How the Cultural Left Turned Racism into a Meaningless Term

Racist used to mean treating people differently based on their race or judging individuals by the average of their race.

It still means that, but now the Cultural Left has added a new gotcha to that. If you decide that any race is superior or inferior to ay other race on average on any particular metric, apparently you’re racist. Well then that means that most social science is definitely racist. Differences in intelligence, crime, violence, industry/sloth and other things are very well documented averages among the races.

In fact, these social science findings are highly robust, and only the crazies argue that they are not even true. The more sensible say that yes these “racist facts” are true, but these differences are due to environment and not biology. This is the typical environmentalist position nowadays, and fighting facts seems to be a dead game even with that crowd. But once they accept these nasty racist facts, even the extreme environmentalists have now become racist in the new sense of saying one race is superior or inferior to another on some metric.

So clearly any rational, science-minded person cannot help to be racist according to the modern definition since facts show that some races are inferior or superior to others on certain metrics.

Hell, even Alpha’s probably a racist on that score, and she’s as antiracist as they come! She admits that there are differences in intelligence test scores, crime, violence, etc. among the races (so she admits that some races are superior or inferior to others), but Alpha feels that there is no way that these differences simply represent biology. For her, no one has shown that these differences are racial in origin. That’s a perfectly acceptable and even noble and well-meaning thesis to me, but note that even taking that strong antiracist line does not absolve Alpha of charges of racism due to admitting those nasty little “racist facts.”

In short, the modern definition of racism is so nuts that only ideologues or scientific illiterates can come out nonracist. Just about any science-minded person ends up getting labeled racist.

This is clearly a definition of a word that has gone out of control. If the truth is racist, sexist or homophobic, then there’s really no shame in being racist, sexist or homophobic. In fact, any reasonable man would be precisely that.

So this new daffyntion that the Cultural Left has come up with is not only absurd and anti-logical (not illogical but actually completely opposed to the concept of logic altogether – in other words, outside of logic), but it is also meaningless. It’s now nothing more than an insult, and crying racist more and more is like the boy crying wolf. There’s often no real wolf of course, nor i there any real racist there, just someone the SJW doesn’t like and wants to call names.

So racist now is just another epithet. Calling someone racist is now about as rooted in logic and empiricism as calling someone an asshole or a fool, except that the latter is often true, and in a lot of cases the former often isn’t.

This is a pretty serious matter here. We are talking about the destruction of language itself. Of course the Right has been doing that forever now, especially since Reagan.


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22 responses to “How the Cultural Left Turned Racism into a Meaningless Term

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  2. RockT

    It always was a meaningless term.

  3. TRASH

    Liberals would no more live in a ghetto or violent barrio than a claver of KKK.

    As for racism, who really would choose to live with the poorest and most dangerous whites in Little Italy or in the rural towns of Leatherface.

    Racism or survival instinct?

    All political parties become irrelevant.

    • RockT

      Don’t stereotype, Little Italy, which barely has any Italians left, is not dangerous, neither are rural towns, those are TV tropes. KKK no longer exists, except for the internet, but poor white “racists” tend to live in close proximity to Blacks. Either way, the terms is bogus, always has been and is responsible for causing a century of trouble. Those who criticize religion and its ‘naughty’ accusation terms (whitch) would do well to notice that that is also what “racism” is. The users of the term today are the desendents of the “closed minded” xtians of the past, literally as well as metaphorically. Anyone alive today who uses that word and is white would, no doubt, have been on the the “closed minded” of the pat- it’s all about fashion after all.

      • TRASH

        ROCK T NAMS do not want to visit Italian “social clubs” with men who look like Al Pacino or the late James Gandolfini.

        NAMS also do not want to live next to an old Texas farmhouse that might be owned by a 6’5 cannibal who wields a chainsaw.

        Are NAMS racist for this?

        No it is common sense.

      • TRASH

        NAMS walking through Little Italy would stop at a “Social Club” with tough paisans who look like Stallone and Pacino and Tony Soprano sitting outside?

        I wouldn’t.

        When you pass by farmland on the highway with bleak wooden houses you wonder if a man might run out who is 6’5 and wears a leather mask.

        Racism? Perhaps.

        But we are all racist when it comes to survival.

        • RockT

          Again, those are Hollywood tropes, they are intended to offset the very real danger of the ghettoes. And of course NAMS are not “racist,” no one is. That is a made up scare word for religious liberals to toss around.

          Sorry to disagree with you, I get the feeling we agree more often than not.

      • TRASH

        ROCK T I agree that poor whites put themselves in danger by living on the outer rim of the inner-city where NAMS roam.

        They are better off in the country.

        • RockT

          Those poor whites have no choice, they have been put in danger by sanctimonious liberals who altered their neighborhoods in order to feel proud of themselves. They are better off in the country, so let’s have a gov’t program to move them out there just as there are programs for NAMS to get to live any old place they want to.

      • My German-American relations from Baltimore would not travel into Little Italy.

        It was regarded the same as a Nam’ ghetto, whether that stereotype is accurate or not, I’m not sure.

