PUA/Game: Warning to Men – Teenage Girls Are Dangerous!

Women of all ages hardly look at me at all anymore which of course is due to aging. Most young women are just not into men my age. And I hardly blame them. They say that they do not find us attractive. This makes perfect sense to me and I do not begrudge them for feeling this way. However, even women in their 40’s do not seem all that interested. The overall effect seems to be that almost no one finds me attractive. Of course some women and even teenage girls find me attractive. Actually teenage girls stare at me all the time, and women in their 20’s to 30’s almost never do. I don’t get it.

I even had what must have been an 18 year old girl go into robot/hypnotized/blank stare mode at me the idea. That’s always a good sign. It means you turn her on. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to have sex with you, but it means that a part of her would like to have sex with you. More properly, she is fantasizing about having sex with you in a way. Now whether she is really going to act on that feeling is another matter. People must understand that females probably get turned on by good-looking men on a regular basis, the vast majority of whom they never have sex with. So does that mean your average woman wants to have sex with all of them? Of course not. But women fantasize too. Looking and doing are completely different things.

A year ago, I had a 17 year old girl (only a couple of months short of 18, so she was just barely illegal) after me. She was anywhere from beautiful to cute depending on who you talk to. Before anyone freaks out, let me point out that she had a 100% body of an adult woman. For all intents and purposes, she was a woman. She wasn’t really a girl at all in any real sense if you take girl to mean “little girl.”

She was not underdeveloped in any way, shape or form. Her body was a bit different in that way that girls age 16-18 can be. At that age, many of them are thin but still have all of the perfect curves of a woman. On the other hand, their hips have not completely widened to point necessary to optimally carry a baby (this occurs at age ~19-20). So the effect is something that you do not see often in adult women, a beautiful female with outrageous curves who still has a quite thin body. I am not trying to be ephebephile here and I love older women’s bodies too, but that “thin body with perfect curves” is in some ways one of the best female body shapes of all. Unfortunately, it is usually wasted on females that are basically untouchable.

She kept saying she wanted to hang out with me, and my attitude was, “Sure, why not?” But she wanted me to hold her hand and put my arm around her when we were out in public, and I was really worried about that.

I used to take her around town anyway for coffee and whatnot. I got quite a few outraged stares an more than a few people acted like they wanted to hit me. Some acted like they were going to call the police on us. Every time I pointed that out to the girl, she laughed and said, “Good, let’s piss some more people off.” She was actually getting off on the fact that people were acting like they were going to beat me up for being with her. She thought it was hilarious. She kept trying to up the ante, saying, “Here, hold my hand, that will make them even more mad,” but I was too freaked out to do so. I wasn’t usually scared, but I was terrified to hold her hand or put my arm around her.

Although these are pretty innocent acts, it’s quite possible you could go down on child molestation charges even for something and inconsequential as that. There is a very ugly law in California called “annoying or molesting a child” that cops use frequently to bust me on very little cause. There are defense attorneys who specialize in getting men off of this specific charge. The crime has nothing to do with molesting a minor. If you did that, they would hit you with another charge.

Instead it is an insane “anti-grooming law” which means you can pretty much get arrested for so much as talking to an underage teenage girl. I recall one case where a man was arrested for having a conversation with two 15 year old girls, both runaways, in a pet store. I have no idea what they were talking about. The man said they were just talking. Well someone called the cops and he got arrested. I am thinking maybe if you held hands with a teenage girl or put your arm around her, you might go down on this stupid anti-grooming law.

Even if you don’t go down on that, there are some other moronic laws like corrupting the morals of a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor that you could go down on.

In fact, I was a bit worried about going down on this anti-grooming law just for hanging around this little hottie, but I doubt if they will arresting you just for associating with a teenage girl as long as you don’t do anything. I even had her over a few times. But she kept trying to seduce me. I kept telling her, “I can’t touch you. I can’t touch you,” and she kept laughing and saying, “Yes you can.” She was totally egging me on. I told her I could go to prison and she kept saying, “No one is going to find out.”

After a while of this, I had to diassasociate from her because it was just getting too scary and further, I was starting to get seriously tempted and I was worried that I might cave and give her the dicking she wanted. Everyone acts like some man with a barely underage girt is some sort of a predator scum, but this girl came after me all the way. She befriended me and asked me for my number and then started bugging me to hang out with her. I mean she was a little seductress all the way.

