Destruction of Language – An Old Tool of Conservatives, a New Tool of the Cultural Left

Destruction of language is particularly ugly propaganda because by destroying language you make it hard for humans to even do much rational communication anymore because you’ve twisted the meanings of so many words around so that now they mean their opposite, or both what they used to mean and their opposite, or else they have been so misused and abused that no one even knows what the word means anymore. So you get a bunch of people talking without really much understanding going on. It’s like a room full of people all speaking different language. This is the destruction of communication itself, and that is a grave charge.


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3 responses to “Destruction of Language – An Old Tool of Conservatives, a New Tool of the Cultural Left

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  2. SHI

    Monolingual English-speakers are the worst. It’s one thing to have English as a lingua franca for easy communication. But to ride roughshod over the locals the immediately after you step off the airplane in a foreign land, constantly smirking at them for their less-than-impressive command of English, requires a unique level of douchebagger. The Ugly American abroad stereotype is actually quite true.

    Situations overseas demand that instead of the locals speaking English, you learn THEIR language and be very grateful, if they’re speaking any English at all to accommodate your needs. Also, more than once, I’ve seen Brits who take offense to people speaking another language on their phones or for God forbid, singing a song you don’t understand. Granted these aren’t the very bright examples but it takes a certain amount of gall to ask STRANGERS in your surroundings to hush down just because you don’t like the sound of their native tongues.

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