Alt Left Support of Men’s Liberation – the Left Wing of the Men’s Movement

Men’s Liberation was the left wing of the MRA movement that actually came out of the various cultural revolutions of the 1960’s. Warren Farrell was a Men’s Lib type or at least he was before he went crazy. Men’s Libbers and feminists started fighting pretty quickly because the feminists were so insane and also because a lot of Men’s Libbers realized that feminism was a war against men. Men’s Libbers who wanted to go to women’s groups’ meetings and ally with them were banned, as the feminists pushed “women-only fora” and “only a woman can comment on the problems of women.”

In particular, gay men were some of the first to break off from Men’s Liberation. Men’s Lib had a reputation for being a bunch of faggots, but that while there was some truth to this because there were more gay men as a percentage of the movement than there were in society at large, that was not really true, as most Men’s Libbers were straight, although their position on male homosexuality was very stupid. The early feminists attacked gay men a lot (Isn’t that incredible?), accusing them of being the ultimate woman-haters for bailing out on women altogether. At the same time, feminist idiots were cheering on lesbianism like they always have from Day One. So lesbians were ok, but gay men were not. Screw that.

I will say though that gay men were some of the best of the early Men’s Libbers, and even today, gay men play a surprisingly important role in the left wing of the MRA’s such as the Good Men Project. Straight men have to suck up to women to get laid, so these leads to a lot of pedestalization, reality distortion and failing to see the down side of women. Gay men are estranged from women completely, so they can sit back at a distance and judge them fairly. That said, there is a faction of gay men who are very ugly misogynists, and this gay “type” has always been around.

However, most gay men do not hate women at all. They just don’t want to have sex with them. Ever known a straight women who was not some sort of a fag hag? Neither have I. Straight women always love their gay pets.

So you see the feminists have been insane for a long time. Simone Beauvoir was an extreme man-hater, and the genocidal SCUM Manifesto (a classic treatise in the feminist canon) was written in the heat of the 1960’s. The Redstockings out of Boston were one of the first hardline feminist groups. Ellen Willis was a member. They were insane, and this was 1969. Feminism didn’t go nuts, it was crazy from the beginning. That said there are some equity feminists we can ally with, and to the extent that women are still treated unfairly, we will support their causes.

There is not much left of the Men’s Libbers, but there are some leftwing men calling themselves masculisits or even masculinists. Generally, most such men are fairly sane, and most masculists also identify as feminists in a way. These are leftwing MRA’s who are also sympathetic to the problems of women. In other words, these men say that both sexes are oppressed nowadays, and furthermore, both sexes oppress each other. They argue that there are many injustices against men now too that women have turned the tables and predictably turned from oppressed to oppressors by enacting laws that oppress men. Humans can’t seem to do equality. The oppressed never want equality. They only want to turn the tables and lord it over those oppressing them and turn into oppressors themselves. Humans are rather lousy.

Men’s Lib  barely exists anymore if at all, and it should be revived. A lot of progressive men need to get on the ball. The women have turned the tables on us and are now oppressing us with a lot of new “Female Rule” type laws they put in to privilege women and attack us unfairly. They did this because feminism now is mostly just paybacks and revenge. I assume that all leftwing men are not masochists, but sometimes I wonder. If leftwing men are willing to sit back and let women abuse and oppress them, they are beyond hope. It will be hard to rouse these men though because most leftwingen are badly brainwashed by feminism.


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17 responses to “Alt Left Support of Men’s Liberation – the Left Wing of the Men’s Movement

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  4. Matt

    So the Men’s Libbers made the staggering discovery that groups (like feminists) most often fight for what they perceive as their own interests, and at best don’t give a rat’s behind about yours.

  5. Emily Becke

    Most gay men don’t hate women?

    Who owns the fashion industry? Gay men! What do the models look like who are part of the fashion industry?

    No hips, no breasts, no bottom

    All skin and bones LIKE TEENAGE BOYS

    THE FASHION INDUSTRY IS RULED BY GAY MEN. women are starving themselves to fit into this image that’s perfect (bag of bones) or getting surgery to become like the runway models, not realising that its what gay men want not real men.

    • TRASH

      EMILY Many gay males in the fashion industry make the headlines as a child molesters.

      You’re right, you almost expect the models to play X-Box because they look so boyish-juvenile.

    • Emily Becke

      Emily. Why did you refer to Straight men, as real men in your post? That was politically incorrect.