These idiots say that these hot young thing never try to seduce men, but oh yes they do! And I have read other experiences along these lines from other men. Kids grow up fast these days and 17 going on 30 is not unusual at all. I think a lot of men going down on bonking teenage girls are probably being overtly seduced by these girls. Some probably resist for a while, but at some point they just cave, give in and say, “The Hell with it. I’m going to do this little hottie! I won’t get caught and I don’t care if I do!” Of course he does care if he gets caught. And probably a lot of the time, the guy gets turned in by someone. I know that in a huge percentage of cases, the girl refuses to cooperate with the prosecution and tries to get the system to drop the charges, but they usually don’t do it. I’m not completely opposed to these laws but who exactly got harmed when the “victim” insists she was not a victim urges the system to let her “attacker” or “rapist” go.

What was funny was that even with all the hate looks we got, women started checking me out a lot more just by being with her. Instead massive SMV boost, even though I guess I was a “creepy pedophile.” And the local high school girls at the coffee shop we went to were literally in awe of me when they saw me with her and a lot acted like they would like to take her place.

I ended up playing Wise Older Man with her, but I end up doing this with most women in their 20’s that I date lately. Most women in their 20’s haven’t figured out life as well as you think. She was almost literally in awe of me like I was some sort of a God and I have heard that this is often the case even with women in their 20’s and middle aged men. They almost worship you like you are a statue. It’s pretty good for your ego. Hugo Schwyzer recently made the argument that middle aged men should stop dating younger women because they are in awe of us and almost worship us and they don’t put many demands on us. Whereas a lot of middle aged men say that dating women their age is like interviewing for a job. Schwyzer is correct that older women are a lot more demanding of us. Schwyzer says that by dating young women, we are avoiding the crucial tasks of learning how to deal with women our own age who will be a lot less tolerant of our bullshit and who, yes, will place a lot more demand on us. Schwyzer says we are copping out by chasing young things and not dealing with the realities of life.

I will say though that I have dated women around age 50 recently and I am not afraid of them, nor do I think they are unattractive. I have no preference for younger women and I do not believe that women “hit the wall” and become unattractive at age 30 either. It’s disgusting the way a lot of us older men say that women our own age or even in their 30’s are not attractive. Hell, the guy who is saying is about as attractive as the women he is calling ugly. So it’s pretty unfair. I love older women and in fact I love women of all ages from 18 up to over 50. They’re all great and in different ways too.

In closing, I would just say that not only middle aged men but even men in their 20’s and 30’s need to exercise serious caution around underage teenage girls. The main truth here seems to be not only, “A lot of these (16-17 year old) teenage girls are fuckable!*” but also that, “Teenage girls are dangerous!” You need to be very careful around them. It’s like playing with dynamite.


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24 responses to “PUA/Game: Warning to Men – Teenage Girls Are Dangerous!

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  2. Tulio

    How different did she look from you physically? Because honestly if I saw a guy your age walking with an 18 year old my first though is she’s probably your daughter. I wouldn’t even notice.

    Anyway, you said she was at the cusp of turning legal, so hope you got to give her a good pounding on her 18th birthday! 😀

  3. This is a great post. I advise you to use some intensive skincare products to make yourself look younger, though. These include “My Perfect Eyes”. I’m sorry to hear about the totalitarian system you’re living under. I suggest you move somewhere the age of consent is lower. I think it’s totally perverted for anyone to say that a 17 year old girl is “under age”. For more information, please visit my blog https://underagesexsite.wordpress.com/

    • TRASH


      A young man who is desperate has sex with a woman old enough to be his mother out of relief and a man who is not young has sex with a woman young enough to be his daughter out of relief.

      Such is the sad cycle of male sexuality: At 20 you have sex with your friend’s mother because you have to get off. At 50 you have sex with your daughter’s friend because you have to get off.

  4. TRASH

    ROBERT Young men who do not mess around with a great many women of all ages will regret this later in life because you cannot regain your boyish charm after the age of 40.

    If you are a young man in a monogamous relationship in your 20’s you will later regret all the sex you were unable to have!

    Post-40 you will dearly regret missing out on hot casual sex with young girls, older women who are horny and prostitutes.

    I STRONGLY URGE all young males to cram as much responsible casual sex with women into their 20’s as possible.

  5. TRASH



    You will receive blow jobs in outdoor places from young women to completion, hot sex with over 40 women who need a young strong shaft to feel alive, frequently have exciting casual sex with women you meet in bars/parties.

    OVER 40

    You will get little or no sex from women who do not have some secondary motivation and nobody will give you a passionate blowjob out of sheer lust. Often you will have to pay for sex or attempt to meet much younger women who want sugar daddies. Nobody will simply want to fornicate with you or swallow your load because of your virile charm.


