Why Do Many Straight White Guys Seem or Sound Homosexual?

My answer to this question on Quora:

Forget all the nutty SJW Gay Politics types answering here. One of the big lies of Gay Identity Politics is that gay men don’t act any differently from straight men. Anyone with a brain knows that this is of course not true. Macho or hypermasculine gay men are as rare as hen’s teeth. Masc gay men are just not common.

The controversy over Reddit Gaybros makes this quite clear. Gaybros is a Reddit site for masculine gay men. One of the constant refrains heard from Gaybros is that they are alienated from normative gay culture, where this is not much of a place for masc men, and they are few in number anyway.

The response of the gay community towards Gaybros has been vicious. They have been accused of attacking effeminate gay men, of thinking they are better than effeminate gay men, etc. I read an article by a gay writer on Gaybros, and one thing it made clear was how uncommon masc gay men are in the culture.

They are outsiders.

Now the PC types on Quora are going to tell you the typical Gay Politics line – some gay men are masculine, some are feminine, some are in between. It’s a half truth at best. Yes, it is technically true, but it is sophistry, as feminine and effeminate gay men overwhelmingly outnumber masc gay men.

So…yes! You have touched on what everyone knows deep down inside: that gay men are far more likely to be feminine and especially effeminate than straight men. Yes, some straight men are feminine – soft, sensitive, pretty, quiet – and we always get accused of being gay. But the number of actually effeminate straight men – effeminate meaning a man who actually acts like a woman – is quite small. I would be surprised if it is 1%.

On the other hand, a vast number of gay men are effeminate. It may be as high as 70–75%. Many of the rest are “feminine” rather than effeminate. Straight acting gay men are not common, and masc gay men are like four leaf clovers.

So, sure there is a stereotypical behavioral set for gay men that includes some pretty effeminate behavior from voice to mannerisms.

Now you ask why so many of us straight White men “act gay.” Well, first of all, we don’t act gay. Truly effeminate straight White men are few and far between. I almost never meet one. But many straight White men are quiet, soft, pretty, sensitive and just aren’t very macho. We might say that they have a strong feminine side. I would say that homophobia is a lot less prominent among straight White men.

It’s nothing like the wild paranoia you see in Hispanic, Asian and even Black communities. This extends to women. Hispanic women want macho guys. Black women want very masculine men. It is only White women who are more relaxed about men such that they do not necessarily demand a macho man for a lover.

So there you have it. A lot of us White men, me included, simply have strong feminine sides. We are not afraid of these parts of ourselves, and in fact we are quite happy with them. A lot of us (like me) also have a strong masculine side going at the same time, which mostly just confuses people. Basically, straight White culture gives you a lot more leeway behavior-wise that you can get away with and still be considered straight and not have to worry about people screaming faggot at you when you walk out the door.

Black and Hispanic men are profoundly homophobic. I mean off the charts wildly paranoid homophobic. I don’t really mind in a way since I live in an Hispanic neighborhood, as I am convinced that levels of homosexual behavior are much lower in the Hispanic community as a result, although it must be difficult to be a biologically homosexual Hispanic gay man.

Most all East Asian men are quite homophobic with the possible exception of Thai men. Most Asian men are actually quite macho and hypermasculine, and there are strict gender role reasons for this.


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32 responses to “Why Do Many Straight White Guys Seem or Sound Homosexual?

  1. Jason Y

    Honestly speaking, a lot of masculine behavior, and you see it mostly among men or all races, except maybe a few non-whites and a substantial amount of modern white men, is incredibly destructive to health.

    Drinking, smoking, all those past-times lead men into a very poor quality of life and later early death. Actually, in a lot of third world nations, especially in southeast Asia, the men just fall over sick or dead to diabetes, and all other sort of ailments, so the women just take over and do all the work, cause the men have become invalid

    Finally, hyper-masculine behavior is self-defeating as a lot of it eventually lowers your sex drive, and that’s the worst thing a man wants.

  2. Jason Y

    I met a feminine Korean guy I befriended. He was my neighbor (don’t worry nothing went on…) But he was into all this cosmetic stuff like cleaning his face and he just overall had a soft personality. Basically he made me look like Clint Eastwood, and I’m the kind of guy seen as a pussy back home. 😆

    Yes, he was just a real pretty boy to the extreme, and I just seemed really masculine compared to him, not that I got off on it.

    But hey man, people are different, I don’t think he should change. People come in all types.

  3. Lon Spector

    The Marxist, Athetist, Satanic plot to turn white guys into wussys has
    suceeded. That’s why white women are flocking to non white men
    and refugee terrorists. The bedazzled white woman will pack the
    terrorist’s lunch for him when he goes off on his mission.
    Think the words SA-TAN! SA-TAN! SA-TAN!

    • TRASH

      The fact that more people want to see a film with Sylvester Stallone or Van Demme than Ethan Hawke probably demonstrates what women are actually attracted to.

  4. Tulio

    I wouldn’t at all say that Asian men on the whole are hypermasculine. Many S. Korean men these days are now wearing makeup and are obssessed with their looks like women. Japanese men are becoming uninterested in sex and withdrawing into porn and video games. Not sure about Chinese men. Mongolian men I hear are rather masculine. N. Korean men I’m sure are masculine. Attitudes toward homosexuality is quite lax in SE Asia. Though maybe much less so in the Muslim areas like Indonesia.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly some of them are rebelling against gender roles to be different. I mean, let’s face it; they all look the same. In that case, who can blame them for wanting some Rod Stewart soccer/pretty boy look?

