Repost: What Is Pan-Aryanism?

This one from six years ago is getting posted around a lot lately. Most of you have not read it.

A friend of mine went over to the Skadi Forum (basically Nordicists or Germanicists) and read an essay on Pan-Aryanism. I don’t know what sort of Pan-Aryanism they referred to, but I doubt it was the kind that I subscribe to. They were upset that the essay opposed race-mixing. Well, I’m a Pan-Aryanist, and I don’t oppose race-mixing.

Pan-Aryanism just means taking pride in your racial family. Just as the Blacks, various Asians, Amerindians, Arabs, East Indians, Hispanics, etc. take pride in their various racial families, such as they may be. Most folks you meet in the US, who are “Priders” of this sort, while often strongly ethnocentric, are not opposed to race-mixing or inter-ethnic breeding. So support for race-mixing can and does go hand in hand with ethnocentrism, even extreme ethnocentrism. In fact, that has probably been the tribal human norm for a very long time now.

The Pan-Aryanism that I subscribe to is found on the Pan-Aryanist Forum (now members-only I think). They say that all natives of Europe are White. Also that there are White Turks (35%), White Arabs and White Berbers. Also a few Whites in North India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

They also hold that all Georgians, Armenians, the Caucasus and Iranians are White.

I just like it for their expanded definition of White. It would be like, say if you were Black, and some small group of Blacks decided that they were the only real pure Blacks. And they ruled out maybe 50% of Blacks as being some sort of inferior or mongrelized scum race. So the Pan-Africanists (the Black analogue of Pan-Aryanism) would be about uniting all of the Blacks into one Black Race and screw all the superior-inferior stuff. If you were Black, you would go along with that I am sure. In fact, if you are Black, I think you already do.

It’s all about being part of a family. In the last few years anyway, my race is my family. I simply want to extend the rather limited idea of my family to take in a lot more extended relatives. Why? Because I like having a great big family!

The other races: the NE Asians, SE Asians, Aborigines, Papuans, Oceanians, Amerindians, Africans, mestizos, mulattos, well, a lot of them are perfectly fine people. Often better than my racial family on an individual basis. But it’s the difference between friends (or lovers) and family. They can never be part of my family. They can only be friends, or at best lovers.

I expand the Net Pan-Aryanist definition thus such that most anyone who looks like they could have come from Europe is White.

Whites are:

All native Europeans
All Europoid Russians
All Turks
All Jews
All Assyrians and Kurds
Many Berbers
Most Arabs
All Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, Caucasus
All Iranians
Many Afghans (especially Pashtuns)
All Nuristanis
NW Pakistanis
Some Indians (mostly NW Indians)

All of the other Caucasian or quasi-Caucasian types are non-White Caucasians. They might be part of the family, but they are sort of like 2nd or 3rd cousins, so far apart they are almost more friends than family.

As far as the real Net Pan-Aryanists, they are a bunch of assholes. Sure they are against mixing, but they allow European Whites to mix with 100’s of millions of more humans! And most of them are a bunch of Nazis too. Bastards.


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18 responses to “Repost: What Is Pan-Aryanism?

  1. Jason Y

    Pan-Aryanism? Isn’t that an alliance of white trash prison gangs?. 😆 OH. good one. Give it up for for the white cuck Jew.

  2. Thank you for your comment, (((Jewson))).

  3. Jason Y

    Has anyone seen the Seinfeld episode where he is on the prison show OZ? A classic, lol

  4. Stalin Tonks

    Personally I think it is a good idea that Nords separate even from other groups of white people. One idea I’ve had is that Nord men should knock up “borderline” white women so their kids will be white.

    To a “white brighter” future and fuck (((Jason))) the jew cuck!

  5. Stalin Tonks

    (((Jason Y))) does the Y stand for Yid you fucking kike?

    • Jason Y

      You guys are convinced once blacks totally clean up thier behavior, then you’ll have a higher view of blacks. OK, likewise, when certain whites have a higher standard of living than trailer parks, then liberal assholes will have a higher view of certan whites.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Fine Jason the Yid. We’ll tax you so trailer trash can live in decent housing. Happy now kike alike?

        • Jason Y

          OK, so since you come to their defense you must be trailer trash. Your words, not mine. Maybe you should apply for the Trailer Trash College Fund cause you know, a mind is terrible thing to waste. 😆

  6. Jason Y

    Note none of my comments, though it seems otherwise, are putting down the white working class, mainly cause not all of them massive racists. Mostly I’m using dark sarcasm, kind of like how Trash does.

    Note it’s against the rules to attack the white working class. Also, I am in the lower class, mainly at the same economic level as most of the vermin some people on here hate so much.

  7. Jason Y

    Some racism from the white working class is understandable. However, when it evolves into this childish, grade school tribalism, I become disgusted.

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