White Culture Is One of the Least Rapey Cultures on Earth

Most Islamic cultures are pretty rapey, and India is rapey as Hell. All Latin America and all of Sub-Saharan Africa is rapey as all get out. All of the Caribbean is rapey. The Philippines is pretty damn rapey. India is probably the rapiest place on Earth. Generally speaking, the more Black and mestizo the place is, the rapier it is. South Asian culture is rapey as Hell, and Bangladesh and Pakistan would be rapey too if they were not Islamic. Rapeyness seems to be negatively correlated with how White or NE Asian a place is and positively correlated with South Asian, mestizo and Black cultures. Which of course is what any sane person would expect and is of course the exact opposite of what White-hating Western feminists propose.

Western feminists have decided that White culture and only White culture is afflicted with some bizarre thing called “rape culture” in which rape is normalized. I don’t know about these feminists, but I never lived in any White culture where rape was normalized or sanctioned. If I did, perhaps I would have raped a woman or a girl. I shudder to think about it, but I figure I am just a normal guy. If you give men cultural permission to rape, a lot of them are going to do just that. Even White men. That is why we need strong laws against rape to punish maniacs and make even normal guys like me think twice (or better yet fifty times) before doing something like that.


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16 responses to “White Culture Is One of the Least Rapey Cultures on Earth

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  2. Sam

    You posted something on pocd a while ago. You said that pocd sufferers are rarely aroused by children. I am aroused by a certain child. Do I have pocd or am I a pedophile?

  3. Howard

    You have found another white man’s phenomenon and while it seems wonderful, perhaps you are confusing the cause with the effect. It’s a common understanding that the average white man is not particularly fond of dancing. Perhaps it is because he lacks the talent for dancing. The white culture is the less “rapey”. There is a lower birth rate. Perhaps it is because he lacks the talent for f**ckig. Perhaps his culture suppresses the desire or the desire is innately less. It seems plausible.

  4. Barack Thatcher

    In the modern day Whites are less Rapists.

    To say otherwise or to make up these fantastic definitions of rape is an insult to women and girls living in real “Rape cultures” worldwide.

    That being said, there is a reason African-Americans average 17% European and Latinos average 12%;
    a lot of it was rape.
    But David Duke would point out, when Bantu tribes conquered other Bantu tribes rape ensued. Idk.

    I think it’s kind of crazy to pin it on a race, because culture varies from time to time within that race.
    Our Culture is better in this regard. Feminazis are retarded.

  5. Jm8

    Supposed parts of NE Asia (at least China) have alot of rape, especially within relationships (hard to qualify/prove) according to some recent studies.

  6. Jason Y

    Yeah Robert has a point. Cultural leftists praise anything non-white and also feminism, but non-whites are the least feminist.

  7. Beatrix

    According to the UN reports I’ve read South Sudan is the “rapiest” place on earth.
    Recent article from NPR-

    Gang Rape Of Aid Workers In South Sudan Is A Turning Point

    In South Sudan’s War, Mass Gang Rape Has Become an Everyday Weapon

    “On Friday a report by the by the UN Human Rights Office documented the systemic use of rape as a weapon in South Sudan, which it said had become “one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world.” Some of the most serious abuses of the conflict took place in Unity State in spring 2014, it said, with civilians suspected of supporting the opposition — including children and the disabled — being burned alive, suffocated in containers, shot, hanged from trees, or cut to pieces.

    “The sexual assaults were characterized by their extreme brutality, with women who tried to resist or just looked their rapist in the eye being killed in some cases,” it said. One woman told the UN she had been stripped naked and raped by five soldiers in front of her children on the roadside and then raped by more men in the bushes, only to return and find her children missing; another was tied to a tree after her husband was killed and had to watch her 15-year-old daughter being raped by ten soldiers.”

    Don’t know why this situation isn’t being covered more by western media.

  8. Beatrix

    Actually I was talking to a group of teen (13 to 19 yrs old) Black girls from South Africa about 3 months ago & they said rape is just expected as normal male behavior & “jackrolling” (SA for gang rape) was common there too. Girls are just told to accept it & get over it- even if the rapist is a family member.
    Wikipedia does a good job covering the issue-
    “Sexual violence against minors older than the age of infancy is also extremely prevalent in South Africa. According to the Medical Research Council, more than one in four minors experience physical violence at home daily or weekly and more than one third of girls have experienced sexual violence before the age of 18. Its study also states that by 2009, 40% of all victims who reported rape to the police were under 18 and 15% were under 12 years old.”

    • Malla

      I am damn sure Europeans have higher testosterone than people from the Indian subcontinent. I just think they have better self control and respect for women in general.

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