AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck Dubstep

This was at a BLM rally in St. Louis, Missouri this year. AIDS Skrillex is the guy with his hair behind his ears. People have said he’s a hypocrite for yelling at White males while being a White male, but some say that (((AIDS Skrillex))) sees himself as a non-White if you catch my drift. Or maybe he’s trans and I identifies as female. In that case, he would not be a hyprocite either.

Carl the Cuck is the scrawny looking dweeby guy who wearing glasses who is next to AIDS. He’s famous now too. So’s the girl with glasses, who I actually think is hot. But she doesn’t have a Net meme name yet. I heard they’re working on one though!

I wonder if these two guys realize that their lives are now Internet jokes?

This video cleverly takes some of Carl and AIDS’ greatest hits and puts them to dubstep music so you can dance to their sayings better.


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96 responses to “AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck Dubstep

  1. Jason Y

    White men deserve to be in chains,crawling, while thier white women are raped, especially southern white men particularly with beards 😆 I think we were clear about this long ago on this blog.

    Crawl you fucking white worm !!

    • Stalin Tonks

      Good. Now jerk off to your IR cuckold porn faggot.

      • Jonathan

        Suck jared taylors dick and slurp every bit of cum he unleashes inside your face after wiping it throughly while foaming at your mouth about blacks and other races, you tiny dicked shit eating redneck bastard

        • TRASH

          JONATHON I must ask what your nationality is?

        • TRASH

          It is better to blow a redneck than to blow a black thug though I would not necessarily love either choice.

          The first is more likely not to have AIDS.

        • Jonathan

          Trash, I am not Black and I am certainly not a faggot. Its those sick delusional wns that are closet faggots living unhappily with closet lesbian wives. those wussy bastards fling a lot a shit on to others which they consider a birthright. Someone needs to take them to task. Their cesspool of websites are nothing but these cocksucking faggots and lesbos having orgy throwing poop at each others faces. These diseased vermins try to invade every website to spread their filth and hatred

        • Stalin Tonks

          Jon sucks more black dick than Milo Y. does.

        • (((Jew-wed Taylor)))

          why does he have such a bizarre speaking style?
          Is it an attempt to appear ‘posh’?

        • I really fail to see what ShamRen contributes to anything, they literally just engage in rants about “Obama and Holder” and regurgitate Crime statistics while dancing around (((the question))).

      • Jason Y

        Rise up you fucking straight white male RISE UP !!!! while you lie in chains…. as the black FUCKS YOUR ASS and then YOUR WIFE


        • Jason Y

          Damn I wish I could say that on Facebook to all those douchebag “I’m a persecuted white man” pussies on there… But then they would defriend me and I couldn’t read thier comical stupid bullshit anymore for fun…

          I mean you gotta keep them loudmouth redneck cocksuckers around at least for clown purposes…

  2. Dubstep is arguably the worst music genre I’v heard in my life. Awful White music. What happen to our great White music?

    • Stalin Tonks

      I was under the impression that dubstep is nigger music. It isn’t? It’s hard to say which is worse, dubstep or rap.

      • With Dubstep, you don’t hear vocals mostly.With shithop, you hear Blacks talking and jiving. Dubstep is much faster. It has 130-145 BPM.(Beats per minute) Shithop has 80-100 BPM. Very slow,dull music, that hardly gets past mid tempo. Dubstep is predominantly made and listened to by Whites. Very few Blacks listen to Dubstep. Majority of rappers and producers are Black in Shithop.

        I find it amusing that Whites listen to Dubstep, which has a very fast rhythm and lots of Blacks listen to Rap music, which has a very slow rhythm. Black music was the fast music from 1960s-1980s, particularly during the disco/ funk era. A Black president and now Black music is slow. Times have changed.

        Both are nigger music to me.

    • TRASH

      It’s gone like grunge. When was the last time you heard a wonderful bass or acoustic riff in a song.

      A JEWEL or NIRVANA could never be famous in this day and age.

      • Stalin Tonks

        I don’t even listen to new music. I have about two thousand songs in my collection. Now and again I’ll add a few old tunes to my collection. I think Nirvana was the last band I liked and I didn’t even like them that much until years after Kurt died.

      • Lack of changes in chord progression and arrangement bugs me. Nothing more boring than listening to monotonous beat without instruments on a loop with a slow tempo.Stripped down music.

  3. meht barg

    I wonder if these two guys realize that their lives are now Internet jokes?

    And who, in our age of the smart, would back off from a chunk of visibility out of fear of ridicule?
    This is the age of the fearless, in some way…

  4. Stalin Tonks

    Apropos, Carl the Cuck is probably Jason Y in real life.

