Casteism Compared to Ordinary Discrimination

Jason Y writes:

Certain families are in the USA, not East Indian but regular Americans, are divided into uppity and so, so and poorer groups. The poorer groups might live in a trailer, are more likely to smoke cigarettes and do drugs.

So the question is, “Why criticize India, when people in the USA divide themselves harshly by caste, simply cause those who don’t do illegal drugs, smoke cigarettes, or are involved in a rough culture, cannot mesh well health worshipping Yuppie types? Conflict in inevitable.

Have you ever been around real Yuppies or whatever they’re called? Well, for one thing, they’re incredibly bossy and preachy. They try to parent even other adults like they’re not of sound mind when they are. They’re into overkill on parenting, not even letting kids drink soda or play video games, also controlling all their time so that the kids cannot even breathe.😆

I haven’t met too many yuppies who were as insular and uppity as those Gujaratis. I mean they will not even talk to a non-Gujarati as far as I can tell. How many yuppies are like that.

There is no casteism in the US. In fact, all racial discrimination is illegal and the US has a department that goes after job discrimination and if your business is big enough, believe me they do go after this. Also housing discrimation is illegal in the US, however, the funds have been gutted for this.

The US is one of the least racist multicultural countries on Earth. Name some other multicultural countries that have less racism than the US. I am waiting.

You cannot compare casteism to much of anything else on the face of the Earth. It is quite different. The only comparison might be the Jim Crow South or Apartheid South Africa or maybe Israel. I want you people on here to tell me about some other countries where any sort of racial or ethnic discrimination is anything close to casteism. I cannot think of any right off the bat. The situation of Koreans and Burakamin in Japan is not good, and the Buraku situation is basically a caste one, but is it anything like caste in India?

PS. You cannot use caste in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh to compare to caste in India as it is all the same thing.

The Shia are not treated well in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, but is it close to the casteism of India?

Yes there is discrimination against Whites in South Africa, but does the situation of Whites resemble that of Dalits?

There is severe discrimination against Haitians in Dominican Republic, but is it as bad as Indian caste?

There is some pretty serious discrimination against Muslims in Myanmar right now that is on the level of casteism perhaps.

The Pygmies and Albinos are treated horribly in Africa. Perhaps that is on the level of caste in India.

Yes there is discrimination and racism against Indians in Chile, but is it on the level of Indian caste? I think not. There is similar but much worse discrimination against Indians in Peru, but it’s mostly the Whites who do it, and it’s not as bad as Indian caste. Also the new President is an Indian and he doesn’t support this discrimination at all.

I would agree that the slaves in Mauritania and other parts of Africa is a very similar situation to casteism in India. In fact, Dalits may have it better than African slaves.

This whole Indian line of saying that “all nations have caste” is just insane. The Indian caste system goes far beyond whatever sort of racism and discrimination exists in most parts of the world. There’s just no comparison.

I would also like to point out that Jason Y here, a liberal, is running interference for and whitewashing one of the most vicious and evil systems of discrimination on Earth. That’s not very liberal of him.


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28 responses to “Casteism Compared to Ordinary Discrimination

  1. SHI

    I haven’t met too many yuppies who were as insular and uppity as those Gujaratis. I mean they will not even talk to a non-Gujarati as far as I can tell.

    To be fair to Gujaratis, the reason they happen to be such a close-knit community is because they seriously lack confidence in dealing with people outside their communities. It’s like permanently defining your boundaries inside a comfort zone which simply makes you incapable of dealing with outsiders. Think of Amish people, Top hat wearing Hasidic Jews or the Mormons.

    There are a few exceptions though, e.g. Kal Penn is a Gujarati but he is far removed from Gujarati culture, or Indian culture even. He’s as American as Apple pie and cider.

    I’ve spent a lot of time among Gujaratis and trust me, you don’t really want to get very close to them. It’s the whole Gujarati lifestyle which is greatly incompatible to yours. I have even been in serious relationship with Gujarati girls but eventually didn’t want to marry them. Their culture is that revolting.

