Deadly Trump Tapes: The Worst Is Yet to Come

From a mailing list I am on. I had heard that there was more and even worse than this out there. Now we have to wait and see if it gets released. This shows then lie of crazy conservatives when they talk about the liberal media or the antisemites when they talk about liberal, Jewish, anti-White media. NBC has long been supposedly Jewish-run, but that may not be true anymore. Anyway, the head of NBC now is a former producer for Fox News.

I think increasingly these stupid networks have no real ideology at all behind them other than support for the ruling class. A big network will drop a Democrat-supporting CEO and hire a reactionary from Fox News. Because of…I dunno…the money? It’s probably all about money anymore. Media corporations are corporations after all, and corporations are reactionary by their basic nature. Expecting media corporations to violate this rule is expecting a lot.

In other words, I don’t think the people at the station even care if it’s pro-Democrat or a Fox News clone. There’s no ideology anymore. They bring in a Fox News guy, and everyone goes dittohead. And pro-Democrat guy was a corporate Democrat anyway, so he wasn’t much better than a Republican. There’s never been a reliably liberal media outlet, although some say that MSNBC came pretty close. But all media outlets are necessarily owned by the richest of the richest of the rich. I think Carlos Slim just bought the New York Times. I assume he can now dictate ideology to them. MSNBC is owned by a poor working class man named Bill Gates. One good thing about Marxism is it helps you to understand capitalist society. Probably no one ever analyzed capitalism better than Marx in Capital.

If you thought the tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault to NBC’s Billy Bush was bad, buckle up. Multiple TV producers are now saying there’s worse footage, much worse, of Trump being sexually predatory and extremely racist.1

But NBC is refusing to release the footage. In fact for a year now, the network has been protecting Trump — from Matt Lauer’s biased presidential forum to Jimmy Fallon’s softball interview with Trump.2 With 29 days left until the election, voters deserve to know just how much of a racist, hate-filled serial sexual predator Trump is.

Since the tape of Trump leaked on Friday, NBC has been under such intense pressure that it suspended Bush for encouraging Trump’s behavior. If we speak up now while NBC is reeling from the leak, we can force the network to stop protecting Trump and release the rest of the tapes.

Trump’s leaked tape has become the most talked about topic this election. Despite an overwhelming backlash from both his supporters and a growing list of Republican leaders, he still defended grabbing women by their genitals as “locker room talk.”3

Producers claim that the footage NBC is sitting on is far worse, including one of Trump using the n-word.4 If more recordings of Trump’s behavior is made public, Trump’s bid for the presidency is over.

Despite NBC’s cozy relationship with Trump, the leak and the resulting backlash has made it nearly impossible for the network’s executives to keep protecting him.


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5 responses to “Deadly Trump Tapes: The Worst Is Yet to Come

  1. Stalin Tonks

    Robert, are you fucking high? Of course the media is biased. The (((media))) may as well be an extension of the democrat party.

  2. Jason Y

    Of course it has nothing to do with Jews, as I was arguing with commenter Sam a long time ago. It’s all about the money.

  3. Jason Y

    Trump saying the n word? Interesting. Did you know Joe Pesci says the n word privately, but nobody cares. Shouldn’t Hollywood celebrities be held to the same standard as presidents. I’m sure in the past presidents said the n word, especially that cracker Woodrow Wilson, the bookworm closet fag.

  4. Jason Y

    Trump is also a woman 😆

  5. Jason Y

    As of a day before the election, Clinton’s emails appeared to do massive damage, but it still hasn’t cut into the electoral vote.

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