Scandinavian Socialism Is the Norm All over the World

Hbd investor wrote:

RL: Wait a minute. I am actually supposed to go into the voting booth and vote for muh White race? I am supposed to look at …

HBD Investor: Even with immigration reform, socialism simply wouldn’t work in the USA

The USA has too many tax consumers and not enough tax payers, this is the reason why Americans have high taxes, high medical bills, expensive real estate and high costs of living.

Real estate is expensive because nobody wants to live in a area full of crime and violence, there are only a handful of areas that have jobs combined with living areas that have decent schools. NAMs (non asian minorities ) have made many places unlivable.

Healthcare costs are skyhigh because most of our hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy. I have a friend who works in as a surgeon in Newark. Newark is an extremely violent and extremely black area. The ER is always full of gunshot wound victims. Majority of these victims do not pay anything so the government foots the tab to keep the hospital running.

Canadians actually pay less tax than the us, and their corporate tax rate is less and they have free universities and health care. The main immigrants that are taken in are highly educated chinese and indians, all of them are net tax payers. They have a lot of money to spend on social goods and Syrian refugees.

Nobody says this but the main reason why socialism works in Scandinavia is because it is full of scandinavians.

Socialism would work very well in Mormon communities in the us

I will go through this point by point.

Health care costs are sky high because most of our hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Everyone knows that is not the reason. It is pubic hospitals that are hurting sometimes. The private hospital industry is an extremely profitable area. The costs are sky-high simply because we have a system of privatized health care and for no other reason.

Canadians actually pay less tax than the us, and their corporate tax rate is less and they have free universities and health care.

This is not true. Canadians pay quite a bit more in taxes than Americans do, and Canadian corporations pay considerably more in taxes than US corporations. Americans are among the lowest taxed people in the industrialized world and we have the ruined infrastructure and safety net to prove that. US corporate tax rates are high on paper, but hardly any corporation pays that high rate. There are so many loopholes and breaks that most of them pay very low taxes. US corporations probably pay one of the lower tax rates in the industrialized world.

Americans don’t get it. Scandinavian socialism or social democracy is pretty much the norm all over the world. The US and to some extent Latin America are the outliers on that. But even most Latin American countries have free national health care and many have free higher education. Higher education is free in Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela and quite possibly some more places down there. I would have to look into it. I think it was free in Peru just recently.

Social democracy or even beyond is the norm in the Arab World. It’s particularly well developed in the Gulf states. Syrian Kurdistan has gone beyond even that.

It’s the norm in all of Europe, not just Scandinavia. Even the UK has a Scandinavian model.

It’s the norm or beyond in North Africa too.

It’s in place in Iran and there’s even something left of it in India. It’s the norm in most of the former USSR.

It’s the norm or beyond in China and SE Asia. Even Japan has a Scandinavian model with the proviso that the social programs are paid by the corporations directly instead of the state. The Socialist Party regularly wins elections and rules the country. Even the Philippines has free health care and higher education!

Australia and New Zealand have Scandinavian models.

I don’t know much about Africa, but Scandinavian models with free health care and free higher education would not surprise me one bit. I know they have even more of that in Ethiopia.

Social democracy works just fine everywhere on Earth that it is put in. Obviously Scandinavian model would work just fine here too. We are one of the richest countries on Earth.


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53 responses to “Scandinavian Socialism Is the Norm All over the World

  1. Demand for healthcare in general is very rigid, meaning it won’t change if they decide to dick around with price (which makes it more profitable for them)…

    I highly doubt that industry is in trouble.
    ESPECIALLY with the government subsidy type thing you see in Newark.

    • EPGAH

      Yes, as long as the Government keeps paying, the price keeps going up.
      What about the obvious: Don’t pay taxpayer money to patch up criminals?

    • Tulio

      Healthcare costs are cheaper under a single payer system. Much of the cost of healthcare comes from how complex the private system is. Governments in socialist countries set prices on what procedures and medications cost. Some asshole like (((Martin Skreli))) is not going to be able to jack up medicine by 1000% overnight in France. Their government wouldn’t allow it. Not when people’s lives are on the line.

  2. TJF

    To Rob:

    HBD Investor said:
    Canadians actually pay less tax than the us, and their corporate tax rate is less and they have free universities and health care.

