Muh White Race

Wait a minute. I am actually supposed to go into the voting booth and vote for muh White race? I am supposed to look at all the candidates and see how they stand on muh White race and vote for all the ones who support muh White race and vote against everyone who is against muh White race? I guess that means checking out all the candidates to see if they are White or not and vote against all non-Whites because they are automatically against muh White race? Why the Hell should I do that? Why in God’s name would that be the most important issue on the ballot. That’s downright crazy if you ask me.

I would not say that muh White race has no importance, but honestly it is not a very important issue for me in my life. Besides most of the candidates who are for muh White race have positions I am against on almost every issue. Most of them are objectively harmful to me. And most of the candidates who are supposedly against muh White race have positions I support on just about everything. Most of them are objectively good for me.

Muh White race is one of the least important issues in politics here in the US. And in my day to day life, I assure you that muh White race is hardly even important at all. There are so many more important things to think about than muh White  people. I mean when they start rounding up us Whites and putting us in camps, I might just change my mind, but in the meantime, it’s a lot of noise about nothing. Race is simply not an important issue in my day to day life here in the US and even if it was, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do about it anyway.

A lot of people like to think about this muh race stuff as some sort of an emotional or intellectual exercise or maybe just something to get riled up about, but I think even for most of these people, muh race stuff does not play much importance in their lives. They just think it does because they have stuck this “Top Priority Issue” tag on it. But just because you think something is important doesn’t mean that it really is.


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  1. EPGAH

    Is that better or worse than “Muh Dick” from posers like jorge?

    What issues do you agree with Hilary on that could be more important than keeping America from becoming Just Another Low-IQ Mega-Breeding Overpopulation Example, AKA a Third World country?

  2. EPGAH

    PS, do you really think that people will not be willing to fuck over economic policy if it helps their IDPol group, like Blacks did in Detroit, and like Affirmative Action has been doing all over the place?

  3. Stalin Tonks

    Non-whites including jews vote strictly on race but white people don’t.

    • How did they Uncle Benandryil and Litttle Narco appeal work?

      They vote in their interests, which doesn’t always correlate to the race of a candidate, especailly with maverick thinkers.

    • Wrong.
      Jews don’t like Neo-Cons.

      Bush lost the Jewish vote as did Romney despite Bibi shiling for him.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Most jews vote liberal as a way to undermine the white countries they are in. The neocon jews were leftists who infiltrated the republican party so they could get America to attack Israel’s enemies like Iraq and Syria.

        • Liberalism doesn’t undermine any country, White or otherwise. Jews are ideological liberals. It’s just the way they think. They’ve sort of been SJW’s for a very long time now. Jews like antiracist candidates because they think antiracism is good for the Jews. Jews don’t like racist Republicans because they figure that that racism is going to target the Jews at some point.

        • Stalin Tonks

          “Liberalism doesn’t undermine countries”

          Oh really? You think Sweden isn’t being undermined by flooding it with niggers?

        • DEAR GOD

          Robert is obviously not referring to Emily Goldstein type liberals!

          Are you autistic?

        • EPGAH

          The Jews weakening America with the SJW bullshit, though, doesn’t make any sense. Without America, who protects Israel from the increasingly bellicose terrorists? Or are they going to whip out those nukes they might or might not have and finish the terrorists themselves? Is our massive Foreign Aid to Israel a Big Payoff (Mafia, not Casino) to NOT turn the whole Middle East into the World’s Largest Contiguous Fulgurite?

          But yes, Liberalism, expressed in letting in a shitload of Third World trash, DOES weaken the country economically, culturally, and any other axis you’d care to name. Why do you think America has turned from something scum of the Earth fear into “The Other Mexico”?

        • “Oh really? You think Sweden isn’t being undermined by flooding it with niggers?”

          They do it to themselves.

          Tell me I’m wrong.

          They ask for it and they get it. I have no sympathy for them.

        • Sweden is not been undermined by a flood of Blacks. As I understand it, there are few Black in Sweden or even coming there. All the problems are coming from Arabs, who are just another type of White people really.

        • Robert- I vaguely recall a public school was shut down because of Nigerian students having a mini ‘race riot’……
          I doubt I could retrieve the source.

          They’re are at least some Nigerians in Sweden, apparently.

    • Jason Y

      Non-whites including jews vote strictly on race but white people don’t.

