PUA/Game: Young Women and Middle Aged Men: Some Misconceptions

Jason Y: I don’t think a guy Robert’s age or even my age (middle age) is going to meet an 18 year old girl except at a go go bar, but boy you will meet them there alright,😆 but you cannot take them home.

Actually that is not true, as a 17 year old girl trying to seduce me last year, and it got so tempting that I had to cut it off with her because I was seriously worried I was going to cave. She was relentless! I was 58 years old!

But as a middle aged man who likes young women, I would say though that at my age, it does seem like it is very, very hard to get an 18 year old girl or even a woman in her 20’s for that matter. I see women aged 18-30 all the time around here, and most of them act like, “Get the fuck away from me, creep!” For the most part, I can’t even talk to them. If I try to talk to them at all, even if they are behind a counter, and I am buying something, they shut the conversation down just like that! For the most part, they are cold.

There are a few women in their 20’s who seem to like me, but most of them, just forget it. I think most of them don’t want men our age, but there is a certain quite small group that is seriously hot for middle aged men. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just that this is a small percentage of women that age, and most of them are not like that.

I know a few guys in their 50’s who were able to consistently grab 18-29 year old women, but it seemed like in most cases, they were the “best of the best.” That is, they still were very good-looking for their age, and in fact, I would say they were in the top ~20% for men their age, and they had the most Killer Game you could possibly imagine.

I talked to that 17 year old girl above about this, and I had the same conversation with a couple of other women in their 20’s that I got involved with. The teenage girl and the young women both told me that the good-looking females their age were not really into middle aged men except for a few of them. They all said the same thing: “When it comes to older men, we only want the best. We want the best of the best, and we can get them merely because we are young.” They said they were not interested in 80-90% of middle-aged men who they thought were too old or not attractive.

They only wanted the top 10-20% of the men Looks or Game-wise (probably both) in any age bracket. When I asked them what they went after in middle aged men, I was surprised that they did not say Money, Status or Power. Most said that they went after Looks, but even more more important than anything else was Killer Game. Generally it was a combination of Looks and Game. So it was Game first, and then Looks not far behind. They told me, “A few middle aged men are sexy as Hell. And some are still quite good-looking for their age. These are the only ones we want. The rest are duds.”

A middle aged man with great Game and zero Looks attracts zero young females. A middle aged man with great Looks and zero Game is just not that interesting and attracts zero young females. He’s boring.

Despite the fact that Looks + Game was a necessity, the men they went after often had some sort of Status or even Fame. The men didn’t necessarily need money at all; in fact, these females told me that a lot of times, these men hardly had a nickel. But they often had some sort of Status in one way or another. Maybe they had written a book. Maybe they played in a rock band. Maybe they had traveled the world. Maybe they had run their own businesses. Maybe they had met famous people. And it was not uncommon that these men had obtained some sort of Fame, if only of the most minor sort.

The fact that they are skimming off the top 20% of middle aged men in any age bracket means that they are targeting the Alphas. In other words, teenage girls and women in their 20’s do go after middle aged men at times, but they preferentially select the Alphas. They skim the 10-20% Alphas off the top of middle aged men and forget about the other 80-90%, who are apparently duds. They also told me that they were able to snag the Alphas pretty easily simply because of their youth. Because what middle aged Alpha doesn’t want a hot 18-30 year old woman? If she looks halfway decent, he will preferentially select her merely for her age alone and for no other reason.

This actually makes sense. As I have related, I had sex with teenage girls in my teens of course, and then I continued to do so until age 21 when I quit due to fear of jail. This was in the 1970’s, and things were completely different back then. And no one much cared about 14-17 year old girls with 18-21 year old men, 15-17 year old girls with 18-29 year old men, or even 17 year old girls with men all the way up to age 40.

At some point, you would be pushing things too far, and it was just too much though.

I remember reading an article in the local paper about a 53 year old man who had been busted for screwing several 15 year old girls. They were neighborhood girls who lived nearby, and they came over to this place. He would give them drugs – pot and cocaine – and they would give him sex. I am not sure if it was a drugs for sex thing, but that sort of arrangement is pretty common even with women, not just girls.

There is some sort of a trade-off happening there, whether the females are actually trading their bodies for sex or whether something else is going on is hard to figure. Heterosexual sex is usually some sort of a transaction anyway. Each side seems to be trading something away and getting something in return. That’s just the way it works out.

