Is This the Death Knell for the Trump Campaign?

From a mailing list that I am on that represents the left wing of the Democratic Party. It’s called Act Blue, and believe me, they don’t like Hillary much at all. It’s just that they dislike Trump for more. I think most folks in this election are voting against someone, not for someone. Most Democrats are voting against Trump, not for Hillary. Most Republicans are probably voting against Hillary and not for Trump. I mean it’s pretty hard to be for either Trump or Hillary as they are both pretty loathsome.

We’re Shocked, Shocked That The Republican Presidential Nominee Is A Crude Sex Predator, Shocked We Tell You

When we launched our last alert talking about #TrumpTheFraud’s extensive history of sexist comments in both public and private, the latest bombshell about his extreme predation of women had not even gone off yet.

In his first ever “apology,” and it took him 2 tries to even get that far, he lied again by claiming he never pretended to be perfect. To the contrary, his entire pitch has been that he was the most perfect, smartest genius ever. But apparently not smart enough to realize that the microphone he was speaking into just a minute before might still be live.

Is there anyone in the Republican Party who can claim with a straight face they didn’t know what a crude, vulgar, amoral and quintessentially selfish guy they were dealing with, even before this latest revelation? But with a handful of exceptions, they all ultimately got in bed with him politically knowing everything bad about him they already knew.

And while they are shown for what they are, politicians all run half-naked and in a panic for the exits…look who is not…a bunch of evangelicals who ought to have their pictures in the dictionary under “hypocrisy.”

Just out of curiosity, before you get in bed with somebody, aren’t you supposed to check whether they have a red tail and horns? And when it’s become painfully obvious, are you supposed to stay there?

Nobody respected women more than him? As it turns out nobody DISRESPECTS women more than he does. And if he thinks he can get anyone to believe otherwise, he disrespects us again.

On the tape we hear him joking about grabbing the genitals of married women. His NRA backers try to tar people as gun grabbers just because we don’t want terrorists running around with assault rifles. But we guess we all know now who the real grabber is.

Because what this is all really about is a grab for power. It is about the Republicans saying whatever insincere, unprincipled thing they think they can get elected on all so they can do nothing but slavishly serve their wealthy campaign contributions.

And just like him, they only repent when they get caught or he does.

Maybe he gets his sexual harassment advice from Roger Ailes, another notorious Republican abuser and even today still one of his close confidants who he can swap senior’s locker room talk with.

What do you all think of Trump’s chances after this sexual assault bombshell dropped?

And keep in mind there was not just one.

This was followed by a married woman talking about how he groped her when she was with her husband, chased her around the mansion and could not keep his hands off her. All while she was protesting quite loudly.

After that, another woman has come forward, who it turns out is the TV star in the infamous groping tape who Billy Bush and Trump meet as she escorts them into the studio for the show. She talks about how Trump just grabbed and her kissed out of the blue, which apparently she was not very happy about. Afterwards it looks like he took revenge on her for turning him down for sex by firing her from a show because she had the nerve to get pregnant.

And the people who are dishing all this baggage out assure us that there is much more to come.

And this is not to mention the civil suit charging Trump with raping a 13 year old girl!

This seems to be the end of the Trump campaign though. I don’t see how he survives this. Forget it. The Republican Party is in shock and chaos. The Republican National Committee (the RNC – basically the Republican Party itself) has pulled out all funds from the Trump campaign and is focusing on down-ballot candidates instead. Pence, Trump’s running mate, has canceled all future appearances. A number of other Republicans are canceling future dual appearances with Trump. Congressional Republicans are falling all over themselves to denounce Trump, disassociate from him, or even announce that they are voting for Hillary.

The RNC is scheduling emergency meetings to try to find an replacement candidate for Trump and they are discussing trying to get Trump to step down from the campaign. If that does not work, they will work on Pence to try to get him to quit, thereby putting pressure on Trump. Trump has said he will not step down and says he will take his campaign to the end. Even if he did step down and a replacement was put in for him, it is hard to see what might happen as this may have never happened in US politics before. Furthermore, Trump’s name is already on many ballots. So what does that mean? And some people may have possibly already voted in early voting. So even if he did step down, it’s a gigantic can of worms what exactly the Party could do from there.

I went to Red State the other day, which is one of the main Republican blogs out there. I would call Red State a straight-up Republican Party blog which may even be connected with the Party itself. It’s not an Alt Right Trump-supporting site like Breitbart, though it might be interesting to see how Breitbart is handling this. Red State has apparently never liked Trump and now they are screaming gloom and doom for the Trump campaign. This site probably reflects the views of those close to the Party. So the Party itself seems to think that Trump is done. That’s pretty ominous.