      People don’t vote on race, though it seems that way. They vote due to class. One proof might be if the Republicans ran Ben Carson or Condeleeza Rice. You can bet fewer than 10 percent of blacks would vote for them.

      • Christopher

        Non-White people do vote on race. Why do you think minorities in Europe and the Anglopshere vote for social democratic/liberal parties? I don’t think it is be chase they support feminism,,,

        And yes they are a few exceptions of minorities being centre-right, but if an actual pro-White candidate who isn’t just a neoliberal shill was to lead those parties they would jump ship straight away.

  4. Didn’t Trump say he’d be okay with nuking Europe?

    ‘OMG he’s so pro-White you guys!’

    Tards gonna tard.

  5. I don’t know that race really registers in this sort of thing.

    Maybe minorities think a Republican is “racist” and will vote democrat.
    Which relates to individual self-preservation interests in some ways, not tribalism.

    ((())) backed candidates are not going to order individual Whites hunted down.
    That’s retarded.
    Even if you believe in White genoicide the simple fact remains this is not a violent genoicide.

    Trump is better in some regards;

    • Stalin Tonks

      Blacks vote 90% democrat. They are voting along racial lines and voting for the interests of their race. It is time white people started doing the same thing.

      • rw95

        “White” is not a race. Get that through your thick skull. Caucasian is, which includes Europeans, Middle Easterners and South Asians.

      • The problem is that the people who are supposedly for the Whites are always far rightwing Republicans who are going to fuck me over good and hard. Give me a pro-White Leftie to vote for and maybe I will vote for my people.

        Blacks vote for those who will help them AND their people.

        Hispanics vote for those who will help them AND their people.

        There is no candidate out there who is going to help me and my people.

      • That’s because the Democratic Party is for them and their kind. They think the Republican Party is hostile to their kind which includes them.

        Whites are already voting in what they think are their interests. Whites vote strongly Republican and one reason they do that is because they think the Republicans are the party of the Whites.

        I have no idea if they are for the Whites or not, but they sure are not for me. There’s no party that’s hostile to me and my mind. The Democrats are very friendly to me and I don’t think they are hostile to White people. Of course the Republicans are not hostile to Whites either. For the most part, there’s no reason for a White person for vote “for the Whites.” I mean why should they?

        • Stalin Tonks

          Yes the democrats aren’t hostile to you when they allowed your state to be flooded with Mexicans.

        • EPGAH

          Don’t look at the candidates, look at the supporters OF the candidates and whom they support.

          Rioters and illegals on the Democrat side. No riots from the right. Why is that?

          And remember, those who support the rioters WILL hurt any honest group by definition.

        • EPGAH

          Mercy to the Guilty is Cruelty to the Innocent, in all ways, always.

        • EPGAH

          PS, the people aren’t voting so much FOR the Republicans as they vote AGAINST the Democrats, who keep harping that just for being white, you’re a racist or “bigot” (Misused as highbrow term for racist, it actually means someone intolerant of competing viewpoints, which describes the Left, not the Right!), and just for being male, you’re a rapist, and just for being a Christian, you’re an evil oppressor.

          If you saw Clinton’s nomination party, it was a wonderful cross-section of all of the above…”Breaking The Glass Ceiling”, whites are bigots, Black Lies Matter having a LITERAL Song&Dance of it…Did I miss one?

        • Tulio

          “Yes the democrats aren’t hostile to you when they allowed your state to be flooded with Mexicans.”

          FYI, The largest amnesty of all time to Mexicans came from Reagan.

    • Stalin Tonks

      You’re right about this not being a violent genocide but it is genocide nonetheless. I want Robert to critique this nine minute video if he can.

  6. Why do these Stalin types come here?
    The average IQ always plummits, and it shows.

    It’s easy to comment on the Daily Stormer, unlike Stormfront.
    It’s that way —–>

  7. jorge

    “Yes the democrats aren’t hostile to you when they allowed your state to be flooded with Mexicans.”

    Latinos we are here forever you pinche gringo.

    And you dont not like Mexicans but mayby you dont have got problems with Guatemalans haha, viva Guatemala

    • Stalin Tonks

      Thank you for adding that bean nigger ramble to the conversation.

      • jorge

        Thank you for buy my cocaine and for be a sisy weak coward cracker that call police hahaha viva Guatemala pinche gringo, try to fuck a girl and dont to yor hand hahah virgin cracker haha you are our sluts in jail and streets haha call police and fuckin police fear to dont come to our barrios haha

        • Stalin Tonks

          I think your writing is getting a little bit better Jorge Bush. Lulz.

