The Saga of a Cuck

I got this in the comments on the White Women and BBC post. This comment is pornographic, so if pornographic prose bothers you, don’t read. And if you are under 18, please don’t read. Now that we are done with the warnings, we may proceed.

In college all the guys I knew surfed online for hot pussy. I was totally into small breasted skinny girls like my high school cheer leader gf. After a while i started looking for spread legs.  I have also had fetishes for short skirts and used panties. As a young 11 year old, our divorced neighbor wore miniskirts, heels, & tight white blouses.

I spent years fantasizing about her while jerking off. I saw her hanging laundry, stole her panties and while sniffing/sucking them, had a blast. I met my gf when I was 18 and still a virgin who masturbated 4-5/day. She as a cheerleader was experienced, and I was embarrassed to let her know I had never seen tits or pussy.

The first time we went to the movies and made out, she unbuttoned her top buttons, and as I played with her tits and she kissed me, I shot my load so hard, I blacked out for a second.

As I was coming around, she was buttoning her shirt, grabbed my hand, said let’s go, and led me to her car quickly.

She took my keys and drove to a secluded park. She said why didn’t you tell me, now let’s do this right. She took my pants down smiling at my huge stain in the front while she cleaned me off with my cum-filled jockeys. Off came her top and her bra, and my flaccid penis got hard again looking at her 33C tits. I reached by habit to jerk, but she grabbed my hand and said my boyfriend only needs me, or else I am gone. I got my first handjob she did it slowly, with stops, starts and punching low on my penis to stop my instant orgasm. I lasted 5 minutes this way, and fell head over heels in love. I was pussy whipped without ever seeing her pussy.

I worked as a handyman. This was early April. By Christmas I had saved and purchased a diamond. I had also been taught to eat her out by doing as she told me. She said I was very good by Halloween, and I got my first bj on Christmas after she said yes to my proposal. I didn’t know then, but I do now that I was entering a female-led relationship and have never regretted it. I make my lover happy with pussy worship, waiting on her every need, and being house husband/co-breadwinner.

We separated during college years for a 1 1/2 year. I spent that time with cyber-porn jerking off. When Paula showed up that winter break in a red miniskirt and heels, came to my room and said it was now or never, I begged her to marry me. She sat on my lap dressed like that while squirming and reached down under her skirt then stuck her finger in my mouth I passed out on orgasm from the taste of her hot pussy. As the glow was passing, I realized she was shaving my privates. She then sent me into the shower told me to shave all my body hair to please her and rub a lotion on that would finish it.

When I was done and I had pleased her, she told me if she married me, I would need to sign an agreement that would spell out our relationship, my duties, her rights, and penalties including divorce with nothing if I failed. I was ready to sign, but she made me read it. She explained it. Some shocked me but she said this was mainly because she was disgusted by my jerking  off, and we can revisit this every 6 months. We spent the night together, got it notarized the next day, had a quick private wedding then went back where she took my virginity, and I was a one pump chump.

I was told I needed to please her, and I went down on her. I ate my creampie which she made sure I consumed. As we were laying down later, she put on my chastity device so I would behave until she returned. I was then given movies she wanted me to watch and think about. I found them all to be interracial cuckold porn where the husband eats creampies. I have to admit, this made me curious, and from then on, I have noticed black men in a different way. Next time I saw Paula, she brought a black yoga instructor with her. She has had me eat his creampie many times. He can fuck her and last, and I cannot. Then she made me blow him and swallow.

I have talked with many of her friends. Most of their husbands first saw BBC on interracial porn and got hooked. All of us now do it, and Tony lives with us.

I hope this guy is not reading this because I don’t want to embarrass him or make him look bad, but I think this cuckold lifestyle stuff is bull. For the life of me, I cannot understand why any real White man would want to get into this and be humiliated, degraded and cuckolded, by Black men no less, in this manner.

I told you that the media is promoting perverted stuff. Well, the Cultural Left media has been promoting this cuckold stuff in a huge way.

And it’s all about White men having their wives have sex with Black “bulls” who humiliate the White man and insult his masculinity and his sexual prowess, while he cowers in the corner, delighting in having his race and manhood abused by a studly Black man.

And the White man often has to eat the Black men’s semen oozing out of the wife’s vagina at the end. Worse, the Black man humiliates the White man by forcing the White man to suck the Black man’s penis, all while laughing at him and calling him a faggot and a queer. So these straight men also get sort of “homosexualized” in this kink. It doesn’t change their sexual orientation of course, but it goes to show you, as I keep saying on here, that straight men have a huge capacity for recreational homosexuality even if men’s bodies don’t turn them on 1%.

Bottom line is that polymorphous perversity is simply the human condition. It makes us uncomfortable that we are such a bunch of morally debases monkeys, so we create religions and laws and whatnot to attempt to put a civilizing veneer over all of the tendency towards debauchery. This doesn’t cure humans of course. The only cure for human debauchery is a bullet. But these things do a pretty good job of repressing the basic degeneracy in our souls, which is all these palliatives are supposed to do anyway. A repressed society is a civilized society. An uninhibited society tends towards anarchy, chaos, violence, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, STD epidemics and general mass dysfunction.

I assume this cuck stuff would be an Alt Righter or White nationalist’s worst nightmare and a sure sign that our society has fallen completely apart. Blacks are now in charge and Whites are an abused minority, at least in this scenario. White men are not even men. They are wimpy cuckolded pussies who even consent to having their penises locked in cages so they cannot even masturbate. Their wives cruelly deny them even self-pleasure, and these guys like it this way!

This whole thing is ridiculous, and I am being kind when I say that.


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460 responses to “The Saga of a Cuck

  1. Sam J.

    Lies, lies, lies. I’ll bet you this is nothing but lies. How many people do you actually think would do such a dumb ass thing? I mean really how many guys would let their wives lock up their penis? Remember that plenty of Men are foregoing Women all together. You think they wouldn’t rather do without than be humiliated? How many Women would marry a guy who would let them lock up their penis? How many Women would marry a guy with so little game? How would she even get the idea to hang around with a guy like this? She wouldn’t.

    Here’s the real truth. Here’s the key. All of this goes against all common sense in the relationships between Men and Women so…it’s all bullshit. The simplest answer for all this is it’s Jew lies, Jew lies.

    We really need to throw these people out of the country. They are like ticks. The longer you let them suck on you the harder it is to pull them off.

    • LOTS. There are LOTS of White men into this stuff. I know because there is a ton of amateur porn out there along those lines and also there are a lot of husband-wife teams who have set up amateur porn sites along these lines. Further there are testimonials along these lines all over the Net. It is a great big huge scene!

      • Jason Y

        There would be big money in that, or at least some money, as porn is a saturated industry with harsh competition.

      • Sam J.

        The Jews constantly make movies that don’t make money for propaganda purposes. You believe they wouldn’t do the same here? How much effort would it take? With a small amount of effort to promote it wouldn’t it push others to fantasize about it but not necessarily live this lifestyle? There’s also a big factor I call the “car crash” factor. People like to look at weird perverted things not because they’re perverted but because it’s strange and unnatural. Novelty. No one, except the Jews, wants to really see people killed and they really don’t want to see mangled bodies but their curiosity just can’t let them look away at a car crash. It’s not that their morbid they’re just curious. It’s the same as why the click bait sites all have, “The Ten biggest butts” or “The Ten Fastest Cars” or ten whatevers.

        You say,”…ton of amateur porn out there…”. How much would it cost to do say 500 movies of this? Say $3,000 a movie? So $1,500,000. You think they wouldn’t spend this kind of money? They’ve spent hundreds of millions to make stupid movies to push an agenda. Maybe even make a little cash on the side. There’s a big difference between people watching this stuff just to see what’s going on and actually wanting to live this way. I call it bullshit because it goes against the grain of human nature. Just more Jew lies.

        • Jason Y

          Of course with WNs mixed raced kids would be strange and unnatural, as they were portrayed on the Daily Stormer.

          Yeah I agree some stuff is weird, but the WN definition goes further than mine.

          OK, trannies are weird, homosexual sex is weird, lesbians are weird but guys can usually tolerate two hot thin 18 year olds going at it, BDSM is weird.

      • Sami

        Not buying this particular story, Robert, as being legit. It is a little too over the top as cuckold fetish fantasy story telling.

        I am aware that some white, upper-middle class, betas-who-have-let-themselves-physically-degenerate-to-omegas, men are in to this stuff, whether as fantasy story telling and reading, or as actually recruiting guys on the internet or at bars to fuck their wives while they watch. But this story is just too over the top.

        And, besides, Robert, how many black male yoga instructors do you know? If the author had made “Tony” a personal trainer, instead, it would have been a more believable touch.

      • TJF

        To Rob:

        LOTS. There are LOTS of White men into this stuff.

        How many would you say..? I would guess less than 0.5% which would still be a fairly large number at 450,000. Even 100,000 men into this if they decide to advertise their proclivities would seem like a large number.

        • jorge

          I think the same. Maybe there are 1000 or 2000 idiots into this and no more.

        • TRASH

          The sight of NAM girls being exploited “exploited black teens” is actually a website is equally offensive.

          It is sad that white men produce these things and other white men are willing to perform in them for a few hundred dollars worth of drugs.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          The sight of NAM girls being exploited “exploited black teens” is actually a website is equally offensive. It is sad that white men produce these things and other white men are willing to perform in them for a few hundred dollars worth of drugs.

          I suppose – some videos are probably an obvious joke or put on and some may be truly disgusting, not really interested in finding out as I consider porn to be the ultimate American tease. Dangle something in front of you that you can’t have or not easily attainable -whether it’s a house, car, or woman. I speculate as Jason suggested there are between 100,000 to 200,000 severe porn hounds who want to watch the most extreme crap because they are bored with conventional porn. I know someone who used to run a 900 sex line and he indicated that 3% of his customers provided over half of the revenue.

  2. TRASH

    With some experience with porn producers I can attest that if white males did not want to consume such material it would not be produced because “interracial performers” male and female demand an extremely high rate to participate in the production of such material.

    Why do white males pay on their credit cards to watch this? Why does it arouse them? That is the question.

    The reason you so rarely see a John Holmes or Ron Jeremy spearing a black woman with his penis is that black males are outraged at the sight of a large white penis entering an African vagina. Outraged.

    Perhaps many white men are gay.

    • Sam J.

      I believe this is a lie.

