The New Europeans


No, just no. Whatever these people are, and I do agree that they are White people, they are certainly not Europeans. Certainly not culturally, and that’s the only thing that matters.

No, no, no! Those not Europeans. Perhaps they will be someday, but not in any way that we normally think of the word. Pretty soon, saying someone is European will mean absolutely nothing in terms of culture, race, or ethnicity. It will have as much relevance to race as calling someone an American. And whatever White European culture was, it’s not really like that anymore. Lots of new cultures have come in and are not assimilating and one increasingly wonders what European culture even is anymore. I mean we know what it used to be, but what is it now?


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75 responses to “The New Europeans

  1. Nebulous Maximus

    Europeans…..they certainly are experts at killing themselves. First, during many centuries of drawn out wars among themselves and not this unbelievably dystopian cultural suicide endeavor they’ve so eagerly embarked upon.

  2. TRASH

    What is so scary is the cultural suicide only began around 1990 at the dawn of political correctness and the Wall coming down in Berlin and the EU.

    Another 4 decades of it? Nothing left and that is scary.

    • ufds ffsdf

      No. The sun set way earlier than in the 1990s.

      Aside from the uber-quotes Spengler, one should read Vom Tod der Sonne by Sgalambro (originally in Italian, translated into German afterwards).
      The setting of the sun, which we are probably going to view as a metaphor only, was actually a non-metaphoric shock in the 19th century, when the then discovered laws of thermodynamics implied, for the first time, the sun would one day die.

      That had essential philosophical implications. The sun and God had been psychologically analogous for much of human history. They were fated to set together, and leave the European man alone with his fear of the nothing.

  3. ufds ffsdf

    What is European culture now? A corpse. It had lost its vitality by the beginning of the 20th century, truth be said.

    Only Jews were still lively, psychologically and thus culturally. Due to different life circumstances, they were and they are today 50-150 years behind in terms of cultural advancement. Don’t mistake me, I am not speaking of intelligence obviously, but of a culture being young, ripe, old, dead. On that path they are behind. And that’s why they are so ethnocentric/racist. That’s why Israel happily practices eugenics, and American Jews tacitly support that. Today this looks worthless to us. But we were the same just 100-150 years ago. I also posit we were much more aggressive than we are today, probably as aggressive as Jews are today.

    This is why many of the most important contributions to Western culture in the 20th century came from Jews — even leaving out vicious poison such as that which came from the Boases, Lewontins, Frankfurt Schools and so on.

  4. TRASH

    Europe lost a great many of its vibrant and ambitious people to North America or Australia.

    It is a land of immigrants.

    There is only one Trump left in Kallstadt, Germany.

  5. Jason Y

    The European birthrate is low, which only Europeans are to blame.

    Also ironically, the WN hero Hitler caused a massive percentage of white Europeans to die. Good going Hiter, lol.. Note with so many of Europeans dead from World War II, you see the effect of low population cause there isn’t anyone around to reproduce.

    For instance, many people have claimed the south USA’s population would be much larger now, if not for the Civil War. Is it possible the population drop after the US Civil War would have been the catalyist for the immigration waves from Ireland, Germany, Southeastern Europe, Italy etc.. ??

    • “For instance, many people have claimed the south USA’s population would be much larger now, if not for the Civil War. Is it possible the population drop after the US Civil War would have been the catalyist for the immigration waves from Ireland, Germany, Southeastern Europe, Italy etc.. ??”

      That’s not how it works. In our current model, europeans and descent generally have lower reproduction rates. This is coincided with immigration from Lower IQ countries and current minorities outbreeding them.

      In This scenario, WWII casualities wouldn’t factor as a catalyst for WHY immigration is happening, what you mean is population replacement.

      The Catalyst in immigration for either event was change in policy.

      • Jason Y

        When people die in the prime of thier life, usually during a war, they are denied the chance to have a family, and the generations that would spring from the war casuality never exist, sort of like what you’d see on that movie “Back to the Future”.

        • Jason, i know that. My problem is that you phrased it as “a catalyst for immigration” which would be incorrect.

        • Jason Y

          Well to be honest, if you look at Japan’s situation, it could very well be a catalyist for immigration. The population is elderly and they refuse to bring in immigrants, so now there is a problem in manpower.