    • Jonathan

      Oh now we have alexander the great reincarnated here in roberts blog in the name of shit eating faggot Stalin Tonks.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Jon are you an alt of Jason Y or something? Go choke on a BBC you closet homo sissy cuck faggot.

        Robert, if you continue to let me abuse all these white liberal cuck faggots on your blog I’m going to send you a donation.

        • Jonathan

          Donation? hahahah you closet faggots dont even spend enough to your family. why dont you head over to daily stormer and fling your loose stool there or at jared taylors basement where you can slurp every drop of what he ejects, you silly minded scumfaggot. I am sure you will certainly feel at home in their latrine of a website.

        • Stalin Tonks

          No, I’m serious. I’ll send Robert a donation if he continues to let me abuse you liberal cuck faggots. This is one of the few places I can let loose on you flaming faggot homos and not get instabanned. I love it.

        • Happy to oblige.

          Which reminds me, it’s time for another donation drive.



        • I won’t ban you for what you are doing. The Comments Rules lets you guys go at it all you want. But your enemies can always vote to throw you off of here, so be aware of that.

        • (((I))) recruited (((Jonathan))) while at (((Temple))) last Friday.

    • Jason Y

      And for the final show of the evening, Mel Gibson’s head on a plate served with celery and some white wine.

      How’s that Mr. Passion of the Christ,,,,…???

      That’ll teach you for being a straight white Aryan male who dared challenge the Jewish faith…

      • TRASH

        Whooooahhh, Hyman the Coney Island vendor and his whole family from the lower East side will descend on Straight White Males.

        Jews are city people like blacks. They cannot survive or be self-sufficient in rural areas where straight white males live.

        They cannot even do anything to them in Noo Yawk City.

        Paranoia sometimes becomes a little ridiculous.

  5. TRASH

    The Good Old White Days are over as the NAM gentleman stated.

    Nobody wants to set foot in Chicago’s South Side or Detroit or Long Beach.

    If you are a “white male” who was foolish enough not to maximize your IQ potential and found yourself unable to move from a NAM neighborhood you have the fortune to experience life after the Good Old White Days.

    • Yeah, I live in the Diversity myself here. This town’s only 29% White anymore. Living in the Diversity is not that bad. As long as you can sort of speak Spanish and you like tacos, it’s pretty much all good.

      • TRASH

        Many Mexicans are basically like Italians though, aren’t they.

        Sure, if you move to New Jersey with the intent of breaking into organized crime you’ll probably be in a war but as long as you mind your own business and do not call anyone a “dago” you alright.

  6. TRASH

    NAMS reproduce in great numbers but their employment rate and salary level reduce the overall GDP to sweet nothing so numbers only guarantee an India or Philippines of overpopulation.

    Six children per family? Lovely.

    • Jason Y

      People blame IQ, but isn’t it the Catholic church which insists all reproduction must produce children. You cannot have recreational sex and/or use birth control. Only some sort of wierd natural family planning is allowed. I think. Someone could correct me.

  7. TRASH

    There are always more people from the poor and less intelligent which is why we have elitism in the first place.

    A lovely majority: unemployed, unskilled, violent, unintelligent, criminally-inclined.

    The country becomes a flyblown horror of unemployment, crony capitalism, bureaucrat corruption.

    Fun fun fun.

  8. Nebulous Maximus

    AIDS Skrillex, Carl the Cuck and (((Triggly Puff))) have become the faces of the Cultural Left in the currentyear.

  9. Jason Y

    On a more serious note, this cuck guy, and it’s not me, lol,… is a bit of an extremist. So OK he’s a diversity douchebag… Well, that’s an extremist for you. The other side’s extremists, like say the Facebook “persecuted white man” is just as comical and annoying…

    It seems most people are more “middle of the road” on this stuff..

    You know look at the white FB poster who whines about guns 24/7. Look at the black extremists who brings up these melodramatic pictures of lynchings on a regular basis. Look at the Amerindian extremists who won’t stop yapping his mouth about how he’s an Indian and he’s proud, and also bringing up white injustice 24/7 like the black extremists…

    OK so all these people are nutjobs. They don’t represent most liberals, conservatives, blacks, amerindians, etc….. Most of those people are just regular people who are not so “concerned about stuff.”

    • Jason Y

      Someone like Stalin-Tonks or say EP-GAH, actually believe that most people of a certain ethnic group are extremists when they’re not. Even most liberals are not extremists, only the fringe groups.

      Most people are just concrened with the day to day life, and live life with a sense of humor etc.. They’re not really that uptight about certain philosophies.