  4. TRASH

    Liberals do not wish to see their own death and destruction in barrios or ghettos.

  5. AC in NC


    Thought provoking piece that dovetails with one notion I’ve been pondering recently.

    I do like to touch back to definitions and prefer to view Racism by the definition like this modified from a touch from the one I quickly searched up: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior based on their race”.

    Some of the other definitions both that you cite orginally and as cast by the Cultural Left I disagree with. Hear me out on this as I think my heart is pure on it. I don’t even really believe treating people differently (where rational reason exists) based on their race, sex or whatever is inherently bad. It’s simply garden variety prejudice of the kind we all practice every day in order to survive (eg: Is it snake-ist to treat all snakes as poisonous until futher information is known). We react to situations by reading innumerable cues and adjusting as new cues are encountered. Racism (IMO) occurs when you continue with an initial prejudice and refuse to adjust your opinion as further cues develop.

    I’m interested what you think about the notion I’ve been pondering. I note you said “The more sensible say that yes these “racist facts” are true, but these differences are due to environment and not biology.” I wonder if you mean biology distinct from genetics. Sorry not my strong suit. But let me get on with my notion.

    I (white) have been having great discussions with a black friend and we were essentially batting around our default impressions of differing cultural behavior norms that develop in the absence of frank discussions like this based on fear of PC-offenses. Within this discussion, he was mentioning (something I think I’ve observed) is that there’s an element within the black community where others don’t want another individual to succeed (even some family).

    It struck me that perhaps the differences between cold or temperate climes and equitorial climates create a major environmental driver based on the need for cooperation and forward planning to manage seasonal survival as societies developed from hunter/gatherer to more stable agrarian. In the absence of the seasonality problem in equitorial climes, perhaps the environment selected more for competition and other combative characteristics. And this evironmental stimulus eventually encoded genetically into differential cooperative/plan-ahead characteristics vs. competition/combative/grab-what-you-can-now characteristics.

    I think it speaks to your concern about the abominable adulteration of the term “racism” that I cringe writing about the above notion. But it seems obvious to me that there are some generalized racial characteristics (particularly Northern European-style vs. Equitorial as I think you have written about) and that these may have been encoded in the genetics. I guess I feel like it escapes a true racism label because it’s a biological difference that arises not specifically because of the ethnicity but rather environmental drivers based on the geography that ethnicity evolved within.

    As you said, if it’s the truth that shouldn’t be racist.

    Best Regards

    • TRASH

      Possibly a love of battle is encoded in the Scots border-country genetics of Southerners and gangsterism in Italian-Americans.

      We cannot focus all of our racism on NAMS.

  6. Alpha Unit

    I understand the point Robert is making about races being ranked as “inferior” or “superior” on certain metrics, but for the record, I don’t believe that any race is inferior or superior to any other. That’s not how I think.

  7. TRASH

    High IQ’s make the likes of a white serial killer like Dahmer a heinous criminal who is hard to apprehend, or was.

    Italian mafias in New Jersey are as bad Crips and one reason is that they are so well-organized with tentacles of corruption curling around police and local politicians (Though their presence has shrunk).

  8. TRASH

    ROCK T Just how dangerous are the ghettos to whites? I know absolutely no whites who live in the ghetto. Why WOULD you live in the ghetto? There are no jobs, the women are butt-ugly, it is polluted.

    Why would any white live in Detroit or Harlem or a Spanish barrio?

    I think we all know how dangerous the ghetto is.

  9. My definition of racism is in fact “not judging people by the average of their race” in traits.
    Many NAMs are okay with that definition, as seen on Blogs like this.

    They should really stop focusing on these trivial little remarks/viewpoints and really start focusing on David Duke possibly getting to a runoff in Louisiana.

    Or Breitbart saying American Renaissance (the site which proclaims Blacks wounded at Trump rallies need “veterinarians”) was merely “accused” of “racism”.

    • TRASH

      NAMS have no abstract power like Asian-Americans or Jews with their high IQ.

      Physically proximity is their only resource. Outside that they are incapable of any real measure of economic power.

    • Jm8

      “(the site which proclaims Blacks wounded at Trump rallies need “veterinarians”)”

      Wow. Things are getting really scary. What article was that?

  10. TRASH

    Korea’s status compared to Africa’s demonstrates in America which minorities have the power, the brains and will ultimately control the economy.

    Africans will simply live in poor areas where the government allows them to with no way to amass the money as a group to do anything.

    “Like animals” men in uniforms with guns and tasers will “herd them”.

    Asian-Americans are HIGH-IQ competitors with a great deal of cunning. They will gradually challenge Jews and WASPS.

    Amerindians from Central America are again only capable of dominance through physical proximity. They cannot go into the woods or country and survive like whites (Even though they are from rural Latin America).

    They can only congregate in their Spanish neighborhoods where there is labor or factory work or a service economy.

    Indian-Americans, Korean-Americans and Chinese. They will be the challenge because their HIGH IQ allows them to think abstractly.

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