Singapore, Hong Kong and Other Hypercapitalist Societies as “IQ-Shredders”

Interesting argument.

It’s coming from the Alt Right, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or even necessarily bad. This guy seems to be more part of the HBD/Moldbug/Mangan’s part of the Alt Right, which is often not White nationalist at all. It is interesting that a lot of HBD’ers are not White nationalists or even all that pro-White. This shows that the Alt Right is not all a bunch of Nazis, though that’s mostly what it is. There’s also the Manosphere, the Game/PUA community, antifeminists, etc.

These groupings are often not racist or even racial at all, and many of them, especially the antifeminists, are explicitly multiracial. They never used to be even racist at all until this moron named Roissy/Heartiste starting turning Alt Right and Libertarian on us. He’s always an asshole, but I tolerate his assholeyness better when he’s writing about Game than when he’s writing about economics and race. A bunch of Heartiste’s even more idiotic followers then started imitating him like the bunch of monkeys they are. Just more idiocy and foolishness.

That said, this IQ shredder argument for hypercapitalist societies is an interesting. It’s like hypercapitalism destroys all the HBD values that these reactionaries have and results in more of the dysgenics that they decry so much.


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10 responses to “Singapore, Hong Kong and Other Hypercapitalist Societies as “IQ-Shredders”

  1. Actually Pretty Funny

    I think if a nation reach a certain level of developpment, its population will stagnate. As Steve Sailer put it rightly: cable TV and its multiple series of Prince Charming/ Damsel in Distress pretty much draw out the ability to procreate from people(esp girls), to a point that they don’t want to have babies anymore.
    TV series are pretty much a source of inspiration.
    I see it around me, right now. People change pretty fast, right now they mostly don’t want more babies, except the poors, because having many babies is something people would look down upon, for now.
    When I said to my fellow countrymen that my grandpa had 11 children, they said “Lower class.”
    Grandparents ate grass already, the argument here is that they don’t want that for their children.They just don’t need an army of young boys to invade the neibourhood anymore.
    But it “builds character.”
    One girl dumped me because, hehe, my father didn’t appear “higher class” enough. I think good riddance, period. My father is one of those darker people, and I am Snow White…..
    Now speaking about the Devil: where are your children, young Robert? Do you have many?
    The population density of both HongKong and Singapore are pretty high already.

  2. I think what he’s saying is pretty much true.

    Singapore has the highest IQ of any nation in the world.

    The technology thing may just be a staple of a “post industrial society”, coming to the U.S. soon.

    The proles are just objecting to them not being selected by “first order Eugenics”, hence it’s really ironic that it’s the Alt-Right shilling for Trump.

  3. Actually Pretty Funny

    Moreover, you get it wrong about how Hongkong and Singapore function: those are the capitalist havens for Chinese State Capitalism. They pretty much lend their quotas of export to the mainland Chinese. Instead of “made in China” which will break the quotas of export to certain territories, they switch to “made in Hongkong”, “made in China”. Because if China doesn’t export enough to earn hard currency, heads will roll.
    Recently, the US and EU somewhat got wiser: they added a law which states explicitly that goods export to those entities need “Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Quality”. To “Bring the Jobs home” as Obama put it. You can look up that phrase.
    Again, in this case, Socialism lost some influence in the West, but heads would probably be rolling in China.
    Those two territories also act as the Switzerland of China where the rich store their assets. A better position than the toilet of China(where they dump their trash) which Vietnam is turning into, if you ask me.
    I know several cases of rich party members hiding money there.

    The World is a place full of competition, dirty or clean, its just hard to see through it from the outside.

    • Brian Damage

      Hong Kong may be the slowly declining gateway to China but Singapore is definitely not a haven for Chinese state capitalism, at it least in the traditional sense. Singapore was able to create the most efficient banking, logistics and shipping infrastructures for that part of South East Asia. No matter how Malaysia and Indonesia tried to beat Singapore in that game they failed miserably many times. All that natural resources and trades have to go through Singapore. Contracts signed and money change hands in Singapore where property and contractual rights are strictly enforced unlike the other SEA countries.

      I know people that did deals in the Philippines, Malaysia or Cambodia but the money is handled in Singapore.

  4. AC in NC

    The IQ Shredder argument reminds me of this ( but from the opposite end of the IQ and Fertility spectrum.


  5. Actually Pretty Funny

    Instead of “made in China” which will break the quotas of export to certain territories, they switch to “made in Hongkong”, “made in China”. Because if China doesn’t export enough to earn hard currency, heads will roll.

    ……they switch to “made in HongKong”, “made in Singapore”.

  6. I am from Singapore and I assured you dont want to stay here.

    Given the high population density and amount of high IQ people here, people start cannibalising one another, which is encourage by elites.

    The workplace is stressful. The fertility rate drop below one. Meaning one woman have less than 1 kid on average.

    Women here dont get married, as they are always looking for a rich man. Women here despise men even from their own class. When they marry rich man, some wicked one will divorce and spilt 50% of the wealth.

    In work, I wonder we are really productive or spend 60% of the time in internal exhaustion, politicking and killing our co-worker off. Here every organization have a bell curve ranking and 3 years at bottom 5-10% means you are ask to leave.

    • TRASH

      Malays and Tamils are not that intelligent. Chinese? Some. Filipinos seem to find jobs in Singapore.

      Chinese women have been known to mock Filipino women for being single parents (I’ve seen this) and essentially being stupid enough to let a worthless lazy man blow his sperm into her vagina-Chinese women will not get pregnant even if they are street hookers in Bangkok Chinatown.

      High IQ women will look for money first. Lust does not overcome them as quickly as a Malay woman who has drunk some liquor (Though the pleasure they derive from the size of a white penis is quite surprising given the generally frigid behavior of Chinese women in public).

    • TRASH

      Malays and Tamils are high IQ? On average?

      British colonization has allowed Chinese to reach a Western standard of living under a harsh dictator like Me Kane You but I am not sure Singaporean Tamils or Malays are geniuses.

      Filipinos generally do the shit-work in Singapore so clearly the average Chinese Singaporean probably works on a computer and his grandfather fixed cars (They seemed to be mechanically inclined, Fuji Chinese).

      Chinese women want money: any white man who has used hookers in Asia knows that this is primarily what they want to do with their vagina because they are too smart and cold to feel the passion of tropical people like South Asians or Malays.

      However, we sometimes see Chinese Singaporeans supporting an African man because of the size of the black penis and the ease with which a Chinese woman will reach a climax from a large penis.

      Mostly however, they only care about money and if the man loses his job they will divorce him.

  7. TRASH

    CREADERS The white skeptic in Asia is back with this opinion.

    Malay Singaporeans do not seem terribly bright and neither do Tamils. If Me Cane You did not do just that-harsh sentencing-Indians and Malays and Filipinos would act out more. Chinese always run a Big Brother government so they cannot really do anything stupid.

    CREADERS is probably a Chinese so he is referring to other seemingly frigid Chinese women in his office who really want to do nothing but buy perfume at the mall.

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