Conservatism Is Pessimistic, Hopeless and Ugly at Its Core

Now, progressive people like to believe in hope. Of course that is one of the reasons that conservatives hate us so much. Conservatism is very cynical about human nature. Very cynical. Downright ugly. Conservatives don’t have much hope for humans nor do they love humans very much. Most of them believe that we are born in sin, and we stay there for most of our lives because we are so depraved that we love to morally transgress on the good and decent. While there is a certain truth to this, there is also a good side to even most humans that is very, very good, and this is a counter to the lousy side which is there, yes, but not necessarily dominant.

In other words, conservatives say we suck. And because we suck, all efforts to make us better are bound to fail like trying to morally educate a bad seed from birth. Worse than that, they are pitiful, stupid, morally naive, a great big waste of time and even worse, a waste of money. The last is worst as there is nothing a conservative loves as much as his fat green wads.

Even worse, the rich and conservative excoriate those who steal simply to survive.


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44 responses to “Conservatism Is Pessimistic, Hopeless and Ugly at Its Core

  1. TRASH


    Poor SHOULD produce children and emphasis on “family” so that a workforce will be unquestionably dependent upon owners of the

    Wars will improve economies (Short-term and sometimes).

    Wars like sporting events will distract the population from uneven standards of living between rich and poor.

    Wars will scrub the masses up and teach them self-discipline.

    Pregnancy is the cost of pleasure. You should not screw in the first place or even masturbate and waste your genes…but of course no chick wants them anyhow intentionally so pregnancy is accidental.

    Porn should be illegal because apart from earning money for the “underworld” (Mediterraneans in the cities ie Jews and Italians) it also causes impressionable white males to rape females or force them to do ugly sex acts in addition to causing them to masturbate.

    • Conservatives don’t believe that now. They call them welfare mothers, moochers, etc.
      They used to believe that, back when they needed them for the factories, and perhaps when they didn’t have to pay much in welfare, but as they can get employees from India, and these children cost them welfare, not anymore.

      We don’t need to breed. We can be replaced by someone else from India, China, Middle East, wherever.

      One conservative Prime Minister we had in Australia, it is incredibly embarrassing to admit this man was ever Prime Minister, proposed a parental leave system which meant the more one earned, the more government money they got in maternity leave. It was in order to entice “women of calibre” to have more children.

      A perfect example of their desire to not only to screw the poor to help the rich, but value people purely on the amount of money the earn.

      • TRASH

        The fact that the poor are out-breeding the rich does not help their situation unless it reaches the point of a French Revolution.

        You simply have even less resources to go around to various urchins in hand-me-downs.

    • Jason Y

      The banning of porn is a core belief of the Catholic church and is sort of believed by the Protestants.

      Some leftists have also caught on to the anti-porn movement (Noam Chomsky against porn).

      • TRASH

        Every time some meth head has a satisfying jerk to porn he is not getting a teenage girl drunk who will then have a baby that will become an unhappy neglected child on food stamps who will then become a delinquent and full-grown criminal.

        His “Jerks to Porn” prevent one more child from being born on welfare to an already overburdened system.

        The woman he impregnates and forgets will not live in a broken down trailer and have to sell drugs or her body in order to provide for the child of a forgotten beastly man who went on to blow his wad in more uneducated and naive young women whose unwanted children roam the streets as urchins knowing they are unloved and unwanted products of 20 minutes of lust between a man so high on drugs or drunk he would have thrust his penis into a hole in a cement wall.

      • TRASH

        Porn has made millionaires out of many hopeless white trash who would have otherwise been in jail or on food stamps.

        Trouble is, these days it pays nothing because its free on the internet. At the height of the VHS/DVD era in the 90’s lost souls become overnight millionaires.

        Those days are gone.

      • TRASH

        Porn performers are often a result of single-parent dysfunctional homes where somebody’s step-dad touched their little vagina or gave their wee-wee a rubdown and thus transformed them into sex addicts (Early genital stimulation seems to have the worst effect on low-class sexual behavior because boys become rapists and girls sluts).

        Middle-class WASPS and Jews do fare better in porn-Ronnie J is a millionaire and so is Peter North-but they are in it for the long haul and indeed are probably more intelligent than the Kansas blonde who drifted out to LA to get away from a bad family.

  2. TRASH

    CORPORATIONS AND COMPANIES are cynical by nature.

    They will sell fortified wine in ghettos that is cheap and affordable.

    They will sell brillo pads in ghettos where few people clean stoves but crack cocaine use is rampant.

    They will sell cowboy boots in Texas not Harlem.

