The Various Factions, Types or Wings of the Alt Left

By Ryan England, one of the main Alt Left theorists. From one of the main Alt Left groups on Facebook:

I’ve come up with colloquial expressions of subtypes I’ve noticed in my short time with this movement. Note that these are not hard fast rules or mutually exclusive categories but rather descriptions of what seem to be motivating passions. Some perhaps approximate the Alt-Leftist ideal better than others:

“The Left Wing of the Alt Right” – Rabbit uses this phrase quite explicitly. They are most open to race realism and most opposed to mass immigration and Islamism but are also inclined towards some kind of economic socialism or social democracy and are otherwise put off the Alt-Right somehow or other. “Strasserites” might be a more explicitly national socialist variant of this, and “National Bolsheviks” would be even more out there still.

“Gamergate Leftists” – Named from an article I read a while back claiming that most Gamergaters were left-leaning, these are another type. These types need not be big on GamerGate per se, but being anti-feminist and anti-SJW is huge with them as is civil and cultural libertarianism. I found a number of these posting on anti-SJW pages. They come to the Alt-Left either because of a belief in Leftist economics, though they are usually not that far Left.

Guys who believe in some regulation and a social safety net. Think YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad or the Amazing Atheist, though they don’t use the term Alt-Left to describe themselves. These kinds are defecting less from Richard Spencer and more from Milo Yiannopoluous. I used Gamergate’s colors in the design of my page’s logo and banner in an attempt to attract these types.

“Red Enlightenment” – These are most passionate about rationalism, skepticism, empiricism and in some cases, transhumanism and futurism. Generally scientifically minded and technocratic sorts of socialists or social democrats.

“True Liberals” – Antiracist and feminist supporters who think the whole thing has gotten out of hand and are concerned for the SJW’s lifestyle puritanism and opposition to free speech. They are more pro-feminist and pro-social liberal than the Gamergaters though. “The Democratic Party of the 1990s,” someone once remarked to me, to which I replied, “There were no liberals or Leftists in the 1990’s except myself.”

“Brocialists” – Socialists or social democrats with a penchant for men’s rights and anti-misandry. I seem to have drawn a number of these to my page, and a few of my moderators fall into this category. Hillary Clinton supporters have accused Bernie Sanders of using these as his base of support.

“Red Templars” – Especially and specifically anti-Islamic. We get a lot of these from Sam Harris and Bill Maher’s followings. Unlike the Left Wing of the Alt Right types, these sorts are more standard liberals otherwise.

“The New Old Left” – Would dispense with race, culture and identity all together if they could and make Leftism mostly about economic Leftism. The Realist Left page and the blog Social Democracy for the 21st Century are like this. Farther left you’d find leftypol on 8chan and some Marxist/Anarchist groups that reject IdPol.

I would say that I fall into a number of those categories. Brocialist for sure. I am not sure who exactly these Brocialists even are, but anything like the original Men’s Liberation groups that arose alongside Women’s Liberation might be ok for me.

True Liberals, absolutely. It’s not that I am against the Cultural Left but more that I want to swing it back to the Cultural Left of the 1990’s, which is about when I got off the Cultural Left train because it was going badly off-course down the wrong track. I had supported the Cultural Left since the mid-1970’s. But they’ve gone too far. I signed up for liberation, not insanity.

I am also Left wing of the Alt Right, but I only support race realism and not White nationalism. I am not a Strasserite, a National Bolshevik or any sort of fash. Leftists keep calling me fash, but if that’s true, why do I hate fash so much? Every fash webpage I go to, I want to smash the screen. It doesn’t have to be a choice between the fash and the SJW’s you know. It’s quite possible that they both suck.

Gamergate guys are too misogynistic and anti-feminist for me. I am also not as culturally Libertarian as these types are. But honestly I do not know where they stand. I lot of these MRA anti-feminist types leave a bad taste in my mouth because as awful as feminists are, the anti-feminists seem to be even worse! I think they’re both insane. There is a good feminism that we on the Alt Left can work with, and these anti-feminist bros just can’t see that. In particular, we should make alliance with sex-positive feminists.

Red Englightenment types are ok, but I support religion and believe in some stuff they call woo. These people do not even do science anymore. They do scientism. And their hatred for religion really turns me off.

Red Templars are ok, but I am not obsessive about the problems of Islam, and I am more conservative than they are on social stuff.

New Old Left is ok, but the folks on leftypol call me racist and fascist. I am not sure I am going to get along with these folks. They say they are getting rid of IdPol, ok, so what’s with all the name-calling?


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12 responses to “The Various Factions, Types or Wings of the Alt Left

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  2. Could Rabbit describe himself as a “Nationalist Socialist”? 😉

    • I have seen many comments on Rabbit’s project, and a lot of people are calling it National Socialism. I believe that Rabbit himself even says he is promoting a more or less National Socialist project. I just don’t think that NS has to evolve into Nazism. Nevertheless I am not down with it or any kind of fash honestly. Sorry fash! Go recruit somewhere else!

  3. Tulio

    I think I fall somewhere between the left wing of the alt right and the red enlightenment, with elements of brocialism.

  4. For me probably red enlightenment if you add the race realism aspects of LWAR, but I’m not especially hateful towards religion.

  5. Ryan England

    My Alternative Left page got attacked by Karl Marx’s dank meme stash on facebook the other day, which I don’t get because I’ve actually used their stuff in the past, if I recall. They said we were a bunch of “brocialists” and “fedora-lords.” As if that’s a bad thing.

    They attacked us for “shitting all over Islam,” a religion with 1.5 billion followers. Well, Christianity has more followers than that and it doesn’t stop these types from shitting all over Christianity. But Christianity is coded white and European, while Islam is coded brown and third world. So you know the rest.

    They attacked us for “shitting all over Marxist-Feminism.” Guys who shill for Islam do not get to stand up for women’s rights or worker’s rights, I’m afraid. The Muslim world’s record on women’s rights speaks for itself.

    They told us that people who identify as leftist won’t support us. Well, that’s precisely the point. We’re trying to purge the left of the white male guilt that makes leftism so unpalatable to most people. With a “left” that shills for Islam and anti-heterosex radical feminism (just think that over for a moment), who needs the far right?

  6. When I talk about Bernie supporters sympathizing with the Alt-Left, I’m mainly referring to them as having some sympathies with the “New Old Left”

  7. matt

    I see myself as having a little bit of all of these, with the possible exception of left of alt right. I’m thinking of making Brocialist my political ideology on facebook.

  8. Nebulous Maximus

    I’d say I’m mostly a combo of Brocialists and Left Wing of the Alt Right. I’m way too much into spirituality and metaphysics to really enjoy the company of people who espouse rigid Scientific Materialism, like the Red Templars and Red Enlightenment. Also, because of my spirituality, I can’t really get along with doctrinaire Marxists at all; I find that sort of worldview to be robotic and retarded. I believe there are some age old types of tradition that should be re-incorporated into society (things like Guilds and fraternal orders), but by no means am I all that into social conservatism or prudish/puritanical social mores.

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