The Flynn Effect and “Hollow Gains”

Brian Williamson writes:

Ok, I feel a need to jump into this conversation. Has anyone mentioned the obvious here? Americans bred the intelligence out of African Americans intentionally during many years of slavery. What good is a strong minded, but weak bodied slave in the tobacco and cotton fields? Traits such as strength, stamina, and virility were needed, whereas an intelligent slave is one that has the potential to create havoc. This is no different than selective breeding used in pets, farm animals, race horses etc.

So “yes”, the black people in America are definitely less intelligent than the whites. We bred them to be exactly that. This is why American black athletes dominate almost every sport, yet maintain such a low IQ on average. Nowhere on earth, that I am aware of, does a single race so dominate athletics as the black culture does in America. It’s their one strong point, so they use it as well as they can to try to be financially successful.

Go to Africa and take 100 pictures of normal, well fed black men. Then take those pictures and compare them to 100 black men of the same age in America. You will see a “huge” difference in their physical appearance. And I’m not talking about their choice in attire either. As for whether they will ever bridge the IQ gape? Doubtful.

Yes the IQ of black people now is the equal to white peoples in the 1950’s. But the flip side of that is that white people are progressing intellectually also. Meaning to catch up, blacks will need to bridge a gap that is eternally fluctuating. Unfortunately unless our culture truly changes drastically, the American black race will always be less intelligent as a whole.

The IQ gape? What’s that? Oh the IQ Gape, with a capital G? That’s the new porn flick with the 150 IQ porn starlet! I remember now.

Yes, Black people are getting a lot smarter in some ways. This is clear.

However, Hereditariantards insist that Blacks are not getting 1% smarter. In fact, no one’s getting smarter. We’re all just as stupid as we ever were! Now, walking around my neighborhood every day, I suspect there is some truth to this, at least observationally. But in testing out the hypothesis, it’s just not true. Even these Mexes around here are getting smarter, although that’s hard to believe. But perhaps they had nowhere to go but up?

That’s because if your scores are only improving on half the tests and not on the other half, those are called “hollow gains.” Hollow gains apparently means no gains at all. Your test scores are rising, but there have been no gains. Ok. Um. Whatever.

My argument, speaking from reason and not Hereditardianism: 

These are not hollow gains and there is no such thing as hollow gains anyway. Intelligence is intelligence. If your score on a particular test is rising, guess what? You’re getting smarter on that particular test! And if your scores on a number of tests are rising, guess what that means? Whoa! Gadzooks! That means you are getting smarter on all those particular tests!

Isn’t that incredible? I mean who would have ever thought that rising scores could mean you were getting smarter, right? I mean a rising score could mean? Well? It could mean you are getting dumber right? It could mean you are not getting smarter at all, which is the position of HereditarianTards. But if you’re not getting smarter, then why are your scores rising on half the tests? Is God giving you a little help? You using magic? Have you developed ESP? Did you all of a sudden start writing the tests yourself? I mean, silly me, thinking that rising scores means you are getting smarter! What a silly idea! I always thought rising scores meant you were getting dumber! Duhhhh. If the score’s going up, of course you’re getting stupider, huh? I mean anyone knows that.

Does the fact that your scores are not going up on all of tests, or they are going up on half the tests and staying flat on half the tests, supposedly mean you are not getting smarter? But how do they figure? The only way to prove you are getting smarter is to do better on all the tests, say the Hereditariantards? Why? Ridiculous.

Let’s try this one. I mean, get ready for some breathtaking logic here. If you’re getting better scores on half the tests and not moving on the other half the tests, that means…you are getting smarter in some ways for sure, huh? I mean, I think that’s sort of obvious, right?

The HereditarianTards would disagree! If your scores are only rising on half the test and not on the other half of the tests, according to these geniuses, you’re not getting any smarter at all! You’re just as dumb as you ever were!

I am sorry, but that argument so does not pass the smell test.


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30 responses to “The Flynn Effect and “Hollow Gains”

  1. Jason Y

    Again we see the HBD movement is heavily biased by hate, and is not objective. The reason it’s that way is due to the massive amount of WNs in it.

    So what if a lot of blacks are smarter, but not in the 100 IQ range. Should people be forbidden to live, forbidden to be in the same nation as the high IQ, or forbidden to be treated with respect, simply cause their IQ is below 100? Yes, according to WNs, simply cause some WNs, like South Koreans in LA etc.., have had some bad experiences with the ghetto black minority (minority among blacks).

