Worst Insult of All

This is some White guy at a Black Lives Matter rally telling a counterprotestor that his opinion of BLM is meaningless because he’s a White male. Meaning, I guess, that nothing he says about BLM can possibly be meaningful because he’s already biased. Or something.

He’s turned into a meme and his name is apparently AIDS Skrillex, whatever that means. He competes for glory with another guy named “Carl the Cuck.” But I am not even sure who Carl the Cuck even is.

Ok, now you’re seen it. Now you can go back to doing whatever you were doing before.


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5 responses to “Worst Insult of All

  1. meht barg

    This guy just had to be, well, what you later found out he was.

  2. Shawn

    Dude you’re mad late on this shit — I first saw this on 4chan months back. It’s truly fucking hilarious (yet at the same time) sad at how much of a cuck these two guys are overall (especially the AIDS Skrillex) some BBC is probably fucking his girlfriend (whom by the way is the girl in the video with the glasses on whom I also think is cute in this sort of nerdy-hipster manner) right now.

  3. TRASH

    I can see him beside her on her knees with a huge happy smile on his face as she sucks the NAM protester to completion.

    But hey, if these white males do not reproduce because they have no balls and no job then they are out of the gene pool.

    NAMS can celebrate the end of the white man’s world as hurricanes slowly transform the South into Haiti.

    No longer a white man’s world? Sure and wait until the oil needs changing.

  4. TRASH

    In the 90’s we called him a slacker and in the 70’s a Yippie and in the 60’s a Beatnik…he’s been hanging around Student Unions for free refills since before Obama was born.

  5. TRASH


    I’m surprised how unchanged these types look over the years: we’ve called them “slackers” in the 1990’s and Yippies in the 70’s but they still LOOK the same as they always have at a student union drinking free refills…

    Long unkempt hair, black rimmed glasses, unkempt attire.

    They have not changed ONE BIT since I was a college student from 1992 to 1998 (I was a slacker and hippy myself).

    The difference is that none of them seem to have a job while in the old days there was still enough of an economy for them to work in record stores or data entry.

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