    And so on.

    Consumers are assumed to be stupid and to need their products like toilet paper essentially. Mindlessly consuming them.

  3. Actually Pretty Funny

    The funny thing is the Communists say the same about humans:
    “Commies don’t have much hope for humans nor do they love humans very much. Most of them believe that we are born in sin, and we stay there for most of our lives because we are so depraved that we love to morally transgress on the good and decent.”
    Life is a weird place.

    • Matt

      Aren’t commies the ones who profess to believe that suddenly a miracle will happen and we’ll have a society where everyone will dispense with the need for incentive and work for the collective with no thought of reward? That doesn’t sound pessimistic to me!

      • Actually Pretty Funny

        Well, that was what they thought 50 years ago, before they massacred a shitload of “obstacles” and gained nothing from it.
        Now they are old. But they really want to be right all along, so…..

  4. AC in NC

    Conservatives believe this: “Conserve what works”. There are all sorts of adulterations of the main theme for various reason but that’s what conservatism is in my view. It seeks to take “Reality” for what it is adjust our methods to comport with reality rather than be so full of ourselves that we think we can force reality to change to our whims.

    In that, it shares much with what I intuit about what Robert writes about.

    • That’s the part of conservatism that I like. I actually support that style of “wisdom of the ancients” conservatism. That is why I am Alternative Left. Alternative Left are Conservative Leftists. I hate to say it, but that’s really what a lot of us are.

      • TRASH

        When white males have no money and no job they do not reproduce and white women will not reproduce with them for the most part (This instinct might be a primordial throwback to our Eurasian “good provider” genes).

        Tropical people will reproduce no matter what, at the same rate as they would if they were millionaires.

        As a result, pure socialism cannot really work because as Thatcher put it “somebody else’s money runs out”.

        Ordinary, law-abiding, intelligent whites will not reproduce under dire circumstances and exponentially produce poor children. They will sent in their house on their couches and masturbate until the day comes when they might be re-employed.

        Tropical people will simply reproduce at the same rate no matter what.

        • Any why is it a positive trait that white people don’t choose to have children?

          If you watch the start of Idiocracy, it makes a very pertinent point. The intelligent people CHOSE not to have children. They put financial status above their own survival. This isn’t natural selection selecting the dumb. It’s bad decision making by people who are supposed to be smart.

          Ultimately, the dystopia that Idiocracy portrays is a result of smart people making dumb decisions.

          If “ordinary people” don’t feel that their own reproduction is justified unless they’ve attained some high level of consumerism, then perhaps these are people who would be better left out of the gene pool. The world doesn’t need people who need higher and higher levels of consumptions and ostentation to satiate their own egos and need for satisfaction.

          This “Whites won’t reproduce” without a good job is bullshit though. Up until recently, we had high enough birthrates. Up until the beginning of the last century, people who struggled still had large families. It’s not a “White trait” to not want to breed. It’s a result of degenerate modern culture.

      • The problem with Conservatives, is they support every social force which goes against the ‘wisdom of the ancients’.

        Family values? Well, Conservatives support the holy Free Market, which suppressed wages, making it necessary for both parents to work and kids to be farmed to child care centres. Argue that a person should be paid sufficiently to allow a parent to raise their own children and see them howl.

        Traditional marriage and traditional values? Hell, the “Free Market” has been undermining this recklessly. Isn’t the proliferation of porn, of imagery of objectified and sexualised young women, permissiveness, mindless consumerism, dumbing down of media all been the system trying to make a buck? Isn’t the point of a market to find more and more ways to appeal to the basest human instincts, to find more and more direct paths to subconscious base desires to trigger that piece of flesh to part with money? How does restraint and moderation fit in?

        If you look at the politics Conservatives support, all these positions work against “traditional family values”, unless you’re rich of course.

        • TRASH

          Capitalism does not factor in human needs or compassion. It’s about the bottom-line.

          If you have kids you cannot afford the following will happen: 1) they will attend tough public schools 2) you will not provide them with what they need to be happy and better-off children will tease them 3) they will become racists because they will have negative contact with NAMS in the rundown areas you have to raise them (Unless you live in the sticks) 4) they have an earlier exposure to sex and drugs from tough unsupervised kids 5) higher education is more difficult to pursue.

          Another words, they are screwed.

          IDIOCRACY will seem pleasant when America’s NAMS breed us 6-1 out of complete existence. I’m not sure they have the organizational skills or intellect even to run a seamy squalid rundown country depicted in that film.

          More likely, just another Ethiopia.

