Eight Point Flynn Rise in Real IQ Among Filipinos Born in the West

We have absolutely no data whatsoever on SEA’s raised in the West, except for Filipinos, who get an 8 point IQ rise from being raised in the West. Filipinos have 86 IQ’s in the Philippines, which unfortunately is not hard to believe if you have talked to a lot of Filipinas. They are some of the sweetest women out there, but they don’t strike you as real bright. But they are so sweet that you almost don’t care that there’s not a heck of a lot upstairs.

However, Filipinos raised in the West have 94 IQ’s, an eight point Flynn rise in real IQ. Hereditardians try to wave this away by appealing to selective immigration, but they have no data to back up their case. They do this with all Flynn rises in the children of 3rd world immigrants raised in the West for whom Flynn rises are virtually the norm. It’s hard to believe that all of these children of immigrants raised in the West Flynn rises are due to selective immigration. That almost strains credulity. Immigrants to everywhere in the West are always that selective? Really? Anyway, the Hereditardians can’t prove that either, but that doesn’t keep them from using it as a hand wave.

I do not think Filipino immigration is as selective as everyone thinks. I taught school in a heavily Filipino area and most of the parents of the kids were working at some pretty menial jobs. I also ate out in Filipino restaurants a lot, and I spent a fair amount of time in Little Manila just north of downtown LA (yes there is a Filipino neighborhood in LA that most have not heard of). If you meet a lot of ordinary, day to day Filipino-American immigrants, you would not think that the best and the brightest only had been imported. Most of them seem like regular everyday Flips.


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29 responses to “Eight Point Flynn Rise in Real IQ Among Filipinos Born in the West

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  2. TRASH

    Tropical fevers in early childhood often affect parts of the human brain. Malnutrition is also a factor.

    Not that Filipinos are enormously intelligent but bouts with dengue fever in childhood make the situation worse.

  3. SHI

    Why should all this data surprise anyone? So immigrants to the US from India, Vietnam and Philippines are smarter than the ones left behind. No shit. You have to be the smartest among your peers to have a shot at emigrating to the world’s richest nation. You need to have the smarts to figure out the financial costs involved in not only your journey and visas, but also the cost of establishing yourself in a new country. An average immigrant to the US spends about $20-25k to properly settle down there. That’s a hell lot of money for third world wage standards. Especially in India where we have most people still scraping by $200-300 per month.

    • TRASH

      SHI Demonstrating this is the difference between Indians neighborhoods in Silicon Valley/New Jersey vs. Brick Lane (Bangladeshi), Bradford (Kashmir Pakistani), Ontario (Tamil, Low-caste Hindus), Vancouver (Sikhs).

      Americans are quite upfront about wanting educated, white-collar Indians or Gujarati business types with capitol (Though their strip joints and motels are legal-bu-sleazy).

      Indian-Americans do not shoot at police, mug Goras (Most EARN more than us!) or pimp their sisters. Sadly Canada and UK had less restrictive policies.

      SHI where would you rather walk in the middle of the night? An Indian-American San Francisco block or through West Vancouver where Sikhs drug cartels congregate? Bradford, U.K.?

      Brahmin Americans and European-Americans make no pretense of hanging Muslim Pakistani terrorists by their balls.

      …Show me a Pakistani who is going to bomb Gujarati-American temples in New Jersey…He knows that he’ll be dead.

    • TRASH

      Gujarati people can arrive with nothing and depending on their standing in the community get some “start-up” or at least a menial job.

      IT professionals in the West are generally hired out of India or through Indian-Americans who cover their costs and as much as they are hated by Gora co-workers few actually remain in the U.S. for more than 5 years.

  4. James Schipper

    Do you have any idea why the average IQ of the Vietnamese is so much higher than that of the Filipinos?

    • They have a tremendous amount of Chinese blood.

      • Brian Damage

        They are also the custodian of the traditional Chinese culture that are no longer practiced by many Chinese people.

        • TRASH

          Confucius’s teaching never helped a thing. British money and systems of law and infrastructure in Hong Kong or Singapore is what prevented the places from resembling the Philippines.

        • TRASH

          BRAIN DAMAGE Confucius teachings are worthless, it was English laws and investment and knowledge in Malaysia or Singapore or Hong Kong that made these places different from Vietnam or Philippines.

          Whether you like Indians or you don’t, they formed enough of a population segment to present checks and balances to the system.

      • TRASH

        Filipinos have a great deal of Mexican blood and their culture is Hispanicized. This does not help much.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Filipinos have a great deal of Mexican blood and their culture is Hispanicized. This does not help much.

          Yes Filipinos are Hispanicized culturally to some degree but where do you get the idea they have a great deal of “Mexican blood” and what does that mean? You mean Spanish, Indigenous to Mexico, or a mix of the two..? Per Wikipedia: According to a genetic study done by the University of California (San Francisco), Filipinos possess moderate amounts of European DNA coming from the Spanish settlers.Also, according to the National Geographic’s DNA study, “The Genographic Project”, they found out that the average Filipino’s genes are around 2% Native American, 36% East Asian, 53% Southeast Asian and Oceanian, 5% Southern European and 3% South Asian.