    • Jason Y

      The Catholics and many protestants claim porn makes men effeminate. Is there any logic to this thinking, or is it just propoganda? Also, why would men withdraw into porn, unless they were the unattractive and/or shy type? If you can get the women, then what man, anywhere in the world, wouldn’t go for it?

      • AnnyMinnye12

        Are you a black guy, Jason Y?

        From your English, I surmise so. Of course my surmising is racist. Yet if you are black, this will be a case of not only a person but reality also being, or risking to seem to be, racist.

        • Jason is a Black man from Tennessee. He doesn’t really care about racism. He usually thinks it is funny. For instance, we call him “Nig” and “Jason the Nig” and he thinks that’s pretty funny. Jason is a good guy, sort of the “Happy Negro” stereotype, you know?

        • Tulio

          Jason is black? All this time I thought he was a poor, white guy in Appalachia.

        • Jason is black?

          Of course not.

          All this time I thought he was a poor, white guy in Appalachia.

          This is exactly what he is. I just like to play with him by calling him Black, Jewish, whatever. Jason’s like my boytoy. (No homo.)

      • TRASH

        Quite the opposite: the average porn consumer is like Max Hardcore. An anti-social, politically incorrect pig.

        He is not a Metrosexual.

      • TRASH

        Porn itself has a gay streak: two penis rubbing against one another inside the anus of a woman or five men jerking off on a woman next to one another.

    • AnnyMinnye12

      Mongoloids (you can’t speak of “Asian men” so generically: that would include the Chinese and the Australasian, for example, which is ludicrous to put together) have low testosterone. Lower than Whites, who have less of it than Hispanics, whose T is < blacks (and there’s is a predictable T gap between black Americans and Africans).

      Masculine gay men are outsiders within the gay world. Outside it, they are over-represented by the heterosexuals who, in their intentions, want to sell an attractive image of homosexuality.

      Homosexual men have higher IQs than heterosexuals. For obvious reasons, they are more sensitive on average: therefore, if they are percent-wise over-represented in all IQ-loaded fields, which they are, the tendency is wider in the arts.

      We remember a very humble gay pianist (even a little humbler than his ethnic attributes would have one expect, admittedly), Mr. Horowitz, say jokingly (jokingly?) that There are three kinds of pianists: gays, Jews, and bad ones.

      All what you say here, Lindsay, is true of lesbians too. They have higher average IQ, higher testosterone, and higher aggression. In fact — proving the point you make in this post once further — they break the law not only more than heterosexual females but more than homosexual males (who break the law less than heterosexual males, unsurprisingly).

      • Jason Y

        T goes down with age unless pumped up with zinc, eggs, working out, jogging, or viagra. That’s true no matter the ethnic background.

      • TRASH

        The average bellowing dyke in a cut-off vest who behaves like a truck driver is probably no more intelligent than any straight woman.

      • TRASH

        Butch dykes in their flannel shirts and unwashed short hair do not have higher IQ’s than straight women.

        Many open Lesbian couples live on the fringes of society in fact. When you hear of two women on killing spree like Aileen Wuornos or in a gang most of the time they turn out to be lesbian lovers as well.

        Higher testosterone? Sure I’d believe that because clearly many dykes look like some genetic accident of women who should have been male and were born gay.

        • Aileen Wuornos

          Lewis Gratz Fell didnt kill no-one. It was always me, every single time.

          Those men got what they deserved, and that’s life.

      • TRASH

        The most famous pianists were neither gay nor Jewish. Liberace, Phil Collins, the DOORS keyboardist.

        Elton John is obviously a flamer but he is the only one I can think of.

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  6. I personally think it’s because of the addition to BPA into plastics. BPA is an estrogen mimicker and exposure to BPA, especially in vitro (https://notpoliticallycorrect.me/2016/05/19/science-daily-moms-exposure-to-bpa-during-pregnancy-can-put-her-baby-on-course-to-obesity/) can be a causal factor for obesity (obesity is a hormonal, not caloric disorder). So since BPA increases estrogen in the body through it’s mimicking of estrogen, in my opinion, this may be a causal factor for this.

    Not to mention that, as noted in my article above, blacks drink more bottled water compared to whites and, what do you know? Blacks are more likely to be homosexual.


  7. Kd lang

    I once knew a man who was overly masculine. It seemed he could not relate to women at all. He had pretty old school views on what a woman’s job is in a family.

    He rarely displayed any rational emotion, and was not affectionate or loving.

    I feel he was either possessed or he was probably isn’t straight.

    Am I right?

    A real man can be real with his feelings right? It takes strength to be vulnerable. So I just figure he’s gay.

  8. Home Simpson

    If it is so that asian women love macho men, please explain then why so many of them are so wild about white men, if it is so that white males aren’t supposed to be that macho. I find this perplexing seeing that asian males aren’t all that strong to begin with, especially most so with east asians. When was the last time you’ve ever heard of an east asian NFL football player or a hockey player. That doesn’t strike me as being real macho, doesn’t it.

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