    • Jason Y

      Actually, most white guys will bang a oriental woman. No problem even for no pay, or they will even pay the woman. Black guys with white women is normal nowadays, but a lot of white guys are repulsed by being with a black lady, unless they’re a hot and very white mulatto. Even then I think there is something about being black, in any form, which repels white men,at least they don’t anyone to find out.

      • TRASH

        One need only look at where Westerners take their sex holidays: Southeast Asia.

        • Jason Y

          Actually though at least in the Phillippines, most women are not whores and are very offended at the thought men might see them that way. But a lot of them do want to marry a white man.

          However, I find it odd that with my tour guide, he would sell his people for sex, but then he and his wife (after he died) will send their kids to Catholic school. The kids all turned out to be really religious and not anything similar to their dad. I wonder how they really felt about him?

    • Sam J.

      “…Why do white males pay on their credit cards to watch this?…”

      This is all Jews and Mexicans.

  3. TRASH

    Black men do not charge up their credit cards masturbating to images of hairy and squat Hebrew studs like Jeremy penetrating black women and then forcing the hapless African male to suck their oversized swarthy circumcised members.

    Black males are outraged at the site of large white penises penetrating African females.

    Why then do white males pay to masturbate to it.

    Maybe they are gay.

    • Jason Y

      They are not gay; they’re just bored. That’s what porn addiction leads to. You need more shocking stuff to get a boner. Just as with drugs you develop tolerance, so you need more of a drug, or more powerful drugs.

    • Jason Y

      Stuff that is strange and unatural (really perverted sex) gets sex addict’s boners going, and also stuff that isn’t unnatural but is uncommon, say white guys banging black women, also gets boners going for men whose brains have developed a high tolerance for porn, hence need more weird stuff to get off.

      The Japanese are masters of this. They have some porn where you actually freeze the time and rape the woman, and also one where some guy gets a government pass to rape any woman on the spot, but the time isn’t frozen, but the people watching cannot do anything about it. 😆

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      Why then do white males pay to masturbate to it.

      Or it could be white women, black men, black women, Latinos, Asian, etc. Even if only 50,000 people pay for the film the producers have made plenty of money since the production costs are so low.

  4. Jason Y

    All of this stuff is just sexual perversion. It’s just a fetish that gets people off. Let’s not make it more than it actually is.

    Nonetheless, yeah I do see the comical connection between paranoid WNs and the cuck thing. However, the worst scenario would be between a black thug and some white woman married to a racist white man, but a racist white man wouldn’t like his wife fucked by a normal black either.

    Normal black dudes do want white women. At least where I’m at, they’re more aggressive at getting women, and they especially want the white ones, even if they are BBWs.

  5. TRASH

    Show me a Crip who wants to see porn images of a Van Demme-type Nordic musclebound thug sliding a John Holmes-sized white penis into his coal-black wife’s vagina and then forcing the black man to suck the semen of off it.

    Much less pay off their credit card to view this material or masturbate to it.

    Exactly why whites-and only whites-would pay to see such a thing is the question.

    • Jason Y

      NAMS and poor whites would see less porn as they cannot afford the monthly subscriptions or even an internet connection. Ironically, the people with the biggest sexual perversions would be those with a lot of money or a decent middle class income.

      Gangbangers into the drug trade would have more money for whores, and possibly they would be into pornography. Don’t tell me blacks don’t like porn, when that isn’t true at all.

    • Sam J.

      Lies, lies, lies. I never in any way wish to see Black Men anywhere near White Women.

      • Barack Thatcher

        but you don’t deny that you have a Black wife?

      • Jason Y

        Why isn’t that what freedom in the USA is all about? Unless you can prove the black guy is a criminal or dangerous thug, than what does it matter? Unless your trying to enforce some eugenics or racial purity code, but that’s not what America is about. It’s about freedom to do what you want.

        Or maybe like on Daily Stormer WNs go on there and compare mixed raced kids to nuclear mutants, which is very accurate (sarcasm)

        • TJF

          To Jason Y:

          Why isn’t that what freedom in the USA is all about? Unless your trying to enforce some eugenics or racial purity code, but that’s not what America is about.

          Somewhat loathe to defend him but It’s pretty clear what Sam means – he doesn’t want and has no fantasies about a black guy (and most likely any guy) screwing his wife. Most normal guys aren’t into their wives screwing anyone other than themselves (and vice versa) and if they do then generally they are not longer called a wife. Not a hard concept to grasp.

  6. TRASH

    JASON Ron Jeremy is not “addicted” to porn, claims not to watch it in his personal life and is specific to his both his salary AND the sexual acts he will consent to (He does not do double-anal for example).

    So Anglos are having their wallet drained by their own stupidity.

    El Chapo told Sean Penn (Who made his name playing typical Anglo-Celtic losers on the edge) not to smoke cigarettes in his presence although he is the cartel’s top man.

    Anglos are financing his organization and billionaire lifestyle.

    Lexington Steele the black porn stud would never allow an Anglo-Celtic to marry his sister even if he is paid to participate in cuck scenes.

    So you see why other races think Anglo-Celtics in America are a soft joke and a host to suck blood from and fools in the bargain.

    • Sam J.

      All the things he is saying are propaganda techniques to lower White Men’s spirit. The Jews do this constantly. They should be thrown out the country immediately as they have been thrown out of every single country they have gone to in any numbers for all known history. They make outrageous statements full of lies and your average White person believes that they would never tell lies so blatantly. Jews are different though. They lie constantly. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths is why they are able to do this.

      In order to predict Jews behavior read the great book on Psychopaths by Hervey Cleckley, “The Mask of Sanity”. Here’s a chapter all should read. It’s about Stanley. Who does all kinds of manic bullshit and spends all his time feeding people the most outrageous lies. Maybe it will remind you of a certain tribe. New meme. “They’re pulling a Stanley”. The whole book is on the web and worth reading.

  7. TRASH

    Black gangsters enjoy seeing a Czech blonde peasant in a gang bang with “King Dong” with her anus gaping but I doubt they would like seeing images of a black man tied up helplessly as Sean Penn/De Niro type white thugs raped his wife…Doubtful they would get off on this.

    Black women are actually more exploited in real life on the street than any other race of women in America and mostly by white males or Hispanics because so many have raging crack cocaine addictions that reduce them to discount blowjob queens in the red-light areas.

    Black gangsters do contribute to this sad exploitative status of black women on the street by circulating massive amounts of crack cocaine in the ghetto (Curiously blacks do not like Oxy or other depressants).

    In general, blacks do not particularly get off on seeing black women humiliated sexually.

  8. TRASH

    MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION Pay off your hard-earned credit-card in your middle-class neighborhood to fill the pockets of Russian Jewish porn purveyors and $1000 a scene black performers to humiliate some imported Czech peasant girl turned porn star on camera and her white-co-star.

    Dumb Anglo-Celtic North American for you.

    Maybe he snorts some over-priced cocaine he bought from a Mexican dealer whose supplier lives in a lavish villa below the border.

    Poor people are actually wise to consume pornography in peep shows or watch DVD’s bought at adult stores because there is no electronic trace. Which is what blacks in the ghettos do.

    As for the Crip who sells cocaine, I’m quite sure he is getting white strippers hooked badly enough on his cocaine and baking soda concoctions to make them do porno sex in real life.

    Anglo-Celtics in the middle-class suburbs are literally “jerk-offs” and that is exactly what Jews in the bi-coastal porn scene, Hispanic drug dealing gangs and black gangsters think that they are. Jerk offs.

    There is a real “fool quality” and gullibility to Anglo-Celtics.

    • Sam J.

      TRASH,”..Trust me…”

      No I don’t trust you you’re a liar.

      • Barack Thatcher

        “No I don’t trust you you’re a liar.”

        • Sam J.

          I can tell through my vast experience that this baby has just been shown a picture of a Jew. This is a natural response. Over time White children are desensitized to the hideous Jew but their first reactions are what they should stick with like this poor fellow above.

    • Jason Y

      Whites in suburbs are possibly responsible for illegal immigration by hiring illegals and the porn problem. They also do drugs, but due to having more money and living in clean neighborhoods, they don’t get caught.

  9. TRASH

    SAM J Porn is made only because it earns money and no other reason. Any producer who was told that he would not recoup from standing in a room full of sweaty naked males around a single vagina would refuse to produce it.

    Trust me, I have some experience with the industry and a) it is individualistic with no ethnic co-operation b) it is intended to recoup upon distribution.

    Nobody is making porn free simply to pervert other people. Demand exists which is then supplied.

    If whites in the suburbs did not want to see Czech peasants or blonde trailer park beauties from Kansas with a black 12 inch penis rammed down their throat than no porn producer would finance it.

    If tomorrow white men want to see a black stud fornicate with a live deer or cow then a human, that is what would be produced.

    Porn is a factory.

    • Sam J.

      Supply creates demand…This is what the Jews want to demoralize Whites. The Jews keep making the same mistakes over and over and over all the while sneering at the rubes. I wonder what will happen to you this time? In the past lack of communication made it where you would just be able to move on to the next country. What about now? It’s all on record and your crimes are being correlated more and more each day. You think you’ll just gaily walk away? You think the Chinese haven’t been watching you? They know. You think they’ll let you act the same? I think they would take you for every dime you have. After all where you going to go after you wear out your welcome in the West?

    • Sam J.

      [on the subject of porn production]”…Trust me, I have some experience with the industry and a) it is individualistic with no ethnic co-operation…”

      You’re a God damn liar. Every one knows porn is a big Jew business.

  10. TRASH


    That’s Anglo-Celtics in the suburbs for you: jerk-offs and sheep.

    Go to work and pay your taxes and live in a modest tract house and pay a monthly subscription through your exorbitant credit-card to masturbate to huge black penises in the vagina of a white girl from the flyover like you who went to LA thinking some Jewish producer was going to transform her into a “big actress”.

    Hispanics and Jews and blacks think Anglo-Celtics from the burbs are fools for a solid reason.

  11. TRASH

    How about a Nordic skinhead forcing a Seinfeld-type to watch as his wife is raped and sodomized and then he is forced to lick semen off the skinheads penis?

    How many porn producers in Hollywood would pay for that?

  12. TRASH

    SAM J I’m German-Catholic from the Upper Midwest (Similar to Trump’s background) and we are not as susceptible to media domination by minorities and WE ENSLAVE MINORITIES WITH OUR MILLWAKEE BREWERIES NOT VICE VERSA and Schnapp’s is our drug of choice so our sisters and wives do not sell their bodies for Oxy on the street or crack cocaine and well, its too cold and forested in the North for Latinos.

    Italian-American Mafia fear our Biker Gangs to such an extent that you do not see them North of Chicago.

