Why the New York Times is a Rightwing Newspaper

I still don’t buy it. Didn’t you call them out earlier (“Jew York Times” and other lying media houses) for pushing the boundaries of left. (Cultural Marxism) and now how come they come across as right wing to you?

Yeah they’re Left on that crap, but the Cultural Left is not that important.

Cultural Left isn’t even Left. It’s just bourgeois hedonist degeneracy. There’s nothing Left about it.

It is the most Jewish newspaper in the US, that’s for sure. The (((NY Times))) is stacked with Jews from top to bottom. Not that that’s a bad thing or anything. I’m just pointing it out. The (((Ochs-Sulzbergers))) have filled that whole place up with the fellow tribesmen. That and (((New York))) is pretty much the Jewish State outside of (((Israel))).

The (((New York Times))) is rightwing on US foreign policy (neoconservatism and US imperialism) and economics (neoliberalism) as per the bipartisan consensus. There is nothing Left about neoconservatism, neoliberalism or US imperialism. That’s all just rightwing crap.

The really important stuff is:

1. US foreign policy.
2. Economics.

All this Cultural Left idiocy is just distraction and nonsense. It’s not even really important. It’s more stupid than anything else. It’s like mass retardation on the Left.


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3 responses to “Why the New York Times is a Rightwing Newspaper

  1. EPGAH

    The NY Times is THE Open Borders rag of note.
    They’re ALWAYS on the side of illegals and rapefugees, no matter how much crime–even rapes–they commit!

    It’s worth a “little” more crime to be “more diverse” is the constant refrain of the NY Times.
    Maybe that would even be correct, but they’re doing a lot more than what I CONSIDER a little!

    • Stalin Tonks

      Robert is obviously more concerned about economics than cultural issues or whites becoming a minority in America and elsewhere. Newsflash for Robert. The browner America gets the shittier the country and economy is going to be for everybody.

  2. Why don’t you bring about a new character, the Star of David (preferably yellow and appended as an exponent to the name), instead of that ugly pair of triple parentheses? You could write right to left as in Hebrew : Instead of NY Times, just put Semit YN, or Semit Kroy Wen (Shemith Qarawan in Hebrew, which means what it means). You may also write like Hyman Kaplan NEWYOR*KTIMES.

    When I was in Jerusalem, I devised a calligraphic script combining both letter forms, Hebrew and Arabic, into a single one, with the Hebrew letters as capitals and the Arabic letters for lower-case (more or less, because I also devised a very different and far easier —and more elegant — way to denote the damn vowels both languages denote with dots and dashes that are so cumbersome that neither put them to the traveller’s dismay who tries to decipher an already difficult language and has no clue at all as how to pronounce). My script was liked by Jews as in the new scheme they told me they wouldn’t change much their habits and write in capitals only, and many even told me they should be granted that privilege is all world’s other languages.

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