        • TRASH

          Being the product of a white man who used a Yaqui Indian sexually is nothing to feel pride about…at least the Native Americans in Estados Unidos or Canada did not watch their sisters and daughters pop out orphans because some Spanish white scumbag shot his load and walked off.

          Yes, you have no choice but to sell cocaine in the barrio until you are busted and a white tweakers anus becomes the love of your life in prison where you end up without the possibility of parole.

          “Mi barrio ese!”

  8. TRASH

    JORGE If they were as white as Pitbull or Al Pacino or Andy Garcia nobody would care.

    Columbus and Latin Europeans discovered the South and Southwest anyhow.

    • Columbus and Latins discovered the new world in general!

      Non-Whites from Spain bred with non-White Indians I guess.

      People who think Hispanic is a race are so goddamn retarded I can’t even wrap my mind around it.

      • EPGAH

        That is only used as a canard to make our immigration policy look “racist”, ergo wrong, and therefore the LAW needs to change, not the CRIMINALS!

        Sadly, it’s Super Effective. “Racist” is the most powerful word in America right now, and to a lesser extent, in the rest of Europe.

        BUT! Just try using the word “racist” to try to lessen or eliminate your punishment in any nonwhite country. See what happens!

        • White Hispanics apparently don’t have as high of IQs as Anglos, or Italians or whomever (mid 90s, while other Whites are low 100s).

          The quota based immigration laws in place from 1924-1965 were by nationality, not race, which meant Whites in countries like South Africa, Brazil, etc. were treated like “Non-Whites”, because they came from countries with substantial non-White populations.

          150 K immigrants per year
          -87% from NW European nations
          -11% other European nations
          -02% from non-European nations.

        • For the most part this sort of thing coincided with post integration America, yes, although prior to this in places like Texas Criollos were still second class citizens (the people knew of the European roots, they just didn’t care).
          But the Alt-Right types are the ones that perpetuate it.

          As for direct European immigration, amazingly post-1965 European immigration as a raw number has just about remained constant, despite overall imigration increases 600%-700%. There has been some speculation that WW2 had the “plague effect” where the need for workers and such was relatively increased, and common goods were more bountiful.

      • “People who think Hispanic is a race are so goddamn retarded I can’t even wrap my mind around it.”

        Well they are retarded.

        I know this Puerto Rican girl. She is whiter than me! I tell her all the time she’s white and she says ‘no I’m PR’. I said you have nothing in common with Mexicans except a language. You’re pretty much as distinct as can be. She still didn’t buy it.

        I used to work with this PR guy and people asked us if we were brothers. I look Italian, too.

        People are morons if they think ‘Hispanic’ is a race. THAT is a true ‘social construct’.

        • Well, I suppose I could understand if your someone that just doesn’t think about race or whatever, although it does show a failure to recognize phenotypes and a lower IQ because of that.

          But if you’re someone who likes Alt-Politics, HBD, or whatever, it’s really pretty bad if you don’t have such preliminary knowledge going into those spheres

        • TRASH

          Puerto Rico Whites are of French and Spanish Catalan ancestry. We rarely see many of them because they have no reason to leave their Hacienda in San Juan.

        • They also are Italian as well. Same with Argentinans and Uruguayans.

  9. Hbd investor


    I know that you are a hermit who rarely leaves the house.

    If you want a socialist paradise, somebody needs to produce the wealth to pay for those who cannot.

    And many non whites and non east asians are simply not capable of doing this.

    When a ghetto black has 10 kids on welfare, then shoots a bunch of white taxpayers and spends his entire life in prison. This means that you need to tax 5 working whites to pay for the 10 kids, to catch and imprison the criminal it will probably cost a million to keep him incarcerated over his lifetime costing around 25,000 a year. THIS IS NOT INCLUDING MONEY paid to police and cost of prosecution.

    This means that for every ghetto person you need 7 whites or east asians just to break even!

    And Hispanics commit plenty of crime a quick look at most wanted in LA shows that majority of them look hispanic despite being labeled as white.

    They don’t bother you because you don’t leave the house and you don’t look like you have money so the thieves and thugs leave you alone.

    Try saving up money for a trip to Denmark, Switzerland, Finland

    Or maybe even japan

    It is absolutely amazing how much wealth is available when you have a lot of productive citizens. The government has so much tax money pouring in that they can give a free house, free education, free healthcare, free spending money to every citizen. It is also incredibly safe, a supermodel could walk around naked and not be sexually assaulted.