    We are impervious to the infiltration or victimization by other minorities and Whites in the tropical zones or deserts of the South face problems we don’t have to care about.

    Lands of Ice and Snow are home to the Northern European.

    • Sam J.

      “… I’m German-Catholic from the Upper Midwest (Similar to Trump’s background) and we are not as susceptible to media domination by minorities…”

      That’s one of the dumbest, most imbecilic things I’ve heard in a long time. It is directly and completely Northern Germans, Puritans and Scandinavian (Yankees) types that voted in the mass invasion retarded immigration laws in 1965. You’ve got to be a Jew as only a Jew would say something so arrogantly stupid and malformed. You’re certainly not a German.

      People in the South know all about differences in races from long experience. We didn’t vote in any of this nonsense.

  13. TRASH

    German-Americans from the Upper Midwest and Canada are not quite as susceptible to exploitation or media saturation and I’m German Catholic not Jewish. Just for the ancestral record.

    Canadians are not trying to sneak over our border up here like the Amerindians that fight on the street with whites in Arizona or Texas. We simply do not have the problems you have South of Chicago.

    Our pine forests and Canadian shield cities are just too cold for Hispanics and African-Americans. Above Chicago there are few of them.

    As for Jews, the own some nice delis in our Northern cities but they are far from “running things”.

    Germans and Scandinavians are the prominent people in our economies here. Not to different from Trump, in fact.

    • Sam J.

      “…As for Jews, the own some nice delis in our Northern cities but they are far from “running things”…”

      They blow up your buildings right in front of your stupid faces and you do nothing. I guess that means you’re in “control”. The Niggers run you out of your housing and take yours. I guess that means you’re in control. I’m afraid the meaning of the word control is a little different where I come from.

  14. “I was told I needed to please her, and I went down on her. I ate my creampie which she made sure I consumed”
    I wouldn’t even do this shit at gun point, I’m really doubting the legitimacy of the story here …

    • No they do this all the time. These White guys get off on this stuff. There are lots of amateur porn flicks out there with this theme, trust me. There are whole huge websites set up for couples with this fetish. I have been to some of them, not out of interest but more out of what Sam calls the car crash effect.

      • Nothing wrong with some female dominance for time to time, but this is just crossing the line.

      • Sam J.

        See Robert you went for the “car crash” effect. Why do you assume that most of their traffic isn’t the same. I’ll bet most all their damn traffic is “car crash” effect and the Jews in their little psychopathic mind think “We control them”, “ha ha, look at our evil” when actually no one would do this shit. There is no huge White Male fetish for Black cocks. They’re so fucking mind warped they’re even fooling themselves. Ask yourselves this question, “Do the Jews spend millions of dollars making movies to spread propaganda”? You fucking know they do. If this made so much damn money how come all porn is not Black guys fucking White chicks? Oh….but that’s different right? Lies, fucking lies, lies. Don’t believe anything the lying Jews tell you.

        The Jews keep telling themselves they’re fooling everyone until…they’re not. Then the shit happens. The Jews suck. Constant psychopathic behavior. Lies and stupidity where they rule the world like some stupid comic book character. Deep inside with all their bravado they know they are an ugly twisted race that could vanish from the face of the Earth and the Earth would not only not miss them but all humans would flower and prosper.

  15. TRASH

    MASK OF SANITY I fail to see how common sense makes a human being a psychopath and I am a German from the Canadian/Midwest border and Brooklyn Jews “leaving America” to open pawn stores in China seems equally absurd…though Sam J is correct that they would probably fail.

    Anglo folks from the suburbs just seem to lack the common sense or skepticism of Korean-Americans in LA or Indian-Americans in New Jersey or, gasp, Jews in New York.

    None of these groups are complaining about Hispanics taking their jobs or Jews controlling their money supply/banking or blacks getting all daughter or sisters hooked on crack and pimping them out.

    Anglo people should ask themselves why they are getting hooked on porn but Jewish people are not getting hooked on it or why their own sons and daughters fill rehab but not Mexican children whose Dad’s sell kilos for a living or they are pondering the plight of blacks in the ghetto.

    • Sam J.

      Jews should ask themselves what they will do when they are given the boot from the US as has happened in every single country the Jews have been to.

      • Jason Y

        Well, we do know that Chinese or perhaps some group of whites will take over the porn industry and it will return to business as usual.

  16. TRASH


    It is the puritanical hypocrisy of white Americans that compels them to debase themselves to this extent while they criticize German beaches where a few women are topless.

    Aren’t you relieved that your own family stayed in UK or Europe and never got on the boat.

    European peasants from the bottom of the social class who immigrated to America to become the modern-day White American are a sad and debased lot, aren’t they?

    • EPGAH

      So you say Germans have more skepticism?

      Then how do you explain this? Blaming their own Men instead of the invading rapists, for the rapes? Sounds like the Germans have well and truly cucked themselves!

      • Sam J.

        “…Then how do you explain this?…”

        He can’t. He’s stupid. He can’t explain anything. He can tell you how superior he is with all his porno Jew friends he worships. He can tell you how his Jew porno friends taking advantage of and abusing poor White girls makes him feel so superior. He’s so cool making fun of girls tricked into pornography and ruining their lives. He probably has great times with his Jew porno friends laughing at the misfortune of others. He can also tell you how when the Negros run him out of the housing he could be living in he’s Superior because he pays over and over to move somewhere else.

        Wow! He’s so smart. I think I’ll quit being a White Nationalist and wander about the country being run out of every place I go by Negros. I think I’ll make friends with Jew porno people so I can laugh with my porno friends as they abuse poor Whites girls they hook on drugs. I’ll be so cool and the Jews will never call me Redneck or racist. I will be really happy then as the Jews will give me affirmation. My life will be so complete.

  17. TRASH

    ROBERT Why are Zionist conspiracy theorists so far-fetched like the poster above?

    Jews attempting to flee Brooklyn for China en mass?

    I live in Asia and no Chinese or Korean is “watching Jews” OR gives a single solitary rat’s ass about them and the only foreigners in China are some Africans in the garment district.


    Anglo-Saxons do not have to pay to consume porn. They could eat nutmeg or grow their own marijuana instead of getting hooked on crack cocaine. They do not HAVE TO CARE about riots in some distant city.

    Asian-Americans do not care. Indian-Americans (Who despise Robert Lindsey’s writings) do not care and, gasp, Jewish Americans do not care.

    I’m curious why the Anglo debases himself.

    • Sam J.

      Let me see…your intimate with porn directors but your a mid-West German that lives in Asia who knows what all Asians think. Well I fly about the air on nights with a full moon and I don’t kiss the Devils bottom, he kisses mine.

      Maybe you know one the best selling books in Asia called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”?

    • Sam J.


      This is all Jews paying for this not Whites.

  18. TRASH

    Eating a black man’s “cream pie” out of a white woman’s vagina he has just molested is hardly female domination.

    That is “Ethno Masochism”.

  19. Sam J.

    The Jews are just blowing smoke out their asses. Once you get a little knowledgeable about the Jews the first thing you learn is they’re just huge liars.

    Speaking of lies this is much more fun to watch. These guys hooked a remote control stun gun up to a bike seat then left it in the hood. Guess what happens?

  20. TRASH

    SAM Why is it that whites from somewhere in the middle of American who have never even lived in a city with a large Jewish population like New York or New Jersey believe their lives are being run by Jews?

    Asians do not believe their being culturally colonized by Jews and neither do Blacks even though these folks live cheek-to-cheek with Jews in the urban population centers.

    Only whites somewhere in the middle of North America believe that their lives are being controlled and run by Jews.

    Jews are making poor whites smoke crystal meth? Forcing them to become porn addicts? Lowering their educational achievement levels? Destabilizing their families?

    Hymie the deli owner in New Yawk is responsible for all this?

    Sorry, Sam, whites themselves are responsible for themselves.

    • Sam J.

      The Jews wander from place to place ripping people off and telling lies. All Jews are bakers now are they? It’s been a good gig this ripping people off but eventually you’ll be kicked out of the US just like every single country you’ve ever been to. Unfortunately for you this time it’s going to be much more difficult to move some where else as there’s world wide communication now. Like the Jews that went to Chile and got kicked out before they even got settled in. Of course there’s the others in Chile buying land and scouting out places but people are watching them too because the word has gotten out about your psychopathic behavior. They also probably remember the time you were there stealing organs from people.

      I always wondered if all the empty cities in China, very odd, were actually for the Jews and they had some big plan to move there. If so what happened? Chinese sell you trash poor built buildings and steal the rest of your money?

      You’re totally fucked in Israel. Your great vaulted army got their asses kicked by Hezbollah. You decided to leave them alone and attack the Palestinians for a while. Well even then your special forces went into Gaza and got their asses handed to them. They had to back up and blast the place with artillery.

    • Sam J.

      “…Asians do not believe their being culturally colonized by Jews…”

      You’re the biggest dumb ass in all history. You know nothing about current events, you know nothing about history, everything you post is some stupid gibberish where you show you’re complete and utter stupidity. You must be a Jew anyone else would be ashamed to be so ignorant and stupid.

      The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America. Is That a Good Thing?

  21. TRASH

    SAM J Scots and English and Welsh Episcopalians imported Africans into the U.S. hundreds of years before most Scandinavians or Germans immigrated in late 19th and early 20th centuries to the cities of the Upper Midwest and Northeast states.

    Columbus landed in Florida and started the Hispanic invasion of the South.

    None of these things have to do with Nordics from the Upper Midwest.

    Asians immigrate to California, not Alabama. They see no economic opportunities in Arkansas so they won’t be stealing property or jobs anytime soon.

    • Sam J.

      “…SAM J Scots and English and Welsh Episcopalians imported Africans into the U.S. hundreds of years before most Scandinavians or Germans immigrated in late 19th and early 20th centuries…”

      Incorrect. More lies. The primary people importing Black slaves were Jews. Germans were here from the earliest times. The founding fathers worried about them being apart.

    • Barack Thatcher

      I suspect Sam wouldn’t care if “Hispanics” like Christopher Columbus’ crew (Southern Europeans) came here in large numbers. He’s not a Nordicist, to his credit.

  22. TRASH

    SAM J

    Immigrants do not want to move to Alabama or Kansas anyhow, there’s no opportunity there unless you are in agriculture. We hire teenagers to do the jobs up in the North so Mexicans do not flock up here to Minnesota or Upper Michigan.

    British Episcopalians in the South decided to start importing Africans by the millions. So that is an immigration problem that had nothing to do with the North.