        • Jason Y

          if you have enough of certain dysfunctional whites, then the same would happen. Imagine the whole area overrun with meth heads etc…, where corruption is rampant, not enough sane people left to really keep any sort of society in-tact. Zombie-land.

        • AC in NC


          You’ve got to distinguish between Republicans, “conservatives”, and what could be considered a pure conservative which reflects the “wisdom of the ancients.”

          Republicans are an artificial construct attempting to marshall 50% of the electorate in order to fight back against Democrats. Conservatives might be a little more ideologically consistent but are often operating under inculcated notions that are far from conservative (eg: Republican William McKinley was very pro-protectionism).

          I’ve been gravitating toward the Alt-Right and from there happened upon a search that led me to Robert. He said above Alt-Left is a Conservative Leftist. You could well say Alt-Right is a Liberal Rightist. That’s very much what I feel like. I think artificial constructs adulterate the positions that people would want to take because of the demands to “win” at various levels in voting.

          I’d much prefer a system constructed to allow me to be a Liberal locally (where I can ensure my neighbor is OK to the best we can do), to allow me to be Libertarian at the State Level (because different areas are going to have different concerns and should have self-determination), and to be Conservative at the National Level (because big gambles can result in 100 year mistakes that have extraordinary ramifications).

          I think the Alt-Left and Alt-Right need to talk to each other. We could create an 70-80% Alt-American party. I’d like to help the rest of the world if we could but I fear we can’t (unless they want it in exceptional circumstances). Humans are tribal and we have to protect “our own” (whatever ethnicity “our own” is) and let others worry about themselves.

          It’s been a long journey coming out of the ideological blinders that I’d been shackled with. I try to be patient with others (at least the ones that are struggling with their own journey to unplug from the matrix).


        • I’d stop associating with the Alt-Left if that ever happened;
          I want nothing to do with the Alt-Right. Period.

          right wing populism always has a negative trajectory

        • We are never going to get along with the Alt Right I am afraid. There’s just too much distance between us. For instance, Alt Right trolls completely took over some Alt Left groups on Facebook and destroyed them. It then became obvious to me that THEY HATE US. THE ALT RIGHT HATES THE ALT LEFT. I mean they really really really hate us. There are some folks who are sort of Alt Right who are sympathetic to the Alt Left and we have been talking to them but so far it is not going anywhere. We run into roadblocks over racism and other things. Most Alt Righties are openly and ferociously racist. Well most of the Alt Left wings are into racism and even race realism is causing a lot of fights. The biggest wings now have gone neutral on race and race realism. They say that they simply do not wish to talk about race realism. I think some of them believe in it but they’re like, “Let’s not talk about that.”

          Hang around the Alt Right for a while and you will see that they think the enemy is the Left. The Left is the enemy. They say this over and over and over. Well. We are the Left. Alternative Lefties are Leftists! People just don’t get that. They keep insisting that we are rightwingers or fascists or whatever but we really, really, really are Leftists.

          Rabbit’s Alt Left wing which is now one of the smaller wings now is pretty openly White nationalist. AC in NC would probably do well to associate with that wing.

          The Alt Right are really just a bunch of Nazis. The few that are not Nazis are wildly racist. Race realism and HBD is one thing, but out and out virulent racism is another. I’m just not down with that stuff, so I can’t see the point in an alliance with a bunch of racists.

          The MRA types just strike me as a bunch of loons. Feminism is the enemy! No it isn’t. Feminism is in large part pretty retarded, but the best of the feminists – the Jezebel crowd, are merely well meaning but deluded. A lot of us on the Alt Left do not think feminism is the enemy. We just think most feminists are a bunch of idiots. Same with BLM. BLM is not the enemy. BLM are a bunch of moronic fools,

        • AC in NC


          While certainly there are all sorts of “wings” that certainly do hate, I still think both the Alt’s are seeking to tack against what’s wrong on their side of the political spectrum. Neither the right or left I think, if we’re being honest, happen to have all the answers to how we frame society best for everyone.

          I go through periods where I want to rage at leftists. Rarely is that anything related to the motivation of the individual but rather how their particular passionate response to a given social ill either blinds them to the reality-based solutions and solution-assurance or becomes an avenue for rent-seeking.

          Take for instance the criticism of “capitalism” above. The thing described is hardly anything resembling true capitalism. Now that’s not to say that capitalism must not be constrained. But properly constrained capitalism is the far superior to any other economic system (IMHO … but before conceding to a different opinion I would want to strongly put both to the test in the crucible of debate and inquiry). The true problem of capitalism arises in the absence of certain “constraints” coupled with the above mentioned rent-seeking.

