The Sheer Terror and Horror of Black on White Homicide

(((Sam J.))) writes:

Black on White homicide by FBI stats.

If you go by the FBI statistics, you see an imbalance, but not quite so one-sided. Blacks killed 409 whites, and whites killed 189 Blacks.

Wow! Black people kill one White person every day in the US, a country with a population of 330 million! Out of 211 million Whites, a whole 409 of them get killed every year by a Black! Terrifying statistics!

Damn, that is like deliberate hunting. It’s like they send out hunting parties to deliberately hunt for us like wild animals on the forest. Frightening!

So every year, .00000193838 of the White population get killed by Black people! Whoa! That’s like a…White genocide! That means I have a 1 in 500,000 chance of being murdered by a maniacal Black savage every year! 1 in 500,0000! Those are scary odds. Like Hell I would bet on odds like that. I mean, if a horse had a 1/500,000 chance of losing a race, would you bet on those odds? Oh Hell no! are you crazy?

I’m staying indoors! I’m shaking in my boots. I’m gonna have to run to the bathroom soon from the diarrhea. Scary, scary Black people. Boo! Boo! Watch out, there’s one hiding under your bed right now.

Oh noes!



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16 responses to “The Sheer Terror and Horror of Black on White Homicide

  1. Barack Thatcher

    As I’ve said before, Sam J’s photo is of prominence on infostormer;

    the truth will set you free

  2. TJF

    To Sam J:

    These numbers I think are wrong. I get conflicting numbers. Here

    they say 431. Yet here

    The numbers you cited are from 2012, the numbers Rob cited are from 2013 – the delta between 409 and 431 is not dramatically different.

    I did think the overall homicide figures I previously posted were low but your link:

    revealed why:

    Victims Total homicides Total-Race known
    White 5,855 3,128
    Black 6,454 2,648

    So in other words for white victims we only know the race of the offender 53% of the time and for blacks, it’s worse 41%. Remember that this data is incomplete as it is voluntarily reported by police departments to the FBI and the rate for apprehension of murderers is only 64%.

    • TJF

      Reposting and formatting some of the data above for clarity:

      Victims ——–Total homicides ——-Total-Race known(Offender)
      White ——– –5,855 ——————-3,128
      Black———– 6,454——————–2,648

  3. Matt

    It is so much the numbers that are horrifying, it is the off the charts brutality and sadism–and indeed, randomness–of black on white crime. We also have the tendency of the media and the PTB to lie or deny its nature or even its existence. This is what makes certain people go a little mad on the subject. And if we are being lied to about the nature of it, etc., isn’t it possible that the stats are being doctored as well? And then there are the brutal stompings and beatings–again, just insane in their psychopathic brutality–that result in “non life threatening injuries” that leave the victim crippled, impaired, and/or traumatized for life. My sense of humor jkust went out for a smoke.

    • If they were doctored why not just make things consistent with the idea of Blacks being hurt all the time and make White on Black appear more likely?
      If they had that kind of ability then there wouldn’t be the point of White on Black crime being brought up as more prevalent than the reverse.

      That where the media has it’s advantage of lying more often then records like these.

  4. Barack Thatcher

    Yeah, I mean it’s true that White on Black is exaggerated, but the lack of Black on White genoicide as proported by WN retards is also a blow to them.

  5. TRASH

    American blacks are supposedly 14% – 20% white and this is surprising to me.

    So many English colonists pulled their pants down and raped African girls in the Deep South?

    • matt

      So here’s the thing: numbers are not the point at all. Think of terrorism, for example. Even with the incident a day pace of terrorism over the past few months, one’s chances of being a victim are vanishingly small. The point of terrorism is not numbers, but, well, terror. Terrorism is defined as the use of violence again’t noncombatants to achieve political sims, however inchoate or poorly thought out. That is all.

      • Barack Thatcher

        Very true.
        But the Alt-Reich must surely realize such is part of why they have a complete black out from mainstream media, academia, and social circles with IQs>100.

        They can’t have these irrelevant emotional rants contradicted by the facts yet expected to be catered to and taken intellectually seriously.

      • Alpha Unit

        Yes. Statistics have never been the point. Some of us realized this a long time ago.

        • Barack Thatcher

          In fairness this point could also apply the cultural left.

          the Alt-Reichers are hypocrites. They’ll just pull stuff out of their ass while denouncing the mainstream left for the same.
          They’re children.

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      American blacks are supposedly 14% – 20% white and this is surprising to me.

      So many English colonists pulled their pants down and raped African girls in the Deep South?

      Certainly there were violent sexual assaults by white men on black women but you need to look clearly at the early history of the US and slavery. Consider the following – no more than 388,000 black slaves (and some freemen) arrived on the US shores which led to the current 42 million black Americans which are predominantly derived from those slaves reproducing with each other, native Americans, whites, and Chinese plus later immigration from the Caribbean and Africa.

      For the first 150 years of European immigration (and black slave importation) into the US blacks and whites could and did intermarry legally and FWIW the first slave owner was allegedly a black man. The color line (and laws to enforce such) became more rigorous after Bacon’s rebellion in the late 16th century. So with such a small population combined with loose rules for more than 100 years it’s not surprising that there were many voluntary unions between blacks and whites. 18% of the mtDNA of black women in the US is European in origin, meaning at some point these women had a white female ancestor which I doubt resulted from a white woman sexually assaulting a black man. Also there were multiple voluntary unions between blacks and whites after the civil war and blacks in Northern states, where slavery was banish before the civil war, have a higher percentage of ancestry than Southern blacks. If the British/US whites had the same sexual attitudes towards black women as say the Portuguese in Brazil, we’d probably have a “black” population that was majority white.

  6. Jason Y

    Here is a case of white nationalists running over a black guy in Oregon.

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