Alternative Left Video

I would say that the Alt Left supports this video and most everything that is said in it although it would seem to have a Cultural Left Antiracist flavor to it. There’s not a whole lot that I disagree with here, though I do take issue with a few things. On the whole though, this guy’s heart is in the right place.

The problem with the Cultural Left is that the people who hate them, often for legitimate reasons, are usually a lot worse than the Cultural Left itself. Sure the Cultural Left blows, but mostly these are well meaning fools. The Alternative Left looks at BLM and says what a bunch of idiots. The BLM-haters say the BLM is stone evil. The Alt Left looks at a lot of feminists and thinks they are well meaning but foolish, silly, and rather ridiculous women. But look at the feminist haters. The more feminist haters I meet, the more I want to be a feminist! The feminist haters are worse than the feminists!

The Alternative Left can make alliances with rational antiracists, sane feminists if any exist, reasonable gay people and all sorts of folks.

The Left or the Cultural Left is mostly just insipid and foolish when they are wrong. Even SJW’s seem to be fighting for some sort of a progressive just society, even if they happen to have their heads up their asses. They’re preposterous and idiotic, but the people who hate them, the MRA’s, the HBD’ers, the Game/PUA monsters and of course the rest of the poisonous Alt Right…well, they are just downright evil.

In a fight between fools and monsters, I side with the fools every time. There’s actually hope for fools. People stop being foolish all the time. Evil is a much graver sin, and once you cross that Rubicon, you often get so poisoned that it’s hard to pull you back over to the other side. There’s something about going evil and nasty that taints a man and even makes him hard to rescue. It’s as if he is adrift in a turbulent sea and all of the life preservers, floating coffins and ropes in the world can rescue him from the Great White Death that is swallowing him up.


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50 responses to “Alternative Left Video

  1. matt

    I think you are correct about the alt right. I’ve listened to a lot of the podcasts, and even when they seem rational, intelligent, even pleasant–i.e. the proverbial guys you’d like to have a beer with–there will always be that moment when you see what is really inside, and it isn’t pretty. This is even true of a “moderate” like Milo… The ostensible normality just makes it all the more creepy and even chilling.

  2. Ryan England

    Agreed and well said brother!

  3. Ryan England

    Jack London was a prophet, it seems.

  4. Brian Damage

    Racism was a construct during the colonial era to maintain power over the vast non-European people. Prior to that, I doubt there is such a thing as racism. Classism maybe but definitely not racism. IQ-ism for sure. Racism gave hope to the dumb ones just because they belong to a particular group of people. Recent globalization of the world’s economy made racism redundant and the ones that thought they benefited from it are fighting to make whatever they believed in great again. 🙂 Too late in my book. Only the most efficienct and the brightest no matter what race will persevere.

    • While some form of ethnocentrism/tribalism likely existed, I think you;re right about classism and IQor whatever intellect having more emphasis.

      • Brian Damage

        Tribalism yes. I don’t think ethnocentrism even existed back then.

        • I think back then they may’ve been more open to the attributes of other nations, but changed during/after Rome because I don’t recall such a widespread empire beforehand. It would be shocking if they didn’t hold themselves up as some sort of “supermen” at that point.

        • Brian Damage

          Sorry Phil, your reply didn’t have a reply link. Rome absorbed everyone. It is just so happened that the Roman empire happened around European region. That does not mean that ethnocentrism or racism existed. I know for sure classism existed. Poor whites in the previous centuries had the same rights as other poor non-whites.

        • Well technically ethnocentrism stems from Tribalism. So considering the progress of Roman culture and it’s influences throughout Europe for example, I’m pretty sure they would’ve held themselves higher than others to an extent.

          It makes sense, because technically the set up at that point would be very similar to the colonial times that you described ethnocentrism being present at.

          However, if it did, I may’ve been different from colonial type.

        • BTW, by ethnocentrism, I meant culture-wise, not “race”. Technically speaking that would be more accurate because, aside from the more southern part of North-east Africa, the areas the Roman conquered were technically those of the same race.

    • One could also say that this was done in the Middle Ages, if the lord levied a tax and a bad harvest came, they’d say it was God’s wrath for the presence of ‘Joos’, and they’d burn their asses.

      and, obviously that was the case in the American South. I doubt even the Alt-Reich leadership denies it.

      Phil is right that some of it is natural, but those ‘natural’ inclinations, stronger in proles, has been used and abused many times.