    Columbus is the Hispanic to blame for illegal immigration into the South because he landed in Florida with his Spanish battalion and started raping Indians to create the cholo “slinging” drugs on Dallas or Miami streets today.

    • Sam J.

      Ha…wasn’t Columbus Jewish also?

      • Barack Thatcher

        either Italian or Portuguese…..

      • TJF

        To Sam J:

        Ha…wasn’t Columbus Jewish also?

        Umm no, Italian Catholic – financed by Spanish Catholics who made it a priority to introduce Catholicism to the new world.

        • TRASH

          Bill Gates is JOOO. So is William Buffett. So was old Adolph. So was were the Englishman who transported the slaves to the South. Hillary is also a JOOOO…well, you see what I am saying.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Bill Gates is JOOO. So is William Buffett. So was old Adolph. So was were the Englishman who transported the slaves to the South. Hillary is also a JOOOO…well, you see what I am saying.

          Yeah Sam does seem very Jew obsessed.

        • Sam J.

          It’s been every since 9-11 when building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a rock dropped in mid air, supposedly from fires. Which is impossible without the building being demoed.

    • Barack Thatcher

      Miami seems not to have large Mestizo populations. The Central Americans are, but not Cubans. Cubans are now mostly mulattoe but used to be pretty damn White.

  23. TRASH

    DEVIL’S BOTTOM BIO FOR SAM See Sam us Northerners are more geographically mobile-we don’t live/die ten miles from where were born.

    I moved ALL THE WAY OUT WEST (I know moving 100 miles is probably a daunting distance) to the San Fernando Valley and as Robert Lindsay who is from California will attest to….you meet people in porn in that area.

    Similar to Hispanics who will travel North 1,000 miles from Mexico to obtain a meat-packing plant job in the Southwest.

    We Yankees from the Rust Bowl do not complain of unemployment by sitting around a town with no jobs…we move elsewhere.

    See we can do that because we do not start a family at 18. So we can see the world.

    We Yankees even move to other cities or countries depending on our cash flow and work opportunities.

    Sometimes we even move to other countries to live if we think things have gotten positively shitty in North American which is why many “Yankees” move to Canada.

    Or even Asia.

  24. TRASH


    Jews lived in plantations in Georgia or Carolina and imported Africans to work on their plantations? Are you actually serious? HOW MANY JEWS LIVE SOUTH OF NEW JERSEY?

    Germans apart??? People in the South are apart because Miami and Alabama look like the Third World with poor brown people and tropical shanties and poverty everywhere-Midwest IS more like Canada…Oh you are right though, most Yankees on the Canadian border like me want nothing to do with New Orleans or Laredo….You might as well move to Mexico.

    Southern Brits like you worship Prince Charles and still think Queen Elizabeth’s visit is a big thing and America is part of the United Kingdom BECAUSE YOU ARE BASICALLY AUSTRALIAN.


    • Jason Y

      Well, no wonder AC/DC is so popular in the south USA. For a moment there I thought they came from Tennessee. 😆

      As far as Jews are concerned, perhaps some major southern slaveholders were Jewish. Nonetheless, the white population, poor, middle class, and rich all supported the Confederacy, and many still do. So how can we blame that whole thing on the Jews?

    • Sam J.

      Yes Jews ran some of largest slave plantations in the South before the war. They were also many in the Confederate government, unfortunately.

  25. TRASH

    SAM J BEING APART Australians are what people in the Deep South are: You are basically Brit convicts who love visits from Prince Charles and regard U.K. as your mother country and think Elizabeth is your Queen.

    Koreans, Finns, Jews, Vietnamese have all immigrated to the North and become prosperous wealthy doctors, film producers, lawyers etc but you are still mired in your quasi Third World semi-tropical poverty down in the pine barrens which apart from Russia is the poorest white place on earth.

    You DIDN’T IMMIGRATE either-you were penal colony and a tropical swamp because your King in London wanted to cull the bottom-classes off the streets of Scotland, Wales etc.

    Yankees should have let you continue being a tropical British Colony like Australia or Rhodesia. Your brown natives could walk around in pompous uniforms addressing you as “Your Lordship” and tending to your sugar cane farms.

    We Nordics of the Northern Pine Forests and Canadian Shield do not waste their time beating up Africans and we hire teenagers to do jobs like picking apples and berries so Hispanics do not congregate above Chicago.

    Of course we are more like Canadians from your perspective, I know.

    There ARE NO JEWS IN THE SOUTH OR VERY FEW. None of them could make any money down there so you’ll never see one.

    Nor will you see many Asians, Italian-Americans (Well there’s a few in Florida) or anything but Columbus’s raped Mestizo descendant Latinos and 17th century British convict descendants.

    We are not obsessed with Africans one way or the other or if they burn their crack houses down. Nor do we care about some small corner of the Middle East or who dies there or if its bombed. Jews do not expect us to care and we do not.

    No Asian or Jew is going to immigrate to the near Third World poor man’s Australia of Mississippi or New Mexico or Alabama so don’t worry.

    • Jason Y

      That statement is a bit misleading. Lots of foreign exchange students and people from other nations live in the south. Also, the south is becoming much richer. Of course, the richest part of the south has always been Texas. North Carolina is also becoming more cosmopolitan.

      Of course, being cosmopolitan isn’t always a better thing. There is a certain charm in being simple. So the typical white southerner / blacks / black and white mulattoes and some Mexicans seems to be the main racial makeup of typical non-cosmopolitan small towns.

      If the south became less diverse it would be bad. However, if it became MORE diverse it could be bad because people would trust each other less and traditonal culture would die.

    • Sam J.

      “…We are not obsessed with Africans one way or the other or if they burn their crack houses down. Nor do we care about some small corner of the Middle East or who dies there or if its bombed. Jews do not expect us to care and we do no…”

      Yeah but you sure pay their gimmedat taxes when they run you off from your but now THEIR housing. You also flee every time they burn down their housing and in turn move into yours. You also pay the Jew in Israel your taxes and don’t seem to be concerned. They also use your army to fight Jew wars in the Middle East that cost Trillions of dollars but that doesn’t concern you. You also don’t seem to be concerned that the Jews blew up your buildings on 9-11 and the Jew press is lying like dogs about it. Of course whatever the Jew tells you on the TV idiot box you believe because you’re so superior. You people must be rich to throw away so much money and not be concerned or maybe you people are dumbasses.

    • Sam J.

      “…There ARE NO JEWS IN THE SOUTH OR VERY FEW. None of them could make any money down there so you’ll never see one….”

      I guess that’s why General Grant signed an order throwing them out. They get thrown out everywhere they go.

  26. TRASH

    I’m not even sure if the South is part of the rest of North America. You’re more like Australia-a British colony for convicts in tropical poor places where brown people wander around cutting your sugarcane.

    You sort of resemble the Third World to a New England or Canadian or Pacific Northwestern North American with your palm trees and poverty and tropical humid swamps.

    New Orleans looks like a Banana Republic.

    • Jason Y

      Well, truth be said, we cannot really blame it on rural white people, like say the Duck Dynasty etc… If the place is full of ghetto blacks, then obviously, that would block progress quite a bit.

      • Barack Thatcher

        right. But the problem I have is people from places with no Mexicans or Muslims, blaming Mexicans and Muslims.

        • Jason Y

          I guess it’s an alpha male thing to create fear where none exists. OK, no blacks live in East Tennessee, but that doesn’t stop me from posting post after redneck post, on and on…

          Yeah, the dipshit on Facebook is really concerned about the threat of blacks… as though they’re right out his door, like he’s the pre-fame Eminem or something.

  27. Barack Thatcher

    This is real!?!?!?!?

    I thought this was made up?!!?


    That being said, if you are a Judeophile that somehow makes you a “cuck”?

    If you like Jews you some how get pleasure from seeing your wife sleep with Black men?
    I don’t get it.

  28. SeymourTeets

    Many high IQ people are into cuckolding, it gives them pleasure according to this article.

  29. TRASH

    Most whites who could be made to pay money to see some white female receiving a 13 inch black “King Dong” penis into anus are probably not very intelligent or well-educated.

    However, I do not believe it is a “Zionist Conspiracy” to erode the morality of the rest of us. Some people are just stupid.

    The fact that some White Nationalist blames “Jews” for the fact that somebody in Kansas is running up credit card bills staring at images of large black penises in white women’s gaping anuses is quite pathetic.

    • Sam J.

      More Trash from Trash the Hasbara Jew who pretends to be a White person. Your constant trashing of Whites gives you away as a Jew. A normal White German wouldn’t waste time on such nonsense. In your psychopathic mind you believe your striking down the Whites with great voodoo.

      Here’s where the Jews are doing the same to the Chinese. They are creating a meme that the Chinese eat aborted fetuses. Evil psychopathic Jews. Hopefully the Chinese catch on.

      Just more of the same Jew degradation.

    • Barack Thatcher

      “The fact that some White Nationalist blames “Jews” for the fact that somebody in Kansas is running up credit card bills staring at images of large black penises in white women’s gaping anuses is quite pathetic.”

      Thank you. Of course in response to this he just screams ‘JEW’ ‘SHEEPLE’ AND ‘DEGENERCY’.
      it’s not even worth arguing anymore…

      • Jason Y

        Maybe getting rid of Jews isn’t the answer, but rather therapy for these white suburban porn addicts. Possibly these guys believe they are “entitled to look at porn” which may not be a bad thing, RobertLindsay seems to believe men should be free to express sexuality.

        Nonetheless, you cannnot blame Jews for porn.

    • Sam J.

      “…Most whites who could be made to pay money to see some white female receiving a 13 inch black “King Dong” penis into anus are probably not very intelligent or well-educated…”

      That’s why they get Jews to pay for this stuff. They’re so perverted they can’t help themselves. They pay anything to get their perversion fix.

  30. Tulio

    Here’s a commercial Sam will love. He’ll claim Jews created I’m sure.

    • Optimus Prime

      Hahahaha extremely funny….

    • Sam J.

      You wish to poke fun but how much do you want to bet Jews are the ones that wrote that ad? If you follow thae ad you will find an equal ad where the subject matter is a little different. There was a big outcry by the Jews about this but nothing about the ad where they get rid of the White guy. Maybe Tulio will like this one.

      and a even worse twist

      • Barack Thatcher

        There was an outcry of more than just “Jews”….
        you see, Semitic Sam, the Jews are only 2% of the population. More people have to think this way for it to be so dominant in society.

