Happy Birthday Everyone!

Altered Images, Happy Birthday. 1981 at Top of the Pops!

How did I miss this song back then, or did I? The band doesn’t ring a bell either. Boy they sure made some good music back then. A lot of the music back then sounded a lot like this. It was sooooooooo good. I know it’s a cliché to say music was better back whenever, but they just aren’t making music like this anymore, are they?


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6 responses to “Happy Birthday Everyone!

  1. Lon Spector

    I still prefer “Doggon” by Marvin Gaye, or “Betcha By Golly Wow,” by
    the Stylistics.”

  2. Ed

    The funny thing is that the local bar last night was doing an 80s music thing, and a few people commented that what they were playing was simply better than anything we get today.

    No tattoos on the lead female singer, which is also nice.

  3. Johnny Caustic

    Yes, Altered Images made some immortal songs. Clare Grogan’s voice was absolutely unique and perfect for New Wave. My favorite tracks: Bring Me Closer, Don’t Talk to Me about Love, Love to Stay. If you haven’t heard these three, check ’em out. They’re among the rare songs that still move me just as much 30 years later as when I first heard them.

  4. Guy from Montréal

    I’ve been listening to this band for the past couple of years, we use to have good pop music back then, many of these groups actually started out as punk bands. Clare is such a sweet little tease, I could watch her pounce around like that all day and never get sick of it.

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