        • “Well to be honest, if you look at Japan’s situation, it could very well be a catalyist for immigration. The population is elderly and they refuse to bring in immigrants, so now there is a problem in manpower.”

          While that makes sense, you used it as a case study. Immigration in America after the civil wat was by different means then Japan. Think, it was the SOUTH that was restraint in population… many new immigrants after the war went to the south rather than the fully industrialized North?

      • iirc the median age for Black-Americans is 33, just 4 years younger than Whites (37), indicating tey are fairly K-selective but have low birth rates.

        Asians have a higher median age/lower birthrate than Whites (and, no, not just NE Asians).

        But Phil is right about “Hispanic”-Americans; with a median age 18!

    • somebody made the point recently that part of the reason Europeans aren’t coming here anymore (as a raw number the amount of European immigrants entered the U.S. has dropped since the ’65 immigration act, from 145 K annually to 120 K), is that WW2 had economic benefits similar to the plague. It’s an interesting perspective.

      Colonialism and the benefits of modernity had the opposite effect in places like Africa and SE Asia, why they come to Europe (not the brain drain immigrants).

      • TRASH

        Scotland visitors express some surprise at the poverty of Appalachia and the South, whose white population mostly arrived around the time of Stuart’s war in Scotland.

    • TJF

      To Jason Y:

      Note with so many of Europeans dead from World War II, you see the effect of low population cause there isn’t anyone around to reproduce.

      Except that’s not true for Western Europe and the Nordic countries (where most of the immigrants are going). Every country in Western Europe except for Germany had a higher population in 1950 (and higher still in 1960) than before the war. Even Germany surpassed it’s 1937 population in 1970. Western Europe as a whole had a birthrate greater than 2.2 (replacement level) until 1970.

      There was much greater loss of life in Eastern Europe (including Russian) but those countries are much less attractive to immigrants (and were restricted from most immigration until the early 90s) because they are less wealthy.

  6. Stalin Tonks

    No, just no. Whatever these people are, and I do agree that they are White people, they are certainly not Europeans. Certainly not culturally, and that’s the only thing that matters.

    Culturally, and that’s all that matters? I don’t think so.

  7. Stalin Tonks

    Jason Y,

    Are you some sort of wog and which type are you or are you just another stupid white cuck?

    • Jason Y

      Wog? British slang. The British are nothing<>/b> now. 😆

      Yep, last time I checked nothing.

      • TRASH

        Just beneath the surface is the Scots Appalachian and English animosity ever-present since Andrew Jackson fought the president.

        Scots and English…You’ll always be at one another’s throats, won’t you?

      • TRASH

        JASON Everybody already emigrated from the U.K. to Australia or Appalachia or Canada shortly before it ceded every colony it once owned.

        So in a way Great Britain itself is no longer of any relevance. But then the U.S. is also losing its relevance to Asia, isn’t it?

      • Stalin Tonks

        I still want an answer. Are you some sort of non-white or just another stupid white cuck?

    • TRASH

      STALIN Jason is an American of Scots extraction. Nothing to do with Western Oriental Gentlemen for Cyprus, Malta, Turkey.

      • Jason Y

        No, I’m just looking for a good comeback. How about, “England is so small and irrelevant that you need a microscope to see it,” 😆

        Too bad my HTML coding messed up, so the joke is on me.

        • Stalin Tonks

          Even though the UK may as well be called cuck island, (somewhere you’d feel at home) it still isn’t small or irrelevant.

      • Muh mom was 3/4 English, and only 1/8 Scottish.
        Her family was originally from coastal North Carolina and Virginia but got their stuff destroyed by the (((Union))) in the Civil War
        hooray for me.

        “the problem with Scotland, is that it’s full of Scots”
        -Edward II of England

        • I’m sorry,
          5/8 English, 2/8 Scots, 1/8 German.
          But the point still stands.

        • TJF

          To Chiune Sugihara:

          Her family was originally from coastal North Carolina and Virginia but got their stuff destroyed by the (((Union))) in the Civil War
          hooray for me.

          Shouldn’t believe the propaganda from the Alt-Right about the Union being infested with Jews. Fun fact to know and tell, the first Jewish Secretary of State in North America wasn’t Henry Kissinger.