The man was busted for the charge of “statutory rape” and received a 3-year sentence. This sort of a thing was a joke back in those days. I remember my parents laughing when they read about these men. They weren’t considered “pedophiles” at all, in fact, no one would ever call a man a pedophile for going after a teenage girl. That was simply unheard of.

The word used was “statutory.” It was called statutory rape and was the subject of a lot of jokes and snickering comments. Men who went down on statutory rape were not considered evil or perverts or scum or anything like that. Instead it was thought that these men were facing a severe temptation that they had simply been too weak to resist, and they had caved in. The general feeling was that these men were sort of stupid, had exercised poor judgment, should have been stronger and not so weak, and “should have known better.”

Anyway, back in the 1970’s, I ran into many cases of underage teenage girls going for men aged 18-40. But I would like to point out that most guys my age did not do this at all. It was only a select few, and they had certain characteristics. In a word, most of them were what you might call the Alphas. They not only went after the JB’s but they also completely cleaned up with women in their age bracket (18-23) – often hotties – and some of them were even grabbing older women. The older women were sometimes married, and they generally looked pretty hot. They ranged in age from 27-38. They were cleaning up with the women and the girls both.

So just as Oscar Wilde said, “Women always want the best,” apparently that’s also true for teenage girls and women in their 20’s going after middle aged men. And it looks like we see the 80-20 rule once again. Of those teenage girls and women in their 20’s chasing middle aged men, 80% of these young females are chasing only 20% of the middle aged men, if that. 80-20 all over again. It might even be 10% because there are so few desirable men in that category. Maybe it’s even 80-10! Those poor incels, they can’t win for losing. It’s as if the whole game is rigged from the start.

The feminist/SJW Lie: First of all, I do not think that men should chase underage teenage girls. But the feminists and SJW’s over at Reddit Blue Pill and We Hunted the Mammoth say continuously that older men who go after teenage girls are losers who can’t get a woman their own age because they are so lame they can’t get laid with God’s help. Women their age are disgusted with them as they are totally Omega and undesirable, so these total losers go for the easy pickings, which is teenage girls.

However, my experience has shown me that this is not true at all. An older man who is so Omega and has such poor Game that he can’t attract a woman his own age to save his life is not going to be able to go after the “easy pickings” – the teenage girls. Because they simply are not easy pickings who go for any older man – Alphas, Betas and even Omegas – not caring as long as he is older.

And if anything, teenage girls are even more selective and preferential about men than women in their 20’s. Yes, women in their 20’s tend to go for the Alphas, but the truth is that a lot of them end up having sex with Betas quite a bit, and it’s not uncommon for them to even bed an Omega. Women in their 20’s are less selective than teenage girls!

And with women in their 30’s, the selectivity declines even more as they jump off the Alpha Carousel and start looking for a Beta to settle down with and have kids and a family.

Women in their 40’s are dealing with declining looks and a seriously diminishing pool of middle aged men, many of whom are already burning out into overweight, obesity, poor health, mental illness, alcoholism or addiction, chronic disease, massive baggage, jail and prison records, sketch job histories, seriously declining looks, or even embarrassing poverty.

Women in their 40’s often complain that there are no good men and that the pool of decent men their age is very small compared to the number of women chasing them. The Three S’s: Straight, Sane and Solvent, is supposedly all these women ask for, and while it’s easy to find middle aged men with at least one S, it’s not easy at all to find men with all three. At least one of those S’s is often missing. So women in their 40’s are less selective still!

Moving on into the 50’s, most women’s looks have so badly crashed that many of them look to me like wild animals who escaped from the zoo. I would date them except that I find bestiality immoral. That sounds sexist and evil, but I have told this to women in their 50’s who still had their looks, and they told me it was the same with men their age, and that most men in their 50’s looked like complete crap with trainwrecked looks. And they all laughed and said most men in their 50’s also look like wild animals.

Further, with men in their 50’s, we are dealing with some serious potency issues. Figures are hard to come by, but quite a few men in their 50’s have problems with erections. Actually I wold say they all do sooner or later in the decade, but that’s just an opinion. I have had women in their 40’s chat me up, and within the first hour drop the bombshell, “Sooooooooo, are you impotent?” as if it would be perfectly normal if I said yes. I could not believe that they would ask me that so quickly, but I suppose it’s a pretty serious issue with women dating men in their 50’s.