    Your only reason for shooting your own foot is nihilism, we are already fucked so might as well drink poison.

    It is not irreversible, if we can only slow down NAM immigration and lower taxes, whites will start having kids again.

    The reason why whites are not having kids is because resources are being taken from and given to NAMs, so NAMs are having kids and whites aren’t because whites have to pay for the kids of the NAMs

    Right now 50% of the kids in the usa are non white. Things are going to get a lot uglier when the number of tax paying whites can no longer support things like EBT and subsidized gas. Expect massive riots when social spending takes a cut because the government is bankrupt.

    • Stalin Tonks

      Thank you HBD for taking the time to write out a well written and concise post that covers so many issues so well. Great post.

    • Brian Damage

      “If you want a socialist paradise, somebody needs to produce the wealth to pay for those who cannot.”

      Very true. In Canada, they have 35 million people with a large land mass. All the natural resources available will be able to sustain a socialist paradise for centuries. In the US, it is 50-50. Large swath of arable land, lots of mineral and oil but with a population of 320 million, I don’t think a socialist model would work. It probably need immigration reform to attract top talents while upgrading the skills of those “deplorables” to the 21st century.

      • Hbd investor

        Even with immigration reform, socialism simply wouldn’t work in the USA

        The USA has too many tax consumers and not enough tax payers, this is the reason why Americans have high taxes, high medical bills, expensive real estate and high costs of living.

        Real estate is expensive because nobody wants to live in a area full of crime and violence, there are only a handful of areas that have jobs combined with living areas that have decent schools. NAMs (non asian minorities ) have made many places unlivable.

        Healthcare costs are skyhigh because most of our hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy. I have a friend who works in as a surgeon in Newark. Newark is an extremely violent and extremely black area. The ER is always full of gunshot wound victims. Majority of these victims do not pay anything so the government foots the tab to keep the hospital running.

        Canadians actually pay less tax than the us, and their corporate tax rate is less and they have free universities and health care. The main immigrants that are taken in are highly educated chinese and indians, all of them are net tax payers. They have a lot of money to spend on social goods and Syrian refugees.

        Nobody says this but the main reason why socialism works in Scandinavia is because it is full of scandinavians.

        Socialism would work very well in Mormon communities in the us

        • Stalin Tonks

          University isn’t free in Canada but other than that you are mostly right again. Canada does let in scum but a majority of the people we let in are Chinese or Indians.

        • Proud squaw

          So ur a Canadian keep ur shit in Canada itself. There are enough shitheads like you already in us

        • TRASH

          Canada has had enormous immigration problems and Indians have transformed Brampton, Ontario into a slum of vice and crime. Sikhs in Vancouver have formed street gangs in neighborhoods that no whites would want to enter while Chinese heroin cartels have turned the city into “needle park”.

          In some ways massive immigration from China and India has transformed Canada much more swiftly than the US because the whites there simply did not have the entrenched culture of Southern Rednecks or gun ownership laws to cope.

          Canada has prevented Latinos from entering and its immigrants are from former British colonies but they have proved entirely unable to assimilate in many cases and transformed Vancouver or parts of Southern Ontario into bedlams of vice and anarchy.

          Canada has problems with immigrants.

    • I know that you are a hermit who rarely leaves the house.

      Look that has a hostile tone to it and I don’t like it. I am going to have to warn you about that. If you keep doing this, I will ban you.

    • Tulio

      Trump math:

      “When a ghetto black has 10 kids on welfare”

      The fertlity rate of black women is about the same as white. Women on welfare have on average 2 kids, not 10.

      “then shoots a bunch of white taxpayers”

      Few white people die from black shooters. VERY few. It’s pretty damn low on the list of reasons whites die. Far more die from suicide, obesity and drugs. Nice try though.

      “and spends his entire life in prison.”

      Tell me how many blacks as a percentage of the population are spending their lives in prison?

      “This means that you need to tax 5 working whites to pay for the 10 kids, to catch and imprison the criminal it will probably cost a million to keep him incarcerated over his lifetime costing around 25,000 a year. THIS IS NOT INCLUDING MONEY paid to police and cost of prosecution.”

      You need better information. People like you are the reason why Trump is competitive. You are ignorant as shit.

