Vocal Fry

This is the latest silly way of speaking that a lot of teenage girls and young women have taken up nowadays. A recent study found that 70% of US college coeds use this speech style. It is also common in women all through their 20’s. I had no idea what it was until a friend turned me on to it. Apparently people have been talking about it for a long time now and I am just not hip enough to keep up with all the latest groovy fads and trends.

Below is an example of Vocal Fry. No, not (((Lauren Southern))), the bizarro Alt Right Danish Aryan Jew (WTF). The college girl, a relatively well-known UCLA feminist, who is playing SJW in berating a Lyft driver for having some Hawaiian tiki doll or something glued onto his dashboard. Apparently this tiki doll is oppressing Native Hawaiians just by being stuck onto that dashboard. They get into a big argument about the doll and he eventually practically throws her out of the car without even taking her home, which is apparently his right.

The refers to “the continent of Hawaii.” Based on that, it is unknown how she managed to get into a university in the first place. She is also covered in gross tattoos like a total slut, but whatever. I bet she goes on lots of Slut Walks.

A very good example of Vocal Fry is the reality TV stars Kardashians. It is said that all of these women talk in Vocal Fry, but Courtney seems to use it the most. The Kardashians of course have now spawned about 19,000 separate spinoffs. I believe they have also started up their very own business called Sluts ‘R Us, which is becoming very popular, especially with young men.

So this is what it’s come to, eh? All of these girls and young women are imitating the speech of the Kardashians of all people. In other words, millions of young American females have decided it’s hip to talk like retarded whores.

Speech pathologists say these these ditzy teenage girls and young ladies are actually damaging their vocal tracts in addition to sounding stupid, but I doubt if that will stop any of them.

I actually do not know any girls or young ladies who talk like this, but I am only close to a few teenage girls and young women in their 20’s. Unfortunately, most but not all of them are now outside my dating range.

Another silly way of talking is called Upspeak. This means speaking with a rising intonation at the end of a sentence. It sounds as if they are turning every sentence into a question. This is a well known feminine speech style. It makes you sound weak and insecure because it seems like you are not even sure that what you are saying is even the right thing to say, but that is part of femininity you know. Anyway, males should not talk like this unless you want to sound like a complete pussy. I don’t know much about Upspeak except that Asian women sometimes talk like this. I rather like Upspeak because it makes women sound feminine.


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28 responses to “Vocal Fry

  1. “She is also covered in gross tattoos like a total slut, but whatever”

    This sentence out of the blue. hahaha

  2. Gay State Girl

    My sisters are college educated but talk like this (not to that extent) when they’re with their friends.

  3. I just watched the video. What a dumb brainwashed bitch.

  4. There are real serious problems in the world and she gives a fuck about a doll that is literally harming no one and I’m sure wouldn’t bother a native Hawaiian in the slightest. Brainwashed into extreme pettiness.

  5. Stary Wylk

    Sounds like Fran Drescher a few octaves lower.

  6. Stary Wylk

    The video reminds me of a recurring fantasy of mine. In it, I’m a cop giving some purple-haired bitch her Miranda warning. “You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to remain silent, I’ll tape your mouth shut.”

  7. reid

    this post is positively victorian. who gives a shit?

  8. Johnny Caustic

    My sense (possibly wrong) is that uptalk is a coded way of indicating “I don’t want to offend anybody” by sounding less assertive. It seems to go along with the feminization and touchiness of Millennial culture. I’m mildly annoyed when girls do it, but the (less common) guys who do it are just punchable.

    • matt

      This comes back to the question of how you know which guys are gay. Many Millennial males act femmy, but are as straight as the proverbial arrow. If they act this way but are not particularly talented or artistic, they are probably just straight guys who were exposed to a few too many hormone mimicking chemicals.

      • That AIDS Skrillex guy was so fagged out I thought he was gay actually. But that hot girl with the glasses next to him is actually his girlfriend. He talks gay as Hell.

        I’ve been called gay a lot, but that was more when I was younger. I never figured out what it was all about, but I’m not macho and I have a soft voice.

        I had a lot of friends that got called gay all the time, but they weren’t femmy. They were just very goodlooking (but pretty), soft, sensitive, had soft voices, passive and to some extent were wimpy, nonviolent and would not fight. They’re just not macho. When I was growing up, if you weren’t macho, you were gay.

        I’m thinking these young millennial men are considerably more fagged out than just being “not macho”, right?

        • matt

          Yeah, that’s why I blame industrial chemicals. Actually, it’s sort of an insult to gay guys to mistake some of these guys for gay…

        • matt

          American (and maybe western) society has become more tolerant of gay people, yet at the same time it’s become a lot easier to be branded as possibly gay against your will. Almost anything outside the range of lowest common denominator sitcom American male behavior… Read books? Gay. Eat vegetables? Gay. Wear clothes that match? Gay.

  9. Matt

    If someone attacks me for being a white male, I just tell them I have the Mongolian Genghis Khan Y chromosome, and therefore that I am a Person of Color.

  10. Matt

    There is so much wrong with this, starting with the fact that she is the privileged one, having the means to hire a Lyft and then order the driver about… How is this any different from some random rich guy losing his it at a bellhop and getting him fired? More proof that this ideology is many things, but not left wing.

  11. Tulio

    Dude, where’ve you been? I’ve been raging against the vocal fry trend for years. It’s the sound of utterly jaded and cynical women. Visually the archetype of a genuine nurturing sweetheart of a lady. Imagine how it she would sound. Well vocal fry is the opposite of that.

    It didn’t start with Kim Kardashian. Britney Spears was doing it way before anyone knew how Kim was. My guess is that’s an offshoot of valley girl talk. An almost entirely white middle class to affluent, urban, upwardly mobile manner of speech by women who want to sound experienced and witty.

    • matt

      The young, female millennials who now seem to do all the public radio programs all sound like this. A couple of days ago I was considering that I either have to give up public radio or resign myself for 30-40 years of this until I blessedly shuffle of the material plane. First journalism died, then people who could sound like journalists disappeared.

  12. Oneaboveall

    Holy crap! I can’t care about Vocal Fry after hearing the rant by the rant by that little bitch. Seriously, If she wants to get offended, I’ll give her something to get offended about and start playing stuff like this on the car radio:


    And so on…

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