    Age 20-30 have as much recreational sex as possible with women from 18-60. Enjoy every blowjob and drunken sex orgy.

  6. TRASH

    ROBERT Remember that time you slept with a 45 – 55 year old woman when you were young (We all have) and enjoyed her experienced throat?

    Likely most young girls have the same reaction to an older male who understand the power of clitoral stimulation.

    Children are not innocents and this is what the average sugar daddy forgets.

  7. TRASH

    ROBERT One time for pure boredom I masturbated an 18 year old girl until she came and then she simply got up after having her orgasm to walk away without a word.

    My point? Teenagers and young people masturbate a great deal because of biology and this has no link to relationships or love or life planning.

    Conversely, once or twice as a young man I received blowjobs from 50 year old women who had come of age during the Deep Throat rage of Linda Lovelace (Sadly anal is all the rage these days) and reminded me just what oral sex should be.

    May-September relationships are primarily about teaching the young person how to climax and if they are male, shoot huge loads, whilst if female have quivering earth-shattering orgasms.

  8. TRASH

    ROBERT I was a teenager/young man in the 1990’s (DOB 1974) and my fondest memories were with one or two women then in their fifties (Jeez they’d be in their 70’s now) who demonstrated the sexual trends of their own times in the 1970’s…DEEP THROAT.

    Young women in the 1990’s had forgotten about this phenomenon and only women over 50 could perform it.

    My point. Older people are experience and can bring younger people to powerful climaxes.

    Young girls primarily wish to have a powerful orgasm which they instinctively know can be best brought about by a man who is experienced.

    As young males we all remember receiving that incredibly blowjob from an older woman.

    Young girls feel the same way.

  9. TRASH

    ROBERT As young man most of us received at least one blowjob through intergenerational sex from an older woman that was mind-blowing.

    Why shouldn’t young ladies experience similar sex.

  10. alt Human

    Respectable & very Respected anti-Racist Jew of the day™

    We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.

    This thing teaches at Harvard.
    He incurred no nuisance after that statement. Seems there were no anti-Shemites around (to cite from a son of Shem on Quora: “How could you object to that and not be an anti-Zemite?).

    (And, my dear Whites, that’s why they keep their attitude. You almost reward it. Reward drifts grow within the brain; trouble-leading ones wane. The brain learns from feedback.)

  11. Farty McFartFace

    If you only had a month to live would you consider going on a teenage girl raping spree? Hypothetically speaking.

  12. Stary Wylk

    “There is a very ugly law in California called “annoying or molesting a child” that cops use frequently to bust me on very little cause.” Did you mean “…to bust men…”?

    • Yes to bust men of course. I have never been arrested on any underage sex crime nor have I even been questioned by police about such. Anyway, quit screwing underage teenage girls at age 21 and been good since, despite lots of temptations including actual propositions!

  13. TRASH

    STARY WYLK 18 is as low as a grown man should go.

  14. Jason Y

    I don’t think a guy Robert’s age or even my age (middle age) is going to meet an 18 year old girl, except at a go go bar, but boy you will meet them there alright, 😆 but you cannot take them home.

    • Yeah but did you read that article? I had a 17 year old girl after me just last year, and I was 58 years old! And she approached me too. I started talking to her in a coffee shop, and she asked me for my phone number! I hung out with her a few times, but she kept trying to seduce me, so I had to break it off. She was really determined.

      “C’mon, no one’s going to find out…It’s not like you’re talking me into anything.”

      I would say, “I can’t touch you,” and she would say, “Yes you can. Just do it. Do it. I dare you.”

      They’re fucking seductresses! Well, some of them anyway. I mean sure, a lot of the time, I guess the men go after these girls, but I am certain that in a lot of cases, these girls try to seduce the men!

      I would say though that at my age, it does seem like it is very, very hard to get an 18 year old girl or even a woman in her 20’s for that matter. I see women aged 18-30 all the time around here, and most of them act like, “Get the fuck away from me, creep!” For the most part, I can’t even talk to them. If I try to talk to them at all, even if they are behind a counter and I am buying something, they shut the conversation down just like that!

      However, there are a few women in their 20’s who seem to like me, but most of them, just forget it. I think most of them don’t want men our age, but there is a certain quite small group that is seriously hot for older men. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just that this is a small percentage of women that age, and most of them are not like that.

      I know a few guys in their 50’s who were able to do this, but it seemed like in most cases, they were the “best of the best.” That is, they were very goodlooking for their age still, and they had the most killer game you could possibly imagine.

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