          True capitalism absolutely accounts for human needs and compassion. In a far more capitalistic era, the first hospital in America was founded by one such capitalist. Corporate liability shields, cozy regulatory relationships, options-based compensation, and other such problems give rise to the bottom-line, compassionless kind of capitalism that is criticized below. But those are not inherent to capitalism and are eligible to be constrained by the careful regulation that otherwyise would like economic decisions in the hands of private market participants.

          And of course I think Venezuela is a prime example of what happens when you go too far in meddling with economies. Not that we’re far off with the folly that the Fed has undertaken.

          But as always, I greatly value challenging myself reading alternative views of highly intellligent folks that can recognize and battle against the ignorance of most orthodoxy.


        • Rabbit’s wing may be White Nationalist, but from the admittedly little I’ve read it’s not White Nationalist for the usual retarded reasons that the AmRen types are (there was never any of them there coloreds’ here before 1965), and other retarded shit like that.

          He just says it’s ‘for the good of the nation’, and has said he really doesn’t care about Asians other than ‘I don’t want to be a tourist in my own neighborhood’

        • Matt

          AC in NC: I’m not sure that the compassion you view as intrinsic to “true capitalism” isn’t actually the practice of capitalism in a Western society informed by Christian ethics.

        • AC in NC


          I’m working from this definition of capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

          It seems a little ethnocentric to think that Western Values and Christianity are the primary source of the inclusion of things like compassion and charity in the “profit” that private owners seek. I believe in Natural Law that can be derived independent of, or complementary to, any of the many human belief systems (except Islam absent reformation and other cultish enterprises). It is within the context of Natural Law and a balanced relationship with nature and our fellow man that private enterprise “profit seeking” would include tangible and intangible non-monetary “profits”.

          Society works best not by elaborate system of rules but in a social construct where the commonality amongst tribe and transcendental goals hold each to a higher standard where they would be embarrassed to take too great a share within the context of otherwise wealth-maximizing activities which are the key to providing a rising standard of living for all. A perfect example of this is hospitals before they are corporatized back I think in the 60’s or 70’s. Before that hospitals would have a board of community leaders who would’ve felt greatly shamed amongst their fellow citizens were they to not provide healthcare to the indigent. But once behind the corporate shield, it becomes a different story.

          Jim Goodnight locally here with SAS Institute maintains a private company and extends extraordinary benefits and working conditions to his employees maintaining jobs even in downturns. They even go so far is to demand most or all employees NOT take laptops and work extra hours from home.

          Elon Musk at SpaceX (although he’s got some leaching off the government crony-capitalist stuff going on) nominally seems to be setting his company up to forego maximum monetary profit to seek his goal of expanding humanity off earth.

          We spend something like $10K per person per year on healthcare in the United States. But this money is spent with virtually no price transparency, virtually no incentive to shop for value, and with virtually no checks on unnecessary costs. Can anyone deny that healthcare prices would plummet if barriers to competition were eliminated, people re-insured at their own discretion for liability, that $10K was distributed each year to every person in a tax exempt account for spending according to various rules where family could help family or people could “crowdsource” small contributions to atypical expense, with private charities stepping into cover the most tragic cases (or not). Every health care system results in some kind of explicit or implicit rationing. Rather than some bureaucratic scheme that wastes enormous money on end-of-life care, let people decide amongst themselves what is worthy. Those 10K/person/year accounts would build year after year, would be an asset that could be passed along. The people could pay their own bills, would have an incentive to be healthy, would be denied care and die if they’d made horrible decisions. Providers would get paid without enormous backoffice paperwork. Unnecessary care would be eliminated because people would push back and not pay for it and Provider Liability (absent criminal charges) would be eliminated and so no one would be prescribing tests and such for fear of lawsuit.

          Similar thing with Universities. Anyone can teach themselves anything online today. If it weren’t for the government sanctioned stranglehold of accreditation of colleges, business could be required to treat an independent accreditation business as equal to college degrees. Then an accreditation agency could arise that simply provides testing to ensure that someone has college equivalent skills. But now we tell everyone they must go to college, jam loans down their throat, and send them off to learn gender studies at $200K for 4 years paying some professor $180K a year to teach one class. And no hope of future earnings.

          Capitalism is almost perfect requiring only a set of strong constraints around the periphery. Crony- and hyper-regulated capitalism is just devolves into criminal rent-seeking enterprise. However it is still better than more complete central planning approaches. But it still sucks.


  5. TRASH

    Pure socialism tends to “dumb down” a population and make everyone a backward laborer. It’s a great system for the poor worker, somebody once said, but lousy for the creative or innovative because the capital does not exist.

