Is Dr Ben Carson Right When He Says a Lot of Men Go into Prison Straight but Come out Gay?

My answer to this question on Quora:

No, endless studies done over many years have shown that it is impossible to turn truly gay men straight. Not only that, but after age 15, men cannot even be moved on the sexual orientation scale. So you can’t even turn a 10-90 gay man into a 20-80 gay man (first number is heterosexual response as a percentage of maximum and second number is maximum).

Obviously if gay men cannot be turned straight, then the opposite is also true. If it works one way, it must work the other way. If gay men can’t turn straight, straight men can’t turn gay. This has been a lot harder to test out because men hardly ever show up in sex clinics wanting to turn from straight to gay. However, there is at least one case in the literature of a straight male college student who desperately wanted to turn gay but nothing was working, so he showed up for therapy. What is not known is if male sexual orientation can be changed before age 15. This would require studies on the sexuality of children, which as you can imagine might be pretty problematic. But science seems pretty clear now that male sexual orientation is fixed at least by age 15.

Anecdotally, reports say that straight men who go into prison and have gay sex in prison abandon gay sex when they leave prison and go back to a straight lifestyle.


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7 responses to “Is Dr Ben Carson Right When He Says a Lot of Men Go into Prison Straight but Come out Gay?

  1. Jason Y

    It depends on what man your fucking. The dick will surprise you. Left with no options, it wants a hole of some sort, and assuming the other man isn’t too masculine, a straight man might be willing to experiment.

    Also, honestly some women don’t look much different than men, so in a prison it might be easy to imagine a man, especially a chubby large man with little body hair as being a woman.

  2. Can you link to those “studies”?

    Based on stories I hear from a guy I know that was a Prison guard in D.C. in the 1980s (the Chicago of that day), Ben Carson is 1000% right, a lot for the reason what Jason says that a lot of those drag queens are good enough for these ghetto mofos.

  3. Jason Y

    I cannot see how getting a dick stuck up your ass can be pleasurable for a male or female. From what I heard tell, it feels like a knife.

  4. Robert yea he is.

    Here’s a link on the prevalence of black men and homosexuality in prison. Along with knowing that blacks are more likely to be gay, we can infer that some may come out of prison gay if they went in straight.

    Robert, do you believe that homosexuality is genetic, or that certain environments may or may not express certain alleles for homosexuality?

    • Sexual orientation is fixed in the male by age 15 and cannot be changed after that. That’s proven by science. Science has endlessly proven that gay men cannot be turned straight, at least not after age 15. Obviously if gay men cannot turn straight then straight men cannot turn gay. You guys are making at argument that gay men cannot turn straight but somehow straight men can turn gay. Would you like to justify that somehow?

      MEN CAN’T TURN GAY. If men can’t turn gay, then no one can go into prison straight and come out gay. Think about it.

  5. RockT

    Supposedly, more men are sexually abused in prison than women outside of prison every year.

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