Alt-Right Joke

A gay vegan Satanist, an obese Libertarian baby boomer, and a Mormon White Nationalist walk into a bar.

Bartender says “How’s it going, Alt-Right?”


Filed under Conservatism, Humor, Political Science

2 responses to “Alt-Right Joke

  1. Barack Thatcher

    The “Mormon White Nationalist” is Mia Love;

    whom Jared Taylor donated to, because he thought she could fulfill her promise of ‘dismantling the Congressional Black Caucus’ (organization).

  2. SHI

    That’s funny. Here’s one very similar.

    A Hasidic Jew, a Syrian sheik, a China man and an Australian aborigene walk into a bar in Oswiecim, Poland (near Auschwitz).

    The Polack bartender rolls his eyes at the United Nations, “Is this some kind of a joke. Get the fuck out of here!”

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