Mass Shooting in Houston

Houston Lawyer Wearing Nazi Uniform Opens Fire at Strip Mall; Nine Injured, Suspect Shot Dead by Police

That’s the headline. I haven’t even read the rest of the story yet because the headline alone is so weird. It’s going to take me a while to even digest that headline, so bear with me please.

Good God, that’s weird. You would think it was an Onion article. Even attorneys are going postal now. What’s next? Physicians? CEO’s? Lawmakers? Damn, it’s getting downright cool to go psycho and shoot up malls, huh? It’s tempting, but I’m afraid of prison. Oh well, there’s always the next lifetime. Maybe I’ll come back as a maniac? I know, wishful thinking but I can always hope.


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10 responses to “Mass Shooting in Houston

  1. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    The shooter is Hindu or of Hindu background. His name DeSai is obviously just Latinized Hindu word ‘Desei’ or ‘Desi’.

    Some possibilities:

    1) He was just mentally deranged. Nothing else. Just like most of the mass shooters.

    2) That ‘Nazi uniform’ was actually a Hindu swastika emblem. He was an angry Hindu grudging about things he didn’t like.

    3) He is a brown Aryan pledging loyalty to the Aryan Fuehrer. There seems to be certain amount of mutual affinity between hi-caste Hindus and Nazis on the subject of ethnic/caste/racial superiority.

    • uio ujh

      “There seems to be certain amount of mutual affinity between hi-caste Hindus and Nazis on the subject of ethnic/caste/racial superiority.”

      As evolutionary psychology and sociobiology would make one expect, all groups of people above their neighbours in intelligence, thus in power, take very similar attitudes towards them (and get their egos deranged by the excess of power they gain, with no restraints).

      See Japanese nationalists attitude toward less intelligent Japanese ethnicities, Koreans and Chinese.

      See Han Chinese attitude toward Tibetans, Uyghurs, et al.

      See the -inskys, -baums, -bergs, Perles and Golds of the world.

      And yes, fierce inter-ethnic wars have dotted the history of South America and Africa.

      Latin Americans are obsessed with race. They have their own racial hang-ups and hierarchy, with Euro-Latins generally positioned on top.

      Though Mexico glorifies the legacy of the Aztecs from 500 years ago, actual Mexican Indians living today have little prestige and remain at the bottom of the socioeconomic totem pole.

      A story revealing these complicated racial politics recently occurred in Chiapas, a southern Mexican state heavily populated by indigenous people:

      A student was presumably discriminated against for his ethnic origin and supposedly dropped from his university in Chiapas….

      “Don’t forget that you’re an Indian,” is what the academic secretary of the University of Sciences and Arts of Chiapas said to Floriberto, after scolding him, to make it clear that he had been dropped from the dentistry program, and with that the end of his dream of having a license (to practice that profession) to advance in life.

      • uio ujh

        I forgot Indians. Recently, a soon-to-be bride got burnt (presumably by the to-be-husband’s relatives) for she was too dark of skin.

        This is a rule of thumb: the more an ethnic group/race screams accusations of racism to Whites, the more they are fixated on race.

  2. TRASH

    I’d be surprised if a Brahmin from India was shooting at people because he thought he was Adolph. Hi-caste Indians have little interest in their distant Aryan roots OUTSIDE India (They are not even sure WHERE THEY COME FROM. Maybe Ukraine, maybe Iran, maybe Central Asia).

    Mentally deranged and happened to be of Indian origin. Sooner or later we were going to get one. We’ve had deranged Jewish shooters, deranged WASPS, deranged Jamaicans, deranged blacks, deranged Latinos…Oh, well you see the point.

  3. Jason Y

    Oh, great. A lawyer, a profession everyone hates anyway, shoots up a mall. Oh gosh, what is he bitching about? He didn’t make enough this year to get another new Porsche?

    • Jason Y

      Again another situation which shows being pysycho and dangerous isn’t limited to the low IQ.

      • Stary Wylk

        If anything, the low IQ persons are less dangerous because they attack less effectively.

        Passing thought: Is this event going to begin the rehabilitation of the swastika?

      • uio ujh

        It isn’t limited to having a low IQ at all.
        Umbalanced minds are umbalanced. By this alone, one gathers how both below-normal and above-normal IQs make mental disorders more likely to present themselves.

  4. uio ujh

    How about this, does it qualify as weird? Lol.

    this is the cry of Cain who has not been chosen by God, and is trying to kill the one who was. Because clearly what the author is saying, is that the Jews are smart, successful, innovative, and many other things besides. He tries to come with a reason for all this, but the simplest one is that they are favored by God (or by evolution, His natural messenger) who chose them over all others. The pain this caused to the author is so deep, that it made him spend ten years to write three books. It’s a plain case of envy, spite, and rage against the Father/Deity who did not choose him, the author. So if there’s a villain in this pathetic trilogy, it is that of the One Above. In fact, what this book (and the two others) remind me of, is Salieri’s cry in Amadeus towards the Heaven: You and I are enemies now!
    There’s no need to treat this book, and the two others, seriously. See them for what they are– Cain’s cry of pain and rage at seeing himself neglected by the Father, who favor the other, more successful son.

    How long it takes to browse the Internet and catch a piece of brilliance like that? Very short. You stumble upon one every two steps you take in any direction, almost.

  5. I actually knew this guy (the shooter), I did anyway. This was like 12 years ago. He was a perfectly nice, intelligent guy. Oh well. Shows what I knew.

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