Game/PUA: New Radio Show with Me Up

Here is a new radio show with me. Daryl Basarab and I discuss the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega thing. We have some differences of opinion on it, but overall, it’s a great discussion.

Daryl Basarab: I disagree with “Game theory” because different PUA’s use completely different game. Robert Lindsay befriends females and slowly sneaks up on them romantically while Return of Kings advises you to do the opposite. Here’s my take: It’s not as much the motus operandi as the amount of time you devote to it. If you talk to a bunch of women in clubs and bars, eventually you’re going to find women who want to engage in sexual acts. Is it really worth the time investment? I answer that question with no.

In the radio program, I made my point that prostitution if done on street corners is a good value. If you make $40k a year, that’s about $20 bucks an hour. If you spend five hours in a club, you’ve clearly exceeded the $20 bucks on the corner.

Lots of talk about PUA/Game stuff if you are into that, especially something I call Friendzone Game, which is something I came up with. This is basically a Game to run when you are more or less friendzoned by a woman so you can take it out of the Friendzone and into sex/relationship, etc.

We also discuss what Alpha/Beta/Omega, etc. are all about. Basarab thinks they have more to do with Status, Money, Power, etc., but I opt more for Looks and pure Game. So yes, Donald Trump got women via Status, Money, Power and Fame, but he’s also good-looking, and I imagine he has some insanely killer Game too.

People who become Alpha simply by running into a lot of money, such as Omegas like Bill Gates becoming Alpha simply by becoming rich and famous are not real pure Alphas in my opinion. Those are what you might call Artificial Alphas. You take all that money away, and that guy is back to being an Omega again.

There are also what I would call “Synthetic Alphas.” These men are not really Alphas, but they can fake it pretty good. They are able to fake it good enough that it pretty much works. The old fake it til you make it thing. I’m not sure if people can tell the difference between a pure Alpha and a good faker.

Now to me, a pure Alpha is not dependent on Money, Status, Power or any of that. He’s the guy who walks into the room, and most of the women in the room think, “Oh I want that guy!” That’s the pure Alpha. And the pure Alphas don’t even need money. Many Alphas are poor and never have any money. Many others are criminals. Jails and prisons are full of Alphas. Even in to middle age, many Alphas are living in cheap apartments and driving older cars. Yet these guys still continue to date beautiful women. I would say that an Alpha could even get women if he’s homeless.

I also point out that the Alpha/Beta/Omega thing is only useful for sex and romance between males and females, and it has little other utility outside of that. I suppose even male society breaks down into Alphas, Beta, Omegas, etc. but it’s not as rigid or even as brutal as the terms that females place on us. I have not thought much about Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff with men, but I suppose there’s a possible useful theory out there.

I’m just not interested in hierarchy among men. I suppose I am sort of a Sigma in that regard.

My attitude towards my male competition is generally, “LOL. What competition? You see any competition? I don’t.” To me there’s no such thing as male competition. I’m not sure if I actually think I am better than other men so much that I think I’m hot stuff, and the other guys are simply not even in the picture. Some highly accomplished males might be on my level, but in that case, we are comrades or wingmen and not competitors. I like life better that way. I don’t want to get into the whole male hierarchy thing of bettering and one-upping other men. It seems like it just makes you always frustrated and never satisfied, and it probably gives you a heart attack in the end.

I don’t want to fight other guys anyway. I would rather have females fight over me. I have always said:

  • Betas fight over women. Alphas have females fighting over them.
  • Betas spend money to buy women’s affection. Alphas have females trying to buy their affection.
  • Betas buy women gifts. Alphas get gifts from women.
  • Betas support women. Alphas get supported by women.

Now we tend to think men like this are assholes, and they are in some ways, but that’s Alphas for you. Alphas are not very nice. It’s no accident that penitentiaries are full of them.

I would say that if females are fighting over you, you’re Alpha. If females are buying you gifts all the time, you’re Alpha. If you are living off women instead of the other way around, you’re Alpha. As you can see, Alphas turn normal male Game dynamic on its head.