    • “Again we see the HBD movement is heavily biased by hate, and is not objective. The reason it’s that way is due to the massive amount of WNs in it.”
      Actually what we see here is you being empowered because you lack the ability to comprehend information yourself.

      Robert was talking about Hereditarians specifically.

      “So what if a lot of blacks are smarter, but not in the 100 IQ range. Should people be forbidden to live, forbidden to be in the same nation as the high IQ, or forbidden to be treated with respect, simply cause their IQ is below 100? ”

      Were was that ever brought up?

      “Yes, according to WNs, simply cause some WNs, like South Koreans in LA etc.., have had some bad experiences with the ghetto black minority (minority among blacks).”

      You know…it’s funny. You make jokes about WNs and South Koreans being obsessed with their prejudice when you manage to bring them up even in situations that are not relevant.

      Yes, there’s a connection in a sense from a political standpoint but this is specifically referring to the nature of the science from the standpoint of what genes determine in regards to intelligence. In this case Robert mentions in what ways genes limit us, NOT with race ideology itself.

    • I hate to say I have to disagree with Jason on this one….

      sure some HBDers are hateful, an ‘under cover’ sort of thing, but REAL WNs really aren’t found of HBD because Ashkenazi Jews have such high IQs, and it can account for their overrepresentation in the halls of power, in wealth, etc.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      Unless you believe in the Protestant meta framework of equality this stuff makes perfect sense.

      If someone like jews have high IQ females, you take them & absorb them. What does this have to do with tolerance, acceptance or anti racism.

      Recognizing the scientific method doesn’t mean you can’t be tribal lol.

      • TRASH

        India is an example of how tribes have utterly distinguished themselves through selective breeding via arranged marriage.

        Low-caste Indians might excel at math to some degree in the South, but most are just plain stupid. They lack social graces, polite body distance, consequential thinking, an ability to hold their alcohol etc.

        Now a Brahmin will at least behave like a white or an Asian in public. They’ll say the right things, or not say the wrong ones. Their manners will be impeccable. They will not explode in macho violent behavior.

        Goras love Brahmin because they act like white people, essentially. Cool, aloof, distant, reserved.

        Tamils are loud Australoids who cannot hold their liquor. Wherever they go they end up at the bottom of the labor poor from Singapore to Dubai.

    • KsytriaKhalsa

      Wow I had a new case & not being used to the dimensions I hit refresh & deleted my comment.

      Basically the HBD movement is primarily 4 or 5 bloggers who bring their own bias.

      After reading Razib Khan, A Karlin, Hbdchick, Jayman & Steve Sailer for close to 3 years this is the only useful thing I got. PS stopped reading them now :

  2. It’s funny how this topic has been brought up a year and a month since the original one.

    Anyways, this post made me look back at the original. It does seem that we can improve on them…but what is the nature of the gain?

    I’m not they familiar with neuroscience, but I think it reflects what can be accomplished with practiced and training, be how well are they retained in real life application?

    • Looking at it again I think the “improvements” take the form of training providing a stronger disposition of a thinking style being adopted in how people adapt to the environment.

      How they don’t translate to improved academic scores though may shoe a limited ability of application

      So this could be scene as “smarter” in a sense.

  3. Actually Pretty Funny

    Do Chinese people lack humanistic or humanitarian value?

    WTF is humanistic or humanitarian value? There’s a time even talking about such bourgeois BS would cost you a public humiliation before the Student Comittee(fingers pointing, kicked out of school for life….), so those concepts are totally alien to us.
    Even to this day it isn’t something taught in school. Instead, all we have is Marx and Lenin. Intereseted in Philosophy= Mental problem, so they(students) say.
    Those things e.g philosophy, AFAIK, were taught under the Capitalistic system, before Liberation. So Comrade Lindsov, you are obviously an evil capitalist with a hideous scheme to undermine Socialism. I see you through from the beginning.

  4. Stary Wylk

    If American Blacks were bred for stupidity, why are their average IQs higher than those of African Blacks?

    Their ancestors from Africa went through two evolutionary selection events just coming to America. The first was in being selected as trade goods rather than being kept as slaves there. I suspect that the smarter of the slaves the African kings had available were selected for shipment since they would be more troublesome.

