Decline in Prognathism among US Blacks and Whites over 350 Years

Tulio writes:

For some that evolution may involve flatter faces, for others it may not have. You as a white are of course using white as the ideal standard and assuming all other groups should evolve along the white trajectory and that something is inherently wrong with evolving on a different trajectory. There’s nothing inherently wrong with prognathism. And who is to say that if you left blacks untouched in Africa for another million years of evolution that they would evolve out of prognathism. Very, very few of our genome determines what we look like, which leaves the other 99% of evolutionary traits to be “under the hood” so to speak.

Blacks (and Whites for that matter) have become markedly less progressive in the past 250 years since the pre-Revolutionary US in the 1600’s-1700’s. For Blacks this change has occurred in a mere 150 years; for Whites it has been going on longer, maybe 350 years.

Whites now look more like modern Blacks than we look like our White ancestors from 17th-18th centuries!

Blacks now look more like modern Whites than they look like their Black ancestors from before the Revolution!

The US Negro is already a new race; they are 25% White and 3% Amerindian. Although people like to beat them to the ground about how inferior and what a screwed up race they are, the truth is that the US Negro is among the most prominent and superior Black subraces on the planet. Despite being beaten to death about how stupid they are, the US Negroes are one of the most intelligent Black subraces on Earth.

We’re turning into a single race here, and women like Ms. Baldridge of Academy Award fame are an example of that. I see “Black” women on TV fairly regularly who don’t even look Black to me. This is particularly true with high prestige and high income Blacks. I remember watching this Black woman judge and I had to keep reminding myself she was Black because she kept turning “Italian” in front of my eyes.


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7 responses to “Decline in Prognathism among US Blacks and Whites over 350 Years

  1. so is that just because of blacks acquiring more white genes, or sexual selection for more white faces in a white supremacist environment, or selection for higher IQs and bigger brains?

    • Well considering this was noted clocking in the last 150 years for blacks it likely was white admixture as it was post Civil war, as Robert has mentioned, to be the period where most of the modern white admixture in blacks originates.

      Though stuff like brain size could also be attributed to a better standard of food that could increase brain size, though if this could reduce prognathism I’m unsure of.

      • The researcher thought some of the skull changes were due to the environment, but she said most of them were due to genes.

        Since Whites have been going through the exact same process of selecting more progressive phenotypes over more archaic ones, I assume it’s mostly sexual selection on the part of Blacks. The Black changes started ~1900.

    • No it is mostly due to sexual selection I believe as Whites are going through the same stuff. They are simply selecting for more progressive phenotypes over more archaic ones. But progressive phenotypes often have higher IQ’s than more archaic ones in addition to being more attractive. This has coincided with a 7-8 point actual rise in Black IQ and a closing of the B-W IQ gap for the same amount.

  2. Bernardista

    It was probably a better diet that increased brain volume, but softer more processed food probably caused smaller jaws and less prognathism.

    • The researcher thought some of the changes were environmental but mostly the changes were genetic. Also they started in ~1700 for Whites and ~1900 for Blacks so I doubt if it is better diet. Both sexes have basically been selecting for more progressive phenotypes over more archaic ones because progressive phenotypes are more attractive. This may be due to the growth of love marriage where you can pick your partner. Love marriage allows for much greater selection than arranged marriage.

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