  10. Hbd investor

    Also hispanic immigration is slowing, our new immigrants would be migrants from the middle east (with loyalty to ISIS) and refugees and illegals from Africa

    These two groups will not be as peaceful as the hispanics

  11. jorge

    “I think your writing is getting a little bit better Jorge Bush. Lulz.”

    Yes because I do what me want in gringoland haha and I even dont learn gringo language but I am better inteligent that you dumb cracker haha, in Guatemala you don can even walk in our streets haha weak

    Bin Laden 1 – Bush 0

    hahahahaha Osama Osama Osama

    • Stalin Tonks

      No one can walk down the street in Guatemala in safety because it is full of shitskins like you.

      • jorge

        Yor mother will not walk quiet because she will want all Amerindian macho brown cocks for her hahahaha

        • TRASH

          JORGE Red mothers seemed to want Spanish white penises and this was what produced the mixed-raced existing in Latin America today.

          It is doubtful that any Spanish woman in Mexico or Cuba has sex with Indians.

          Generally the population are coming to the US are pure Indians because 5 or 6 Spanish families own everything in whatever country they are from.

          Cuba is the exception.

        • TRASH

          Amerindian women were the ones “badly used” by white Spanish men who left a race of orphans.

          Vincente Fox would not shit in a barrio where Amerindian Mayans and Aztecs live and mestizos will always be their slaves.

          You seem to like it as well because the Spanish whites manage to remain at the top of your system through every revolution or declaration of independence.

  12. Jason Y

    Actually in places full of whites like say Appalachia, non-whites are mostly ignored even though the media encourages multi-cultural stuff. Some whites actually hate non-whites, but it’s the minority. However, very few, if anyone, is a bleeding heart here.

    • EPGAH

      Why do you live there, if you hate it so much? Why not take your own advice and move?

      • Jason Y

        I never said I hated it. It’s a great place to live. I’m only observing the way people behave. Also, I cannot single out this place. Most places in the world are full of people only interested in their own culture.

    • Jason Y

      We see with Duck Dynasty and other stuff I love to make fun of, that mostly it’s a thing the whites, especially where I live like and can relate to. Hence it gains a huge following, not necessarily cause the people here are black and Jew lynching rednecks here or something.

      So we see the locals drawn to that stuff more than the multi-cultural Hollywood stuff.

    • EPGAH

      You know what else you don’t see in Appalachia? RIOTS! Whites might be poor, they might fight the Law and the Law Won, but they DON’T RIOT!

      Why is that? Maybe because they’re not convinced that their bad life is everyone else’s fault, The World Owes Them A Living, etc., like the Blacks seem to be taught?

      • Jason Y

        You might get into some trouble here. That’s the standard leftist dogma, and it’s what Robert Lindsay believes in. What exactly do you find wrong with such a dogma as applied to NAMS or anyone?

        • Jason Y

          Leftists, especially far leftists, love riots and all other disorder, it’s a major move toward revolution

        • EPGAH

          Robert agreed with me in E-Mail that the riots here in America are bullshit.

          EPGAH: What exactly do the Black Lies Matter have to riot over? They’re a protected Class, they get free everything, the ones that got killed were reaching for — or had already pulled — a weapon, and as such, deserved what they got.

          RL: Socialist countries consider riots a failure of the State, so they try to appease the rioters.

          EPGAH: BUT since the rioters here want dead cops, especially white cops, they can’t appease them. Plus, historically, appeasing criminals fails and backfires massively. Also note that the Left hates dissent or revolution once they’re in control.

          RL: If you form some dissident organization or stage demos or stand up in the middle of a sports event and yell, “Down with Fidel!,” you’re going down.

      • Tulio

        Why would they need to riot? Their race has the control and power. Riot against who?

        • EPGAH

          Riot against cops killing them when they reach for a weapon, like the Black Lies Matter thugs. Then of course, blame it on being poor instead of lack of Impulse Control.

          And just because your RACE has control and power doesn’t mean YOU have control and power. Alternately, just because YOU are a helpless drain, doesn’t mean your RACE is destitute. From Oprah to Will Smith to Sharpton, we have a LOT of overpaid Blacks, which the rioters–and idiots like Kapernick–seem to forget when they bitch about oppression of the RACE.

          Learn the difference, please.

  13. Jason Y

    I don’t really know anywhere, outside of a college campus, where there is an active movement (at least that has caught on with ordinary people) that is against one’s own race. Generally, the norm, even among whites, is to ignore other races and cultures other than you own. Not hate, but just ignore.

