Possible Massive Increase in Real IQ in Thailand

There is some tantalizing new information of a 10 point rise in Thai IQ’s from 90-99*, which would put them equal to Viets, which probably makes sense since racially they are probably not a lot different and they line up right next to each other on gene charts. And both of line right up next to South Chinese on those same charts. One wonders about a nine point real IQ rise, but according to Steve Sailer (despite his execrable politics, the man has his uses) the Thai government started taking IQ very seriously a while back, talking about it a lot, writing about it, issuing directives and whatnot.

I believe they found that the whole place was iodine deficient, so they dosed the whole country with iodine somehow (adding it to the salt?. I believe Sailer discussed something about the iodine issue, but when he was writing, they had only found the whole place to be an iodine sinkhole and they were talking about dosing the country, but I do not think they had gotten around to it yet.

Wa-la, next we see a 10 point IQ rise. This is actually what we could expect from iodine supplementation alone.

I have met both Thais and Viets. Thais struck me as much smarter than one might expect. Quite a few of them, both male and female, were out and out “dorky nerds with glasses” types, which is what you might expect from a hidden high IQ population.

I dated a Thai woman for a while who had a Masters Degree and worked as an accountant. She was also a millionaire. Oh yes she was also stone cold knockout gorgeous. She was insanely in love with me, but that’s another story.

I went to a Thai restaurant recently, and I was talking to the owner a bit about race and the history of Thailand, and I was stunned at how educated he was. I met another Thai once who had fought in the Vietnam War with the Thai army and he seemed way smarter than he ought to be also. My basic takeaway from dealing with these people is that they are not stupid.

*If someone can find that study for me, I would appreciate it. It came out a few years back and people were shocked about the IQ rise. Me? Not so much. Color me “I told you so.”


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19 responses to “Possible Massive Increase in Real IQ in Thailand

  1. SHI

    Thais are smart. In Bangkok, you’ll find a thriving class of white collar professionals – those “dorky”, glasses-wearing people that look dapper in their neat uniforms. Thailand has an impressive services-based economy although not nearly on the same scale as Singapore, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Tourism is still the biggest revenue-generator.

    On closer examination, a large number of smart Thais happen to have Chinese ancestry. I know because I had dated one and visited her family in Thailand. Like many other countries in Asia, you can find a lot of “colorism” in Thailand. Light-skinned Thais (many, of Chinese extraction) are often seen as more successful and sophisticated than their brown-skinned counterparts from the villages.

    I have seen Thai people (especially women) with “Aryan” features like an Aquiline nose, perfectly oval face and deep, gazing eyes. Those eyelids do open 🙂 Thais like these are usually wealthy and among the elites of Thai society.

    • SHI

      Here’s Tata Young, a famous singer-musician from Thailand. I take pride in having fucked a Thai girl that resembled her greatly. It was one of the best sex I ever had.

      • TRASH

        That woman is not pure Thai. Likely an English father who was a businessman in Thailand.

        You Indians just slaver over Goris?

        Explain why.

      • Jason Y

        Women at colleges now love to show their bust. Don’t they care? Are they trying to flirt with men on purpose? One asked me for help with chemistry so I looked over her book (being next to her), trying to look at our huge bust. 😆

        What we see is a huge skin show at school. So where is the feminism Robert is talking about?

    • TRASH

      SHI Thailand benefited from a long relationship with India and Arabs dating back 1,000 years or more as well as China.

      Thais synthesized the best of French, Chinese and Indian philosophy, business models, culture, law etc. etc.

      India, to its credit, traded peaceably from Yemen to Indonesia.

    • TRASH

      Thais are a genetic mixture of Indian (Who gave them their alphabet I believe), Austronesian, Yunnan and Fujian Chinese with some Burmese in the North and tiny admixture of Arab in the South.

    • Brian Damage

      I would say racism instead of colorism. There is a very big distinction between the Chinese Thais and the native Thais. Women like Tata Young are looked down upon because many Thai-Euro offsprings are some what related to sex tourism. Thai sex workers are mostly native Thais due to poverty.
      “I have seen Thai people (especially women) with “Aryan” features like an Aquiline nose, perfectly oval face and deep, gazing eyes. Those eyelids do open🙂 Thais like these are usually wealthy and among the elites of Thai society.” I disagree. Yeah in the entertainment business perhaps but not the real elites. .

      • TRASH

        Euro sex tourists DO NOT bankroll a daughter’s film career of an Issan prostitute and the Thai public associated Europeans with money more closely than Chinese tourists.

        Chinese are racist down to their hookers and prefer to use migrant Chinese street prostitutes in Chinatown Bangkok (Also cheaper).

        Manchurian and Northern Chinese dominance over the Han culture of the past is possibly the root of the Eurasian obsessions among Chinese because of course these folks were Russian-blooded.

        Or maybe they just find them hotter because. I have to agree the aesthetics of a pure Chinese or Austronesian are improved by European admixture-legs are not as bowlegged, forehead not a protruding, breasts much larger of course.

      • TRASH

        BRAIN DAMAGE Any amount of Caucasian blood is going to be an improvement in female Asian looks which is why Russian-blooded Manchurian women were lusted after by Chinese in antiquity.

        You have the bigger breasts, wider hips, less bow-legged stance, pleasant coloring and eye color.

      • TRASH

        BRAIN DAMAGE Bangkok Chinatown hookers are not looked down upon but the daughter of an American businessman is. Please.


    • TRASH

      Northern Thais are Yunnan Chinese that migrated South through Laos far back in the past to provinces in Issan. South Thais are Austronesian with Indian/Arab admixture. Same history as Vietnam.

      More recent Fuji peasants did infest the economy like locusts which is why you have the usual bribery, corruption, stagflation.

  2. TRASH

    SHI Why do Indians slaver over Goris? Or even half Goris? Is this some holdover from the British Raj, or ancient Aryan women from Russian and Iran or you simply like them better than black Dravidian chicks or what?

  3. SHI

    TRASH. Shut your trap, mate. Don’t really care much about it but you’re pretty damn annoying.

    Good bye.

    • TRASH

      SHI Ever wonder what Goras who have worked and lived in India actually think about you.

      You’re feeling it, Desi.

    • TRASH

      You’re a young and dumb Desi. Probably lower-caste, too. Now you know what Goras think of you when you see them in Chennai or wherever you are from.

      Just what I do.

  4. Jason Y

    Iodine? That’s all it is? What about years of evolution in lazy tropic land? 😆 This whole situation reminds me of Jesus’ encounter with the Phraisees. The HBD people don’t want to believe simply cause, well, they don’t want to (despite obvious facts condemning them).

    • Iodine DEFICIENCY Jason. As a matter of fact, too much iodine actually causes mental issues so you can’t just “overload” on it to compensate.

      BTW, you say that HBD people don’t believe even though Steve Sailer, who Robert mentioned on the subject, is one of the most influential of the crowd.

  5. Thai are controlled by Teowchew Chinese.

    Chinese is Thai and Thai is Chinese. Their Royal family is heavily Chinese. Probably all of their PM are Chinese for the past 100 years.

    The current one Prayuth Chan-ocha is very cantonese sounding. Their top tycoon are Chinese.

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