So the feminists and SJW’s are wrong again. Teenage girls are not easy pickings for men because most teenage girls only want Alphas. If you can’t get a woman your own age, the Hell if you can get a teenage girl. That would be even harder! And females seem to get progressively less and less selective as they age. The younger the female is, the more she preferentially selects for “Alpha” types. Hence you hear about women in their 20’s becoming part of the harems of Alphas or “riding the Alpha Cock Carousel” as the saying goes.

By the time they are in their 30’s, some say women are “post-Wall.” That means they hit a Looks Wall at age 30 where their looks start to go down rapidly after that.

I don’t agree with that, but then I even find women in their 50’s attractive nowadays because I have had to adjust my standards in order to discover the beauty and charms of older women. It was not that hard to do. I just told myself that I was going to try to find women that age attractive and started to look for attractive things about them and learn to be attracted to them, and after a while, I did. But I already sort of liked them anyway. Anyway, in their 30’s, women are even less selective.

The feminists have got it all wrong. Teenage girls and women in their 20’s are not easy pickings. At least the hot ones aren’t. They’re actually the hardest ones of all to get! And as women slowly age, it becomes easier and easier for a non-Alpha man to get one. In fact, the easiest women of all to get may well be women in their 40’s who are dealing with a serious Man Shortage.


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17 responses to “PUA/Game: Young Women and Middle Aged Men: Some Misconceptions

  1. doug

    I find the direction your blog is taking disturbing

  2. I am glad you think this way.

    Just for the record, I do not engage in any sexual activities with underage girls at all. In fact, I hardly know any of them. I am completely opposed to men having sex with underage teenage girls. They’re idiots. It’s against the law and it is very stupid of them to do this and they deserve whatever the law throws at them.

    That said, I think it is very interesting that teenage girls are interested in adult men at all, and I think it’s a valid subject for conversation. I am also fascinated that women in their 20’s go after middle aged men. It’s an interesting subject, and I would like to explore it further.

    I’m a middle aged guy myself and like women of all ages from 18-52. Young women and middle aged men is an excellent topic for this blog IMHO especially as it’s totally legal.

    I’m also trolling the feminist blogs to try to get them to link to these posts and make a hate post out of it.

    • uio ujh


      I find the direction your blog is taking disturbing

      Lindsay (blog owner)

      I am glad you think this way.

      That’s why in the face of my being sure it would never happen, I am following a leftist-owned blog, this one. Boy, if the Left didn’t hate freedom and pluralism of thought, how would one be so mindless to take the Right over it? Too bad the Left can’t, by its intrinsic nature.

      Related: relevant post on BlackDragon’s blog.

      Off topic: Brimelow on how America has been destroyed for nothing since 1965’s Immigration Act. Nothing new, but an excellent synopsis that can be enlightening or striking even for the know-its.

  3. Nebulous Maximus

    I think this whole alphafux-betabux phenomenon along with women spending their 20s riding the Alpha cock carousel is a large contributor to the sub-replacement level fertility rates we are now seeing throughout most of the West.

    Basically, what we have now is a free sexual market where our hard-wired evolutionary mating behaviors play out without the interference of cultural traditions and institutions which came to be for the precise purpose of regulating these reptilian behaviors for the purpose of promoting a stable society.

    In the old days, marriages were largely arranged by the family/tribe/community/ect. In other words, betas were handed wives and didn’t really have to go out and compete for them in the darwinistic shark tank of a dating pool we have now. Of course, back then women were largely denied the ability to act on their own hard-wired sexual urges (i.e. get drilled by alpha cock), to do this they’d have to sneak around and cheat on their beta hubbys…much like how gay men always had to sneak around at weird hours to get their jollies.

    • Tulio

      Plus if they were caught cheating with alphas they may very well have ended up stoned to death.

    • TRASH

      The problem is that Alpha males produce many more children than they intend to provide for with women who are only thinking with the lizard brains.

      “Beta males” then have to cover the costs.

    • TRASH

      Sub-replacement fertility with a great many children whose fathers refuse to pay child support because Alpha males are often in jail, or have another family or just cannot be bothered.

      The women they impregnate tend to be less intelligent, less well-educated, less likely to send the child to Harvard, more likely to meet some step-dad who is abusive, far more likely to require food stamps while filing a paternity suite against the man.