  31. TRASH

    SAM J You probably have never lived in a neighborhood around Jews or Asians in your entire life. Or even talked to one.

    Your Zip Code is probably very rural and white.

    As for Mexicans taking American jobs well, if you are 35-40 pushing a cart around for minimum wage you are one sad bastard.

    • Sam J.

      Notice you’re lying about the issue of immigration and limiting it’s impact to low income workers. Even if we do limit the effects to low income workers low income workers need protection most. The country is theirs not every one else on the planets. You comments separate out workers from the US while conveniently not talking about Israels immigration control. I want what they have.

      So really once again you lie and distort the truth. A habit with Jews. Never believe what the Jews say they are constant liars.

      • Jason Y

        Sam has a point. However, I had this same discussion with my brother the other day, see, globalization won’t stop because companies make too large a profit with it, and the people of the US are as much to blame. I mean, ask them to stop shopping at Wal-Mart lol

        In other words, the cheap prices obtained from globalization allow the poor in the US to get by. Nonetheless, the poor in the US can barely buy even Dollar store goods, if they are working at fast food.

        However, then again, you have the whole, “Well they should get an education or more job training” thing.

        Finally, Trump cannot bring jobs back to the US, nor does he really want to. He is lying.

        • EPGAH

          Remember, the low-paid are the basis of our economy.

          As much as you might have contempt for American poor and blue-collar workers, who do you think pays for white-collar workers?

          What about your constant harping about education or more job training? We can’t all be clerical workers. Someone will always be needed to scrub the toilets. And that job is disgusting so it would command a higher pay scale than sitting on your ass in front of the computer, right?

          And have you even BEEN grocery shopping lately? Even with all the illegal scum, the prices are still going up! I thought the deal was that prices would go down if we had more illegals and “globalization”? What gives?

        • TRASH

          It’s amazing that we can ship so much from overseas for cheaper than building it in our own backyard.

        • EPGAH

          Not really, C14 and other canister fuels make transport costs virtually a non-issue. Add to that the fact that China makes criminals work just to continue living, and you have an enormous nearly-free workforce. Our criminals are merely a continued drain on society, as we continue providing food, clothing, shelter, even healthcare for the scum, and we don’t demand anything from them.

          If we were willing to all work for say 80 cents a day, we wouldn’t have to worry about outsourcing. BUT that doesn’t work in the Civilized World, as Cost of Living is way higher in America than most of the world. So it’s not really a fair fight. And we got rid of tariffs blocking their unfairly cheap goods from our shores, with things like NAFTA, and China’s “Most Favored Nation” trading status, so we had the “Huge Sucking Noise” of our jobs leaving for overseas, just as Perot publicly predicted.

          If it’s So Easy A Third Worlder Could Do It, then a Third Worlder WILL be doing it, very soon. Problem is, it doesn’t make it cheaper for the end-user. I repeat my question to Jason, this time, aimed at you, TRASH:
          Have you gone grocery-shopping lately? Are the prices going down, or up?

        • EPGAH

          Remember also, China skips that annoying R&D overhead. They don’t invent anything for us to steal, they make our stuff for us “cheap” but then they steal our IP and make even cheaper knockoffs.

          What would you say if I told you in China, you can buy an “IPad” for $20?

    • Sam J.

      “…SAM J You probably have never lived in a neighborhood around Jews or Asians in your entire life. Or even talked to one…”

      Maybe you’re right. Maybe I only get my views from Jews like you who constantly talk about perversions and hang out with pornographers. Who hate anyone who doesn’t make lots of money. Who hates working people and takes any chance they get to demean them and pretend that they are of no value. Who when they’re not talking about perversions and their porno buddies pretend to be Germans who live in the Northern US and hate White people from the South.

  32. TRASH

    NEW CUCKOLD SERIES IDEA Ron Jeremy will hide naked under the bed of a redneck and leap out to make his wife perform sexual acts on him.

    A BIG HEBREW CIRCUMCISED PENIS inserted into a blonde Southern Belle as her redneck husband admires the girth/length of the Jewish member.

    I wonder if rednecks who get aroused by it.

    • Jason Y

      Again from Trash we see more generalizations. Sam’s views are not the norm in the south. Also, you cannot totally bash Sam, cause he might have good reasons to feel the way he does, even though such views are very biased due to emotional pain.

      For instance, if you grew up in a school being beat up by blacks, then obviously it will bias your view of the world, but it could be sort of understandable.

    • Sam J.

      “…I wonder if rednecks who get aroused by it…”

      You seem obsessed by this. I think it’s you that’s aroused by it. Jews are always obsessed with odd sexual practices. They’re known for it. It’s all they can talk about.

  33. TRASH

    SAM J “REDNECK CUCKHOLD” A hairy fat Jewish porn star like Ron Jeremy is hiding under the bed when a Redneck couple arrive home from square-dancing and the man is forced to watch his blonde skinny wife spread her anus to receive a huge circumcised Jewish penis up to Ron Jeremy’s hairy balls.

    What do you think SAM J? Would rednecks send me their credit card numbers?

    • Sam J.

      What do I think?I think you lie.

    • Sam J.

      More obsession by the Jews for odd sexual practices. Will they ever stop be obsessed by strange sexual practices or promoting odd sexual practices? Like the Jews obsession with young boys in Hollywood. Several child actors have come out about the obsessive Jews preying on them.

      Here’s a few good links on the perversion of the Jews. Maybe this is why Trash is so obsessed with interracial sex. He’s a Jewish pervert. He thinks he belittles me but really he just highlights his intense interest in perverted behavior of which the Jews are known to wallow in.

      “…Their [meaning the Jews] infiltration of Hollywood is a ‘monument’ to subversive, self-serving tribalism at the expense of the host/…”

      It’s well known that perverts like Trash who are obsessed with interracial sex follow the general tenants of a group of mostly communist Jews called Frankfurt School whose goals were to destroy Western civilization through perversion of sexual mores and the break up of the nuclear family.

      “…They said that Western culture and the Christian religion had so “blinded” the working class to its true (Marxist) class interests that Communism was impossible in the West until traditional culture and Christianity were destroyed. When Lukacs became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bela Kun Bolshevik government in Hungary in 1919, one of his first acts was introducing sex education into the Hungarian schools. He knew that destroying traditional sexual morals would be a major step toward destroying Western culture itself…”

      This is why Trash, the Jew, is so obsessed with pushing perversion. He mistakenly blames Whites for seeing this but common sense tells you the Jews are the ones pushing it. After all there was never the high level of perversion in the US before the Jews came. No one forces Jews to film perversion. No one tells them that they will be gassed and burnt up in ovens if they don’t film all kinds of perversions. So why do they do it? They are perverted. Just like in Germany, you know before Hitler, they turned the whole country in to one big perversion. If the Germans were so perverted then why was it only after the Jews came to Germany that they became so perverted? We all know the answer the Jews pushed perversion constantly. They are obsessed with perversion and promoting perversion. They have perverted lives and think perverted thoughts constantly. This is why Trash has little to offer but more cuckold tales and perversions. It’s what he is. A fundamental part of his Jewish being. Jews are perverts. Probably due to their psychopathic minds. It’s well known that psychopaths have a liking for perversion, like the Jews.

      • Jason Y

        There is nothing wrong with interracial sex, only that it’s exploited for pornography, but then again sex between the same race is also exploited.

        Again, pornographers are searching for more shocking stuff to satify porn addicts.

      • TRASH

        SAM J This leads us to the Key Question: if JOOOS are perverts, psychopaths and so forth why do you allege they have so much influence in society (I do not believe this but I’m interested in your answer).

        • Jason Y

          They may really have this influence, but only cause they’re catering to human freedom. For instance, hijacking movements for peace, justice, integration, sexual freedom (porn) etc.. Not saying those things are bad, but it’s twisted to an evil and selfish end by Jews, maybe.

          For instance, integration is good, but blacks using race as an excuse for all their failure is not. It’s also not good when news and media are heavily biased against whites. For instance, Mad Magazine did a funny piece called “White Trash Funeral”. Would they have done a similar piece with blacks eating watermelons, or Mexicans wearing Sombrero hats??

  34. TRASH

    JASON Y What’s so fascinating about people like Sam J is that they are unlikely to have had much exposure to minorities.

    • Jason Y

      They have exposure to bad minorities, not good ones. They only see good ones on TV, but the bad ones fill them hate so much, that they think the good ones on TV are some kind of scam.

      Of course, a mixed person might view things in an opposite direction, but at the same extreme level. A mixed raced person might get bullied as a child, os he/she would then be attracted to Communism and other extreme egalitarian political views. In some cases, a mixed person might be attracted to racist views, despite the fact. For instance, Muhammad Ali was a mixed person, but the Black Muslims were against race mixing.

    • Sam J.

      What’s so fascinating about people like Trash is that they are unlikely to have had much exposure to decency. What with all their hatred for working people, Whites, two parent households and love of perversions and their porno pushing friends.

      What’s so fascinating about people like Trash is that they are unlikely to have had much exposure to empathy. What with their growing up in a psychopathic culture of the Jews who believe everyone should be their slave and their hatred for every human being on the planet. On;y a psychopathic people can have a psychopathic religion. They should be treated like the British treated the Thuggees.

      What’s so fascinating about people like Trash is that they are unlikely to have had much exposure to the truth as every Jew is taught to lie constantly. They even have internalized the Holohoax lie. That Hitler cared enough about them to want to kill them. He just wanted their perverted psychopathic selves away from the Germans. Everyone knows the Jews are just a tribe of psychopaths and the only sure fire way to deal with psychopaths is to keep them away from you. Psychopaths rarely build anything of consequence they just destroy. That’s why the Jews have to move from country to country. No one can stand them for long with their perversions and delusions of grandeur.

      • Jason Y

        The idea of perversion is debateable. For instance, is race mixing perversion? Or only when exploited by pornography?

        However, it is true many liberals hate the idea of a two parent family which obviously is the source of ghetto black crime. They also hate working class white people.

      • TRASH

        SAM J Actually I think one reason JOOS might be more successful is that they lack the indecent pathology that sinks poor whites: JOOOS tend to perform better in grade-school knowing they are not going to be NFL quarterbacks or NBA three-point shooters anyhow.

        JOOOS tend to have slightly lower divorce rates and to marry at a slightly later age when better-qualified to support a family. So do WASPS.

        JOOOS have their share of dopers, criminals, drunks. But this share is smaller. Poor rural whites are hooked on Meth and pills to a greater extent.

