Yankees Go Home!

It’s about time. Goodbye and good riddance. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, GI Joe!


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6 responses to “Yankees Go Home!

  1. Jason Y

    He seems to be pulling a Charles De Gaulle here. Of course, I never envisioned Filipinos as snotty snobs (by a long shot), but I have seen South Koreans to be that way.

  2. Jason Y

    ironically most Filipinos don’t hate Americans, and some of them don’t even hate GIs, but I cannot say the same for South Korea. I would been better if SK would have forced the GIs out of SK, not the Phillippines, because South Koreans always shit on our 18 year olds anyway, even though they are risking disability and death for these ingrates. 18 year olds possibly throwing away the prime of thier life for these fuck-faces.

  3. Nebulous Maximus

    I love it, Duterte is a Grade-A Shitlord. Hell, we need more Shitlords on the world scene right now. In fact, in think we’re entering the Age of Shitlords. Everyone is sick and tired of the phoney, uber-scripted, robotic political hacks who constantly speak out of both sides of their mouths.

  4. Tulio

    I’m going to laugh my ass off when China takes them over.

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