The Race of the Original Turks

I won’t be able to do that as I sit on the peer review board of a journal of Turkic linguistics out of Turkey. I also have a chapter coming out in a new book about Turkic linguistics. In the chapter, I mostly talk about language, but I did talk a lot about history and origins too.

It’s pretty clear the original Turks from Northern Kazakhstan/the Altai were probably not White people, though that is probably in dispute. The later homelands, around the Altai where China, Mongolia, Russia and Turkey all come together were probably much more Asiatic. If you look at the Siberian Turkic speakers like Siberian Tatars, the Altai, the Chulym, the Shor and the Khakas, those are probably a good bet for what the original Turkics looked like. A good way of describing these people is half-Asiatic (Mongolic) and half-Caucasian.

This group also was apparently the base for the Amerindian populations as well. The Amerindians are fully Asiatic. So the people who birthed the Asiatics later birthed the Turks. However, there was some Caucasoid mixing in between with groups such as the Caucasian Tocharians. Later, Iranic groups mixed heavily with Turkics in the Stans.

The Tuvans also look like a very early Turkic group, and they are very Asiatic (Mongolic). The real pure Turkics from the Turkic homeland appear to be at least 50% Asiatic. The only reason they look Whiter as the get further west is that the Turkic Muslims conquered many of these people in Islamic jihads. These conquered Caucasians were then converted to Islam in the usual manner.



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2 responses to “The Race of the Original Turks

  1. buusra

    I don’t wanna write the same things over and over again, so I quote the important parts here:

    ”The handicap that western people have is that you overlook the fact that turks are not only ‘muslims in anatolia’. Turks are everywhere. There are also christian turks (like moldovian, bulgarian and more) as well as jewish turks (today’s jewish in eastern-central europe, even in the USA, all of whom are descendants of Khazaria). However, they are originally shaman.
    ..yes, they came from Asia through Siberia and also southern ways as well, but racially they had nothing to do with mongol and chinese. The mongols followed them forever, though, until europe and anatolia while mixing with them partially (chinese kept on mixing with the ones left behind).
    Religionally, on the other hand, it is believed that turks come from Yafes (or Japhed) who is son of Noah and the father of white race, whom turks call Olcay, a very important figure along with Kayra, the main god in their mythology. There are so many research on this as well.
    There are so many secrets and traditions that they brought to europe which are being uncovered now. So, they are mystical people.
    ”Turks encountered with these semitic people when they entered anatolia and mesopotamia (this was via sümers, long ago before they entered to anatolia). Greeks are from the same roots with armenians and kurdish, so their middle-eastern brown look along with the that of arabs started to change slightly the white look of real turks through mixed marriages.
    That is the only reality; real Turks are white and that is why they took the phenotype of the people they mixed with! (asian typology in asia and middle-eastern typology in anatolia and mesopotamia)
    You guys have another handicap: You still tend to believe turks only entered to Europe with Ottomans. Wrong! Turks were already there when ottomans showed up! On the contrary, Ottomans were the empire with less turkic characteristics. Turks migrated to europe long, long ago, as I have pointed out before, with the migration of tribes but the migrations took place several times in history. It didn’t happen all in once. Recall Atilla, his presence in europe was just one reason that started one channel of the migration of tribes. There are several other routes that turks followed earlier. They settled to northern and central europe, then to western europe as well. Shall I write the names of the clans? Are you ready for it really? I don’t think so. I have already written so much more than I intended to, but seeing your lack of knowledge but insistence on claims that are no longer valid, I felt an urge to write. That they turned to christianity from shamanism don’t make them another nation, they still have the same blood in their veins.”

  2. buusra

    I need to add insistently that; if greeks, armenians, kurdish, persian, asyrians, arabs, even semitic jews didn’t mix with Turks (especially kipchacks-cumans), they wouldn’t have any white/fair characteristics (that they have very little) at all. They are all semitics, just like their brothers arabs.

    I dearly recommend you to follow R1 turc-gene !! Then you will find it will take you back further to Siberia and northern-inner Asia where turks started their journey to west. Northern, central and eastern europe was empty until then, only warm southern europe, mesopotamia and anatolia were full of semitics. Then they started to mix with the new-comers, Turks, along with their pagan beliefs and traditions. Their arrival wasn’t only at one time, it took several times and several places in history!

    New research and findings show that the tribes arrived in different times were Cumans, Celts, Germens, Varegs, Gots, Alans, Avars, Bulgars, Sarmatians, Skithians, Cherkess (ukranian) and some more in addition to Huns !!! Some authors like Murat Adjiev and Sofi Semenova from Russia are putting some of them under the name ‘Kipchack’ only, which make sense as they all have the same typology: whitest skin, blue eyes and blonde-red-brown hair.

    Russia is definitely made up of different tribes of turks, but mostly Cumans. They also started to accept it. I told you, turning christian did make us apart, but not that apart. Race is thicker than religion.

    You will not like to hear this but many americans (maybe even you) might be descendants of turks (like Bob Dylan) as you have migrated from europe 2-3 hundreds years ago. But it doesn’t make us sisters or brothers (psychologically), I dont take it that way

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