Rabbit, “Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either”

Another post from Rabbit’s site. This one on the execrable (((Milo Yiannopoulos))), who I really cannot stand. People are trying to say that (((Milo))) is Alt Left, but nope, (((Milo))) ain’t one of us! Sorry (((Milo)))! That’s because the Alt Right is trying to disenfranchise itself from (((Milo))), which actually makes sense. I mean (((Milo))) is a flamboyant homosexual who makes no secret of his penchant for taking large Black cocks up his ass. Well, I would say that goes against 100% of what the Alt Right stands for right there, no? (((Milo))) is part of the Breitbart wing of the Alt Right, which is barely even Alt Right at all. Instead it’s just Republican Party Base Trumpism.

I listened to a whole hour of (((Milo))) speaking on his Dangerous Faggot Tour (well at least he titled the traveling show correctly). He spoke at some university. It was quite bizarre.

He made a number of comments about what a great big fag he is how he likes Black cocks up the ass or sucking Black cocks or something along those lines. There was a fair amount of gay pornographic content in his talk. Anytime he talked about his love of Black dick, the mostly male Trumpist audience went nuts. So this is what Trumpers are for? Black cocks up the ass? Who knew? He talked about Trump. He talked about feminism. He talked about PC. He talked about SJW’s. He talked about Black Lives Matter. He made fun of the last four. He talked about his love of Black dick. He talked about his hatred of Hillary. I believed he proudly announced he was a Zionist which got a huge roar out of the crowd. He made lots of jokes. He was very entertaining.

At the end, I was very annoyed. He just stands up there and makes fun of SJW’s and urges everyone to vote for Trump and that’s it. Yes he hates feminism but why? Feminists looooooooooooove gay men. What’s the problem?

What I got out of this is that (((Milo))) is one of those not small faction of gay men who hates women. It’s a little known secret (Shh! Don’t tell the Cultural Left!) that quite a few gay men hate women. In fact, this has been known for quite some time, possibly over 100 years. So (((Milo)))’s hatred of feminism, which sounds disturbingly personal, is all wrapped up in his misogyny, which I get the feeling is considerable. And that left a bad taste in my mouth. You don’t like gender feminists, fine. But if you don’t like them because you are a depraved woman-hating queer, you’re just not so endearing to me. That’s just yucky. If you’re going to hate the Gender Fems, hate them for a good reason!

This whole (((Milo))) thing is just…stupid. Alt Rightists say he is engaging in a hostile takeover or the Alt Right on behalf of (((certain groups))), and they are probably correct. His purpose in the Alt Right is apparently to say hardly any of them are really serious about that White nationalism and that Jew-hating and you know that Hitler stuff because it’s all a big edgy joke. And by inserting a major gay Jewish figure into the Alt Right, he is trying to slay both the Antisemitism and the Homophobia of the Alt Right in one fell swoop. Well that’s a clever move, I must admit.

Honestly though I do not feel there is much substance here, and he feels way too rightwing for my tastes. So if you love (((Milo))), you’re voting for Trump…you love Israel…you hate Democrats…and you think Black cocks up the ass is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well that’s quite an interesting project but it’s not coherent. In fact, it makes no sense at all. It’s the political equivalent to one of those modern art paintings where they splash a bunch of different colors of paint on a canvas and call it a painting. It’s nearly devoid of meaning, and what meaning it does have is annoying at best and toxic at worst.

(((Milo)))’s sort of a Postmodern Political Figure. It’s like he was created by Derrida. He doesn’t even make sense! And nevertheless, everyone loves him and thinks he is full of all this brilliant wisdom even though he’s incomprehensible and void of meaning anyway even if you could figure him out.

Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either


I’ve noticed people trying to disassociate Milo Yiannopoulos and some of these other Libertarians from the Alternative Right, by branding them as part of the Alternative Left. 


Not so fast. While we may be a tad more degenerate than the radical traditionalist factions of AltRight, we sure are not Libertarian capitalists (barf.) Milo and Co are not part of our little AltLeft netherworld either. Here are some simple and straightforward reasons why he’s not one of us:

  1. He is a Libertarian capitalist. Milo loves capitalism and the free market and always talks about it. He’s the kind of Republican who will make claims like “Democrats ruined Detroit.”  He’s the type who will brag about Silicon Valley companies as if they are still part of the US in any real sense…rather than just international entities that act in their own interests, which may or may not correlate with the interests of the country at a given time. The Alternative Left (to the extent it’s even a real thing) leans toward Scandinavian socialism, communism,  state capitalism, public works, social credit, etc….all things Milo would disapprove of.
  2. He’s not a race realist. Milo rejects identity politics altogether, in the tradition of Republicans who like to parrot Martin Luther King cliches about “color of skin” and “content of character.” The Alternative Left believes race is real (for practical purposes at least) and race matters. There is some disagreement about how to deal with that reality, which I have discussed elsewhere. Some of us just openly promote a White-Left futurism and others prefer to focus strictly on class struggle issues with the belief that this will minimize ethnic conflict over time. Others are National Bolshevik types. Milo doesn’t fall into any of these camps. He’s just a flamboyant Republican who thinks “Dems are the real racists.”
  3. He supports importing foreign tech workers as well as many of the other items on the globocorp agenda to sell us out. He loves immigration and at the most maybe just wants to cut it down a bit.
  4. From what I can tell, he supports neoconservative foreign policy or some milder version of it along with American exceptionalism and all that jazz. He’s Jewish and makes clear where his tribal loyalties are. I’m pretty sure we can leave it at that.

