Rabbit, “A Proposal to Go Away”

From Rabbit’s site. Rabbit is upset because the Alt Left, which he helped found while creating the first Alt Left website, seems to have been taken over by entryists who are engaging in a hostile takeover of the movement and wringing out of it much of what Rabbit and even I for that matter had envisioned. Rabbit of course is into staunch White advocacy and is in fact a White nationalist. So the original Alt Left in Rabbit’s wing really was “the left wing of the Alt Right,” which is a motto I came up with which Rabbit has adopted. You’re welcome, Rabbit. Rabbit actually is the left wing of the Alt Right. He’s never fit in over there and never will because, well, he’s not very rightwing!

I’ve always said that the worst part of the Alt Right is that word in there that says “right.” See it? See that word? Well, that’s one of the most serious problems with the Alt Right right there. And if you want to know why Rabbit split off into an Alt Left or why I did the same, there’s your answer right there. Neither Rabbit nor especially I is rightwing on much of anything. Rabbit is apparently rightwing on race, but he’s not very rightwing on much of anything else. The Alt Right is a rightwing movement. They’re conservatives. Or reactionaries. Or fascists. And for those of us on the Left, no matter that we were on the fringes of the Alt Right for various reasons, that was the real dealkiller right there. The rightwing part. Because we’re just not very rightwing.

Even where we sympathize with the Alt Right, I feel that they go too far. Needless to say, they go too far on race. I am not down with White nationalism. They go way too far on Jews. I am not willing to deport all non-Whites and Jews from this country, much less kill the Jews as quite a few Alt Rightists actually want to do. These guys are literal actual Nazis. As a man of the Left, I am never going to get into bed with any Nazis, Strasserites or otherwise. Just forget it.

On men’s rights and anti-feminism, once again they take it way too far. Most MRA’s are complete idiots, basically the mirror image of the insane feminists that they hate so much. Rabbit and I are completely down with equity feminism as one of the great liberation movements of the 1960’s. The feminist-haters are lunatics who hate all feminism, even the drive for equal rights, want to take the vote away from women and even forbid women from working and make them stay at home and bake muffins and change diapers instead. That’s so reactionary I can’t put it into words.

Yes gender feminism sucks, but so does this insane reactionary anti-feminism. The MRA’s have some excellent issues, but they are mostly screeching nutcases raising havoc about imaginary issues just like…um…Western feminists? The misogyny in the MRA movement is disgusting to me. It’s as bad as the man-hating bitches in Gender Feminism. The Alt Right wants to bring back the nuclear Leave it to Beaver family and both Rabbit and I think that is stupid. “Let’s all go back and live in the 1950’s!” Come on.

Much as I hate the Cultural Left, I am one of its children.

Many of my friends never had children. My girlfriends have had lesbian sex with other women, even to the point of lesbian affairs, and have screwed 50-75 men including a number of 3-ways. Most of my girlfriends and friends have taken drugs and have been a part of the Drug Culture for a long time. We’re not against the existence of real biological gay people. Many of my friends have lived with the opposite sex out of wedlock and had abortions. Some have been single for many years. One male friend worked in the porn industry for a while. A female friend works as a stripper at times. We love rock and roll and rock and roll culture. I love the Counterculture, the Beats, the Hippies, the punks, the goths, and I don’t even mind hipsters, though that was a bit after my time.

The Alt Right hates all of those things.

The Alt Right hates modern art of all kinds and wants to go back to classical art. Rabbit and I are big fans of most all modern art genres. Rabbit in particular is into modern architecture, including space futurism and neon. We love modern movies made by (((you know who))), which the Alt Right hates and thinks is cultural degeneracy. 

And Rabbit and I are both very turned off by the anti-Left and anti-socialist nature of the Alt Right since both of us are economic Leftists. In short, there’s not much space for him over there, and there’s even less for me. Hence the Alt Left.

