Happy Birthday to Me! Give Me a Birthday Present

Hi folks, not sure if you knew, but it was my birthday 12 days ago. That was on September 30, one of the greatest days of the year. Why? Because that’s when I was born, silly!

Of course I am broke like I always am. I have $190 in unpaid bills this month, and I am right at budget. I need to be $175 over budget to sensibly pay those bills.

Also I am in the process of buying a new car. I don’t have a car, so I have been getting chaperoned around by people close to me. My car got its engine destroyed five months ago through no fault of my own. I may tell you that story later. So I’ve been without a car for five months with no transportation other than feet, a bus and begging rides.

I did buy another car four months ago. It’s not a really great car. This will probably be the worst car I have ever owned. But it’s better than no car. I came up with $330 for it, and people loaned me the other $1,870. So that means I have to pay back $1,870, and I have no idea how I am going to do that.

I’ve paid $2,200 on the car so far, and it still needs work. The idiot was supposed to give it to me right away, but after I gave him the money, he sat on the car for four months like a complete asshole. He was supposed to put a new transmission in. So I bought him a transmission and gave it to him to put in. He said he could do it in a day. Well, it’s been four months. He’s finally put the tranny in, but now there are other problems. The tranny was broken in three places even though it was guaranteed. And it also needs U-joints. So there’s more money that needs to be spent on it.

So that’s $1,870 for the cap + more somewhat more to come.

I also have quite a few other things I need to buy that I have not been able to purchase in, like, forever.

New headphones for broken ones $25
New speakers and subwoofer for broken ones $80
New ink for laser printer $100
New can opener for broken one $30
Large floor lamp needs to be fixed $?
Carpet needs to be cleaned $100
Deep cleaning on my gums and teeth $300

So there’s $610 in immediate expenses.

So that’s $2,480 in expenses and loans with no real way to pay any of it.

You guys read for free on here, while I work my butt off every day. What you are doing is very much akin to reading a newspaper or magazine regularly without buying a subscription or even copies.

It’s true that I write a lot, but that’s mostly because I have nothing better to do.

Attempts to monetize the site have not worked even though I get $117,000 uniques a month. WordPress will not let us run ads and I have only had one person buy a sponsored post. He spent $50. This whole pipe dream of monetizing your site seems nuts to me.

Come on man, you guys are holding out on me. You need to kick down.

Don’t bogart that money my friends. Pass it over to me!


After that appetizer, you really need to listen to this for the main course.



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20 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me! Give Me a Birthday Present

  1. SeymourTeets

    Go write a book or sell articles to newspaper or magazine websites.

    • Optimus Prime

      Even I was wondering about that for a long time. Robert, why don’t you write articles for newspaper or guests columns in websites that pay? your writing is certainly not white nationalistic enough to their dismay

      • It’s had to get on with them. They often come to you and ask you to write for them.

        • Optimus Prime

          Two articles a week would be sufficient, right? Anyways, you’re updating your blog periodically. Your style of writing would definitely evince interest in any type of readers especially bigfoot, mental health/game. Maybe some of your commenters can help you find a proper media outlets/website

  2. SHI

    Belated Happy B’day. I feel for you but right now I’m a bit down on my luck. Happy times come again (I’m sure they will), I will be happy to write you something again. Not that my meager “rupee checks” must mean a whole lot, but well, I offer it sincerely when I do.

  3. Happy Birthday! 😀

    I already gave you a present. ☹️

  4. Tulio

    How do people like Jared Taylor survive off their writing? Maybe you ask him for tips on doing that. I’ve long wondered how the hell David Duke survives just from writing a bunch of white nationalist articles. Roosh is somehow traveling the world and he just writes articles and ebooks.

    • Roosh sells ads.

      Taylor works a consultant for US businesses over in Japan. He makes ~300K/year doing that.

      • Tulio

        You realize you can migrate your WordPress site to a shared hosting account and be able to have ads right? You can get your own hosting for very cheap these days. Not sure why you haven’t ‘t done this year’s ago.

        • Probably cannot afford it. You know most months I cannot even pay all of my bills.

        • Jason Y

          Possibly it wouldn’t seem like a good idea while doing it, but after you do it, then the ads, considering the large traffic, would pay for the hosting, and maybe pay for his other bills, rent, electricity etc… So you get out of debt and back to square one in a month or two.

          As Tulio said, it’s all php files so can be moved. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do it, but there is probably a tutorial.

        • Jason Y

          One years hosting can be bought for under 50 dollars, maybe 20 or 30 dollars if you search around. I don’t see the problem in moving. it seems to be a no-brainer. Some niche types, like green hosting, but we know that’s for cultural left faggots 😆 will cost a bit more.

        • Tulio

          Yeah, migrating is not that big of a deal. And it gives you full ownership of your content without worrying about saying something that could get your account pulled on WordPress, and being able to monetize. You should really explore this option. You can start a threat soliciting assistance and you’d be sure to get it.

        • Jason Y

          Some hosting providers might consider his content hate speech, but not all. Also, A move toward shared hosting might see less traffic in the short term. It would take awhile to get back to the level he was at before.

          In other words, the search engine optimization stuff needs to be studied. How can one best keep the old levels of traffic, given the new situation?

        • I might go for $50/year.

          I thought it was a monthly fee.

          I do get offers to buy ads sometimes but not very often.

          Also I need to learn how to work that WP software. I guess there is PHP in it, but supposedly it is not that hard to learn.

        • Jason Y

          I mean, 50 a year or less you would have to pay for hosting, though some companies charge by the month. What people will pay for ads is a different matter, or you could try to write some book or articles for readers to buy as David Duke does.

          Considering the huge traffic, you might need more advanced hosting to handle the bandwidth etc…

        • Jason Y

          A hosting company sometimes has free migration included in the price. In other words, they will move your whole blog to the new domain for no extra charge. Also, you would need to purchase a domain name for a certain price. .coms are usually around 12 dollars. Sometimes though a new customer can get one for nothing or cheaper.

  5. Jason Y

    Robert has a powerful wordpress sub-domain. Then again, maybe it’s not a good idea to move to an independent domain. Unless of course, you can capture the same power as shown in this SEO report below:

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