  6. Ryan England

    What’s interesting is that the first portion of Warren Farrell’s “Myth of Male Power” – pretty much the bible of the men’s rights movement, rather savagely deconstructs feminist theory by pointing out that most men have had rather little privilege and power throughout history. Farrell observes that poor men are the ones who fight and die in the wars waged by rich men, who get rich off the labor of poor men, who constitute the overwhelming majority of fatal workplace injuries, among other things.

    How that degenerated into a rank hatred of all feminism, I don’t know. Sure, a lot of feminism today is excessive and stupid and deserves to be subject to withering critique. Mainly because it treats all men as a class, thereby bastardizing the concept. But on the grand scheme of things, men face far graver threats to their liberty from their own upper class overlords than they do from feminism.

    • TRASH

      “Upper-class overlords” might enjoy their odd line of cocaine or Russian call girl who prove out Lenin’s theories BUT they do tend to marry and their daughters (Like Trump’s) will adhere to certain requirements (Marrying an upper-class male, not getting drunk in public, not getting gaudy tattoos, completing a useful college degree, not bearing children out of wedlock).

      Meanwhile Middle-class “rebellion” continues to reflect the total disintegration of society: 30 years ago only sailors and convicts had tattoos, now everyone has them. Only absolute white trash had babies out-of-wedlock to some black or South Asian thuggish scumbag with a prison record, now every low-class white daughter of a garage mechanic does it.

      The middle-class is evaporating partly because the upper-class only sees the bottom line of profit.

      How has feminism helped poor women? The internet if full images of poor women being forced to suck foot-long black penises, which people download for free or having their faces spat on.

      Poor men with no hope of sexual outlet through marriage because of the cost of living masturbate furiously in front of images of poor 18 year old runaways having 10 middle-aged men ejaculate on their faces.

      Visit the local red-light area ANYWHERE in the West from Suffolk England to Los Angeles to see poor women crowding the dark streets waiting for punters to get their next draw off a crack cocaine pipe or needle.

      Drop by the welfare office to see single women with strange looking mixed children of various hues whose thug fathers have long forgotten them.

  7. TRASH

    Feminism has done little to improve the livelihood of most women. Instead of being family women they drift from job to job in a lousy economy. Porn saturates the internet because an endless supply of drug-addled single women with nowhere to go and nothing to do are paid a pittance to be captured on camera in degrading sex acts. Single mothers fill the welfare rolls and churches and shelters. Hookers throng around every by-the-hour hotel in America, seeking a trick for their next hit off the crack pipe.

    How, tell me, has feminism enhanced the state of the world?

  8. Stary Wylk

    The aspect of gay persons that everyone seems to miss is their covert hostility. I suspect it’s missed because they hide it from themselves. Being covertly hostile is something we all do at times, but for fags and lesbians it’s their usual. Look at the results of their behavior!

    • What do you mean their covert hostility? Can you elaborate?

      There is DEFINITELY a segment of gay men who are hardcore woman-haters. This has been known for a long time and actually it used to be a lot more common than it is now. I am wondering if a lot of Milo’s hostility towards feminism, which to me just looks like hostility towards women, is part of this gay woman-hating thing. I always get that feeling from him. I knew a gay man once who was good friends with Bret Easton Ellis, the famous writer who also happens to be gay. He told me that Ellis was very much a woman-hating gay of this type.

      Lesbians just have hostility period, it’s not even all that covert.

      Can you elaborate on this covert hostility thing.

  9. Gay State Girl


    Not every middle class woman behaves like this.

    • TRASH

      GAY STATE GIRL Actually none, but middle-class women have the benefits of education, good sense, hopefully strong supportive parents, morality, a decent neighborhood and blah blah.

      It is women in vulnerable circumstances that feminism was supposed to support.

      Tolstoy once said you judge a society by how the poorest fare, not the most successful.

  10. TRASH

    Feminism was supposed to protect the rights of women most vulnerable to exploitation.

    They appear the ones who being sucked into single parenthood, drugs, abuse, the sex industry, unemployment and so on.

    Of course a middle-class female lawyer is not facing these horrors.

    • Gay State Girl

      I’m not a radfem I don’t even consider myself a feminist, but I’m not sure to what extent the cultural decay is a direct result of feminism.

  11. Gay State Girl

    For sure, feminism has resulted in more middle class women getting abused by their children.

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