Trump is debating Hillary tonight and supposedly he is going throw Bill’s serial groping and even date raping at Hillary. But that makes Hillary simply the wife who stood by her cheating husband. Most people regard such women are tragic and possibly stupid and incomprehensible but they are not usually seen as evil or morally flawed. They are more weak than anything else. And “They did it too, your honor,” is not a legal defense in any court of law that I am aware of. And this is the Trump strategy. Yes I was a scumbag but your husband did it too. Trump’s supporters are insistent that this is going to work, but I don’t think so.

Anyway, what do you think? Is Trump done or what?


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33 responses to “Is This the Death Knell for the Trump Campaign?

  1. Ryan England

    I don’t think it will change anything in terms of the actual results come election night. Trump was not going to win anyway. This fiasco will not cause many of Trump’s staunch followers to change their views – Breitbart are still behind him. But they were never enough, and Trump has less than a snowball’s chance in hell with swing voters.

    This is going to be absolutely catastrophic for the Republican Party though. Not that I feel bad for them – via their paranoid blogs, a.m radio nonsense and Fox News foolishness, they’ve been spending decades pandering to this kind of lowest common denominator thinking, albeit through “dog whistling” kinds of tactics. Now they’re running for the hills in embarrasment of a candidate who simply reflects the way the base thinks. Redstate and the RNC can cry me a river. You reap what you sew.

    The real downside to it all is that Hillary and her base of largely upper middle class feministas will take this as a rock solid mandate to turn America into one gigantic campus safe space. Present day Sweden, or Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, will look like the Confederate States by comparison. It will be a very, very long time before the “brocialist” left can mount any kind of effective resistance.

  2. Jason Y

    This is really shocking, about as much as a comet hitting the Earth. Oh well, I guess there is a first time for everything. I bet David Duke and the rest of the WNs are crying now, as thier golden boy is finished.

    Actually though, Trump is just another rich guy, no better than the others. All the rich are like that. They all think they can get away with murder and 99 times out of 100 they do..

    Ok, so he likes teenage girls, That’s actually normal for most guys, but then again, he’s running for president in a politically correct and for others a Christian nation. So now both blocks of voters will now hate him, basically crucifiying him for being the kind of guy most ordinary guys actually are, secretly. Note when some Christian or feminist supporting male jerks off to 14 year old girls in bikinis, and then supports Trump, then he is being a MASSIVE hypocrite.

  3. Jason Y

    Is there anyone in the Republican Party who can claim with a straight face they didn’t know what a crude, vulgar, amoral and quintessentially selfish guy they were dealing with, even before this latest revelation?

    Who wouldn’t be that way if they were rich? At the very least they would try to get as much sex as possible. I mean, why not??

    Nobody can resist the temptation of that much money.

    • TRASH

      Bill Clinton never sexually harassed women? Or used his position to convince a low-grade JOOO slut to blow him?

      JOOS never rose up in fury at the fact that Monica was probably pressured by Bill to participate in sexual activity in order to hold onto her job.

      • Jason Y

        Or Monica wanted the use the sex to gain a higher position. Why does everyone believe the PC line that the woman was always the victim?

  4. Bernardista

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for US.
    The way Hill’s eyes light up when she starts gushing about a no fly zone over Syria is 14,846 times scarier than anything Donnie ever said or did with a woman.

  5. Stalin Tonks

    Trump BTFO’d that old hag Hillary tonight. Trump might lose anyway. There may very well be Too many non-whites and too many white cucks (including in the republican party) for him to win. California used to be a swing state and now it is solid blue cause of all the Mexicans there now. It a couple decades Virginia, Florida, Colorado and probably some other states will be unwinablle for republicans because of the growing non-white population and republicans won’t be able to get to 270.

  6. TRASH

    Exactly what Hillary Clinton is going to do to extract the country from its problems is questionable.

    Insofar as the Southwest is concerned the Spanish will always have it and Florida, which of course they discovered.

    An American of Scottish descent was never going to reverse the process by which Spaniards stole land from the Amerindians and made it New Spain.

  7. Jason Y

    BTW – How did the debate between Hillary and Donald go tonight?

    • Stalin Tonks

      Trump kicked her ass but I’m not sure he will win the general. Like I said, too many non-whites and too many white cucks like Jason Yid.