    The second was surviving the trip. This has left them with a greater tendency to heart disease as a trade-off for living through confinement in a hot hold.

    • “I suspect that the smarter of the slaves the African kings had available were selected for shipment since they would be more troublesome.”

      But that was deselected for here, though if they made it on mainland the would caused revolts and/or escaped like the Maroons.

      • Jm8

        True. And being troublesome does’nt necessarily mean smart/smarter (some maybe, but not all) Sometimes the reverse is true. It somewhat depends on what kind of troublesome actions, and to whom, and why.

        Troublesome can mean prone to anarchic/disorganized antisocial behavior(like typical lower level criminals), while the maroon rebellions were more organized, among other things—though sometimes violent/brutal,but then so was slavery. People were enslaved in Africa, and elsewhere in the ancient/tribal world, for a variety of reasons, including various crimes, as well as debt/poverty (some also being foreign captives—often from weaker and/or more primitive tribes—or the descendants of captives). They may have come disporportionately from the lower social strata/less advanced groups (though not necessarily that disproportionately, and such would vary by region. There were of course many ordinary people anda few elite—some just unlucky/devastated by war—enslaved too,)

        • Jm8

          Some tribes also had slave castes (some Sahel/Savannah tribes, esp some Mande speakers and the Wolof, a few Fulani groups, some others).

          Some groups also had communities of hereditary slaves (who were sometimes really more like serfs; their rights were limited and they were tied to the land i.e. limited mobility, but were not as commonly sold, also a bit like the townships inhabitants’ status in Apartheid South Africa but often more restricted)—sometimes descended/partly descended from conquered people—ruled by lords/chiefs or by the king/state: the Hausa, some others in the Sahel parts of Igboland (the broad class of slaves known as Ohu, sometimes grouped in Ohu settlements, but sometimes kept in/by/near free households) and Ashanti, the BaKuba with their matoon villages—the Kuba specifically did not paricipate much in the tran-Atlantic slave trade.

          These servile groups were perhaps not usually so commonly sold, at least as much as other classes of slaves (indentured servants/pawns/debt servants were also sold in some tribes) that existed, including in some of those same cultures (the Igbo ohu were more generalized slaves—the term is fairly general—and included most slaves that were not Osu, and some-many types of ohu were more commonly sold), but (the above discussed classes of slaves/semi-serfs) are likely to have have been more sold (in some places) in times of crises/economic stress, such as during the save Atlantic trade era.

        • Jm8

          Correction: “…such as during the Atlantic slave trade era.”

      • To Jm8,

        When it comes to being troublesome, the most common cases were with Ashanti slaves, a tribe known for being smart.

        Other ones were “Igboes”, but that doesn’t tell much. “Eboe” could mean two things in Slavery, slaves from the Bight of Benin or the Bight of Biafra. I suspect the latter were the rebels because the ones in particular were known as the Mokoes who also went by “Qua Eboe” but were really a Ibani group.

        They weren’t deemed very intelligent as far as I know though.

        Still, in slave observations, overall intelligent ones like the Krus weren’t very submissive compared to the general perception of black slaves, as while they were good workers in behavior the didn’t liken to slavery or prolong service. Hell, very few from their Region “Windward Coast” actually were imported as slaves, most in European records seemed to be Voluntary workers.

        While it was really docility/submission they were looking for, that seems to be negatively correlated with intelligence for the overall group at least for slaves of West/Central, as the opposite seems to hold for the Savannah tribes like Mandinkas compared to Jolas.

        • Jm8

          “When it comes to being troublesome, the most common cases were with Ashanti slaves, a tribe known for being smart.”

          Being troublesome when in a condition of slavery (either individually or in a group like the maroons—who sometimes contained many from the tribes you mention) can (sometimes) be associated with being smart.

          Being troublesome in other ways(e.g.: common criminal-like, perhaps as opposed to organized criminals/gangsters for who are more likely to be smart)—depending on how and why, etc… (especially when not so much in a state of oppression like slavery. Some slaves sold from Africa were slaves before hand and some not, and how the former became slaves varied), may not be associated with high intelligence.

        • I agree, one of the exceptions for “troublesome slaves” would be the Mokoes, Ibani group.

          I would imagine though that there would be a correlation that, if not to intelligence itself, then competitiveness.

          I would imagine that with the Mokoes they were competitive for resources in SE Nigeria with other groups.