        “Christian Values” This is kind of a joke. Few Poor Whites who boast of these things can actually adhere to the scripture: they drink too much, cheat on their wives, divorce and remarry several times, watch too much porn, fight with NAMS in the street who call them a cracker and generally leave their kids less chance of succeeding than JOOOS.

  35. TRASH


    When the rural white is young he shows little interest in school and often a GED or high school diploma is as far as he gets (I know that a four-year degree does not mean much anymore either).

    His parents often married very young and have little earning power so there is little they can do to provide him with college funds or anything else.

    He often starts a family young himself at 18 or 20 and has several children at an age when he should acquire a four-year degree or some trade.

    Alcohol and drugs enter his life at an early age. He or somebody in his family will addicted to meth or some other street drug which causes a great deal of burden on parents who probably have lousy jobs.

    Trouble with blacks or Mexicans results in hanging around poor areas, not uptown. Usually when he is under the influence of something.

    As for Mass Immigration into the U.S…..We Northern whites whose families immigrated more recently from Italy, Central Europe and Catholic Ireland because slavery was illegal have in 3 generations managed to work our way out of dire poverty into the suburbs but in the South rednecks have not.

    • Jason Y

      Actually it isn’t hard to learn a trade. However, there are many who have a trade, auto mechanics etc..,, who are incredibly racist. In addition, some university students, mainly computer or engineering, who tend to be right wing and are often racist or homophobic.

      Of course,a multitude of factors, bad experiences, culture etc.. creates a racist. However, usually someone in the family, even of an engineeering student, was hurt by minorities either in a poor neighborhood, in prison, or the army, and so many family members are irrationally and annoyingly racist.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry for double post. However, I want to add that a lot of the racist stuff, especially from higher intellect racists, is “cool kid on the block grade school stuff, alpha male stuff”. Often they are being a smartass to impress peers who often are also somewhat racist.

    • Sam J.

      When the young Jew like Trash is taught that he’s the center of the universe he gets a great surprise when he goes to school and finds out that that’s really a bunch of lies. He then learns that his whole being, his parents, his Rabbi, his relatives are really just a bunch of liars. After this he shows little interest in the truth.

      Since no one likes him because he’s so hideous he often lies not only to everyone else but too himself. He creates elaborate fantasies about the attractive White girls who hate him and his loathsome ways. These fantasies are all he has and since he has no adult correction that lying is evil these fantasies eventually become very perverted and twisted. Hence all the teenager movies where the Jew gets the White girl and the White girl porn fetish. His mind is so twisted and his hatred so intense that he never makes movies where he gets the Jew girl as they as twisted and evil themselves. Why would he want the dark hairy Jew girl? He frequently pretends to be a White German person from the North as he knows that his desires are so evil and twisted that he must hide being a Jew at all cost. With his psychopathic religion and all his twisted fantasies hatred enters his life at an early age and only gets worse. It does help him to succeed financially with the help of other psychopathic Jews all with the same twisted hatred and malice towards everyone on planet Earth. Since there is no crime hideous enough they will not do and their ingrained psychopathic lying skills they can often bluff their way into business ventures. With the financial backing of their Satan worshiping brothers they have credit available that Whites don’t.

      They do great until the society in which they live temporarily realizes they are twisted. parasitical, evil tribe of psychopaths and kicks them out for being so evil.

  36. TRASH

    SAM J

    In one sentence you speak of protecting the poor worker and in the next sentence you decry Communism.

    How is it that Mexican Indians from the jungles can show up without speaking the English language and seize a job from a local person? Is this a job in a bank? A law firm? A library? Auto mechanic?

    Which JOBS are these folks stealing? Temporary seasonal work in a farm picking blue-berries? Who is 40 years old and European-American who wants or has to do that? How could you support a family on such a wage?

    Why are parts of the South and Southwest so poor and why are whites there poor generation after generation while Italian-American or Irish-American or Polish-Americans are able to get out of poverty in Chicago or New York in a single generation.

    What is wrong with them?

    • Jason Y

      Actually most southern whites have escaped poverty. We don’t live in the days of Johnny Cash’s family doing sharecropping anymore.

      True that very poor whites are often in competition against Mexicans say running a lawnmower or plumbing business. That would bring hate and resentment, but to my 200,000 a year college educated brother, all this stuff means nothing to him. But then again, he was doing the right thing for many years while others were smoking weed and being lazy.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry for double post. But then again, no shame in being poor, and this is no condemnation of poor white people, but they would have a good chance of becoming racist and resentful against immigrants and blacks obviously.

    • Sam J.

      They often pass on the social cost to the society at large. Hospital cost, school cost, etc. while paying extremely low wages. It doesn’t matter at what point you flood the market with employees those flooded areas will effect higher wage jobs and the fore mentioned social cost. Later they become citizens and cost even more unlike Israel where they go by genetics. The mass immigration we have is plan to Balkanize the US and play all the immigrating groups against the Whites who founded the country. Just another long psychopaths big Stanley by the Jews showing their hatred for the people whose country they dwell in.

      • TRASH

        SAM J Why would Jews harbor a desire to destroy the U.S.? Or whites? Why whites in particular and not Arab-Americans in East Detroit, Michigan?

        • Sam J.

          The Jews have been thrown out of EVERY single country they’ve ever been to in all recorded history. They’re a tribe of psychopaths. Their hatred for everyone is legend. They celebrate genocide and destruction of the races they live among. They have been caught frequently over the years draining the blood of children. I think this is create solidarity among the Jews as they are so evil 8in hideous they have to frequently blackmail each other to stay with the group. After all who wouldn’t want to be with normal people instead of a tribe of evil Satan worshiping psychopaths?

        • Jason Y

          Truth be told, Sam does have a justified thing against illegal immigration, at the very least. The migrants are using government services and our nation cannot afford it. It’s enough that our nation has take care of US citizens.

          In fact, Sam mentioned that he wouldn’t have a qualm against blacks if more government money could be used to help them out. However, illegals could create a situation where real help for US black citizens is not possible.

        • Jason Y

          Sorry for double post:

          Since liberals (and Sam says liberals are Jews which is misleading) support illegal immigration, then they’re really doing the US in, and Sam is justified in saying so.

          However, one quick solution might be to simply jail people who hire illegals, rather than go after illegals, since that seems all Nazi and barbaric.

      • Jason Y

        Well Trash or BarackThatcher noted that, at least with blacks, they pay society back by fighting in wars everyone hates like Korea or Vietnam.

    • Sam J.

      “…Which JOBS are these folks stealing? Temporary seasonal work in a farm picking blue-berries?…”

      If aliens didn’t take these jobs they would be given to young kids like they used to be done by. This would in turn raise wages for all manual labor to compensate. You didn’t catch on in Econ 101 did you?

      • Barack Thatcher

        regulations on kids laboring, fucktard.

        You didn’t pass 2nd Grade civics,
        but I bet you’ll blame that on the Jews..

        • Jason Y

          I think he means teenagers, not kids.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Some would, but it’s not going to be enough.
          maybe the dropout types would, but no teenager I know is going to do that back breaking work, and they non-drop out ones have to be in school.

          Sam is so fucking impressionable he thinks the tooth fairy and santa claus are real.

        • Jason Y

          Well, it all comes down to the typical WN and conservative fantasy that all the boys in the USA are wusses and if only someone would put them under the hot sun and make them work, then they’d man up and change.

    • Sam J.

      “…In one sentence you speak of protecting the poor worker and in the next sentence you decry Communism…”

      Once again you show your utter stupidity. You equate protecting workers and communism? You’re an idiot. Tell me some stories about worker protection in communist mines or anywhere communism rules. You for the “worker protections” in North Korea? Dumbass.

  37. TRASH

    SAM J I’m hardly wealthy or harbor hatred for people that work for a living.

    Nor am I Jewish. Or have any interest in them.

    I’ve never even traveled extensively through the South except once to Florida, which seems like the Caribbean. It’s hot and tropical.

    • Jason Y

      No offense Trash, but if you haven’t traveled there, then wouldn’t your generalizaitons be without justification? Your making it seem like, as so many south bashers do, that everyone there is barefoot illiterate hicks.

      Now, myself, Iv’e given some accurate depictions of southern people, a mix of southern whites, mulatto kids, blacks, mulatto teens and adults, Mexicans. Iv’e noted some southern whites are assholes, maybe 10 to 20 percent in any small town. However, they’re not the norm.

    • Tony Swagger

      You can lie whatever you want but it doesn’t deny the fact that your evil Talmudists are behind all the crap and filth we are forced to endure.

    • Sam J.

      “…I’m hardly wealthy or harbor hatred for people that work for a living…”

      and yet you say things like,”..Why are parts of the South and Southwest so poor and why are whites there poor generation after generation while Italian-American or Irish-American or Polish-Americans are able to get out of poverty in Chicago or New York in a single generation.

      What is wrong with them?…”

      as your first set of lies are not working so well you’ve decided to go onto a second set of Jew lies. Like your porno friends and your twisted psychopathic Jew friends would tell you to do, “just tell them anything, they’re so stupid they’ll believe anything”.

      Let’s have the Jew test. On 9-11 building #7, not hit by a plane, fell as fast as a rock dropped in air for roughly 108 feet. The speed of it’s decent is based on the pull of gravity which is the same for the rock and for the building, and the density of the objects below each object that it has to fall through. For the rock it’s the density of air for the building, that fell the same speed, what is the density of the material of the lower part of the building that it fell through? Now the final question was the bottom of building #7 demoed out from under it and if not then how did it fall?

      Stupid Jews. Blowing up buildings in public then trying to hide it by stupid lies.

  38. TRASH


    Is your brother who probably had to work and attend college for four or five hard years and complete an internship blaming “Jews”?

    For an Inca primitive from the jungles of Central America to show up in Little Rock and take your job just how uneducated and unskilled do you have to be?

    How can a Mexican even work at a check-out counter in WAL-MART? They speak and read no English at all.

    So many working-class whites are just so stupidly devil-may-care in youth. They show up for classes stoned in 8th grade, barely graduate, get a girl pregnant at 19 or 20 with no qualifications or prospects for decent employment, have too many children in the bargain, sometimes graduate to Meth or some heavy-duty narcotic and on and on.

    Then at the age of 35 they feel that it is the fault of “Jews” or “liberals”.

    • Hey Trash, you can’t put down any working class Whites at all on this site. I mean you can’t put them down for having a lousy job. This is a socialist blog. We say there is no such thing as a lousy job. There is always dignity in working. Any job is better than no job. At least the person with the job is working.