    Rob said:
    This is not true. Canadians pay quite a bit more in taxes than Americans do, and Canadian corporations pay considerably more in taxes than US corporations.

    Depending upon how you look at it, you are both correct…

    Canada’s corporate tax rate ranges from 15% to 26%
    For the US it’s 35%.

    But.. there are large multinationals in the US who can game the code by shuffling money around and say they made money in a low tax area and lost money in a high tax area. Companies like Apple, Google, and Exxon use this heavily. Smaller corporation that are local to the US do not have this advantage.

    Generally Ireland and Canada have higher taxes for many things but the US government has stopped multiple tax inversions to these two countries because the treasury would have had a net loss.

    The US tax system is so complex and gamed that you can both be right depending upon the company you analyze … but in a nutshell smaller local companies are penalized at the expense of huge multinationals.

  3. EPGAH

    All those countries you keep bringing up, have lower population than NYC ALONE, so America can’t be FAIRLY compared to them.

    You said earlier you can’t compare a family budget to the National Debt, so why are you trying to compare countries that have lower population than one of our CITIES?

    NYC Metro Area is 46 MILLION people, NYC itself is “only” 20 MILLION.
    Socialism doesn’t scale!

  4. From what I’ve read on Scandinavian Socialism, it’s not a good model and was failing before mass immigration.

    • You are reading rightwing lies. They REALLY hate that system in part because it has been so successful and they really want to take it down. It’s the threat of a good example. According to the Right, this model has been failing ever since it was put in.

      I have talked to Scandinavians. They tell me it’s working fine. Anyway most of the world has a system more or less like this model or even more leftwing than that. It works fine everywhere in the world really.

  5. Maybe go to the website of the Socialist International. I think they have a site. You have NO IDEA how many political parties are members of the International. Many of them rule countries now or did in the past. Others are large opposition parties. Parties of the SI are practically running the world.

    One of the reasons I banned advocacy of rightwing economics is because all I had were rightwingers on here throwing rightwing economics at me and arguments against left economics. So I was spending half my day running around the Net chasing down their lies. I guess I am tired of defending this system.

  6. Jason Y

    But of course, some right wing macho dipshits on Facebook will say, “You need to get off ur sissy, liberal ass and do some marching in the Army if you want free tuition” 😆 “Get going faggot.. !!! “

    • Tulio

      That thinking is huge in the manosphere which is why many of them are libertarians. They think socialism is anti-male and unmasculine. In their parlance, socialism is for women and emasculated pussies that can’t stand on their own two feet. I wonder if they think Stalin, Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung and Mao were pussies?

      • Jason Y

        Good point. Also these guys NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP. Heavy rotation like a song on a class rock station.

        Also it’s funny how some of them are failures, yet preach on, I suppose cause it’s pussy to whine in thier code of honor. Well, one of them is a total failure, the other is some retired army guy.

        I’m wondering though if we did research on thier childhood, how babied were they by mama? Did she baby them into the teenage years? Washing thier clothes and feeding them. It would be funny to find out that she did.:lol:

      • Jason Y

        I wonder if they think Stalin, Che Guevara, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung and Mao were pussies?

        No they’re just enemy gooks and niggers (commies). 😆

  7. Jason Y

    European socialism would be more successful than the third world kind because Europe has more of a tax base, mainly cause it was the former colonial master at one time. Also, certain third world socialist regimes are heavily persecuted by the world community, especially the US. Therefore, they cannot really make socialism as good as it could be.

  8. Ed

    Three random points:

    There have been lots of studies on high US health care costs, and they pretty much all conclude that its cartels and price gouging within the industry, which the federal and state governments seem fine with.

    Red staters love to complain about crime committed by Blacks, but crimes committed by white people (white collar crime and various forms of boodle) is far more damaging and goes unpunished.

    EPGAH has an excellent point above about relative populations. To make valid comparisons between countries, there can’t be too great a population disparity. No one in their right mind would compare a city with 3,000,000 people to a small city/ large town with 100,000 people. But you get comparisons by in-numerates of countries with 300 million people to countries with 10 million people ALL THE TIME. Looking at the US vs Germany or even the UK, or Mexico is not as bad, but just ignore the Scandinavian stuff. The right likes to do this too with places like Singapore.

