Cultural Left Self-Description Found on the Net

Found on the Net:

I’m an autistic, depressed, histrionic and narcissistic transmisogyny-affected nonbinary person of color.

I am serious. People are actually running around saying things like this? Incredible. It’s getting to where this sort of self-description is almost normal.

Now I do not mind mentally ill people talking about their issues, but you usually do not announce such things to everyone in the room. I have a mental disorder myself, and I even take meds for it, but almost no one knows about it because I never tell anyone. Why? Because when I do, I usually get a negative reaction.

And why would someone announce that they had personality disorders? Unfortunately, Axis 2 types and their fellow travelers such as High-Conflict Women are everywhere, especially nowadays, but they generally don’t go around telling people about it. In particular, chaotic and dramatic Cluster B types like this person almost always deny that they have the problem, and of course they never want to fix it.

And why do people go around announcing that they are depressed? What’s the point of that? I’ve experienced it myself, but depression used to be something you were ashamed of. In fact, mild depressives typically deny being depressed, often angrily. Are there that many chronic, treatment resistant depressives out there that “Depressed” becomes part of your actual identity? That’s not healthy.

I work in mental health. Almost all of the people I work with have anxiety disorders and quite a few are also depressed. I advise people to acknowledge that they have a mental disorder.

On the other hand, I do not think that people should become their disorder.



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10 responses to “Cultural Left Self-Description Found on the Net

  1. E. King

    Millennial thinking forces you to assign yourself a series of pre-approved entitlement terms so that they can appear “special” and receive likes on social media from people they will never meet face to face in this or any other lifetime. It’s all about the brand and not actually living their lives and creating a true identity for themselves.

    One day reality will kick in and they will realize that they are no different or better than the rest of the human race.

  2. TRASH

    People born in 1982 to 1995 who were children in the Clinton era at the dawn of PC, Gerry Springer and came of age during the 2000’s of stupid pointless wars, 9-11 and the Great Recession are a pitiful lot in ways that Generation Y (1970s) or Gen X are not.

    They grew up in great prosperity as spoiled children (90’s) but reached adulthood in an awful globalized economy where there is no money for entrepreneurial or start-up. They live in their parents basements.

    Unlike “Friends” era folks born from 1970-1982 who had to have post-college roommates and swilled coffee wearing all-black and working “McJOBS” those “Milleniels” live at home when they are 30 years old.

    Their brains have been laundered by corporations like Ronald McDonald and they cannot do anything but click on a keyboard or phone all day, never read a book all they way through in their whole life, cannot remember life before GOOGLE.

    Half of their parents were divorced so they cannot conceive of two-parent households and their sexuality has been formed by downloading porn all their lives.

  3. TRASH

    E. KING To have been a spoiled child in the 90’s and come of age during a terrible recession must be gravely disappointed with their lives.

    They cannot leave their parents house so they look at sexting on their cell phones and their whole life is FACEBOOKING because luxuries like travel are out of their reach.

    Because we already had long hair and wore black in the 90’s they rebel by getting 1,000 tattoos and piercings.


    • Gay State Girl

      I’ve met Ivy League grads who will spend $11.99 on a bottle of cold pressed cashew milk. I’m so embarassed for my gen.

  4. Matt

    The cultural left makes such a big thing out of cultural appropriation, yet they have no issue with appropriating actual mental illnesses or medical conditions in order to get attention (I think). . A clear example is all the special gender fluid snowflakes.

  5. Matt

    People becoming their disorder… That is the problem with the whole support group culture. People find community with others who have similar problems. But instead of working to overcome the problems, they support each other in their inability to function.

  6. u o o u

    Well, what about (pride) orientation flags?

    Also check this Gender Master List on Genderfluid Support (still Tumblr).
    Sample definition: vapogender: a gender that feels like smoke.

    You can confidently assume neither blog is a parody.

  7. uio ujh

    Well, what about (pride) orientation flags?

    Also check this Gender Master List on Genderfluid Support (still Tumblr).
    Sample definition: vapogender: a gender that feels like smoke.

    You can confidently assume neither blog is a parody.

    • uio ujh

      By the way, acronyms are evolving too. We are at “LGBTQIA+/MOGAI” now.
      I won’t bother to find what the additions are meant to mean, though.

  8. Ryan England

    No argument on the histrionic and narcissistic bits.

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