    First off, almost all Gujaratis are vegetarians, especially the womenfolk but even the men. At least in their homes, they’ll never cook anything that has anything to do with meat. They also create a huge racket if you bring meat in their company. The very scent of meat drives them religiously crazy. Traditioonal Gujaratis wouldn’t rent their homes to people who consume meat.

    Then the insane religious superstitions. You’ll have to deal with those silly rituals day in and day out. Think of scientologists.

    Also, Gujarati cuisine is horrible.Let’s just put it this way, it’s not to everyone’s taste. Maybe an “acquired taste”. Too much sugar in everything. I’d rather choke on low-grade beef.

    What passes for “humor” and “fun” in Gujarati culture isn’t to everyone else’s taste either.

    Even in India, Gujaratis choose to self-segregate themselves from people of other states. And vice versa.

    • TRASH

      Indians would blame Kal Penn’s characters on being raised in a Western culture although I do not know that any Gujarati could behave as stupidly in real life as his stoners.

      In any event, he is as distant from India as Tommy Chong is from China.

      Gujarati are the market-dominant minority of India. They are very good at business and making money and quite industrious. Essentially they are shopkeepers.

    • TRASH

      Gujarati people have been moving around to trade or do business in other countries since antiquity. This is because the peninsula is close to the Arab gulf.

      Parsee people would deny not being 100% Iranian but might have a small degree of Gujji in their ancestry somewhere.

      Depending on what historical theories you believe, they may have originated in Georgia, Russia of all places in ancient times.

    • TRASH

      Most of them do not want to get close to anybody else so it is a mutual feeling.

      But who wants some Jat or Dravidian to get into their face?

      I’m a Gora so this is my own opinion.

  2. TRASH

    SHI Kal Penn is a clever Gujarati who has found a way to make money from brand marketing a particular character (The Idiotic Drug Addict) to Goras who can be made to pay to watch him.

    Like most Gujaratis he is selling something he himself did not create. Its a blatant rip-off of a formula invented by a Chinese Irish Canadian and a Mexican. He shamelessly ripped it off.

    Penn is a typical case of a clever Gujarati who is good at marketing/selling a particular brand to paying customers.

  3. vid

    Yes, I agree. Even in India, Gujarati people are hard to find outside Gujarat. They don’t mingle and do not welcome others in their land. Gender roles are very clearly defined in most Gujarati families. And they(most) are very very money-minded people.
    ” Dalits may have it better than African slaves.”
    It’s now that Dalits have it better but mostly in big cities, where class discrimination is more prominent.
    “all nations have caste”: No, but almost all countries have some or the other group of people (even among the native population) who are treated badly than the rest. e.g, Gypsies in Romania or Burakumin in Japan.

    Well if I had to choose between racism and casteism, I would rather choose racism. Period.

    • TRASH

      VID has summed it up himself. Muslims regard Hindus as being helpless cowards and Hindus respond by cleverly marginalizing them in business and politics.

      I’m not sure that if Muslims ran India it would be a great thing or India would be any better off. Brahmans are quite clever deal-makers and some of this trickles down to Muslims and lower-caste Indians.

  4. Dear Friend,
    The caste system has been illegal in India for 70 years. Can you name a more multi-cultural, multi-ethic country in the world than India? It has 22 major linguistic groups and 500 minor languges

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  5. TRASH

    True enough, Sikhs from Punjab and Tamil Christians appear to have little in common.

  6. TRASH

    The issue is how to deal with Indians on the street or in the office:

    1) Most real “Gora-haters” will not be Brahman or Parsee. These folks have been doing pretty well and are not interested in Nationalism which is a lower-caste land-owner preoccupation.

    Follow their example of just ignoring not speaking to lower-castes.

    2) Muslim Indians will harbor dislike for Goras because we do not wear burkas to a beach. They are no different from Arabs in this respect. It’s religious disapproval.

    3) South Indians feel ashamed for being black Dravidian or at least insecure.

    4) Lower-caste Indians are obsessed with white women mostly from a diet of porno (Though Sahara Knite and other Indian women have gotten common in the game) and distorted ideas about “freedom”. Russian prostitutes make a fortune in Dubai or Mumbai for this reason.