          3rd Confederate States Secretary of State
          In office
          March 18, 1862 – May 10, 1865
          President Jefferson Davis

          2nd Confederate States Secretary of War
          President Jefferson Davis

          1st Confederate States Attorney General
          In office
          February 25, 1861 – November 15, 1861
          President Jefferson Davis

          Judah Philip Benjamin was born on August 11, 1811, in St. Croix of the Danish West Indies (today the United States Virgin Islands), a colony then occupied by the British during the Napoleonic Wars. His parents were Sephardic Jews, Philip Benjamin and the former Rebecca de Mendes. Philip and Rebecca had been shopkeepers in London, and emigrated to the West Indies in search of better opportunities. Rebecca’s family had been prominent in Spain before being forced to leave under the Expulsion Edict of 1492

        • Jason Y

          The WNs also claim jews were behind the slave trade and owned most of the plantations. Yet at the same time, they say the Jews ran the union, hence why they were so “bleeding heart” in regards to blacks, especially Thaddeus Stevens.

          So which was it? Which one was infested with Jews? Both? It doesn’t make sense.

          Either way a great deal of southern whites didn’t want to deport blacks during segregation or slavery, seeing as they were a form of cheap labor. Maybe they would now, but they had 400 some years to get rid of Africans via popular vote and pressure.

          All those dead rebels fighting for the south obviously knew they were fighting for slavery, hence the fact they wanted the blacks around, helping the economy.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Thanks. So Jason is another stupid white cuck.

  8. I really do question how bad the situation over there is.

    I mean, if you listened to the Alt-Reichers about the U.S., “Niggers and beaners” are lynching Whites in the streets openly and White liberals are too brainwashed to do anything.
    That’s obviously not reality.

    • Jason Y

      They would only be lynching ones dumb enough to move into inner-city ghettoes. In that case, it’s just natural selection, lol

      • Some might be too poor, keep in mind.

      • TRASH

        Whites who are assaulted by NAMS are on the street in urban areas-I cannot imagine what sort of lucrative work would keep whites in the inner-city raising a family or even on the outer rim of the inner-city.

      • Stalin Tonks

        There are plenty of white people who get attacked by niggers on a daily basis. Why this doesn’t bother you I’ll never understand cuck.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Let us all hope that the next time a monkoid kills a white person Jason Y the cuck is the victim.

        • Jason Y

          A large portion of drug addicted whites would do the same, but normally they’d just weasel out all your money which is just as bad, with the exception your still alive.

      • Stalin Tonks

        That’s a pretty lame response Jason Y. It isn’t drug addicted whites that worry me (because they’re so rare where I live) , it’s niggers. God I’d love to ship your stupid cuck ass to some nigger infested shithole.

        • Jason Y

          Really Stalin? These white creeps have scammed out all the money out of so many people. Some might buy your line, but a lot of people, and for good reasons, won’t.

          Again, you don’t have to beat people up to make a person’s life hell, just weasel their money out, via marriage or any other form of contact.

          If one needs sources on why people should avoid lower class white drug addcits, then I’m sure it’s not hard to find.

          As with so called “niggers”, the only ones that are a threat are the lowest class ones, living in a ghetto. Note those living in a ghetto are often no different than the blacks. They choose to live there.

        • Jason Y

          Well, you looking at things from a massively ethocentric POV. Where I’m at lower white class white meth users are everywhere. And yeah I know that if I travel a little ways, say Atlanta, the place is full of ghetto blacks, and those groups make things tough for whites. However, the lower class drug addicts are just as much a tribe and WNs are also a tribe and they don’t respect those not in the group.

  9. TRASH

    If you were white and jobless anyhow why would you live in a dangerous neighborhood that provided no employment?

    Why not move somewhere else?

    • because the welfare culture of the inner city, low cost of living, etc.

      It’s going to be a lot more difficult to survive in an area where few are on welfare.

    • Stalin Tonks

      It’s probably cheaper to live in a shit neighborhood filled with niggers than a gated community.

      • Jason Y

        It’s also massively cheaper to live in one filled with white drug addicts and skinheads

        • You’re both partially correct.
          It’s cheap to live in both.

          BUT if you’re from a State like Maryland or Jew Jersey, you have some of the richest neighborhoods in proximity with some of the poorest….hence you naturally get pushed, regardless of race, into the ghetto/poor ones.

          There aren’t any “drughead” or “skinhead” filled neighborhoods in Non-rural MD or New Jersey.

