Granny’s Expecting


MILF alert!

I did not think that was even possible. I thought 58 was the oldest GrandMom out there.

But we men do not have such worries.

A man can still father a child while there is snow on the roof*, but a woman’s time is short…

– Plutarch.

For man, though he be grey-headed when he comes back, soon gets a young wife. But a woman’s time is short

– Aristophanes, Lysistrata.

I suppose you are wondering what’s the youngest girl some pedo knocked up. That award goes to a Peruvian girl who gave birth to a baby at the age of 5 years old back in the 1930’s. What kind of sick bastard would do something like that?**

*”While there is snow on the roof…” – when a man’s hair is white with age, sort of like mine you know.

**Hint: I did it.


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9 responses to “Granny’s Expecting

  1. TRASH


    You have a kid at 15 and 50% of males will take off. Period. They want to enjoy their life and they will leave the girl.

    She may have to give BJ’s for 16 years to feed it Macaroni and Cheese (In addition to working a minimum wage job).

    Or after a lifetime of sexual experiences beginning with that mother of a friend at 17 through college hookups and swinger’s clubs under the sun with women of all shapes and hues (Come on Robert we are both men of the world) and even various ages.

    55 and reasonably well-heeled, you have your kid. One. It’s mother is your trophy wife of 28, 35. Kid is going to enjoy your support, go to private schools, enjoy wonderful vacations, have your generous time.

    (Also men are more mellow in their fifties and do not hit their kids as often as they do when they are younger).

    So what’s the best choice for the kid, its mother and you?

      • TRASH

        EMILY Most women who have a child under the age of 25 seem to regret it.

        • Emily Becke

          I was told from a young age, be successful! Go to uni! Make loads of cash. Earn a huge wage that will enable me to stand on my own feet. You don’t need a man! You don’t want to waste your time looking after children! Drive a Ferrari.

          Being an orphan from six yrs old, all I wanted was to be part of a family. Motherhood is a calling. Its a ministry. Noone ever told me it was OK to just be happy with a family.

          All Marilyn Monroe wanted was a baby. But We the people want stars! Superheroes! Norma jeans boring. Let’s change her name and completely change her identity. God rest her soul.

        • Emily Becke

          The only regret I have is listening to people who think they know what I want.

        • Gay State Girl

          Most careers are overrated yes but motherhood? It’s the ultimate form of Stockholm Syndrome.

  2. Gay State Girl

    “That award goes to a Peruvian girl who gave birth to a baby at the age of 5 years old back in the 1930’s. What kind of sick bastard would do something like that?”


  3. Emily Becke

    Stockholm syndrome is a strategy. And people develop it for survival.

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