      Case in point, this black lady who on Facebook, posts all this melodramatic crap about blacks, and also this Amerindian lady who posts melodramatic Indian stuff.. OK, well note these people are in communities of blacks, and amerindians, respectively. They used to live in a white area, and I bet if they did now they wouldn’t be so bold with their opinions… Who wants to bet ???

      Same with the proud white man, who is only proud and loud</.b> because he’s living in an all redneck zip code where nobody will really challenge his views, other than maybe lightly claiming he’s sort of a wacko or nutjob….

      • TRASH

        What can most Amerindians or rural Anglo whites do? Likewise, Hyman the Hotdog vendor from Coney Island does not have to the money to drive 500 miles into Dixie to fight rednecks.

        • Jason Y

          and note the rednecks are a minority, even in redneck-land. They’re the blow-hards, saying blah blah blah on Facebook, just as you have the black, amerindian, Asian, PC overkill liberal, blow-hards….

          Hey, blow me…. 😆

        • Jason Y

          Again the typical Cornell West black activist lives in an area thousands of miles away from rednecks, and the white blow-hard Facebook poster lives thousands of miles away from blacks who would stomp his ass etc… It’s all a game of cowards..

      • TRASH

        Amerindian people cannot really go to New York and do much about anything.

  10. TRASH

    Most of these whites are young, unemployed and have nothing better to do than spend their time showing up to NAM protests.

    In the 1990’s when the economy was better none of these Whites or Asian Americans would be bothered to walk around with NAMS shouting over the death of some thug by police. They would not care.

    These whites can no longer work in record stores or data entry so they have nothing to do but show up for protests.

    • Jason Y

      Normally the extremists, whether NAM or white, are simply as you said, the losers of the group. They don’t have anything going on with their life, so they protest on Facebook etc..

      However, note as I said above in another comment, they’re a bit wimpy cause they’re only bold because they’re almost always in areas surrounded by their own ethnic group.

      I can actually prove this is true, as two FB posters I know once lived in all white area, but now live among their own kind, and hence now they’ve turned into massive blow-hards… etc…

      • Jason Y

        Or correct me, some of the protesters are white liberals, almost always in areas surrounded by white liberals. They, as you said, have nothing meaningful to do but protest.. etc…

        Again I know another person, a white liberal, who yaps her mouth on Facebook, but she lives in an area where she is surrounded by liberals, unlike my area which is Bible Belt central…

        • TRASH

          They’ve been around since Shaggy Doo but in days gone by they had some sort of job and less time on their hands.

          These days with the job market so awful and college so expensive being a perpetual student is no longer possible.

      • TRASH

        In the 1990’s when McJobs still existed for “slackers” these folks would work in data entry jobs or record stores, hang around student unions drinking endless refills and smoke weed at night in off-campus housing.

        College is too expensive to be a perpetual student anymore as slackers did in the 90’s and there is no McJob market to drift into.

        NUTHIN to do but protest.

  11. Guy from Montréal

    Hey Robert it’s about time you got know these SJW super stars! Such great entertainment they provide! Apparently Aids Skrillex is also a God damn brony!

  12. Jason Y


      • What is a female Cuck called?

        I mean, it’s not effective to call Hillary Clinton a “cuck” is it?
        A cuckess?

        If she aided her husband sleeping with Jew broads I suppose that’s close enough.

        • Jason Y

          All of those people kiss the ass of the Jews, NAMS, and big business. Of course they’re cucks. Wasn’t it PJ O Rourke who had a book called Parliament of Whores ?

        • Jason Y

          Isn’t it Bill the cuck who gets enjoyment fucking other women while Hillary watches helplessly ?

        • No, Bill would be the opposite of a cuck in that case iiuc.

        • Bernardista

          A cuckTress sounds better IMOH.

        • Jason Y

          OK. I get it. Anyone who doesn’t conform to WN ideology and all it’s hateful and idiotic substance is a pussy and/or cuck Uncle Tom sellout to NAMS etc.. But then why would anyone want to conform to some blowhard alt-right wannabe Facebook poster? Does that life sound appealing to anyone? I think I’d rather be strung out on heroin.

        • LOL they are called cuckqueens. I am serious. Go on the Tumblr porn blogs and see for yourself. It’s an actual sexual lifestyle/perversionstyle or whatever that I bet the Cultural Left is trying to make into the next groovy thing. What does a cuckqueen do? Exactly the same weird sexual stuff that a cuck does except she’s a woman. Use your imagination, or if you can’t, I will fill you in the details.

        • Isn’t it Bill the cuck who gets enjoyment fucking other women while Hillary watches helplessly?

