White Genocide Now!

Well known video featuring quotes from Noel Ignatiev, a professor at a university back east. By getting rid of Whiteness, he doesn’t mean getting rid of White people. He never discusses the existence of White people. He just argues that White people need to stop identifying as White because that identification is de facto oppression right there. Well then, I oppression it is because I am not going to stop identifying as White.

This man’s remarks are immensely triggering to the White nationalist types. It’s much more than a microaggression and it sends them rushing off to the White safe spaces in no time. The WN’s frequently call for this man to be killed, say Hitler was right, etc.

I am not worried about this guy. He’s just another White-hating Jew. They’re a dime a dozen. I think people like him are mostly just idiotic. On the day when his type actually becomes dangerous, then I might start worrying. Until then, he’s just another troll to me.

What’s the language in the subtitles? Swedish? I get those three languages so mixed up.


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7 responses to “White Genocide Now!

  1. I’ve been looking into the actual racial demographics of U.S. Hispanics.

    Apparently Mexico (where 70% of U.S. Hispanics trace their ancestry), is autosomally 67% White, 31% Amerind, 1% Black and 1% Asian.

    The average Mestizo from all regions averages about half Amerind Half White, and 18% of the populace is known to have tribal/native links (the only real census data taken, the 10-80-10 figure is bunk).

    So assuming that 13% is doubled because they’re half and half, we see 26% Mestizo.
    Assuming the 1% Black is doubled for mulatto, we see 2% mulatto.

    1% Asian
    2% Mulatto
    18% Amerind
    26% Mestizo
    53% White

    53% White is also the percentage of U.S. Hispanics that identified as White, which on first glance seemed high, but of course is not.

  2. RockT

    Whites have already stopped identifying as such, it is the rest of the world that keeps identifying us as white. So then, we are whites, and “professor” whatever can suck on that.

  3. Jason Y

    I see nothing wrong with integration, civil rights, mixed marriage, or any of that stuff. However, I think Jews are hijacking the ideas for a sinister motive, mainly to get even for what they claim are years of discrimination against them.

    However, southern whites etc.. were so prejudiced against blacks that I doubt the walls of hate would have been torn down, if not for Jews working for self-serving sinister motives.

  4. At the heyday of the Soviet empire, the Jews as a whole were not Marxists, except for a very special fringe intellectual group, they were even more conservative than the population at large, for the very straightforward reason Judaism is a very conservative religion, not unlike Hinduism. And as soon as the Berlin wall fell, most Jewish Marxists turned into neoconservatives of some sort, to the working classes that had traditionally counted on the Jewish intellectual left-wing elite’s great dismay. Now at the halcyon days of political correctness, the Jews as a whole are not PC or cultural Marxists, they are even stronger cultural conservatives than the population at large, except for a very visible crackpot intellectual elite, and once more for the very straightforward reason the Jewish culture is one of the most structuralist in the world and success-oriented in the most conventional sense, which precludes any will to subvert society’s codes. The day is very near when another wall falls when most Jewish cultural marxists turn into racial realists of some sort and declare themselves white patriots in each country they live in, to the coloured that had traditionally counted on them’s great dismay.

  5. TJF

    To Rob:

    Cool! Does that mean you and I can also give up our middle aged-ness also? Sure I’ll take being a trans-22 year old, I can flirt with (and date) 20 something year old women with being considered a creep. Sadly, I don’t think it will work

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