      • Brian Damage

        I feel it is still tribalism with plenty of scapegoatism. Wholesale proclamation that a race is better than the others never existed until the Europeans felt the need to maintain control over their vast colonial possessions.

        • TRASH

          Chinese have been doing that in Taiwan, Hungary, Philippines and North Vietnam since man learned to sail or ride a horse. That is why the Medieval Europeans referred to them as the “yellow hordes” at various points in Eastern European history.

          “Raw” and “Cooked” are Chinese expressions for a foreigner or race under the Imperial reign. That expression is wholly theirs.

        • TRASH

          BRAIN DAMAGE What are you talking about, Chinese even have an expression for other races that have had the subjugation glory as “raw” or “cooked”.

          Setting up a syndicate of Chinese-half breeds with paternal loyalty to the Middle Kingdom was always the strategy (Whites brought their own women which did not work as well in Vietnam or Dutch Indies…they left) in Philippines or Indonesia or Thailand (It did not work as well because the royal family is not Chinese).

          Hungary is the only country in the West where this sort of succeeded.

          West Eurasians from the River Danube to the Atlantic are simply to hard-headed.

    • TRASH

      I’ve met some fairly stupid Chinese-Filipinos and Spanish Mestizos who managed to hold a job and have some money simply because of their extended family. Anybody who is anybody in Philippines is Chinese-Filipino or Spanish and no meritocratic opportunity exists.

      Conversely, an intelligent Malay in Indonesia or Manila has absolutely no chance, regardless of their diploma, of ever accomplishing anything.

      Nepotism and racism are going to continue to rule the roost.

    • TRASH

      “Raw” and “Cooked” summed up Imperial Chinese thinking and definitely Chinese pirates from Philippines to Hungary tried to colonize the world.

      Not exclusively a European thing by any means AND ANY IDIOT WHO IS CHINESE-FILIPINO or CHINESE INDONESIAN is going to be dragged by his relatives no matter how stupid.

      Best and brightest? In North America possibly. Southeast Asia? An inbred syndicate of Fuji half-breeds will run everywhere but Singapore, where Indians keep you in a state of checks and balances with their own low cunning.

      • Brian Damage

        Not a Filipino Chinese. You can say what you want but “your people” can’t make it. Sorry but that’s the truth. You can BS all you want but the truth is the turd.

        • TRASH

          BRAIN DAMAGE Your response is incoherent and I cannot make sense of it. “Your people” cannot make it? Who? Chinese-Filipinos?

          You’ve lost me.

          BS all I want but the truth is a “turd”.

          I’m sorry could you somehow rephrase that?

        • TRASH

          “Cooked” turd or “raw” turd?

          BRAIN DAMAGE which people will not make it? “Chinese-Filipinos”? Indians?

          Please clarify.

        • TRASH

          BRAIN DAMAGE Are you an Insik? Chinese-Filipino, I mean? I know you are not a main land Chinese or Hong Kong?

        • TRASH

          BRAIN DAMAGE Please clarify your response. I’m not following it.

        • Brian Damage

          None of that. You are confused because I am pinning you as a Bharat delusional BS artist. I might be wrong but you sound just like them.

    • TRASH

      My experience with Chinese comes down to the load of prostitutes I have used but I did live in both Indian and Southeast Asia.

      All whites will secretly be thinking the same things I do, if Fuji Chinese and Brown Indians were actually curious.

      I have used your women sexually so I have some insights.

    • TRASH

      Are you a Singaporean Chinese as well?

    • TRASH

      BRAIN DAMAGE raised an interesting question. Chinese and Filipino women do not want a white man to “chow down in them” because they seem to only desire the greater penetration of the average sizes white penile shaft of 8 inches.

      How Chinese women will react in Africa to black penis size remains to be seen.

      Globalization has had a strong effect on the sex market because not only are Asian women in Asia cheaper to pay for sexual acts but additionally are easier brought to orgasm by the size and diameter of the white male organ.

  5. Tulio

    I had to bail from Roosh’s site when he became full-blown alt-right and stating that women’s right to vote should be revoked and that rape should be legal if it happens in the man’s home.

    • they’ve targeted Roosh.

      They flash around a quote from him on race;
      “I don’t care what happens to Whites, because I’m not White”….
      the purging I was talking about on the Conservative Ideology post is already happening.

