Game/PUA: Flirtatious Signals, the Lack Thereof, and Consequences

Great post here. from Indomitable Thoughts, a blog focused on the plight of the incel.

The incident described occurred in a coffee shop. The woman was Hispanic and 23 years old and I was in my early 50’s, probably 30 years older than she was. I had my shirt unbuttoned a bit and she was staring at my hairy chest like it was a juicy T-bone steak.

I will say though sadly that I usually do not get this type of attention I described in this post these days. In fact, I am lucky if I get much of any attention at all.

However, I still do get some attention from women and even from girls!

But the overall effect is that I feel like an Omega and I am finally starting to understand how Omega males feel. And it does make you angry. I can see that easily.

Flirtatious Signals, the Lack Thereof, and Consequences

In Reading Women Correctly, Robert Lindsay discusses the kind of flirtatious signals women give when they are interested in a man. At the end he notes how some commenters complain about not getting any signals at all. These guys, known as involuntary celibates or incels, are basically invisible to women sexually.

Robert describes instances where women are almost literally attracted to him in a carnal sense – in one case, a girl was staring at his chest hair as if it were a prime rib. This type of animal sexual attraction is rarely experienced by incels, and is a huge stumbling block for them because it’s very difficult to flirt with to a girl when she isn’t putting out any signals of interest to begin with.

Furthermore, this lack of interest prevents an incel from fine-tuning his attraction radar, so he can better piece apart when a girl is flirting or not. This causes the incel to stumble badly whenever an opportunity arises, if it ever does. In the best case, the incel ends up broadcasting his sexual inexperience, and the consequences can be far more severe. These types of outcomes only reinforce the incel’s sense of inadequacy, as he is already suffering from a lack of affection and validation to begin with.

I consider this phenomenon to be the core problem of incel. It is a vicious, self-reinforcing circle, that only gets harder to break out of with time. Poor attractiveness (for whatever reason) leads to a poor reading of signals, if any are sent by girls to begin with, which often results in harmful psychological repercussions.

I will discuss ways to break this vicious circle in a future post.


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8 responses to “Game/PUA: Flirtatious Signals, the Lack Thereof, and Consequences

  1. Tulio

    Oddly, the only flirtation I get from women is from either married women, engaged women, or women with boyfriends. I don’t get it at all from single women unless they are very unattractive or overweight. And even then it’s rare. I’m not going to post my photo but if you saw me I guarantee you that you’d be surprised at the lack of attention I get. At most you’d think I’m average, some might even think I’m slightly above average. I’m not fat, dress quite fashionably for the most part. Attention from even average women is basically zero.

    • Tulio

      Also, the attractive and single women at work. They basically don’t talk to me more than they have to for work purposes, they don’t make eye contact, they ignore me. Yet the women who are taken are very friendly, love taking lunch breaks with me and even act like they’d fuck me at times if they weren’t worried about getting caught. Ugly women will be friendly toward me. So I know it’s not that I am simply creepy and no woman wants to be around me. It’s just that single and moderate to very attractive women want nothing to do with me.

    • Ellen degenerate

      Maybe your uglier than you perceive.

      • Tulio


        That’s always possible. But I put my photo up on awhile back and averaged a 6. Which would be a bit above average. So I don’t think I’m ugly. Though of course some girls will find me ugly. But not all of them. I consider myself “average” looking and am quite sure that’s how most would perceive me. Not great looking or terrible looking either.

  2. Stary Wylk

    Married women have being married as a shield against unwanted attention. Having a boyfriend is not as strong a shield, but it exists. Ugly women have ugliness.

    If you want to up your game, get yourself a girlfriend somewhere else. Women believe that a man who isn’t taken isn’t worth taking. Even if your girlfriend is someone you only touch with your condom-covered dick, you’ll get more interest. Unless she’s a hottie, make sure they never see her. In any event, never describe her.

  3. TRASH

    True, women want to seduce men who have demonstrated their capacity to have a relationship with women.

  4. Some male incels would be better off, if they were born gay. After all, you don’t even have to put in the work. You just have to show up for the party.

    With women, just showing up for the party doesn’t work!

    Example: If I, a male, walk into a gay bar, I know I’ll be seduced, perhaps even harassed. Why? Because that’s what men do. They initiate, seduce, and conquer.

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