    Comparisons of US taxes with taxes in foreign lands always never count state and local taxes in the US, but include their equivalents in foreign totals. This is always done for some propaganda point. Just ignore these comparisons, they are always dishonest. In fact, once you aggregate federal, state, and local Americans really are highly taxed, mainly due to the Pentagon sinkhole, though the municipal union pension scams don’t help.

  9. Tulio

    This is a short article but very matter of factly explains why we have deficits, poor social welfare and bad infrastructure:

  10. Xanadan

    At the end of WW2, British debt to GDP was over 200%, far worse than now. It was in these conditions that the NHS (and the rest of the “cradle to grave” welfare state) was considered, reccommended and implemented.

    It was wrested from an elite who were worried about Communisim and the presence in the working classes of many returned soldiers. The USA, having boomed during the war years, was not under the same kind of pressure for change.

    • Stalin Tonks

      After WW2 taxes were probably nowhere near as high as they are now. Furthermore, they didn’t have tons of black and brown leeches to deal with.

      • Jason Y

        Socialism in the UK isn’t real socialism as compared to Cuba. Of course, in the situation of US or UK socialism, it’s going to turn into a charity thing, not a real changer of society.

      • Jason Y

        Another problem with non-Communist socialism, is it still exists in a free degenerate capitalist society. That society affects NAMS and poor whites quite a bit. For instance, if you have socialism AND a degenerate society full of drugs, then odds are some welfare recipients might use welfare for drug money etc…

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, absolutely, the problem is the US culture, not the socialism. Also, a problem is there isn’t enough socialism to help NAMS, with the exception of illegal immigrants who keep coming in with large numbers. If we had no illegals, just blacks, and probably browns who have been here since 1910, then the socialism would work, assuming the culture became less degenerate.

  11. Upon further reflection of the whole IQ/crime of a race and Socialism’s success discussion, it appears the average IQ/crime rate of a society is a red herring in terms of applying socialism.

    It’s the stratification of a society; I.E. how much variance.

    Mozambique may have had successful socialism because people who were homogeneous ethnically had no smarter race to rob from or dumber race to give to, despite them having an IQ in the 70s.
    It’s true that there is a ton of inner-race variance, but when the hatred of the other race factor is removed, overall it seems to work.

    • Jason Y

      Socialism, as in the US and UK variety, and Cuban socialism are not the same. The UK could be better termed a mixed economy. In such a situation, of course, your going to see a parasite situation.

      Mozambique is implementing Cuban socialism, hence no problems.

    • “Mozambique may have had successful socialism because people who were homogeneous ethnically had no smarter race to rob from or dumber race to give to, despite them having an IQ in the 70s.
      It’s true that there is a ton of inner-race variance, but when the hatred of the other race factor is removed, overall it seems to work.”

      We one, unless you have data stating otherwise, they didn;t do that well under socialism (though that can be said with alot of Africa)

      Also, I’m not quite sure where you’re getting the idea of “ethnic” homogeneity despite being near 100% “african” considering the fact that Africans don’t often have a “black unity” when non-black are irrelevant. On their own, it divides by tribes and it’s fairly distinct with the North (30% of speakers)Being of Makua (a Nilotic-Bantu people) Basically “Tsonga” groups (about 18% sub divides into Sena, Shona, and Shagaana), others (30%) likely being Swahili and Yao) then a remaining 14% representing those who speak portuguese or another language.

      But as far as I’ve seen, religious clashes would be more dangerous and they are not that homogeneous either.

      Though in your fairness, I was actually surpise to find the lack of info on Ethnic issues in Mozambique, though it could be due to underreporting, things seem to indicate a higher classism issue.

      In that respect it seems more of what you would see in the Caribbeans than Africa.

  12. Xanadan

    Please remember that although the UK is now considered a mixed economy, once upon a time in the 1960/70s it would have been considered in US terms as practically communist!

    It had nationalised rail, buses, energy, health, water (which was free), post, banks, housing owned by the state and rented etc.

    Outcomes for other races in the UK I believe are generally superior to the US, so I guess that’s culture not genes then. The prime example that would surprise HBDer’s would be Somalian’s who emigrate to the UK with very low levels of education and tend to have traditional families with non-working mothers. I imagine Richard Lynn would assign the parents an IQ of somewhere around 75 (sorry just looked it up and it is 68! the average!). So most of them are practically incapable of living in a modern society let alone achieving better GCSE results than British working class boys.

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