist Indian commenting on of the articles here that India was already primed for Islam. SO it is no wonder it was able to make large inroads.
          Islam/ Judaism are certainly not adaptive religion like Christianity. Islam foments tribal behavior similar to its parent religion Judaism. That’s the reason you wont see much difference between jews and muslims in-spite of the fact they hate each other.
          Also much of inventions like Algebra, Gun powder has nothing to with Islam. It had been done by people who were atheists or someone who rejected Islamic culture

      • Jason Y

        Actually caste systems exist in other parts of the world, including the US. If you don’t have the money to live in at least a decent middle class neighborhood like my brother lives in, then tough luck !!!

        No, nobody in the US is rubbing it in, calling lower castes trashy people. Instead, it’s just a subliminal message thing, assuming the middle class ever comes into contact with the lower class which is rare.

        • Well in the West it isn’t based on SKIN COLOR nor some kind of religious community type of feeling. Anyone of any skin color or religion can rise to the income level required to live in a particular community. So to claim that in America or in the West there is an informal “caste system” is simply intellectual dishonest.

        • Jason Y

          That’s true, but a caste system is still cruel, even if it’s not based on skin color. Instead of being labled negro, you get labled trash.

          Also, racism is far from dead in the US, contrary to the media image. As I was saying in other comments, in certain parts of the US, coming out as a liberal is as bad as coming out gay,

      • Jason Y

        That’s one good thing Islam has done. Islam has rejected the caste system and says that all humans are equal before God.

        Good point and I totally agree, but the downside to Islam is incest. True at a base level all men and women are created equal and should be treated with respect, assuming thier actions deserve it.

        Nonetheless, in other aspects, certain groups have severe genetic disadvantages and there is no way say, a low IQ NAM is going to be a nuclear chemist. If a whole society is descended from incest, or is a just a low IQ society, then the quality of life plummets and we have to ask ourselves if we want to live like this.

        • ksytriakhalsa


          Modern day Converts to Islam are FAR FAR more Casteist than Hindus could ever be.

          Look at Zamindari in Bakistan or Ajlaf & Ashraf.

          Brit Census actually counted more castes among Muslims than Hindus.

          U guys have it handled well, this is such a basic colonial narrative that even half dead Hindu retard sites like (radical marxist) would have trouble digesting it.

          Sad, I took this new writer seriously. Robert, I know you have low income & are over-worked but, your own Anti-India posts had some semblance of truth to them.

          This guy is just caste, curry, sati, dowry w/ maybe street shitting now.

          So far not impressed, 2/10

          Magneto –

          If Islam brought equality, why were the lower castes more resistant to it. More Upper Caste converted to it..




      • ksytriakhalsa

        Go back to america & stop hanging out with SI Communists LOL.

        Fkn Mallus..

      • TRASH

        MAGNETO Most criminal types in India who are low-caste convert to Islam though Gujarat is slightly different.

        Indian Muslims have to work in the Middle East or they would starve. Hindus just will not interact with them.

        I’d be shocked to see an olive-skinned Brahmin with green eyes converting to Islam.

        Down South In Kerala it was Yemen seafarers who brought Islam to India thousands of years ago.

      • TRASH

        I would not want my daughter to marry an Australoid black Dravidian Tamil either if I were a Punjabi Brahmin or Sikh to be honest.

        Punjabi are sort of redneck because of all the Russian blood in them and Kashmir people ain’t that bright in general but to be honest I do not blame them for not wanting their daughters to be shafted by some Tamil who cannot handle his liquor.

        Generally Tamil and Kerala people are like Australian Aboriginals with similar alcohol problems and other pathology like abusing women and children.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      It’s economic, Japan faced missionary harvesters 2. It developed India had Nehru + Congress.

      What do you trade though? Indians in the west are not treated well, we’ll not commit suicide to please our enemies.

      Lol at some white dog calling himself a Hindu.

      One Yvanna is below 1000 Untouchables – Acharya Chankya

      • TRASH

        Since Hinduism was set up by ancient “Gora Dogs” from Ukraine I’d say that black Dravidian Nair or Tamils ended up being the “dogs” of the Indian social pyramid.

        I’ve seen this fairly clearly in India.

        As for Gora converts to Hinduism they are usually some American nerd computer programmer who married a Nair girl with an IT visa in California.

        They’ll produce kids that resemble a Kashmir inhabitant.

  9. vid

    While each and every line is just spot on, the upbringing of men and women is also a big factor. However, many Indians do have sex before marriage but they hide it for obvious reasons. And women are repressed to extreme levels, by both men and women. I have seen that Hindus of Nepal are much different than Indian Hindus. Frankly speaking, even outside India, I just avoid talking to Indians and being friends with them. They even try to impose their backward ways on people who want to get out of it. And no caste or community is any better. The only solution to India’s all problems is to nuke the shit out of it. No amount of education, articles or anything is going to help ever. Indians want change but they don’t want to change.

    • ksytriakhalsa

      “Alpha” males can get laid wherever. With this truism in mind, let’s look to the rest of society.

      As their circumstances are different, so must be their rules.

      Sexual repression is good for the masses, Else you have mass abortions & nigger/muslim invasions.

      Have fun with freedom. Westerner Brother.