    5) Marry the Indian girl and marry the family.

  7. The Caste system has been illegal in India long before the days of Martin Luther King. We have had affirmative action for lower-caste Indians for decades. Did America have that?

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  8. TRASH

    I’m not sure how much the Affirmative Action has done for low-caste people although I am sure a few success stories exist.

    I see few of them living in nice houses in Andheri.

    This of course is only the impression of a Gora on the street who silently watches and listens.

  9. Jason Y

    Well, East Indian discrimination could be massively worse, but it’s difficult to point fingers when your doing the same thing, at least somewhat.

    Generally speaking those of different groups don’t want to hang with each other much cause of different values, and ironically, race isn’t involved sometimes. For instance, a black health Nazi yuppie would prefer a white health Nazi for marriage vs some poor black lady who chain smokes, does crack, and buys the most unhealthy food at the grocery store (or fast food on a regular basis).

    • EPGAH

      Yes, but as you complained about in the other thread, the Health Nazis WILL interact with everyone else, if only to tell them how to live their lives.

      True Casteism would be an invisible electric fence and a Cone of Silence separating them.

      Besides, didn’t you just say that Bad Boys were attractive, regardless of class?

      • Jason Y

        Yes invisible Jim Crow exists between Yuppies, poor whites and blacks, Asians, Mexicans, but that doesn’t mean it should be law, not by a long shot. In general, the difference between some groups is so great, that they will not, nor it might be argued they should not, co-exist with each other.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry for double post, but health Nazis will interact with some, telling them how to live their lives, and in many cases they’re just ignored. Especially poorer whites and NAMS would ignore them, assuming they would ever be around them, which doesn’t happen often.

  10. I barely know my own caste. All I know is that I am neither a Brahmin or a lower caste. My son has absolutely no clue and I am sure he doesn’t care. There are states like Andhra Pradesh where Brahmins barely wield any power. They may actually be poorer than other communities. And I say this as a non-Brahmin

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  11. In case you didn’t know, Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement was largely inspired by India. Mahatma Gandhi Called the lower castes Harijans or Children of God. Martin Luther King drew heavily on India

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  12. TRASH

    King drew on the non-violent protests to overthrow English occupation of India.

    Brahmans, Jains, Parsis and Syrian Christians in the South do not use violence to dominate the poor of India-this would be ridiculous.

    Moreover, they are simply clever at least in contrast to the rest of the population.

    • Jason Y

      Ok my tears are flowing for the unjust English occupation, but did these same Indian protesters have a heart for the untouchables? My guess is no. What goes around comes around. Treat people bad, you get treated the same.

      • TRASH

        Winston Churchill remarked that the “first to arrive would be the last to leave” in reference to the upper caste.

        They took his advice and have been more successful in the West.

  13. It is not just that Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent struggle against the British was a model for other Asian and African countries to emulate. Martin Luther King was also heavily inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. We have had many lower caste Indians who have made it to the top long before America had its first black president.
    (a) India’s constitution was drafted by B R Ambedkar a lowermost caste Hindu
    (b) We’ve had a lowermost caste President (President of India) in the 1990’s- his name was K R Narayan, A Sikh Prime Minster,- Dr Manmohan Singh A Tamil Finance Minster- P Chidambaram, The Present Prime minster (Narendra Modi) is a low caste Hindu, We’ve had Chief minsters of many states who were low caste Hindus. India’s constitution has prohibited discrimination on the basis of caste long ago- all citizens are equal here in the eyes of law irrespective of caste or religion
    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  14. P.S We’ve also had three (I repeat three) Muslim Presidents to date. One of them was BY FAR the most popular Presidents in India to date (His name was Abdul Kalam)

    See list of Indian presidents below

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  15. I am sorry We’ve had FOUR Muslim presidents till date – not three. Regret the error

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  16. TRASH

    A Gora on the street is wise to avoid them and their districts, however.

  17. TRASH

    A Gora who wishes to avoid chest-thumping nationalists who would embarrassingly assert their Indian pride in inappropriate places would be best to ride more expensive classes on Mumbai trains and stay in wealthier Andheri suburbs.

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