The only areas where there is any overlap is that he’s “anti-PC” and socially liberal as far as sexual depravity. Well, big deal. Almost everyone opposes the type of low hanging fruit loop, blue haired, fat acceptance, Tumblr feminists and diaper wearing furry activists that he targets. Milo simply is what he is, a Libertarian-Republican free speech advocate of the Breitbart variety with an aggressively marketed, highly successful personal brand. Milo has put himself out there and has done some good things in pushing back against speech police on college campuses, but he’s not “AltLeft” or AltRight. Glad we cleared that up.


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35 responses to “Rabbit, “Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either”

  1. Do you have a reference were he talks about gay black sex like an interview or something?

    If that’s the case, Breibart’s due for a tolerance award from the Cultural Left for eve hiring him to begin with.

  2. I read mainstream outlets call him “an Alt-Right icon”….

    Gay Jew = Neo-Nazi Icon?

    Is this “gaslighting”? I ask myself.

  3. Idk. Breitbart is a fucking joke.

    It was an attempt to merge the Neo-Cons with the Alt-Reich by this insane “Joos and fags are victims of the muds” ideology…which of course failed miserably.

    Even the spineless weasel Ashkenazi Supremacist Ben Shapiro jumped ship.

  4. Tulio

    Btw, I’ve been noticing this trend of using multiple parenthesis (((like this))). What does that mean?

    • Stalin Tonks

      It means (((jewish))) or (((jew)))

      • Tulio

        And what is the purpose of this?

        • To call out Jews without saying that they’re explicitly Jews. I think it’s childish and annoying but ‘media’ outlets wrote about it and it’s pretty well known now.

        • The Nazis or Alt Right or whatever you call them started doing it and then a lot of their leftwing enemies started putting parentheses around their own names.

          I mostly just do it as a joke to make fun of the Nazis. I also do it to signify Jews, but that’s mostly just funny. Will does it too. It’s getting to the point where it’s just funny. I am not down with the neo-Nazi Jew-hating thing, so I’m not doing it for any antisemitic purposes. I don’t care what Jews do outside of those squatters in Palestine. The only antisemite I would be is “an antisemite of the anti-Zionist variety.” The Jews are claiming that that’s a type of antisemite. If that’s true, then I guess I must be an antisemite.

          The antisemite complaint against the Jews is a conservative one and I am not a conservative. Mostly they claim that Jews hate Whites and are leading some war against Whites, but I don’t really care about such things. Also I do not care that Jews are behind all of these supposedly corrosive Cultural Left movements because I support all of those movements in principle. I also don’t care that Jews are behind the Left and Communism because if that’s true, then they deserve a medal, not a sucker punch. Nor do I care about degenerate behavior that that much because I’m a pretty serious degenerate myself.

          There’s nothing in antisemitism for me, I’m afraid.

        • RR, don’t you mean (((media))) outlets?

        • Stalin Tonks

          You’ll begin to notice a pattern that people like (((Tim Wise))) and (((George Soros))) who promote anti-white political positions have something else in common.

    • Gay State Girl

      It’s a code word because they don’t want the authorities to track them but the NSA and SPLC and the jewish internet defense force are one step ahead.

  5. Gay State Girl

    The funniest thing he has ever said is there is no such thing as a lesbian, they’re just too ugly to attract men.

    • Matt

      Not true, but close, IMO. Most exclusive lesbians have easily identifiable male traits that are not the result of subcultural influences. The voice, the build, the facial structure…

  6. Milo is not Jewish, he is a Greek Catholic. And yes, he’s pretty annoying. He even ‘believes’ that homosexuality is wrong despite being gay himself, and more or less rationalizes this away with some made up belief that homosexuality is “evolution’s way of experimenting with boundaries” or something along those lines, as if nature is a mad scientist, running experiments that are sinful according to the universal creator he apparently believes in. I suspect he is actually 90% troll. Trying to push him off as “ALt Left” is just stupid. The guy doesn’t even accept climate change to my knowledge.

    I disagree that “everyone loves him.” A few angry (some rightly, some not so much) white males love him. He is their Captain Ahab against PC culture. This is where he overlaps with Trump supporters and does have some good points. He alludes to his love of black penis in virtually every interview I’ve seen. TBH I love that he does this because I can see the racist elements of his fan base wincing as he describes his sexual exploits with minoririties. But aside from that, he’s just an ideological blowhard, a troll, or both.

  7. Ken

    He may not talk about race realism but hes definitely aware of it and probably believes it. I’ve heard him talk about IQ differences between men and women, claiming men have a wider distribution than women. He claims homosexuals have a higher IQ by a standard deviation, and those with a high IQ are more likely to be sexually experimental and engage in homosexuality. He referred to Australian aborigines as stupid.

    Given his IQ fetish, he’s probably a closeted race realist but he probably doesnt want to talk about it as it would alienate some of followers.

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