      • vid

        I am not talking about just Indian men having sex, but women as well. And surely it will provoke you. Indian men are hardly alpha at anything. I think they are the most coward and weak ones, neither could defend from muslims nor from westerners but surely they talk out loud. Thanks to sexual repression, Indian population is already 1.3 billion. Circumstances/rules wtf are you talking about? Now I think it’s not the culture or religion thing, it’s a race thing. Indian race, be of any religion or community is a total crap. Handful of few who reject this stereotype, try to banish their whole identities because of it.

        • TRASH

          DESI POSTER Yes, SIZE MATTERS TO SOME (NOT ALL) INDIAN GIRLS. That is where the Gora with his 7-9 inch penis on average seems to have some advantage.

          My sex experience with Desi girls all my adult life lends some authority to the following statements on Indian sexuality:

          South Indian girls will not put out at all before marriage but married Nair women will sometimes screw Goras. They are pretty good and many are free.

          Bengali girls are the natural-born hookers of India. Passionate, stylish, enjoy what they do from Calcutta to Gora.

          Punjabi girls are like visiting a rough redneck Alabama whorehouse. Some of them are tough and will wilt your erection. I should add that their is some Caucasian admixture to them so it is like screwing a Greek woman or sommething.

          If you like the anus than Punjab women are more “open” to this than other Indian girls however.

          Goa is the place for the mixed-blood older Latin India women who screw out of their houses. Many are older but at Wasco beach you can pay 2,000 Rupee for a good time on the beach.

          However, you might be mugged.

          I’m a prostitute lover who has scoured the earth for cheap by the hour prostitutes and used them everywhere from Arizona to Goa. I know what I speak.

      • TRASH

        Indian males and especially Muslim ones generally have a “side kid” if they are the local Alpha male.

        They love Russian broads and Dubai runs on Russian prostitution catering to Indian bookkeepers.

        Indian women do not mind Goras and part of this might be penis size. Yes, folks, size does matter to all women no matter how “repressed”.

      • TRASH

        Dubai for Indian prostitutes is the safest place for Goras to go. They are less expensive than Russian women. You might actually get a married Desi woman to suck and screw if you work in Dubai because Goras do have bigger penises.

      • TRASH

        BRAHMIN and other high-caste chicks are not impressed by macho Muslims or Sikh males who have no brain. Sorry, but that is a low-caste thing.

        Most Desi girls in the 21st century want a dude who can make some decent money and has a Green Card….If he happens to be a Gora well.

    • TRASH


      Half the prostitutes in India Red-light areas are Nepalese girls esp. Mumbai. Bengali girls like Goan beaches for some reasons and set up shop there.

      The average Gora penis is 7-9 inches which seems to suit Indian girls and few of them paid or unpaid seem to hate sex with Goras. Blacks are too large and not physically attractive to most Desi girls in India but Indian-American girls are different.

      I’m a Gora who had sex in India with more South Asian women than you will ever know since 1999 when I arrived there at age 26 (Continual professional activities in India prevent full disclosure of my identity).

  10. TRASH


    Prostitution is an enormous business in Mumbai and Calcutta where women sell their wares in stalls. Russian women and Thais and Nepalis flock to India for prostitution.

    How is prostitution “illegal”?

    I must keep my professional activities in India a secret.

    Have ever LIVED in Mumbai or Cochin?

    As for Indian male machismo it is the same for Italians, Arabs, Chinese. Women should be virgins and men are measured by a strong penis-that’s why their countries are mired in backwardness and overpopulation.

    • Very interesting info you’re giving here. I didn’t know there was such a huge market for prostitution in Kerela. Too bad we can’t connect and get to know each other, we could probably have a lot of fun together in India.

      • TRASH

        You cannot know who I am because of my relatively high-profile in India as a Gora. Actually, you MIGHT already know who I am.

        Sorry, I must remain anonymous.

        • Jason Y

          Gosh, Trash are you really as well traveled as you say, a sort of James Bond. 😆 Give me a break. I know the other guy, Barack Thatcher isn’t well traveled cause he’s only around 19 years old.

  11. TRASH


    Mumbai: The Kamattipura is the walk-in redlight area but is dangerous and the girls diseased.

    Best approach are brothels by reference where the price is $100.


    Wasco beach shacks house prostitutes who are often Bengali-I do not know why Bengali girls are hookers but many are. Going rate: 2000 Rupees. Now bear in mind its been years since I used their services.

    Goa also has private brothels with older women.

    Cochin/South India

    Underage action. Keep away.


    One huge brothel.

    Some Indian women like big penises and are turned on by porn which depicts white men with 10 inch penises endless shafting women: their concept of Gora sexuality is formed by this prowess and some desire a sexual experience with a Gora but will disappointed if your penis is under 8 inches.

    Russian, Asian and a few African chicks available too.

    Magneto…Have you EVEN BEEN to India.

    • I have to admit, everything you said is 100% correct. Although your pricing is a bit high. Let’s just say I have friends of friends who can get the same girls you are talking about for 1000 rupees instead of 2000rs.

      • TRASH

        GORAS pay have a higher price in India. In all credit to Bengali or Punjabi women they are do their share for the client.

        Dubai is SAFER for Goras to experience the glory of Kerala Indian hookers who are over 25.

        You might be robbed in Cochin.

  12. JASON Y “Gora” is Indian slang for white man.

    I have had a permanent address in the U.S. since the late 90’s when I was 25.

    Never missed it for one day, either.

    You sound as if you are more familiar with Pacific Rim countries than I am. I’ve only lived in the Philippines.

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