      Also you are falling into the Jason fallacy of “if everyone goes out and get a college degree or a skill then they can all get a good-paying job.” Considering that maybe 45% of the jobs in the US do not pay well, even if everyone went out and got a degree or a skill, 45% of them would still be relegated to low-paying jobs by the rules of the marketplace. You like Jason are laboring under this illusion that there can somehow be a world where everyone is a winner if they only try hard enough and make the right decisions.

      • TRASH


        I am socialist. Not communist. Capitalism helps those who are innovative and self-centered while socialism is a better system for the hard and honest. I do not believe Communism works, frankly, nor raw hard pure capitalism.

        I’ve held a few impressive Indie Contracting positions but mostly held low-paying jobs throughout my life.

        Especially in my college days. Nor did I graduate from a prestigious college. I attended a party college where I spent every day smoking marijuana for five years.

        I’m theoretically white-collar but never made much money.

        • Sam J.

          The Jewified Trash trashing the people who don’t go to college, and didn’t smoke weed all day long, keeps telling us he’s “made it” and how all these low class Whites are no good and haven’t “made it” and now SHAZAM he’s a worker of the world. A true believer, a miraculous worker bee who’s forswore his Jew porno friends and his globe hopping days to be at one with the workers of the world. More lies. I guess the second set of lies is wearing thin so you’re going on to the third.

          Maybe you should go back to your pornographer friends and their twisted interracial and animal porn. I bet they would like you with all your hatred fantasies of White Women with Jew and Black cocks up them. You did spend a great amount of time detailing this. Maybe that’s what you’re good at. You could be fluffer for the cuckolds.

      • TRASH

        ROBERT I’m lower-middle class myself and no genius (I did graduate from college but not a good one) but how can Inca primitives from the jungles of South America steal the job of any able-bodied American who can read and write in English?

        This is not a rhetorical question.

        What is an Inca with 2nd grade education and no ability to speak English able to do better than a person born in the United States that somebody might actually hire them for?

        • Barack Thatcher

          Trash-correct, I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but the statistical odds are that such people just aren’t as smart.

          That being said, what is being done to them is abuse, we shouldn’t abuse people just because they have low IQs.

    • Jason Y

      My brother majored in Geography, an in-demand subject now, way back in the 1980s. Therefore, he’s sort of lucky in a sense. He lives a Yuppie lifestyle now, even when there was the 2008 crash.

      No, my brother is a macho guy that never complains about anything.

    • Jason Y

      So many working-class whites are just so stupidly devil-may-care in youth. They show up for classes stoned in 8th grade, barely graduate, get a girl pregnant at 19 or 20 with no qualifications or prospects for decent employment, have too many children in the bargain, sometimes graduate to Meth or some heavy-duty narcotic and on and on.

      Then at the age of 35 they feel that it is the fault of “Jews” or “liberals”.

      That’s true in some cases, but not all. Otherwise, I would be saying all poor working class people are to blame for thier own misery which is false, and against the rules on this blog.

      • Barack Thatcher

        I just think that the if the stereotype of “dumb Blacks always playing the victim” is given credence by both the mainstream Right and the Alt-Right, then so does what Trash is talking about.

        It’s simply logical.
        Many Neo-Cons have become increasingly despondent at how “conservative values” are now getting thrown out the window with Trumpenproletariat. And in this case they are correct.

        It’s a fight for the right to have, while we just sit back and watch, for now.

  39. TRASH

    TONY SWAGGER Why do you watch it?

    Is Ron Jeremy behind you with a gun pointed to your head demanding that you do not avert your eyes from pornography on the laptop?

    Who is forcing you to consume “Filth and crap”.

    • Jason Y

      That’s always a question I brought up with Sam. Even if Jews sell it, nobody is forced to buy it.

      Note, most of it’s boring anyway, hence they have to constantly come up with weirder stuff to get people off.

    • Sam J.

      I knew you’d eventually get back to perverted pornography. It’s where you feel comfortable. You ever heard the term supply creates demand. I guess you were stoned in class that day.

      From “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

      Protocol XIII Distractions

      “…WE FURTHER DISTRACT THEM WITH AMUSEMENTS, GAMES, PASTIMES, PASSIONS, PEOPLE’S PALACES …. SOON WE SHALL BEGIN THROUGH THE PRESS TO PROPOSE COMPETITIONS IN ART, IN SPORT IN ALL KINDS: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more unaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we because we alone shall be offering them new directions for thought … of course through such persons as will not be suspected of solidarity…”

      Everyone should read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Even if you think it’s a forgery it’s amazing what is predicted and path that events are predicted to take.

      • Tony Swagger

        And read George Orwell’s 1984 along with what Sam recommended. Orwell was way ahead of his time. He predicted a lot of things, which are coming to reality.

  40. TRASH

    Stephen King is Jewish? Quentin Tarantino? Bruce Lee? Japanese porn producers?

    • Jason Y

      I love SOD. Have you ever seen that Japanese porn? 😆 Stuff like

      One director has described their product this way: “SOD’s porno is ridiculous. There’s nothing really sordid about it” and “different to anything else in the porno world”. Some of its most notable approaches have been quiz shows that tested the knowledge of AV (adult video) actresses with challenging questions, CFNM (clothed female, naked male) videos that have women studying a man’s penis (the “Uniforms, Undies and All Naked School Multi-Story” series), and plots where women are put under hypnosis. There have also been nude sports series, the senior citizen epic “All Naked Nursing Home for the Elderly”, Company Sex Parties, Summer Festivals (a festival focused on penises and not to be confused with the actual Shinto festival dealing with fertility) and Sex Camps.[5]

  41. TRASH

    TONY SWAGGER Why are so many skinny Christian girls the Flyover doing anal sex scenes with hairy, blubbery Jewish porn performers or 12 inch black studs for $500 – $800 a day?

    What’s wrong with their morals? Oh, you get a few Jewish girls and even a Muslim Arab girl or black but mostly its skinny Anglo blondes?

    TONY, why is your nuclear family structure so broken when middle-American Evangelical Christians prattle on about “family values”.


    • Tony Swagger

      Listen up jew, repeating a lie over and over is not going to serve your cause. You have exposed yourself by following the typical pattern of all the hasbarats. Most of us have strong christian family systems. We are worried because of the degeneration and filth you parasites have brought up on this society. You cancerous lil cretins are attacking us all around using your tools (Nigs.Mudslim, Aliens)
      Also, Jews should be the last one to talk about family values or any morals in general. Perversion, looting, greed and filth is all your life about and satan is your god…

      • Jason Y

        Nobody forces anyone to buy porn. Maybe the real blame could be on people’s inborn desire to do evil. I mean, people have always had the free will to do the right thing. They could go to church, practice family values. It isn’t like Satanism is now the USA state religion. Come on.

        • Barack Thatcher

          people are so goddamn impressionable, though….

          why do you think this song had to be made?;

        • Jason Y

          People are impressionable as Bob Marley claimed, lol However, at some point you have to be a man and accept responsibility for choices made. However, sometimes you can say that children and teens are not responsible due to being immature.

    • Sam J.

      “…TONY SWAGGER Why are so many skinny Christian girls the Flyover doing anal sex scenes with hairy, blubbery Jewish porn…”

      I would say a large portion of this is due to your constant attacks on the family and the degradation propaganda that you Jews use against stay at home Mothers. As you Jews have degraded the roles of Women in taking care of children and loving them they are pressured for money. Many, after wallowing in the filth tsunami that is Jew culture, fall astray to a false dichotomy of drugs, fame and fortune pushed by Trash and his porno friends. Who he hangs out with so much as to know their financial plans.

      I would like Robert to add another protested class to the people who are protested here on this blog. Stay at home Mothers who raise their children. I can’t think of a worker more important to the life and well being of our country.

  42. TRASH

    BARACK THATCHER Very true, Jews have an average verbal IQ of 120 and that is why so many become comedians or screenwriters as oppose to mathematicians.

    Also lawyers, deal-makers etc.

  43. TRASH


    Mostly Anglo girls from the flyover are seen choking on hairy Hebrew stovepipes in ratty Los Angeles apartments or taking police nightstick-sized purple stovepipes in their gaping pink anuses not Jewish or black girls.

    Why? Because some stepdad molested Little Suzy back in Kansas between Evangelical or Baptist revivals and now she will do anything for her sweet, sweet pharmaceutical candy.

    White hicks dislike blacks because they always end up being banged up in prison for some stupid drug or theft offense where they are used like little sexual playthings in the prison yards by big black

    If an Inca primitive who walked out of the jungle last week in South Mexico can “steal your job” without speaking a word of English just how good is that job in the first place? Busing tables at 40 years old?

    Muslims are most assuredly not the tools of Zionism.

    Rednecks buy meth from the Mexicans-I know they have to get through long hours of work on the farm or second job-and that is why illegal aliens keep fleeing narco-terrorism Northwards.

    White hicks are exterminating themselves for some reason. Dropping out of high school in 10th grade, getting hooked on meth at 14 (What is it about meth and hicks?).

    Jews are not responsible for the reason whites are bottoming out

    • Jason Y

      White hicks dislike blacks because they always end up being banged up in prison for some stupid drug or theft offense where they are used like little sexual playthings in the prison yards by big black

      Yeah that’s true sometimes, and also they are humilated in the army and other places with many blacks. But a lot of the reason is because I think in their southern culture they’re taught blacks are lower than them, so when one humilates them, it’s a big disgrace. Especially that was true of generations born before the 1960s.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry for double post, but this isn’t an attack on all southern white working class people, even ones born before the 60s.

        It’s saying some of them were taught blacks were childlike, and were supposed to be servants of whites, and when the blacks refused to bow down to them or acted bad, then the whites felt humiliated and they have channeled this rage into passive aggressive racism.

    • Sam J.

      “…Jews are not responsible for the reason whites are bottoming out…”

      Let’s let history be our guide. The Jews ran Germany between the two world wars. The workers were driven to the greatest despair due to their psychopathic machinations. Immoral acts wen through the roof to unknown levels. Immediately after Hitler gained power the pornography was cut to almost nothing, workers had jobs and the money supply became sound. While farmers were hanging themselves in their barns in the US depression workers in Germany were going on paid vacations and there was plenty of work for everyone. The Jews were brought under control and the society flourished. This has happened many, many times in history when the Jews were placed under controls. Better to just deport them.

      • Barack Thatcher

        But what was the end result of WW2, and fascist Germany, genius?

        And don’t say the “sanctions” because you just said the economy was doing great in 1930s Germany.

        Did “The Jews” make Hitler attack Sudetenland, Czechoslavakia, or Britain?

