Nowadays You Have to Love Queers to Get Laid

That’s not completely true, but there is some truth to this. Women love their gay friends and male relatives, and if you have a girlfriend, you damn well better be ok with her gay pets or relatives. I have not dated many young women now due to my age (58) and the fact that at my age, this is nearly impossible to do. However, in recent years, young women I got involved with heard my opinion on gay men and flipped out. They said, “Look I’m sorry. I don’t date homophobes.” Wow! Can you believe women are like this nowadays. I have to throw a shout out to gay men. They’ve done a great job of pushing their movement. They are hitting straight homophobes right where it hurts – in the pussy that they are so addicted to!

A few girlfriends in recent years have threatened to break up with due to what they call my homophobia. Others have gotten mad at me for using the word faggot. A couple told me that if I didn’t stop using that word, it was over with us. Wow! The new century. If you’re a straight guy and you don’t love queers, you’re not getting laid! No wonder all these Left straight guys are improbably jumping up and down for gay men. They’re probably just trying to get laid. Funny, I never thought of that.


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7 responses to “Nowadays You Have to Love Queers to Get Laid

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  2. TRASH

    into the late 1990’s females would call men “fags” that they disliked. It used to be common in the 1980’s for women to call males fags simply if they were not virile.

    Straight women used to find homosexual male activity disgusting and even lesbian activity revolting.

    I left the U.S. in 1999.

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  4. Tulio

    Outside of the West, no girl would give a fuck.

  5. RockT

    So, you have t one cool with the girl’s guy-who-won’t-fuck-her so that she can fuck you? Yeah, that makes plenty of sense.

    Look, women’s lib is a failure, they obviously cannot be logical as is proven by the above. Trendy causes are more important than the potential mate; wonderful.

  6. TRASH

    EURASIAN ruling elite class will emerge that looks like Charles Bronson from white-collar Anglo and Germans intermarrying with Northeast Asian-American females whom they met in college or the workplace because they cannot get laid with politically correct bitchy white women and do not feel like it anyhow.

    Northeast Asian males who are successful will marry white females who are smart with the same results.

    White women will marry more NAMS because it is politically correct and stylish who cannot or will not support them in the fashion that an Anglo would so this will be the broad Mulatto class.

    So you will have a ruling elite that resemble Laplander or Hungarians.

    Then a disintegrating working and middle-class like Lenny Kravitz.

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