  4. Jason Y

    Well, on the flip side has any young guy wanted to bang an old woman?. I don’t know, I have seen a few that attractive, and if an older woman could shag any young guy, I’m sure she would take it like winning the lottery

    I cannot remember if I ever liked older women when I was younger, but when I was around 25 I was in this Korean brothel with really older women one time, but it wasn’t that bad. The chased me off the street when it was late one night in the tourist part of town.

    Actually they were the first hookers I encountered over there.

  5. uio ujh

    That is, they were very good-looking for their age still, and they had the most Killer Game you could possibly imagine.

    Don’t be overly kind. Money plays a basal role in middle-aged or older men and young women relationships. Walter E. Williams dared write it openly, fearing no payback, maybe owing to his being a Black. Or just due to his being the brave intellectual he is.

    Fame is an attractor yet more powerful than money. I guess hypergamy is the all-resuming term for female sexual behaviour and female attraction dynamics.

  6. uio ujh

    When I asked them what they went after in middle aged men, I was surprised that they did not say Money, Status or Power. Most said that they went after Looks, and more importantly than anything else was Killer Game. So it was Game first and then Looks not far behind.

    Were you really surprised? I mean, what’s a 140 (alleged 147) IQ for if you don’t know women never say what they really want — and in facts they often state the obverse? Moreover, I bet they are after Game prowess and Looks, if the goal is a sexual adventure or short-term enjoyment. This drastically changes if marriage comes into the picture. Then Money, Status and Power will take the fore inevitably. And you know it.

  7. uio ujh

    Actually I wold say they all do sooner or later in the decade, but that’s just an opinion. I have had women in their 40’s chat me up, and within the first hour drop the bombshell, “Sooooooooo, are you impotent?” as if it would be perfectly normal if I said yes. I could not believe that they would ask me that so quickly, but I suppose it’s a pretty serious issue with women dating men in their 50’s.

    Ever read Nabokov’s Lolita? Or watched the valid one between the two cinematic adaptations that have been made (the one starring Jeremy Irons, who delivers a most amazing performance)? The old rascal who, in the face of his stepfather, enjoyed playing with Lolita tells him he has been impotent by long. Yet Lolita told her stepfather no-one’s ever has pleased her like the rascal. This, while she is now married to a young man (certainly a non-impotent one). You can be impotent and make women erupt into orgasms. Captivate their mind. Use your words — chiefly — and fingers.

  8. This post is very confusing and at times contradictory. One thing I liked reading is that musicians can get girls. It’s obvious what people reading this should do in that case. Get a guitar, bass, or keyboard tutorial book, DVD, or online streaming videos, or just take up drumming, then you’ll be fighting the groupies off. For more information, visit my blog https://underagesexsite.wordpress.com/

  9. I dunno, I’m inadvertently finding out that really young women do dig guys who are middle age(ish), I don’t think I’m alpha but some people do seem to treat me as such.There is something about an ‘older’ man young women like. Maybe it’s daddy issues. Who knows.

    • Right on man. I am 59 years old and I can’t believe I can attract a 17 year old girl, much less one that says I’m sexy as Hell. I have no idea how I am doing this, but I have been able to get lots of hot women all through my life.

      I don’t know if I am Alpha either, but by one definition I am. Women and girls have loved me for a long time. So is that Alpha? But I am not dominant, a leader, or any of that.

      The thing is to be a behavioral Alpha. It doesn’t matter if you are a statistical Alpha or not. If you look Alpha and act Alpha, you’re Alpha. Well at least a behavioral Alpha. And I am not sure people differentiate between behavioral Alphas and statistical Alphas. If people treat you like you are Alpha, that’s great! Just watch and learn what you are doing when people treat you that way, and try to be that way more often. It’s not rocket science, but it requires good people skills in the sense of the ability to read people and to have some self awareness.

      How old are you? I guess the main thing is to try to be better than most of the men your own age, which if you are middle-aged, should not be hard because so many men are married or just gone in one way or another at that age. Women my age tell me I am totally hot compared to other men my age, so this is what you strive for. Your competition is the other men your age, and it’s hardly competition. Don’t worry or bother about competing with younger men as it doesn’t make sense. These are not really your competitors anyway.

      Do a Google search. There are LOTS of teenage girls who are into older men, even middle aged men. It’s not a lie, and the posts are not made up. It’s weird as Hell. I had no idea so many teenage girls and young women were into middle aged men.

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