        • Stalin Tonks

          “It’s also massively cheaper to live in one filled with white drug addicts and skinheads”

          Right. Because those are just as easy to find as neighborhoods filled with niggers.

        • Jason Y

          White drug addicts and skinheads are niggers Don’t you get it? They’re sub-human whites.

  10. Jason Y

    Regarding Stalin’s link. The knockout game is horrible, but how is it any different than the typical Chinese tradition of beating up an African or European student who happens to be in their neighborhood? How is it different than a bunch of dumb rednecks picking on some random black in hicksville USA ?:??

    Note, that’s just the way people behave. A portion of any population are assholes, though some areas are worse than others.They want to target anyone who is different, but in more working class neighborhoods it’s often worse.

    What should actually be discussed is why people are alpha male and tribalistic, as if there is a solution, but there isn’t one as it’s so tied in with traditional human behavior.

    • Jason Y

      People are shocked by the knockout game, but in reality, it’s always been a tradition to beat up queers, the handicapped, the retarded, anyone of a different race in most lower class neighborhoods, and this is true among all races and cultures.

      The only difference with the knockout game is that it’s been turned into a game.

      You can even go to my community college mostly white, start running your mouth, but a lot better if you also happen to be a misfit, and soon some alpha males will start bullying you, threatening to beat you up.

      • Jason Y

        Note that Stalin thinks i’m stupid, but aren’t white people getting beat up by blacks stupid? Normally they are, except in the case of the knockout game where victims are randomly chosen.

        Note when I say stupid, I mean the whites have done something personally to get on the bad side of the blacks, or some other racial group. That’s why they’re getting all the bullying etc… Also the same is true with some NAM running his mouth in small town skinhead USA.

        • TRASH

          JASON Y Tyrone The Bone is careful not to run his mouth to Leatherface or Rob Zombie if he happens to be passing through the “sticks”. Fact is that the NAM avoids these places.

          It is the poor white on the outskirts of the inner-city still hanging around after the factory closed on welfare that is a victim of the NAM. He lacks the skills or initiative to move to the suburbs or another state where he might find work.

          He cannot find the money to move into a safe suburb and lacks the ability to adapt to the rigors of county living. So he is at the mercy of NAMS.

        • Jason Y

          The poor white who has been shafted by globalism cannot gain an educated job, true, but he can move out.

          Like well, you noticed in my comment about pot-head whites who watch American football and say “Yeah, watch that nigger run !!. 😆 Did you see that? Another touchdown. Yee-haw !!!” You see these people hate blacks, but for some unknown reason still associate with blacks, listen to black music, dress like blacks etc…

          To some degree these peasants hypocritically adopt certain features of blacks, yet still view blacks as sub-human animals. Sure enough these types will often NOT move away from blacks they CLAIM are bullying them etc…

        • Jason Y

          Is it not also true that John Rocker, the famed bigot who made the un-PC remarks about NYC, also heavily associates with blacks, even though he hates them:

          For instance, he dated some black woman from the caribbean etc.. Possibly he likes all the shit blacks put out, yet at the same time vicously hates blacks.

  11. I find it somewhat amusing that Jason Y is now considered a textbook symbol of what this blog hates;
    Cultural leftism and reactionism (Hating the White working class).

    But I relate because I also grew up in a virtually all White Appalachian shithole.
    Jason is not denying anything that Tonks says about Blacks per se, it’s just that he’s trying to point out that characteristics aren’t exclusive to Blacks.

    • LOL Jason has been Head Cuck here for some time now. I am not trying to insult him. I think he is maybe into it anyway. C’mon Jason, you like cuck porn don’t you? Didn’t you say you like to watch cuck porn?

      • Jason Y

        Pretty much where I live the white good ole boys and other commoner whites (a great deal of them) are convinced anyone not “standing up” for the white race is a cuck and/or some kind of a pussy.

        In fact, you cannot even be friends with blacks on Facebook without the accusation of kissing black ass.

        Well, I don’t know. I might get off on watching cuck stuff. However, that doesn’t mean necessarily that I wouldn’t stand up for white people if the situation called for it. I’m always about taking an independent non-biased stand in the race stuff, though nobody believes me.

        • Jason Y

          But then again I’m called a pussy simply cause I look like one (skinny, tall etc..), on top of the fact people think my behavior makes me one. At least that’s what I think. I don’t really know why people hate me, lol

          It’s tough being a stringbean. It’s a life of no respect.