          Nope. That would make HER a CUCKQUEEN. He’s just playing the role of cucker or whatever. There’s no real name for the cucker. And if you want to know what a cuckqueen is, you just described it perfectly, all the way down to even self-denial and cleanup at the end in some cases.

          I can get even more gross and perverted if you want, but most of you are moral paragons, so I will respect your sensibilities.

        • So I mean, back to basics, a Cuck is a non-Black man who gets pleasure seeing his wife sleep with Black men?

  13. Jason Y – The word cuck is all over the place. So THIS is where you guys are getting this cuck talk from…

  14. There are, believe it or not, a lot of people who ONLY have a problem with Blacks, more than that of people having a problem with any other specific race.

    If you defend these other races, you’re still a cuck, yet you hate Blacks.
    Does anybody honestly believe the Mainstream right, actually likes Blacks?

  15. Jason Y

    OK so cuck is basically the WN insult of “Uncle Tom” supposedly directed toward whites who they believe have no pride and kiss the ass of NAMS, especially blacks.

    But why should someone care about such an insult if they are a proud liberal? Only people wanting to fit in and be a part of the redneck club would be insulted by such words.

    So probably someone like Phil is seen as a cuck by blacks, someone who despises his own tribe.

  16. Jason Y

    Of course one would really be justifiably threatened by NAMS only if they lived in an area full of them, and most of these WNs do not.

    In that case, yes, some sellout faggot wouldn’t be very popular among whites, just like someone at a POW camp who gives info to the enemy for an “easier time” would not.

    However, most WNs are not in a war zone, or POW camp where they are humilated and beaten on a daily basis. Also white liberals are not being persecuted by NAMS, so they’re not cowards when they follow a tolerant loving way of life.

  17. TRASH

    NAMS can tolerate cucks: they buy their drugs, behave like useful idiots and are happy to provide white females for their enjoyment.

    • Jason Y

      Trash is falling for the same thing the WNs are falling for. He’s saying ALL NAMS are NAM extremists. That’s like saying all southern whites are dipshits who post “presecuted white man” crap on Facebook all day.

      Trash and the NAMS assume ALL NAMS are at war with ALL white people. Hence any so called cuck, or white uncle Tom, so to speak, is a useful idiot, traitor, wussy, who helps out the NAM cause.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry meant to say “Trash and the WNs assume ALL NAMS are at war with ALL white people.

        • TRASH

          NAMS are incapable of waging war in the suburbs or rural areas where more and more whites will end up.

          They lack the capacity for mounted organized logistical campaigns in a snowy Wisconsin winter.

          Supply chains of weapons and food and medicine to support Bloods and Crips in a long-term occupation…oh please.

          Latinos are half-European or even fully Spanish have failed to suppress rural Indian insurgency in Central America. They’d do no better in the rural America where whites live.

        • TRASH

          JASON Y Mounting a “war” against whites would be impossible. NAMS are incapable of maintaining supply chain logistical operations from the urban ghettos or barrios to the rural areas or even outer suburbs.

          They cannot make their own petrol or grow their own food on hard concrete or even manufacture weapons.

          Tyrone the Bone and Vasquezio Con Diaz are going to pack up their Caddies and Low-riders with enough K-rations and ammo to last an entire winter in a war with whites?

          Impossible. Inner-cities will continue to revert to Banana Republics of looting and violence but after a week or two weeks nothing is left to burn or steal and no power or electricity leaves them in the stone age.

        • Jason Y

          OK, if NAMS cannot wage real war against whites, then why the hate against NAMS, as though they are at war ?

        • Wait TRASH so if the Mestizos failed to suppress the Amerindians wouldn’t that be the opposite of what you are saying?

          I.E. IQ is isn’t everything and the NAMs can hold their own?

  18. Jason Y

    OK. back to the main subject. The focus of this post “cuck dubstep”, as said before, does NOT represent all liberals. He’s a fringe lunatic, much the way David Duke doesn’t represent all whites, or Cornell West or Spike Lee doesn’t represent all blacks.

    Anyone care to debate..?

    No shit, these guys are easy to make fun of. They’re full of melodrama.

    Like the black fringe crazy poster I know, who posts pictures of lynching on a daily basis on her page. Not saying lynching was good, but come on, is Facebook the place for it? Plus it alienates whites who feel blacks are just as racist and feel like thier ancestors didn’t lynch or enslave blacks…

    The fringe morons do their respective causes much MORE HARM than good. Probably they do destroy thier group by 50 percent or more.

    • Jason Y

      Has anyone seen the comedy movie PCU (Politically Correct University)? Basically this dubstep guy would be one of the campus activists. Obviously, a nutjob, wacko, and an easy target for a South Park episode or Mad Magazine.

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