Seduction Is a Scam

Of course, all seduction is trickery, a scam, a game, con artistry if you will. You can always try to be honest about your seduction like these feminist “consent” freaks, but the problem with seducing honestly is not only that it is an oxymoron but that it doesn’t work, and if you limit yourself that way, you’ll probably die a virgin.

So if you want to get laid, take up trickery (seduction).

Boozing and doping always helps.

Psychological manipulation helps, but I don’t want to be too evil about it. Instead, my psychological manipulation takes more the form of games, trickery, etc. of what I see as as an innocent sort. I don’t get down with sociopathic manipulation.

You can also use verbal persuasion. I have done this many times. You can’t threaten them, but you can use every verbal and psychological trick in the game to sweet talk her into bed. You can argue her into bed too. I’ve done it many times.

Anyway, all of this is just normal. It would be nice if we could just get laid without going through all this Game bullshit, but women don’t really cooperate on that end, so it’s time to wheel out the Seduction Scam.

Anyone who tells you that seduction is honest is lying. Seduction is deceit by its very nature. It’s also a con, a scam, and a game. Seduction is synonymous with trickery. If that sounds horrible, I am sorry, but I am just telling you what seduction is. You are always free to refuse to use it, but the guy next door using seduction (trickery) will be having 10 times more sex than you playing Honest Abe.

Your choice, guys! Wink.


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2 responses to “Seduction Is a Scam

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  2. You argued her into bed? Woah, now that’s power 😀 Would love to hear the story about that

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