Question about Rabbit’s Posts

I was thinking about running more of Rabbit’s posts on here, but the last one I ran got such an explosive reaction that I thought the commenters were going to lynch me.

So the question is whether you all would like me to run more of his stuff purely for discussion purposes of course since most of us are not White nationalists.

That harsh racial language in that one post is the first time I have ever seen him talk like that. I never found any such talk in any of his previous stuff. In fact, I was beginning to think he was the nicest White nationalist I’ve ever known!

Anyway, you guys let me know if you want me to keep running his stuff or not or if you will stage a mutiny if I do.



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8 responses to “Question about Rabbit’s Posts

  1. Tulio

    If he’s got a good post that isn’t about white nationalism I don’t mind. If an idea is good, then it’s good. I even liked what he was saying in the last post up until the point that he started the chimpout crap.

  2. the eastern side

    You have my go-ahead, although it obviously wasn’t mine you asked for. In a world of nations and races, nationalism and racism are only healthy political and psychological frames of mind. That is, if one doesn’t let ideological enemies and masochists deface the meaning of words.

    Nationalism: Be aware that the world is divided into nations, and these compete with one another for power, self-preservation, resources. Be aware that it is the majority ethnicity that makes a nation. Nations are what they are today due to psychological traits and cognitive aptitudes. It’s not the soil but the majority what has shaped nations: alter its demographics, and everything will in turn alter.

    Racism: Be aware that races are there. You’ll be finished with them only via bio-engineering or world-scale interbreeding.
    It won’t be very soon. In the meantime, the members of every other race seek their group’s advantage and power, while viewing — naturally — the other groups as competition when not enemies.

    If you don’t do like all the others, the only fruit you are going to pick is being screwed by them and disappearing from history first, from earth second.

    • The lack of Nationalism on the side of “NAMs” brought benefits.

      The Amerindians weren’t so hot at civilization (which would/could allow a population boom) as were West Africans (although both obviously were capable of them).

      The lack of White (Europe & SW Asia) isolation/Nationalism has greatly helped the world, giving it some of the development we have today.

      I suppose it wouldn’t be bad if Whites went the way of the Jews, with a small ethnostate, but still doing lots of good in diaspora.

  3. I don’t really see Rabbit as a “White Nationalist”. Yes, he more or less is pro-White, but he doesn’t appear to be burdended by all the other WN baggage and tropes.

    I follow his blog anyway, but I find the fact that those ideas are discussed here a positive for Beyond Highbrow.

  4. Sami

    You know my opinion, Robert. But it is your blog. If you wish to post Rabbit’s drivel, and think that your readers, or the movement, could benefit in any possible way from it, that’s your prerogative.

    I will simply scroll on to the next post.

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