Male society is dominated by males competing for women among other things. It’s all about men fighting each other for women, trying to buy women, supporting women, etc. The guy who fights off the other guys gets the woman. The guy who buys the most gifts gets the women. The guy who supports women the best gets the women.

Alphas have completely dropped out of normal male society and have turned the whole thing upside down on its head. They invert reality. It’s actually quite amazing.

I also point out that Alphas need Looks and Game usually. Looks minus Game is nearly worthless. I have known guys who were the best looking men in town who went 10-20 years without even one date. Game  minus Looks is just about worthless too. An unattractive man can have the greatest Game on Earth, and it won’t do him the slightest lick of good.

Basarab felt that there was nothing much to Game, and if you just put yourself out there enough, you would get women. He felt that men only had good Game in that they put in a tremendous amount of effort into getting women. Beyond that, he conceded that men with good Game probably had good social skills.

I argue that there is way more to Game than that, and I feel that Game is so deep and complex that you could nearly write an encyclopedia about it. Men with good Game do a lot more than put in the time, and anyway, incel forums are full of men putting in a lot of effort trying to get women forever and having no luck at all. And there’s way more to it than just good social skills. I know lots of men with good social skills who don’t have much Game at all. Their Game is pretty much zero.

The PUA sites are correct to see Game as a science to be studied like any other science.

I have always said that women are chess. It has never been easy for me to get women, and I am apparently pretty good at it. But even back when I was very good at it, it still was not easy.

Women simply don’t put out the way that men want them to. The heterosexual dating scene is not the gay male dating science. There is no guarantee of getting laid even if you go to a bar or nightclub.

If it was that easy to get hot women, why is there a whore market? There’s a whore market because women deliberately create a sex shortage and ration out sex very carefully, generally in return for love or some sort of provisioning. The whore market exists because of the economic conditions created by artificial scarcity that women have deliberately created to in essence drive up the price of pussy as high as possible.

The near-hysterical women’s rantings about “pedophilia” for men who in perfectly natural and normal fashion pursue jailbait teenage girl is also economically related – it’s related to the pussy market. Simply put, women fear the competition of jailbait teenage girls. If teenage girls were more available, more men would flock to them, and in a number of cases, JB’s would out-compete women for men. Flooding the pussy market with jailbaits serves to create an abundance of cheap pussy (as teenage girls hardly cost a nickel) and serves to in effect drive down the price of pussy that the women wish to keep as high as possible.

As I said, women are chess.

All relationships with women must be Gamed. Even your wife or girlfriend must be Gamed constantly. The only way to keep the relationship going smoothly at all is to run continuous Game on even your wife or live-in girlfriend. It is true that once you get close to a woman, you can relax your Game somewhat, but you still need to be cautious. Women are very sensitive creatures, and they get hurt and upset very easily. I have blown up whole relationships with a single sentence.

When I am with a woman, I am typically quite calculating, at least until I get very close to her. I carefully think about most things that I say or do. I am not spontaneous at all because to me spontaneity ruins relationships by causing you to say and do stupid things without thinking.

Seduction is a performance. It is a performance art. Not all men are good actors or even actors at all. Some few men are born actors, but the finest actors of all, the stars of the silver screen, are few and far between. As it is in celluloid, so it is in Game. Men with superlative Game are more common than great actors, but they are still not common. It’s a fine art and skill to be honed over a lifetime, and most men never get extremely good at it. Those few who do should be studied as one studies the greats in Acting School.


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23 responses to “Game/PUA: New Radio Show with Me Up

  1. Jason Y

    Generally I hate alphas. That’s why I don’t like schools, because you go into a classroom and it’s more caste system alpha bullshit. Especially at my age, I find it revolting.

  2. Tulio

    Donald Trump is good looking? Said no one ever(until this post).