    Welfare capitalism works better but you still end up with more poor, unemployed, fertile people who create an entrenched underclass.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah but as noted in Robert’s recent posts about Southeast Asia, genetics, contrary to HBD thinking, isn’t causing the inferior characteristics of many poor people (poor people targeted by the alt right as being of bad breeding)..

      • TRASH

        Genetics has little to do with it.

        If Chelsea Clinton had been born in a single-parent home and attended rundown public schools and Bill had not been present during her childhood the result would have been the same.

        Usually the dude is not in for the long-haul in low-income hookups-he is high or drunk and shoots his load and then wanders off.

        Getting him to pay child-support is pulling teeth from a Nile crocodile’s mouth.

        Many poor people are quite intelligent but never being able to travel, attend college, eat nutritional meals, enjoy a healthy home life without kitchen table squabbles that lead to blows, drugs at 15 and jail at 20…it all leads to the end result of an entrenched low-class.

        • Jason Y

          Exactly, all you need is a parent who makes the kids come home at 8 PM every night, including weekends, (Well, weekends might be OK as long as you approve of the crowd they’re hanging with.)

          Basically in my family, we have a case of a daughter who went wild, simply cause she has hanged with yo yos from a neighborhing small town, the worst sort, and everything has went downhill. But note this isn’t a big urban area, it doesn’t take that to fuck people up.

          So at some point, the whoever is in charge should have told her to quit hanging with the crowd and put the foot down on her behavior, but nobody did, especially grandparents cannot cause they’re usually too old and too nice to take a stand.

        • Jason Y

          The real truth about HBD, is that it’s a sham and the real problem is culture. If people hang around dysfunctional people, and sometimes this is unavoidable as they’re born into twisted families, then people become dysfunctional.

          Dysfunctional families can ruin a kid from a neighboring good family and they always, well usually, ruin the kids in their own family, simply cause the kids grow up with bad role models.

          So you just cannot be friends with certain people. It isn’t being a snob, but just protection, life or death protection.

        • “The real truth about HBD, is that it’s a sham and the real problem is culture.”

          As you have efficiently proven in the past. Wait…..
          “If people hang around dysfunctional people, and sometimes this is unavoidable as they’re born into twisted families, then people become dysfunctional.”

          So the idea that dysfunctionality can be inherited is debunked by this framework?

          “Dysfunctional families can ruin a kid from a neighboring good family and they always, well usually, ruin the kids in their own family, simply cause the kids grow up with bad role models.”

          Wait, so a bad family could ruin a kid from a good family due to role models? The second sentence makes sense in terms of culture explanation but I have never heard of the other scenario.

          “So you just cannot be friends with certain people. It isn’t being a snob, but just protection, life or death protection.”

          Okay, Now the other one makes sense.Problem is that you haven;t defeated the science of behavioral traits being inherited.

          Yes, exceptions due occur due to heritability but that still links to a biological disposition.

      • TRASH

        I’m neither a liberal nor a Republican nor an “alt-right”….All groups are equally deluded.

        TRUTH is my party. I speak it. I am cynical but unbiased.

        Partly this is due to a lifetime lived overseas (By choice) which allows a person perspective.

        • I have confirmation biases, we all do.

          But I’m pretty confident the Alt-Right is very dangerous and in reality is anti-Western.
          Yet they claim to defend Western Civilization, something they Clearly don’t understand (no emphasis on the individual, a group mindset, non-stop advocation of violence).

  6. Robert, by al-left do you mean non-partisan left?

  7. I’ll get called “anti-White” for this, but the Alt-Right and WNs are cute in many ways.

    They claim to want ‘everyone to leave everyone alone’, and be in their ‘groups’, yet it was their ‘group’ that brought the races together….
    First going into Africa, the Americas, and the orient.

    Do these fucktards appreciate the irony?

  8. Trump’s a tool.

    The Alt-Right leadership knows he’s really overblown; he might do a few token things for them, but he’s not with them in his heart.

    I predict our own “Knight of the Long Knives”, where the Alt-Right overthrows Trump and tries to put their own guy in (after they use him for recruitment, of course).
    I also predict they ‘get’ Alt-Right Jews like Yiannapolous/Breitbart staff, Unz, and Neo-Cons turned Reichers like Mann Coulter.

  9. TRASH

    MATT True, the internet is slowly eroding the media and education. However, I am not convinced that being self-taught is the best path to a well-rounded thought process.

    Would you really want your dentist to be self-taught from the internet?

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