          So no surprise Filipinos are predominantly Asian fairly closely related to Malays and Indonesians.

    • TRASH

      SCHIPPER’S ANSWER Filipinos are a mixed-bag. They have considerable Mexican blood and were run by a callous Spanish administration which encouraged overpopulation.

      Chinese-Filipinos formed a syndicate early on the history that was somewhat suppressed by Whites but when the Philippines was no longer a U.S. colony (A good thing because Imperialism is a waste of taxpaying money) and Communist China starting sending more refugees into the rest of Asia the situation reversed itself.

      Many different races came and went-literally as Filipinos are a composite of Indian, Arab, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese blood-but the Chinese have maintained such a choke-hold on the country that it is impossible for native Filipinos to get a decent wage or nutritional level so their brains do not develop in childhood.

      Fevers also go untreated and this affects certain portions of their brain.

      Filipino men follow the NAM pattern of impregnating teenage girls who then have to become prostitutes to feed the child and not well, because the high-end prostitutes tend to be Mestizos so they get enough money to purchase rice.

      Beginning in about 1983 Shabu hit the streets and meth has fried the brains of a third of the population. Filipino women will smoke meth when they are pregnant.

      We are seeing the backlash of that now as the new dictator of the country kills 50 addicts and dealers per day. I’m guessing that a full 10% of the population will dead by the time he has killed all of them.

      • Brian Damage

        Flips are a pretty messed up bunch and will not get better until something drastic is done culutrally. Duterte is a very different Flip. He is from the South and it will be interesting how he navigate through this.

        • TRASH

          Fuji Chinese-Filipinos are a base and greedy lot with no concern for the improvement of society overall so unless their companies went public AND Filipinos could buy stock I do not think that things will improve much.

          Duterte is the definition of a hideously ugly, stupid Malay thuggish corrupt policeman who would shake down White tourists on a beach.

          ….But he will probably go after the Chinese Family Cartels when he is done wasting drug addicts.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        I’m guessing that a full 10% of the population will dead by the time he has killed all of them.

        What ? Seriously you believe that Duterte is going to kill 10% of the Filipino population, around 10 million people..?

        • TRASH

          Meth is such a popular drug and source of income for Filipinos that I would not be surprised if 1,000,000 are dead by the end of 6 years.

        • TRASH

          Hispanic blood is not evenly distributed in the Philippines. In the cities people might be 10% – 15 % Hispanic and in the South and North 0% while the absolute top of Filipino society is 90% Spanish.

        • TRASH

          For the next 6 years 2,000 people will die every month. Mostly harmless stoners but also pickpockets and burglars and a few dangerous criminals.

          He is not trying to solve the problem of poverty and its sad effects but rather wiping out poor people.

  5. Jason Y

    Again when will racist abandon their dumb racism and the pseudoscience which backs it up? As I mentioned in the thread about Vietnamese, Iv’e not seen the tropics cause the evolution of “small brains”, “little monkeys” (sarcasm) as said on alt right websites.

    • TRASH

      JASON Why then are the Chinese and other Northern Asians so powerful in Southeast Asian economies?

      Chinese do not run the economy of Japan, Korea or Russia. They run the economies of Southeast Asia.


      • Brian Damage

        Isn’t that obvious? SEA is like Latin America. Robert, why are you not banning this troll?

        • TRASH

          BRAIN DAMAGE How do I constitute a troll, Confucius? What statement have I made that is inflammatory?

          I get the worst reactions from our Chinese or Indian posters.

          Be aware when you walk into a bank in Singapore and see a white person or visit Australia…we all have my opinion and I’m just sharing it with you.

        • TRASH

          Filipinos are a mixed-race of sorta-Latin “Indios” with a small Spanish old-money ruling-elite but I do not know how Indonesia resembles Latin America.

        • TRASH

          How is Indonesia like Latin America. I see the comparison with the Philippines because they are Indios and mixed-race mongrel orphans ruled by an old-money Spanish Mestizo elite that look like the cast of a Mexican soap opera. Otherwise, what is the correlation?

        • TRASH

          BRAIN DAMAGE I did not realize my language or statements were so offensive.

        • I cannot ban him as he is not breaking any comments rules, but you commenters can ban him if you can muster up enough votes.

          Well I would need to get a certain number of commenters voting to ban him, and I don’t have enough votes yet. So far I have only one vote, yours.

          Yes folks commenters can kick other commenters off the site if they have a good enough reason.

  6. TRASH

    ROBERT I’m not interested in insulting other posters: I’m interested in their arguments and responses.

    Most of our posters are intellectuals who come from all walks of life and are not on this site to “glad-hand” but to argue opinions in search of truth.

  7. TRASH


    My opinion is that of the average Christian, lower-middle-class, white, fair intelligence, average educated male.

    If it is found ignorant or insulting to other posters then rules apply.

    This is a democracy.

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