    • Tulio

      But I agree with the rest of the post. I think legal prostitution in America as you have in SE Asia and Holland would be a great thing for men. Even men that don’t use prostitutes. It will lower the price of pussy and give men more options than nightclubs, bars and traditional courtship. Maybe some guys don’t want a wife. Maybe some guys don’t care to date and run game. Maybe some men just want to but a nut into a pretty young thing every once in a while while they focus their main attention on other areas of life. What’s wrong with that? Even in Catholic Latin America prostitution is legal everywhere. Yet because of feminists and evangelicals in America, there’s no chance of it ever happening here outside of a few ranches in Nevada.

  3. Jason Y

    Males need game and looks to get attractive (what society says is attractive – thin etc..) in the US, they don’t need it to find attractive ladies in Southeast Asia, cause ultimately, the money trumps everything else (no pun intended)

    • Tulio

      It’s also due to the shortage of attractive women in the USA. Look at the obesity rates. It’s especially bad for black men because the majority of black women are overweight. THE MAJORITY, according to the CDC. At least Thai women are guaranteed to be thin. I spent 3 weeks in Thailand and I think I saw only one Thai woman that was overweight. Here in middle America, you can walk down the street and see herds of women that look like an NFL defensive line. And that’s not to even mention how many women are now tatted up like sailors. I now see middle class white women with tattoos on their fucking necks. There was a time that if you got a tattoo on your neck you were probably an MS13 gang banger from El Salvador. There was a time when a woman having anything under than a rose on her ankle was beyond the pale. Now women are getting double sleeve tattoos just to keep up with their friends and look “edgy”. American woman are just a bad product. If I were president, my immigration program would be flooding the nation with beautiful young women. Any young attractive woman from any part of the world would be granted a green card on the spot. The feminists would lose their minds.

      • matt

        I’m not sure Bill Gates has ever been an Omega, in spite of the fact that he may superficially appear to be one.. His drive (dropping out of university to start his own company) argues against it, and he is/was surprisingly athletic. Go to Youtube and search “Bill Gates chair.” That is a feat of strength and athleticism that can only be achieved by someone with naturally high testosterone.

      • matt

        The right and left coasts are still home to many attractive women. The tattoo thing though… I just do not understand, whether we are talking about men or women. Sure, maybe on small, unobtrusive tattoo, but just about everyone under 40 now seems to boast what I see as a lot of ink. I used to think those Gen X women would regret all that ink when they were 30+ soccer moms, but last week I attended a yoga class that was 2/3s that demographic, and they all had ink on their arms, and everywhere not covered by the sports bras and yoga pants.

        • Tulio

          Yeah. You can pretty much say that any woman under 40 without a tattoo is probably still thinking about getting one and hasn’t ruled it out. VERY few women I ask about this have ruled out getting one. I’ll sometimes ask if they have any tattoos and the answer is always invariably, “no, but I’m thinking about it.”

          On certain types of people I don’t have a problems with them. If you’re a Hell’s Angel, then yeah you’d look weird if you didn’t have any tattoos. Ditto if you’re a rock star, or a rapper, or 25-to-lifer in prison. Someone that’s supposed to be a bad ass. It’s almost part of the uniform at that point. But seeing these bland suburban types getting tattooed just to try and look like they have an edge when they come from the most banal, middle class suburban backgrounds is nauseating.

      • Herds of women that look like NFL defensive line. LOL. Women getting tattoos are just trying to fit in. I don’t mind a single tattoo like one above their ass crack, that’s sexy. But covering their bodies, entire arms and neck is gross! They look like men.

  4. Gay State Girl

    What would you say average women could do to be more attractive to men?

  5. the eastern side

    Here’s my take: It’s not as much the motus operandi as the amount of time you devote to it.

    Motus operandi? It went lost on me we were speaking of gymnastics, lol.

    I also point out that the Alpha/Beta/Omega thing is only useful for sex and romance between males and females and it has little other utility outside of that. I suppose even male society breaks down into Alphas, Beta, Omegas, etc. but it’s not as rigid or even as brutal and the terms that females place on us. I have not thought much about Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff with men, but I suppose there’s a possible useful theory out there.

    You need not go further than what sociobiology tells concerning mammal societies, and more specially primate society. Sure, it all looks way sightlier when blow in the face are substituted for by wide-smiled “thank”es; there’s no denying it. The substance is unchanged, however.