      • Jason Y

        The all-white future WN paradise will have it’s share of meth and pain pill addicts. No the negro problem will not have went away, only changed color.

  8. SHI

    Trump should probably run for President from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua or Uganda, countries where he’d fit right in with their patriarchal, sexist systems. When it comes to public morality, the United States has raised the standard very high for its Presidential candidates. Running for public office means there should be no questions on your character. In most Western countries, you cannot talk shit like Donald Trump does, and still harbor the illusions that well-informed citizens of your will accept you.

    There’s nothing wrong in being a serial philanderer and running for public office. France and Italy have scores of examples to prove there’s nothing mutually exclusive about the two. They have characters like Sarkozy and Berlusconi who fornicate a hell lot, but the only reason they get a pass is because in many countries of Western Europe, being sexually promiscuous is not a big deal. Plus neither Sarkozy or Berlusconi treat make publicly sexist comments, or are proud of it.

    In Trump’s case however, it’s pretty disgusting to remark that “you used to grab women by the pussy” and try dismissing it as locker room conversation. What are you, 17 years old? At least Bill Clinton was only lying on oath, “I did not have sex with that woman”, for which he did apologize later. Any red herring comparison Trump makes with Bill Clinton’s indiscretions will have zero impact on his prospects. Apples and oranges.

    Trump’s misogyny is really on a whole another level. For many decades, he has had a pretty consistent record of making lewd comments about women’s appearance, figure, menstrual cycle, breast-feeding, eating habits and so much more.

    I think there’s nothing wrong with Trump – the man – per se. He claims he’s really nice with women which I indeed believe he is. Trump just happens to be a product of his times, his sexist remarks reflects an older generation mindset when it used to be perfectly cool to objectify women and treat them with disrespect.

    Millennial MEN don’t agree with Trump’s mindset. It’s no longer cool to treat women as sex objects, or as personal possessions. I mean women do seek attention but you can’t be outraging the modesty.

    Trump looks pretty fucked right now. I feel even Americans have had enough of Trump. He knows he’s going to lose “bigly” so has no other choice but to use the nuclear option – take everyone else down with him. Come Novermber 8, he’ll probably have to check himself in some kind of rehabilitation clinic.

    Too bad because I was kinda rooting for Trump – the underdog. But, he’s proved himself to be the biggest blowhard the other side of the Bosphorus Strait. With each passing day, he is increasingly sounding like a jackass. Only bullshit. No substance.

    • Stalin Tonks

      Your post is too long to respond to properly but women shouldn’t even be allowed to vote let alone run for office.

  9. TRASH

    Hillary Clinton has been involved in crime since the seventies but knows much better how not to get caught.

    Sneaky and cunning people do better in a democracy while Trump would fare better in a Totalitarian dictatorship.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly Robert will disagree, but BOTH Trump and Clinton come from mafia style political or business families. They all did dirty deeds, using power to cover things up.

      Clinton was murdering since the 80s, one notable case was a teenager who found out about the Clinton family drug connections in Arkansas.

    • Stalin Tonks

      Hillary is not smart enough to get caught. The FBI has been politiicized so they won’t go after her. Same thing with that kike bitch that used the IRS to go after conservative groups. She deleted her emails and nothing happened to her either.

  10. the eastern side

    What do you all think of Trump’s chances after this sexual assault bombshell dropped?

    And keep in mind there was not just one.

    This was followed by a married woman talking about how he groped her when she was with her husband, chased her around the mansion and could not keep his hands off her. All while she was protesting quite loudly.

    Nothing that was not to be expected to be part of the mise en scene.
    Everybody can accuse anybody of anything, and one such women making such allegations might well pop up each day from now to the election day.

    Trump was going to lose regardless of this, I think. I also think this won’t harm his chances.

  11. He was already a bit behind in the polls. I think this as taken it from a 60% chance of a Hillary win to about 80% or more. The tape has done for him.

    I haven’t got a problem with Latin American immigration to the US on racial grounds and I don’t think there needs to be a total ban on Muslims, and I’m totally against torture as a military policy. If it wasn’t for Hillary’s pro choice stance, I’d probably just all out support Hillary in this election.

  12. Jason Y

    The death knell for Trump isn’t scandals, as already Clinton has outdone him in that arena, but rather the millions of Latinos who are coming out to vote as never before.

    Note, perhaps WNs had a point in there being a race war. With so many Latinos, it’s going to be impossible to install a candidate they like. It just will never happen, leading to a situation where leaving the nation (as the south did in the Civil War) as the only option.

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