    If you do see say Wiggers or some other person who is in touch with thier “race outside my race” side, then usually it’s an incredible minority, and more than not, it’s someone who lives in an area of another race, say a wigger who grew up in a black area.

    • Jason Y

      I think in some a major way though, a lot of whites, for instance, have caught on to Mo-town in the past, and now hip-hop, even though, basically they haven’t stopped being white. However, generally speaking again, we see these people didn’t become black, though they may have softened up a bit on the racism as a result of being exposed to another culture’s music. However, being exposed to rap though is more than not a bad thing, racism aside, simply cause the lyrics are so degenerate.

      • EPGAH

        Do you suppose degenerate lyrics are a CAUSE of degeneracy, or just a side EFFECT of it?

        I.e., if they squelched degenerate music, do you really think Ghetto Blacks would stop acting Ghetto and start acting all Jane Austen/Marquis of Queensbury?

      • Stalin Tonks

        Jason Y, if you hate white people so much why don’t you move to a black area of the country? You could probably find a place real cheap.

    • EPGAH

      You mean there’s no corresponding “Treason Against NAMs Is Service To Humanity” like there is about whites?

      If exposed to enough Black Culture, do you think they’ll start rioting too?

      • Jason Y

        Well, who said NAMS are bad, I mean, unless they’re into the ghetto stuff? Yeah, if a NAM commits treason and becomes say, like Phil, and starts becoming more reasonable to deal with, then yeah that’s an improvement, but then he is considered to be “acting white” or to be “sell-out” or “uncle Tom”.

    • EPGAH

      Also, do you think that the reason they ignore the NAMs is because they CAN?

      Please note: When they’re a minority, NAMs get real low-profile, real fast, maybe even act polite! BUT when they have the numbers, they get more and more bellicose, until you get something like Compton or Santa Ana, where it doesn’t even look like America anymore, they herass whites constantly, if not outright attack their hosts–and they’re proud of that?

      • Jason Y

        Well, of course I know that.

        Also, I wouldn’t be so sure they always harass whites as much as you say, but there would always be some assholes in any area full of one group. For instance, in Applachia jerk-wads want to fly the rebel flag in the back of trucks and harass liberals and NAMS, and in say in LA, some Mexicans will pick on whites.

        However, there is an imbalance possibly due to poverty. In an area full of poor NAMS, there might be more hate toward the minority, than in an area of whites. Note even in the white majority situation, the poorer whites might be more likely to hassle NAMS and white liberals.

        However, if EP-GAH, or Stalin Tonks thinks people in a majority area, I mean ALL OF THEM, are supposed to be kind to the minority, then they’re mistaken, cause as I just noted 10 or 20 percent of the population are mean and looking for a fight or to make fun of people etc…

        • Jason Y

          In a prison situation though, there is a lot more psychopaths. In fact, in an article I read in a magazine I was browsing in Wal-Mart, it was saying just that. So a prison is kind of like an unfriendly neighborhood pumped up in intensity by 50 to 8o percent.

          So it’s the psychopaths who are harassing, bullying the minority in an homogeneous neighborhood.

      • Jason Y

        Please note: When they’re a minority, NAMs get real low-profile, real fast, maybe even act polite! BUT when they have the numbers, they get more and more bellicose, until you get something like Compton or Santa Ana, where it doesn’t even look like America anymore, they herass whites constantly, if not outright attack their hosts–and they’re proud of that?

        Rednecks, or a better term is “10 percent of the white population in a hillbilly area that exhibits psychopathic behvior on par with ghetto blacks” does the same thing,. They bully the shit out of people they don’t like when they’re in grade school. But everybody thinks only NAMS bully and anyone complaining about redneck bullying is lying or being some sissy.

  14. Jason Y

    Note that the root of psychopathic behavior which is the root of ghetto behavior, or redneck behavior, is what is making people’s lives hell on Earth. It’s these psychos out making fun of people, harassing people, bullying people etc…

    As I noted above, a prison is a situation where probably 1 in 5 are psychos, and outside of a prison, in any given area, there are a certain percentage of the population who derives pleasure in being sadistic.

