What Does GOP Stand For?

They say it stands for Grand Old Party but I think they have changed the meaning to something else lately.


What are some definitions for GOP nowadays?

GOP means:

Grabbers of Pussy
Get Out Please
Grand Old Pedophiles
Greedy Old Pedophiles


Have a seat, Donald.

Any more suggestions would be welcome!


Hi Donald. Nice to see you here. Why don’t you have a seat?


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4 responses to “What Does GOP Stand For?

  1. j l

    It must be the greedy pedophiles.
    We know the left abounds in grand, yet not greedy pedophiles — take the “but she is 18” variety as a subset of the category. Don’t we?

  2. SHI

    Hey, I’m not American. Sorry if it offends anyone but I’d like to give it a try.

    Grumpy Obnoxious Petulants
    Greedy Ossified Pachyderms
    Gassed Out Prematurely
    Garrulous Old Pricks

  3. Chris Donnellan

    Grand Old Plutocracy.

  4. Noneofmany

    Grand old perverts

    God ordained plunderers

    Glorious overlord platform

    Gradually out populated

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