I don’t really mind all of these entryists, but I can see how Rabbit thinks it is a hostile takeover. That’s because…well…it is a hostile takeover. The entryists have taken the movement and deracinated it so to speak. Deracinated it even to the point of not even wanting to talk about such things, as in my case.

A Proposal To Go Away

Some entryist, “Lord Keynes,” who seems weirdly obsessed with Post-Keynesian economics, made a post on his blog called “Proposal for an Alt Left Political Program.”  In it he makes the claim that my wing “doesn’t even belong in the Alt Left.”

Group (1) doesn’t even belong on the Alt Left at all in my view: these people belong on the Alt Right. The only exception I would make is Robert Lindsay, who seems to have some pretty controversial opinions and is extremely hostile to Cultural Leftism but at least doesn’t seem motivated by Alt Right racial hatred or White Supremacism.

This is of course bizarre, considering I was here long before him and am one of the pioneers of the AltLeft. In fact I wrote my manifesto about a year ago, so if he read it and it didn’t suit him, he is free to make up a new name for whatever *new* movement he wants to be a part of.

I’ve got news for you, I’m not going anywhere. I own AltLeft.com so to the extent anyone uses and popularizes the term, they will inevitably be driving traffic to my site where it will forever be associated with my views he finds so offensive…muahahahahah!

Second, the nerve of this entryist to basically say, “well I guess Robert Lindsay should still be a part of it.” Hello dude, Robert Lindsay is one of the originals, and yeah he has “some pretty controversial opinions.” The AltLeft has always been about race realism and things like gender realism. That’s the whole fucking point. It was for people who had a lot of left wing views but who held opinions considered too taboo or “problematic” for the mainstream.

If you use the term “controversial opinions” unironically, you aren’t AltLeft or AltRight or alt anything as far as I’m concerned. You’re right in there with the dominant ethos of the PC left. There’s nothing alternative about you, and you’re just looking to latch onto something with some new energy for your esoteric pet economic project. Robert Lindsay has been involved in left race realism for a long time. Heck, I even remember reading Lindsay’s blog like 8 years ago when it was one of the only blogs that honestly dealt with the subject of race.

It’s true that I use the tag line “the left wing of the alt right.” I do this for a number of simple reasons:

1. Lindsay frequently used it to describe himself, and I thought it was catchy. I needed a new tagline for my site. It used to say “the other red pill,” but I’ll confess something…I have always hated the movie The Matrix. I never liked it and thought the film was terrible when it came out. I don’t like much of any Sci-Fi from after the 1970’s. I think it’s basically all garbage (with a few exceptions from the 80’s and early 90’s.) So basically I’ve never been much into the pill analogy and find it cringy but have occasionally used it anyway.

2. It doesn’t matter how many issues one is left wing on (I’m socially liberal, anti-traditionalist and practically a “space communist,”) if you engage in any kind of pro-White advocacy, race realism, or gender realism…then when you have any kind of debate, people will automatically say “Dude you’re not left wing, you’re Far Right.” So by calling it the “left wing of the alt-right” there’s at least a chance I can debate them without having to hear that obligatory tedious remark. Even people like Amazing Atheist (who is basically an egalitarian free speech activist) get called racist, Neo-Nazi, far right and so forth all the time.

3. I can’t really ever be anything but a fringe outside figure in the AltRight because I’m too socially liberal for them. They have their own orthodoxy, which is clear to me whenever I visit the comment sections or forums at many of their sites. I’m not religious and don’t have any similar cultural or personal interests (I can probably count on one hand the number of right wingers I’ve known that had a positive opinion of mid-century modern architecture, minimalist art, or lo-fi music.) I don’t like any of the things they like. The only thing I have in common with them is that I’m racist and don’t care, but on that *one* issue I’m willing to ally with them all the way. Also, even though I’ve tried to get away from the AltRight, some of the respected figures still claim me as their own and haven’t disavowed me.