          With the Ashanti However they likely had more emphasis on trying to support produce as it was harder to Farm on the land they had compared to more fruitful places like the edges of SE Nigeria near the Coast.

          Then Agaim I;ve read they’ve came from calabar, an area more dry, before the went to the swamp lands. So perhaps they were a proto-ashanti stage of development.

      • BTW, troublesome in this case means resistant to slavery. BTW, being brutal and Organized doesn’t seem to be contradictory if you see it through the lens of clannishness.

        Ashanti have a relatively noticeable inbreeding rate, but seems to be in the direction of positive selection like say Jews. This would cause them to be less civil/ more competitive with those outside that circle but more organized with those in their circle.

        With that said though, many of the Ashanti likely were criminals but criminals have gangs too.

        • Jm8

          Interesting. I thought some of the same things. And the Ashanti do practice cross cousin marriage. Much of Ghana seems to be fairly civic by regional standards, but this may be (partly at least) because a large part of the county or less homogenously Ashanti/Akan and they are by far the largest group—at 47% (the south, where the Akan—and the Ewe—another relatively sucessful group—live is substantially richer and better organized than the north, which has smaller less advanced tribes).

        • Jm8

          Edit: “…but this likely is (partly at least) because a large part of the county is more or less homogenously Ashanti/Akan…”

        • Jm8

          Edit: “…is homogenously Ashanti/Akan (and the Ashanti had a united, though confederation-type, kingdom, unlike the looser city state/sub tribe arrangement of some other groups) and they are by far the…”

        • Jm8

          …those outside the circle for the Ashanti, of course, being primarily the non-Ashanti.

          The Ewe also (like many tribes) practice (certain types of) cousin marriage, and like many tribes, practiced arranged marriage.

          “Though certain marriages in Anlo were prohibited, marriages between certain relatives were favoured because it was believed that marriage between persons not bound by ties of kinship was not likely to be stable. Due to this fact Anlo parents from the outset took special interest in the marriages of their children and initiated moves to find them suitable spouses, sometimes even before the children were born.

          Tasivinyruivisrɔ or cross-cousin marriage was by far the commonest type accounting for about 89% of recorded marriages in years gone by followed by marriage of members of the same clan.”

        • Jm8

          Sometimes arranges marriage may be beneficial (especially provided inbreeding—when such is practiced—does not get too intense), and help select for good qualities depending maybe on the judgement of the parents doing the selecting).

          more on the Ewe (same link as before), whose ways in that area are reminiscent of several other tribes:

          “This also gives them time to make enquiries about the man and his parents if they have not done so already. It is important they establish the man is of good stock, able to support his wife in the manner to which she has been accustomed, and from a family free of hereditary defects, witchcraft and criminal mentality.”

        • True, this form of marriage does has it’s traits.

        • I meant to add “beneficial”.

        • Jm8

          I meant to say: “…more on the Ewe (same link as before), whose ways in that regard are reminiscent of (those of) several other tribes:”

  5. Jm8

    “The IQ gape? What’s that? Oh the IQ Gape, with a capital G? That’s the new porn flick with the 150 IQ porn starlet! I remember now.”

    I wonder if high IQ porn is a thing (according to rule 34 it must be). I think I could get into that.

    • TRASH

      Indian castes in UK, Canada and the US reflect this clearly: Canadian cities and UK cities have violent youth gangs, pimping, prostitution, drugs, violence, pollution, general chaos as a result of importing lower to middle-caste Punjabi and Bangladeshis and Pakistanis and Tamils.

      America is selective: Gujarati business castes and Brahmin are the primary immigrants. They cause no problems.

      America is more violent than either Canada or U.K. except in the districts where Kashmir Pakistanis have settled in Britain and lower-caste Indians in Ontario or Sikhs in Vancouver.

    • TRASH

      At the time that porn was most lucrative in 1980’s and 1990’s several MENSA-level people entered porn: Asian and Jews, unsurprisingly.

      Those were the days when anybody with a penis could be a millionaire. For women it was even easier. Several highly intelligent people became millionaires in the 80’s.

      Now that porn can be made with any idiot with a cell-phone camera and is free on the internet only morons participate in it.

      Because it does not earn money.

    • TRASH

      Canada and U.K. reflect this in the crime rates of lower-caste Indians which the U.S. wisely avoids importing.

      Brampton, Vancouver and London all reflect the risk of importing the lower castes of South Asians into cities.

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