Samantha Power, Psychopath

Good God, look at this maniac. She’s barely even human. Look at how annoyed she is:

Edited transcription of Mrs. Power’s 12 minute temper tantrum:

You got me out of bed on a Saturday night to make me come down here and apologize about killing 80 Syrian troops? You got a lot of nerve to do that! I had a lot of things planned for tonite like settling down with a glass of champagne and curling up with a good book!

I mean, Syrian troops, really? They’re as bad as ISIS! No wait, they’re worse! Those aren’t even human beings. They’re nothing but ants to me. Would I cry if I stepped on 80 ants? Of course not! So why should I be upset when 80 Syrian ants got killed? The world’s a better place! Anyway, Assad gasses civilians, has concentration camps with poison showers and furnaces, makes soap and lampshades out of human beings, you know? Get real. Let’s have some UM sessions about Assad making lampshades out of his enemies!

You’re telling us we’re the air force for ISIS? Really? How crazy is that?

Well let’s see. You just bombed Syrian troops, killing 80 and wounding 100 in an attack that could not possibly be an accident in any possible universe. So, yeah. That makes you the air force of ISIS or USISIS or whatever they are called now. So you have to change the name of the US Air Force from USAF or Wehrmacht or whatever it is now to ISISAF. I mean it’s only logical, Mrs.  Power.

The Russians and Syrians are not letting the aid through!

That’s because your moderate terrorists that you support called Al Qaeda are not letting any of the air come through to their own side in East Aleppo, ma’am.

Assad has used poison gas on his own people!

Assad is fighting a very, very dirty war here, I would certainly agree with that, but so is the other side. Or maybe the other side is even worse. Who knows? But Assad never used poison gas on his people, not even once. And I have done a lot of research on this.

Assad bombs hospitals!

I do not know about every case, but the hospital that was bombed in East Aleppo in Al Qaeda controlled territory was a field hospital for wounded troops, and it was not marked in any way whatsoever. It was in a building that had been used for other purposes. Hospitals are supposed to be marked with a red cross or red crescent or something like that on the roof.

Now, I do not believe in bombing even field hospitals – it is absolutely a war crime, but most everyone does it nowadays and these days, it is a US specialty. For instance, before we invaded Fallujah, the first thing we did was bomb the local hospital to rubble, apparently so they could not treat wounded fighters. A number of doctors, nurses, other workers and patients were killed in the bombing. We also deliberately bombed that hospital in Kunduz, for a couple of possible reasons:

  1. That they were treating Taliban figthers, which is their mission as part of Medicins Sans Frontiers.
  2. or they were harboring a Taliban spy who had taken refuge in the hospital. But MSF stuff knew nothing about this man, and that’s still no reason to bomb a damned hospital and kill a bunch of doctors.

The MSF people started screaming to US Command that they were bombing an MSF hospital very soon after the attack started, but somehow the attack continued for another hour and a half anyway.

No way was that an accident, sorry.


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3 responses to “Samantha Power, Psychopath

  1. SHI

    Samantha’s full-blooded Irish. Not a Jewess by birth.

    Power was born in Dublin, the daughter of Vera Delaney, a field-hockey international and kidney doctor, and Jim Power, a dentist and piano player.Raised in Ireland until she was nine, Power lived in Castleknock and was schooled in Mount Anville Montessori, Goatstown, Dublin, until her parents emigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1979.

    I think she’s kinda hot. She’s married to some God’s chosen called “Sunstein”. Damn. Look at that evil sneer on this douchebag. He looks like the kind of lawyer who’ll be happy to sue you for every last cent in your pocket.

    I always wanted to emigrate to America. But seeing that the whole place is actually run by litigation-happy lawyers named “Sunstein”, Bronstein” and “Moonstein’, can make it a very difficulot choice.

    • TRASH

      SHI It won’t be run by Indians to the extent that Dubai or U.K. are, I can assure you of that.

      Indians are relegated to IT and technical fields in the main, apart from sleazy-but-legal businesses like “No Tell Motels”.

      Nobody wants Dravidian people running anything in the States.

  2. Stary Wylk

    She doesn’t want the Cold War to be over. I fear they’re trying to start a hot one.

    Everyone has their own opinion. Few Irish women look good to me. She’s one of the many.

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