    Of course, creating a psycho is often the result of bad parenting, bad schooling etc… As Robert noted in his post on Bullying, he said that some guys need to be hit. They need a reality check. So if these punks don’t get one, then they just turn into neighborhood bullies, and they provide all the ammo for enemies of a certain race to say, “Look it these people. They’re monsters. See what I mean !!!! “

  15. TRASH

    JORGE Indians and Mestizos might have homosexual sex with redneck tweakers in prison or hang around the streets selling dimebags of crack BUT YOU CANNOT ORGANIZE A DECENT GLOBAL MAFIA LIKE THE ITALIANS OR RUSSIANS OR CHINESE.

    I give criminals points for staying out of the can and “Indios” cannot stay out for long, can they?

    • brian

      Global mafia for being only in Italy and United States? That’s not a global mafia, but sure you think that the world begins and ends in your country.

      From those that you named, the only that can be described as global is the Chinese mafia.

      • TRASH

        Russians as well.

        • brian

          Russian not. The reason simply is that there are Chinese everywhere, so there can be Chinese with mafia connections in many places. But usually they are not problematic with local people (because they are “weak” compared with local thugs/mafias or even common people) except in places where they are many, like United States or some Asian countries (and I don’t know about Australia or some little countries in Oceania).

  16. TRASH

    JORGE Indians and Mestizos will always be the “bitches” of their pure Spanish Andalusian masters like Castro or Vicente Fox who would not shit in a barrio much less live in one.

    You are the illegitimate children of white males traded a bottle of whiskey for a Yaqui or Mayan female and left with an orphan to raise.

    • brian

      Bitches of Castro? What are you saying? In Cuba there are not Amerindians.

      And union between Spaniards and natives was mostly with consent of both parts, remember that Spaniards were allies of many peoples that fought against Aztecs and Quechuas (and also in other smaller cases), without whom it would have been impossible to beat them. You have some old and ignorant points of view.

      • TRASH

        My point of view is that a Mexican president will always resemble Vincente Fox and not Hugo Chavez. There are exceptions but for the most part Caucasians fill the ranks of the Hispanic political class in Latin American and Indians and blacks are poor.

        • brian

          The same in Canada and United States. What is the point? Whites put themselves in the top of the social scale with colonization? Yes.

          But even with this, there are millions of poor whites in all the Americas, and many involved in crime, drugs and any bad thing that also involve many blacks and Amerindians. But obviously, in the cases of people from that two races, involves much more percentage of people that in case of whites.

      • TRASH

        There are no barrios in Spain and no street gangs of low riders. These are the result of white males shafting red women in the desert. Perhaps the sex was consensual but from the dawn of the Mestizo race the white male was out of the picture.

        • Jason Y

          Really Trash? So the blonde haired blue eyed bikers in Appalachia must be the ancestors of guys who have also shafted Amerindian women? No, not that I can tell.

          Possibly there are no low riders in Spain cause it’s old world (cultural thing). OK, why is there no low riders in the UK or Ireland, or Germany?

        • brian

          Do you know what means “barrio”? It means simply neighborhood. Obviously any Spanish city is formed by neighborhoods. Do you think that a “barrio” is only some dangerous place or a slum? Not. And, by the way, Spain also have slums, but obviously are not so big, poor or dangerous like those from Latin America, but exist. Even there are some little shanty towns in Spain.

          And “street gangs of low riders” only exists in Mexico or United States (formed by Mexican immigrants or their descendants). There is no such thing in the rest of Latin America.

      • TRASH

        If my views are old and ignorant why does Latin America have problems that Spain itself does not have.

        In my opinion it is the result of White males shafting Red women to produce a group of orphans ruled by a small group of Spanish colonists who themselves only reproduced with imported Spanish white females to beget the ruling class of Spanish Criollos remaining in power today in Latin America.

        • brian

          Yes, old and ignorante because you think that all mestizo people come from rape, when in most part of cases is the contrary.

          Spaniards were conquerors after all and, like almost all conquerors, were violent, but not so much like British. Why do you think that most part of lands that were colonized by Spaniards have many or several natives and lands that were colonized by British have almost nobody?

          And you think that Spaniards had a plan for making a generation of millions of orphans? From where did you get that imbecile idea?

  17. brian


    From when did you get that natives from Canada & USA did not mixed with whites? Look natives from there today, they seem much more mixed that average Central Americans or Mexicans…

    In Latin America, what changes in many cases with European colonization was culture, so there are millions of almost “pure” Amerindians that probably have 1% (if not nothing) of white ancestry but have the normal mestizo culture from their countries, so from this is that you think that they descends from rapist Spaniards, which probably is not true in almost all cases, even in cases where they have Spanish ancestors.

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