      • matt

        Tulio: Agreed. I’m not sure why the fact that one may find much of third wave feminism absurd and distasteful means that one must go back to premodern mores and social organization. But it seems that the sort of knuckle dragging attitude you cite is held by almost all of these types.

  6. Jason Y

    The cultural left is basically trying to impose super-human rules on everyone and it’s too much. For instance, look at this list of mortal sins, ones that will cause you to go to hell if you die in an unrepented state:

    Next. compare them to the cultural left’s insistance on extreme political correctness.

    • Jason Y

      Under Catholicism, and probably also extreme PC, you cannot even masturbate, or have oral or anal sex with your wife. :lol; I don’t know about mastrubation while thinking about your wife though, but odds are it’s NO.

    • Brian Damage

      Seriously Jason, the right and left are just residues of the colonial past. There is not right nor left. There is only doing things right. 100 years ago doing things right may be differrent from today. People are just using the past to make sense of things today.

    • matt

      The stick of Original Sin without the Carrot of Salvation, basically. (Yes, I know the carrot and stick metaphor is misunderstood, so don’t bother to point it out.)

  7. TRASH

    BRAIN DAMAGE I’m supposing you are an irate Chinese Singaporean who despises Indians.

    Only Singaporean Chinese display the anger you have at Indians because they somewhat offset the syndicate of Chinese half-breeds that usually run an Asian country by possessing a low-cunning and dishonesty that Chinese lack.

    No I am not Indian.

    • Brian Damage

      Wrong too! Ha ha!! You are bharat. Got ya!!! Is Rob Lindsay Singaporean Chinese? I think you are here before Rob posted about how India neing a Sh!thole and then you go hanged around.

  8. TRASH

    SINGAPORE is an interesting example of what happens when Indians and Chinese and Malays are thrown together in a pot.

    Yellows and brown Indians in particular develop a great deal of dislike for one another.

    • Brian Damage

      Singapore is prove that IQ is real.

      • TRASH

        Who has the highest IQ in Singapore? Indians? Not Malays.

      • TRASH

        Singapore is proof that Chinese can out breed other races and that democracy comes down to numbers,

        Indians would run the country into the ground and Malays would simply have a few huts where they grew fruit and drank some whiskey,

        Also, that British money and manpower can build a First World country in Asia that can be maintained under English systems of law.

  9. TRASH

    BRAIN DAMAGE I’m white as the driven snow. German Catholic, specifically.

    • Brian Damage

      Really? Is it because you are chowing down on some Pinay so you are pissed because the “Fujis” are making your Pinay’s relatives work as maids in Singapore and Hongkong?

      • TRASH

        Good point, Chinese run such a lousy economy in the Philippines along with the few Mexicans in politics that the place only functions on remissions from its prostitutes abroad.

        Malays are drunken jackasses with no self-respect and no ability to run a country, if you are referring to ethnic Filipinos.

      • TRASH

        BRAIN DAMAGE Filipino and Chinese women are not interested in being “chowed down on” as they prefer the long pale thick West Eurasian penis (Now they have arrived in Africa).

        Chinese pubic hair on a female is like a porcupine that stands straight out while Filipinos have enough negrito blood for their women’s pubes to curl.

        Chinese are the only women in the world to have a vaginal bush that points straight out like the quill on a porcupine.

        I use all women of all Asian races for my perverted sexual acts

        Indian women are not “size queens” to the same extent as East Asian women and do not moan as loudly when being shafted but they do passionately suck the weiner because they are not as Germaphobic as yellow women are.

        I’ve probably impregnated Chinese women because I have never used protection.

      • TRASH

        Filipino and Chinese women do not like white men to “chow down” and prefer the long thick smooth white shaft of the Caucasian penis.

        Now that Chinese are in Africa many Chinese female soldiers and shopkeepers will soon discover the joys of the black penis.

        As an expert on Asian women I would say that Indian girls are not as impressed by the length and diameter of the white penile shaft but unlike Germaphobic Chinese women are more eager to give sloppy passionate BJ’s.

        I am a white man who has been using Asian women sexually (Mostly prostitutes but a good many free) for years.

  10. TRASH

    Typical Singaporean Chinese grandson of some peasant who drank tapioca and got drunk everyday until the English arrived.

    You blame the Dot heads and tend to believe that Malays, a lazy and ugly and utterly useless group of people, truly wanted Chinese bush peddlers to make the situation even worse with their bribery and corruption.

    When they WERE colonies of Holland and Britain the natives were probably better off.

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