      • Stalin Tonks

        Holy fuck Robert, this Jason Yi is fucking insane. He must jerk off to black white cuckold porn at least three times day. How am I supposed to respond to all of his Bullshit?

    • TRASH

      “Blacks will INVADE OUR HOMES” says the rural white.

      NAMS will do JET-SKI DRIVEBYS on the swampy, stagnant lakes where whites fish or smoke meth.

      Hardened Crips are disgusted at the rural living conditions of the redneck in the country. Disgusted. He would not operate a crack house there even if he could earn more their Tony Montana.

      NAMS find the rural living conditions of rednecks disgusting and this is something no rural white wants to admit.

      • Jason Y

        Seems like a situation of “Look whos talking?” OK, so the white trailer park is repulsive, but the black ghetto is not ???

      • Jason Y

        NAMS will do JET-SKI DRIVEBYS on the swampy, stagnant lakes where whites fish or smoke meth.

        Better watch out man !! The Duck Dynasty lives in those parts. 😆 If the don’t shoot you, they’ll pray to thier judeo-Christian God who will strike you down with lightning.

  12. TRASH

    ROBERT How many black men want to watch a sister choking on a John Holmes-sized white penis?

    Only rural whites subscribe to sights where a black nude man is ramming his penis up the gaping anus of a skinny blonde.

    Perhaps the rural white is privately gay and admires the length of the black penis. He is obsessed with how “hung” the black male is and seeing him cuck white women.

    Jewish suits get all the money and blacks get all the chicks and have bigger penises in the bargain, no?

    • Jason Y

      I don’t think all southern whites are idealistic followers of Hitler. Like they might call black people niggers, yet listen to nigger music, all the while calling it nigger music 😆 “Yeah, how about the crank up that ICE-T, that damn nigger, lol” or “Watch that nigger make another touchdown for Tennessee !!!”

      Perhaps they also live in an environment full of blacks, dress like blacks, yet still hate blacks. Such is the case where I live.

      Given the hypocrisy of these peasants, no wonder I hate them and resort to insulting them, which of course, gets me labeled a white cuck.

      • Jason Y

        These people suck When is eugenics when we need it, or maybe rat poison? KILL the white race, especially these degenerates.

        • Stalin Tonks

          Just when you are starting to make sense (eugenics is a damn good idea for every race, how do you think the jews got so smart) you start advocating white genocide. Why don’t you kill yourself? Why don’t you hang yourself while jerking off to cuckold porn and “accidentally” kill yourself? BTW, it will feel freakin’ amazing.

        • Jason Y

          No, ironically it might not be defective genes making some poor whites into assholes. I mean, I can see Koreans are the same way, and I know they don’t have a low IQ.

          I suppose was just being sarcastic with the gene comment.

          I put most of the assholish-ness to the tribalistic culture.

  13. Jason Y

    People are not always perfect or say the right things, or are consistent with their opinions. Even myself, I might like a lot of black things, but I’m sure If I was in a black neighborhood eventually I would probably become just as racist as many KKK people, yet still like black stuff.

    However, the point I was making was regarding the fact, these racial hypocrites bully people. They pick on people like me calling me a nigger with thier little giggles and side of the mouth comments. So that’s why I hate them. It’s the same reason I hate Koreans. Koreans LOVE to pick on people…

    The reason I would hate these people is cause they act like naughty rude little children. For instance, I was at Wal Mart today, some white lady, I guess in her 20s with her alpha male dumbass husband giggles and calls me a nigger while she walkng by.

    You see that’s why I hate white working class people, well, a lot of them.

    • Jason Y

      And ironically, blacks act the same damn way. They pick on people constantly, mouthing off. Especially they pick on whites, gays, gooks, you name it, anyone who is different and is “not cool” in thier opinion.

      • Jason Y

        Again it might not be defective genes making mean blacks. In fact, the mean ones might be the smarter ones. Again, it’s mostly culture. It’s us vs them.

        Black tribalism is what all these WNs hate, not blacks being dumb. It’s the black tribalism which alienates the future WN, living in a black neighborhood, getting all this shit for being white.

        Even looking at politics, a lot of white rednecks hate blacks, but especially the smart ones, cause they’re the ones bitching on TV, social media. They’re the cunts, so to speak.

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