The AltLeft at least on this site will continue to occupy the niche for people who are pro-White but don’t fit in with the prudes, Christian neoconfederates, GOP+, and are too culturally and socially liberal to feel completely at home at places like the Daily Stormer and VNN. I don’t really have any hate for those other groups but definitely some ideological differences. Yet at this point they are the only ones bothering to fight for the interests of white people. Almost everyone else is useless and just talks about PC double standards and complains about free speech being restricted. At least the people at The Right Stuff recognize we’ll have to actually be confrontational toward people that hate us, and sometimes that means getting nasty and being assholes. Simply asking for mercy and understanding isn’t going to work.

So like I said, I’m not going anywhere. If it bothers you that I’m associated with the Alternative Left, then you can find a new label to associate yourself with. Look up at the title of this site and the URL. That is the brand you are helping to build. So thank you for that.


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39 responses to “Rabbit, “A Proposal to Go Away”

  1. I really don’t see how the purchasing of the Alt-Left website gives one permission to dictate the policies of the movement.

    It’s like how Trump bought a Jeb Bush domain, does that mean he owns Jeb Bush? Or gets to set his ideology? No.
    It just means he gets to manipulate people coming to those sites, but in a “perfect world” or a “just world” that has no real significance.

    If traffic is first directed towards the White Nationalist Altleft.com, instead of say, here or Lord Keynes, that’s going to scare people away. It implies the deprival of citizenship to non-Whites ‘not true Americans’ which is repulsive to most who sympathize with the Alt-Left (lefties who agree with that, please step forward, to disprove my point).

    • Stalin Tonks

      Quit your fucking bitching. He coined the term which now is somewhat popular because of the alt right and now you want it for your faggy cuck kike bullshit. Just think of a new term ffs.

  2. ‘I have money to buy the website= I dictate ideology’?

    Leftist indeed.

  3. There is no reason that the Alt-Left should associate with someone who doesn’t resent the Daily Stormer or VNN.

    Sorry, not sorry.

    • Tulio

      If the Alt-left is a white identity movement, then clearly I want no part of it.

      • Yeah, unfortunately I agree.

        The problem is that “White Idenitity” always translates into (forgive my harsh/blunt language) “identity without niggers, beaners, chinks, sand niggers, and kikes”, never anything that actually revolves around “Pro-White things”.

        And, to go beyond that, to be a White Nationalist?
        That’s an ideology that can be inherently silly in that one things there race is best because they have confirmation bias surrounding it, because they are a member of such a race, hence why White Nationalists are almost invariably low IQ. It really perturbs me when a high-IQ person like Rabbit comes to identify with it.

        • Stalin Tonks

          Being pro White or WN means you want a white ethnostate in which case whites aren’t oppressing non-whites. Get your shit straight cuck.

        • It should be, but it’s not.

          How come it’s never “Look at all our great achievements”, it’s “N!gger rants”………

          Just like at (((Jennifer))) on here.

          WNs typically are not Nationalists but supremacists, I.E. wanting to deny Blacks Nationalism by ruling Africa (for better or for worse)

        • Tulio

          I also wonder what do all these white identity types actually do in their spare time? Are they sitting around a campfire reading the work’s of Plato? Are they discussing the life-like qualities Rembrandt paintings? Or are they just a bunch of rednecks stewing in hatred?

  4. It isn’t. But there’s a faction that is. At least one faction. Two, if you consider that I am White-identity, but I would disagree with you there.

  5. Alt left Oz

    For those of us who have followed the alt left for ages, these poseurs are just a distraction. They’ll move on. What keeps me (and other Aussies as well) coming back to you, Rabbit and even Robert Stark is the genuine intellectual difference you present to anything in the political mainstream.

    The me-too wannabes will wither and die because they lack any fresh ideas. You guys are synthesisers, they are recyclers.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Sami

    Where it comes to race, Rabbit is scarcely different from Jered Taylor. I find him to be a deplorable figure, and I am not hostile to genuinely-objective race realism.

    • The only thing Jew-Wed Taylor ever contributed to “genuinely-objective race realism” is having Rushton speak a few times.

      • Stalin Tonks

        AFAIK Taylor’s wife is not jewish. But even if she is, no one’s perfect.

