The Choice Between the Democratic and Republican Parties Could Not Be More Stark

Stalin Tonks: Two other things on (((HBO))).

John Oliver a white flaming liberal cuck faggot from the UK who makes jokes about Trump non stop but as far as I see not about Hillary.

Real Time with (((Bill Maher))) a political discussion show starring a kike who is a flaming liberal (except on Muslims) because he’s smart enough to realize replacing white people with Muzzies is not a good idea in the long term.

But Robert says the (((media))) isn’t biased.

You act like there’s some sort of a difference between Hillary and Trump. What’s the difference?

Apparently your definition of “liberal” means “supports the Cultural Left.” And your definition of “conservative” is “opposes the Cultural Left.” This is what you’re all up in arms about politically in our fair land. These Cultural Left pinhead fools? This is the most important issue in our country. The Cultural Left isn’t even important. It’s just idiotic.

Hillary’s not a liberal. She’s a conservative.

We have a choice between a liberal Republican (Hillary) and a conservative Republican (Trump).

Some of the media does have some biases. There are some outlets that support the Democratic Party. Others support the Republican Party. Other mix and match. What’s the difference anyway?

  • Democratic Party: neoliberal economics, free trade, globalization, Wall Street, the 1%, US imperialism, neoconservative foreign policy, and the Cultural Left.
  • Republican Party: neoliberal economics, free trade, globalization, Wall Street, the 1%, US imperialism, neoconservative foreign policy, minus the Cultural Left.

Are you trying to tell me one is “liberal” and the other is “conservative”?

All in all, the corporate media is not a liberal or progressive institution in any way, shape or form except for that Cultural Left crap, but that’s not even leftwing. That’s just bourgeois hedonistic degeneracy.


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20 responses to “The Choice Between the Democratic and Republican Parties Could Not Be More Stark

  1. Stalin Tonks

    You asked what the differences are so here they are…

    Hillary wants to ban guns Trump doesn’t.
    Hillary wants to ban free speech, (throw white people in jail if they say “nigger”) Trump doesn’t.
    Hillary wants to support the rebels in Syria which will bring us into conflict with Russia, Trump wants to work with Russia to destroy the rebels and avoid WW3
    Hillary wants to flood the country with muzzies from Syria, Trump doesn’t.
    Hillary wants to give amnesty to all the illegals already here and keep the border wide open. Trump wants to deport the illegals and build a wall.
    Hillary wants to appoint more commie jew Supreme Court justices, Trump doesn’t.
    Hillary is open border and pro free trade. She wants big business to be able to bring in as many H1B workers as they want. Trump wants to restrict H1B borders and make free trade deals that work for America.
    Hillary has no problem flooding the country with even more Third Worlders, Trump doesn’t.
    Hillary wants to handcuff the cops and make their jobs harder when dealing with blacks, Trump does not.
    Hillary is an anti-white race traitor, Trump is not.

  2. Stary Wylk

    Hillary is neither liberal nor conservative in any real sense. She plainly hates freedoms and acts to destroy everything outside herself. It would not surprise me to discover her acting self-destructively.

  3. I agree with your analysis but the difference between Trump and Clinton is huge on immigration, at least the rhetoric, and that seems to be an issue of enormous importance to people. Same for a few other key issues like abortion.

    “supports the cultural left” is exactly what people understand by the word liberal these days. I hear liberal, I think of things like pro-immigration, black lives matter, feminism, LGBT rights, ie a social liberal. I expect them to lean towards the economic left too but its not mainly what I understand by liberal.

    All those former things seem to be by far the main preoccupation these days….culture wars.

    • …I guess for liberal I think of pro abortion and legalization of marijuana too.

      Then maybe environmentalism and foreign policy.

      But I think of the economic and socialism last. That’s like a separate thing to me.

      • Stalin Tonks

        That’s another difference. Hillary is totally pro choice, Trump not so much. I’m more focused on racial issues than economics. I’m not against abortion that much because blacks have way more abortions than white people. The last thing America needs is more black people.

        • Abortion is just another stupid Cultural Left issue. The Cultural Left is for it. The people who hate the Cultural Left are against it. Truth is it is not even an important issue!

    • Immigration is actually another one of these retarded Cultural Left issues. The Cultural Left is for it. Those who hate them are against it. Really it is not even all that important.

  4. Stalin Tonks

    Trump is running as a nationalist against BOTH parties.

    The Uniparty is open borders, open trade, export American jobs, import foreign cheap labor – blue collar and white collar – to replace Americans.

    This is the American version of Brexit.

    By voting for Trump you cast a vote against…


    the GOP establishment

    the DNC estbalishment

    the PC culture

    the continued American decline

    rolling out the welcome signs to 600,000,000 people to walk into our country, depress our wages, and milk our welfare systems

    and deal a death blow to the Bush and Clinton oligarchy family dynasties that have us $20 trillion in debt, fighting war after war (Hillary already wants to fight Russia and Syria).

    Trump is the ultimate MIDDLE FINGER to the status quo / establishment.


    • Conservatives are my deadly enemies. I never vote for conservatives, and I never will. Conservatism is the enemy.

      But I would vote a leftwing nationalist or a Marie Le Pen rightwinger.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Fine Robert. Go vote for Hillary and bring in millions of non-whites to depress wages for the average person.

        • Brian Damage

          That doesn’t even make any sense. Wages are determined by the free market. If you want to artificially inflate wages for a specific set of people, how long do you thing you can sustain it? By artificially inflating wages for a group of people who feel entitled to it would mean that other sectors have to pull the weight in order for the US to remain competitive.

        • EPGAH

          Wages are determined by the free market OF WHICH COUNTRY?
          Here in America, prices are high, wages are high, it’s in balance.
          In Mexico, wages are shit, but prices are low, that’s in balance.

          Illegals coming here lowers our wages, but the prices go UP, not DOWN. That’s cheating the market, causing imbalance. One of the Liberals’ greatest causes USED to be the wage stagnation since the 1980s. Now it’s only Conservatives that are pointing out why the wages are staying low but prices are still soaring, and at least TRYING to do something against that problem!

        • EPGAH

          TLDR: We don’t want to inflate wages, we want American wages determined by the American free market and Mexican wages determined by Mexican free market and never the twain meet.

          If you truly believe in a global labor market, for whatever reason, then we all have to go down to Chinese wages–and China makes criminals work for free, there’s no way to beat free!

  5. Stalin Tonks

    On (((HBO))) now…HBO stands for Hebrew Box Office

    The Latin Explosion: A New America – A puff piece about how wonderful it is that the American SW is turning into Mexico.

    Introducing Dorothy Dandridge – About a black actress who won the first Academy Award for black women (or men) not sure. More propaganda that niggers are great actors and should win every Academy Award.

  6. Jason Y

    It’s a bit more complicated. Race mixing is fine according to most decent minded people, but being trans-gendered is not. WNs views on cultural conservatism are too conservative, actually to the point of being vile and cruel.

    So OK, a black guy wants to marry and breed with a white woman, and a blonde at that. OK, no big deal in my book, but a openly gay guy wanting to be a boy scout leader is a way different matter.

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