The Rich Think You’re Stupid – They’re Wrong

This year’s populism has shown us that even the Republican base is furious about the way the party has been screwing them for years. The class interests of the base are contradictory to the class interests of the party and the whole thing was behind held together with the most pitiful of imaginary threads. Now the whole thing’s unraveled as all lies and con jobs get uncovered at some point or other.

Humans are not the permanent marks that the elite think they are. PT Barnum was right. The problem is that the rich and very arrogant and they think we’re dumb. They think they can just grab the media and the state and brainwash into screwing ourselves by supporting the class interests of the rich and harming our own class interests. The thing about screwing yourself is most folks are not masochists. And once people figure out that you conned them into screwing themselves over, people get pretty mad.

Of course the Democratic base has been just as screwed by the class interests of the party, which happens to be precisely the same class interests as the Republican Party. The only differences are on what I call “ideology” that is, issues that do not impact on the class interests of either party. Other than that, they’re all the same. The Democratic base has been getting screwed over by the party forever now. The party has conned them into supporting the class interests of the rich which harm the base’s own class interests.

The base is a lot less stupid and brainwashed that the Republicans’ base, so a lot of them have known this for a long time. So the base kept voting for the liberal Republican (the DNC Democrat) because the conservative Republican was so much worse. The base or at least a lot of it has been bitching about this for years. This year the Democratic base finally had it and hence the Sanders insurrection arose and with it the well deserved lynching of (((Debbie Wasserman Schultz))), corporate Democrat extraordinaire. These Sanders people are not going anywhere. Next time around, when and not if Hillary screws her base, the blowback will be even worse.

The corporate Democrats in the DNC are simply postponing the inevitable populist uprising, but that’s really all the rich ever do when they’re in charge. Populist revolution is nearly a law of Political Science, and of course history’s not over. History’s going stronger than ever, and this year was a great example of that. Guys like Fukuyama think they can mess with the facts on the ground and use ideology to overthrow hard and fast laws of social science. Laws of science don’t work that way. You can with them away all you want, but they will keep popping again over and over like groundhogs as long as the “existing conditions” are right.


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6 responses to “The Rich Think You’re Stupid – They’re Wrong

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  2. Jason Y

    However, the ideology of white nationalism and race realism isn’t much different. It’s a very condescending ideology saying, “Well of course your inferior and you should accept it with a smiling face.” It’s a all a psycho brainwashing BDSM cuck show to tell different groups to stay in thier place.

    • EPGAH

      Not really, it’s more like, “Stop Fucking Up Our FUNCTIONING Systems, Cities, Neighborhoods, etc. You Ingrate Inferiors”…Or failing that, “What Does It Take To Get Away From You?!”

      We do better without them than they do without us.
      But they will not leave us alone. Think about it. What makes a neighborhood a “Good Neighborhood”? WHO is forcing Black women to breed by a donor who leaves right after impregnation? Why do neighborhoods with an excess of Blacks turn to ghettos?

      I can’t wait to see what schizoid explanation you come up with.

    • Stalin Tonks

      I didn’t read this article but people are stupid and the rich are right to think it.

    • Stalin Tonks

      Who is WN telling that they are inferior? Blacks? They are inferior and we don’t care what they think about that because it doesn’t matter. We don’t want to live with them and pay taxes to support them. You white cucks can keep living and supporting them.

  3. Homer Simpson

    What I found rather interesting was the fact that both Sanders & Trump were actually in their own way expressing the anger & frustrations of white working people, with Bernie Sanders inadvertently doing so, as with Trump deliberately doing so for it was a certain group of white people that was most sympathetic to Bernie Sanders ideas,as has been Trump that has expressed the frustrations of the right of that white blue collar working people as well. Us whites are losing control of the very nation we built & are so frustrated with both parties all too willing to sell America all the way literally by the dollar. Republicans with their endless going no where wars in the middle east, meanwhile the Democrats all to willing to let all kinds of illegals into the country as it is.

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