        • meht barg

          If I had to make a forecats — a forecast I mean —, Taylor must be J-related somehow.
          For I otherwise don’t know how his approach to the J question could find explanation.

        • Stalin Tonks

          @Meht Barg

          The reason Taylor says jews are white is because that allows him to not have to talk about

          How jews are a race of parasites that undermine their host countries and have been kicked out of countries dozens of times (Germany 1930s unfortunately the last time)
          The Holyhoax
          Hitler and Nazis.

          Any time a white person says anything about white interests the first thing liberals do is talk about Hitler and all that bullshit. White people can’t organize politically because if they do the next thing you know they are killing six million jews and enslaving millions of Africans. I want my white ethnostate and there won’t be any jews to kill or Africans to enslave in it.

        • But she is!;

          Wife’s maiden name Rich + Swarthiness + His Kosher views= Jew Wed Taylor

        • meht-
          It’s a combination of multiple factors, one being his wife’s ancestry.

          Alex Jones’ Wife was Jewish, but he’s stilled stayed Kosher after they divorced; he’d be really seen as a fruitcake and loose support if he spoke about the Jews in such a way.

  7. meht barg


    your brief commendation of Communism (if they invented it they deserve a medal for that) sent a chill through me.

    Communism is the theoretically perfected destruction of whatever a sane mind can think of when it thinks of man.
    Did I say “destruction”? Let me amend that: annihilation.


    Once all of humanity has been laid waste to, the ground from which it could raise again is coated with salt.

    You know this very well; there’s no spark of communism or socialism in whichever post on this blog, at least in the last years.
    But… to substantially repudiate a faith of one’s old self comes as easier than to nominally abandon it.
    So you still, from time to time, speak of communism and socialism, while they are completely foreign to your mind (as is normal, given you are an adult and not an hate-driven one).

  8. Nebulous Maximus

    So the Alt Left has accumulated a small (((Facebook))) following. And of course, the moment a movement grows, some of the core ideas become watered down. And of course any kind of new intellectual discussion area is going to attract (((people))) like files to shit as evidenced by what I’ve observed in those aforementioned groups on FB. (((Lord Keynes))) may in fact be one of them. Not that there is anything wrong with that 😀

    • Careful……..you should be wary of this (((Blogger))) too.

      • Stalin Tonks


        If anyone here is a jew, it’s you you fucking kike.

      • Nebulous Maximus

        Yeah I’m half-kike myself.

        The point I was trying to make is the the second an intellectual discussion about anything happens, a bunch of Jews are eventually going to show up on the scene. It’s like bouncing a basketball around….you know who will show up in that scenario.

        • Well I think Jews certainly enrich “intellectual discussion”….

          when not shilling for their own interests, which happens a lot.

        • Nebulous Maximus

          The rich and connected Jews are certainly always shilling for their own interests. But your average nobody Jew often enjoys intellecting for intellecting’s sake. It’s certainly an enriching process when it’s something more constructive than self-indulgent sperging.

    • Yes one of the main Alt Left theorists now is (((Nicholas Kaldor))) who resides in the Zionist entity.

      I actually like this guy a lot though. When he hear him talk, it’s like he’s climbing around in my brain reading my thoughts. He thinks just like I do. Perhaps he is channeling my Inner Jew or something.

      He actually considers himself White (he is White – Hungarian Jew) and he strongly supports White European culture as the best culture. He also says that a lot of the stuff we like about White European culture came at least partly from (((his people))).

  9. Dear God these Reichers have cognitive dissonance.

    If you’re not a psychopathic Nazi, then you must be a Jew.

    In that case, it’s evident America is predominately Jewish.

  10. TRASH

    Anybody from the North of the Dixie line who does not have 3 kids by the time they are 25, graduates from college, does not haunt Sports Bars, is not a borderline alcoholic, has his name on his desk and not his shirt, does not fight Africans in public every time they call him a “cracker” is a “Jew”.

    It is another way of referring to a Yankee.

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