  6. “I also point out that the Alpha/Beta/Omega thing is only useful for sex and romance between males and females and it has little other utility outside of that. I suppose even male society breaks down into Alphas, Beta, Omegas, etc. but it’s not as rigid or even as brutal and the terms that females place on us. I have not thought much about Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff with men, but I suppose there’s a possible useful theory out there.”

    I think you can talk about an ‘alpha male of women’ and an ‘alpha male of men’. The two are related to some extent as women are attracted to dominant and high status men which makes great evolutionary sense. Men who get laid a lot would also earn the respect of other men. Nevertheless there is a clear and useful distinction.

    Human society is just more complex than gorilla society or something. I guess there was a time in our prehistoric past when the alpha male of men automatically had the best pick of the women but its not like that now.

    I’m glad you made the above point.

  7. I don’t accept this hierarchy as a hard science, where I disagree with Robert Lindsay is that I think it’s all about social status. It’s men who determine who is alpha and sigma by their success in society. As Tracey Murray says, it’s money, then power, then women.

    To me the alphas are the successful businessmen and athletes and sigmas are high on the social ladder but don’t like the fame and spotlight. Sigmas are like George Washington – he could have been a dictator but chose not to be one. To Robert Lindsay however, being alpha is more determined by female sexual interest. Females dictate who is alpha, in the same way that males determine who is ugly and who is attractive in a female.

  8. There’s a whore market for other reasons too.
    1) fetishism / extremism
    2) a way to downgrade women so they’re just a business transaction
    3) guaranteed silence. No Monica Lewinsky stuff.
    4) People who are more attracted to it because its illegal. Rule breakers.
    5) Often cheaper if time/cost are considered.
    6) Is other sex really casual? With women who aren’t prostitutes, it’s not really casual to them. Yet prostitutes are the women who are casual.

  9. I just realized that the ultimate truth about these pick up artists is that they could have 30 different sexual partners and they’d still be social rejects. I know I’m a social reject, but I don’t pretend if I got a bunch of women it would change that. I’d still be a reject. It’s their way of saying they overcame their rejection but they haven’t, they just had a bunch of sex

  10. RL is right. It’s not easy attracting women, even if you have it all, unless you’re famous. You have to put in the work and effort. Fame is the one thing that makes it easy for straight men.

    Ask a rock band how many groupies they screw.

  11. These people have it the easiest when it comes to attracting people.

    -Famous Men
    -Beautiful Women
    -Gay men(not sure if looks even matter)

    Why? Because,technically, these people don’t even have to try. Many good looking women can just roll out of bed and they will be courted by men. Basically leave the house, attend daily activities, go to the gym, show up at work, attending social gatherings. Etc…

    Famous men? When women come gunning for you. WOW! What a world! It’s a role reversal.

    Gay Men? For many of them, they just have to find other gay men, which might be difficult, depending on their location. In the right city, for many, it’s easy as A,B,C. Showing up at the right bar or bathhouse pretty much will guarantee an easy sex orgy for the night.

    Furthermore, looks don’t seem to play a big role with famous men or gay men. Studying AIDS epidemic, early cases. The average victim was homosexual male who had 1,100 sex partners with the mean age at 39. I’v seen the photos of the early victims. They look like ordinary men. Many of them were balding and graying. Further proof, men will screw anything! Without the inhibition of women, it’s a Sex-plosion environment.

    Famous men- Money, power, status

    Women- Lying in the weeds waiting for money hungry, power driven, status symbol wearing, good looking chads to court them.

    Gay men- Money, power, status, looks, game seem to exclude this group. Truly unique, but hey, no women!

  12. What’s the Suicide rate for true Alpha males? I wonder. Seems like an impossible statistic to come up with. I’m going to say very, very low. Too proud and prideful to kill themselves.

    “Too die proudly when is no longer possible to live proudly.” -Neitzsche-

    Neitzsche is wrong. Or was he?

  13. austin2359

    I find that it’s not difficult to attract women as a man until after college. In high school and college the women come to you. I would assume a bar and club would work similarly.

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