        Did “the Joos” make Japan attack Pearl Harbor?


        • Jason Y

          The Gemans also banned Jazz, another stupid move, kind of similar to stuff done during the 1979 revolution in Iran. Shit that did nothing to help out anyone. Just a lot of puritanical crap. The night of glass and burning Jewish houses of worship (with the Jews in them BTW…), also did nothing but was just a lot of rage and hate. Germans should be fucking ashamed of themselves….

        • Sam J.

          Typical Jewish behavior to swap subjects, again when anyone brings up the vast improvement in peoples lives when the Jews are controlled.

          “…Did “The Jews” make Hitler attack Sudetenland, Czechoslavakia, or Britain?…”

          They didn’t help due to the Jews unilateral declaration of war against the Germans. They also worked to limit German business. This is one of the reasons Hitler determined that they would need territory in the East.

          “…Did “the Joos” make Japan attack Pearl Harbor?…”

          No but they helped. Wasn’t Roosevelt a Jew. If he wasn’t he was surrounded by them and they advised him in his plan of action.

          Let me ask you a question do the Joos have to produce pornography? Do the Jews have to follow a religion that says no one but them is human and everyone will be their slaves? The Jewsih religion says it’s ok to rape children. You for that? The State of Israel is a Jewish state so shouldn’t the Jews, supposedly against slavery and condemning people as not being human, condemn Israel and cut off all funding? If not why?

        • Barack Thatcher

          I am not swapping subjects.

          You realize you appear as if you don’t have a triple digit IQ when you just lash out with ad hominems and make stuff up in response to rebuttals against you?

        • Jason Y

          Hitler’s goal was to turn Germany into a war machine, and later the Roosevelt turned the US into a war machine. That increased jobs, not Nazi policies or even the New Deal.

      • Jason Y

        Pornography had little to do with anything. Banning it did nothing. The reason Germany improved was because Hitler prepared Germany for war, much as Roosevelt did with the US. That got them out of the depression.

  44. Barack Thatcher

    Extreme anti-semitism is like a religion.

    These guys make claims and then say “prove it’s false”….
    Just like religion……
    it’s an explanation for the yet known….
    “White decline is not caused by a complex set of problems, it’s JEWS”,

  45. Barack Thatcher

    Do these guys actually think “Trash” is a Jew, or are they just trolling? LOL.

    If everyone who defended Jews was a Jew, we’d be having some pretty diverse Jews;

    they don’t understand what they think they understand

    • Tony Swagger

      Bad example Bill, These two are not even white. Even if someone is white and behave like these people, they are referred as as Cuck….Unfortunately there are too many cucks and wiggers out there.

      • Barack Thatcher

        but that’s my point.
        Not everyone who defends Jews is a Jew.

        If that was the case then pure-blooded Blacks and Asians would be Jews.

      • Barack Thatcher

        A cuck can be non-White, so long as they are not Black, by definition, right?

        • Tony Swagger

          The problem bill, is you guys are sucking off those hebes. Jason says he is a white man from Tennessee. He spends most of his time attacking white people. Be it his meth rants, porn, unemployment et al, he sneaks in and finds a way to put blame on the whiteman and you do the same.
          That is typical of hasbarats, who infiltrate every genuine websites and throw in pseudo bull shit, distortions and lies. The behavior of you guys provide enough grounds for suspicion that you are out here with an agenda.
          This Trash creature is definitely a Trashy Jew. One look at his ramblings is enough to spot the kike.

        • Jason Y

          No, I have attacked blacks quite a bit when needed, much more so than Trash or BarackThatcher.

          Pseudo distortion etc.. is what each side thinks the other does. Actually each side is doing that. For instance, Trash (formerly SD), goes on massive hate rants against southern white people, but he’s never been to the south, and his comments are massive exxagerations. It does have comic side, but it’s not grounded in truth.

          Sam J. has a good reason to despise thug blacks, but all blacks are not thugs, and I see no justificaiton in deporting 60 to 80 percent of run of the mill blacks to rid the nation of thug blacks, who could be gotten rid of by simply deportaton of them, the thug blacks, alone.

        • Barack Thatcher

          I just don’t understand this “us” vs. “them” mentality.

          I’ve criticized cultural left identity politics, because that’s the same. I don’t like the American Jews, no matter how liberal, turn a blind eye to what Israel is doing.

          I don’t believe that the group mentality of others can be addressed with group mentality of one’s own.
          How did that work out in South Africa?

          If Blacks hadn’t have been so group minded, maybe Whites would have still kept enough power to keep the country on track.

        • Barack Thatcher

          that the American Jews turn a blind eye.

        • Barack Thatcher

          It’s all relative, Tony.

          Maybe to you guys we are anti-White hebe blowers.

          But to the mainstream we are more pro-White. I have a Quora account where I try to gauge opinions of Alt-Left ideas to those nutcases.

  46. Barack Thatcher

    Sam says somebody else “didn’t catch on in Econ 101”
    says the guy who thinks there would be no negative economic consequences to deporting 38% of the U.S. population

    • Sam J.

      I know exactly what would happen. Short term wages would rise and there would be some inflation. Very shortly thereafter automation would skyrocket bringing the USA to absolute breathtaking heights. The USA in most of it’s earlier history had an acute labor shortage. This provided good wages compared to the rest of the world and spurred machinery innovation to boost productivity.

      • Barack Thatcher

        “there would be some inflation”

        if everything had been operating with the expectation that there was x number of people, and suddenly that becomes 0.62x, there’d be too much to go/around, less demand, causing deflation….

        ^^^^this is why all the economists are Jews^^^^^^

        Inferior gentiles.

        • Sam J.

          You’ve discounted that there would be less people around making stuff. Illegal aliens supply a lot of labor that produces stuff. Housing stock would go up but much the housing that illegal aliens live in Whites don’t want so there’s no demand for it. You thinking is one dimensional.

  47. Barack Thatcher

    Jews, and not just Ashkenazis, are for all intents and purposes the master race. The bible, and religion, the main non-evolutionary driving force, for 60% of the world, traces back to Jews (0.2%).

    Jews have largely been persecuted the world over for their intelligence.

    • Sam J.

      “…Jews have largely been persecuted the world over for their intelligence…”

      Jews have been driven out of every country they’ve ever been in for all of recorded history because they are a tribe of psychopaths. They are an awful race of people.

    • TRASH

      If they wanted earn their money being dentists they would be further under the radar but usually they are sleazy but legal-pornography as we have discussed; pawn shops; slum buildings; boiler rooms.

  48. TRASH


    Don’t fistfight African bums addicted to smoking baking soda concoctions on rundown streets. They have enough problems as a group.

    Don’t remind them that the highlands of your own noble Scots ancestors are superior to the savanna of their African ones if you encounter them in the army or school. Not out loud at least.

    Don’t molest female family members or step-children. They might grow up to be strippers who decide to try their luck in California and end up receiving 15 inch black penises into their anus for $800 in front of the camera.

    Don’t watch American porn if you’re Anti-Semitic: Rent Japanese AV and you can watch NURSING HOME 400 MAN BUKKAKE or something even more twisted than what Ron is prepared to put on film.

    Don’t commit the same offense three times so that hardened black and Latino felons leave your bloody anus gaping in the Prison Rec Room.

    Don’t impregnate your girlfriend when you are 19 or 20 and have no job skills. You won’t want to pay the alimony ten years later when you forgot why you liked the girl in the first place.

    Don’t get hooked on meth at 14 or 15 and subsequently wrack up a series of petty convictions for drugs/theft. Smoke pot if you wish, but avoid narcotics.

    Don’t drop out of high school. Try to obtain SOME kind of four-year degree.

    Don’t keep the weed in your car if you’re going to drunk drive. Cops will search you vehicle and you’ll be hit with additional fines.

    …Master Race.

    • Barack Thatcher

      You’ve basically eloquently summarized what Jason and I have been saying for the past year.
      Nice work.

    • Jason Y

      Good point. But my heart does go out to whites who have failed in this matter. Even myself, I make 12,000 a year. Nonetheless, the WN error is that they’re taking personal failure and using it as criteria to be racist. Saying that isn’t anti-white-working-class. Not all whites are like WNs, only some of them.

      • Barack Thatcher


      • Barack Thatcher

        I think this is an issue that the Alt-O-Sphere needs to give more attention. Naturally, it would be against the Alt-Left to criticize downtrodden people, which I understand.
        It should be up to the Alt-Right, but it’s just like a trip to the zoo on their blogs/territory. I expect nothing from them.

        This is the conception most Whites and practically all Minorities have about hardcore racialists, it’s a stereotype. And, as the Alt-Right so often reminds us; ‘stereotypes are grounded in truth’

        • Jason Y

          Thd downtrodden white man, persecuted by the evil Joos, is the core propoganda of WNs, even before actual racism is. You draw the downtrodden white people in by playing to their resentment and then indoctrinate them with extremism.

          But it’s a sore loser philosophy.

  49. jorge

    How do you know that this is real? Only because there are porn videos about it? If this exist, probably is something that only 0,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of population does, an extremely insignificant number.

    I saw one video about this. The actress was naked and seducing a guy, and then fuck, next to him, with another guy, and insulted the first one. In one part also the “observer” guy was “forced” to suck the cock of the guy that was fucking the girl, and the three were white by the way, no one was black.

    I think that is some kind of porn genre.

    Also there are videos of sadomasoquism where men are humillated, beaten and, sometimes, fucked in the ass with dildos by porn actresses, who usually make the man want her pussies and finally never give it.

    But this don’t mean that there is many people practicing this, at least all days like if were a normal part of it sex life.

    If they do this, is because they like it. There are all kind of “rare” sexual likes practiced by a extremely small minority of people. Probably also there are some isolated cases where the man don’t like do it but still do because is very dumb or dominated (maybe with some, at least little, mental disorder, or an extremely weak personality).

    • TRASH

      2 GIRLS 1 CUP probably demonstrates that every “rare” sexual like has been captured on film.

      But why the fascination with blondes receiving huge black penises and why is the audience mostly white rednecks?

      That is the question.

      • jorge

        I think that is for the idea of black having big cocks for “destroy” women pussies. That’s why also there are videos of women with tiny bodies (masquerading for teenagers in videos, and probably many of them are barely above 18 years old) fucking with big guys with big cocks (from any race).

        There are like a fantasy (or I don’t know how call it) of men introducing big cocks in tiny pussies of women, especially young ones.

      • Sam J.

        “…But why the fascination with blondes receiving huge black penises and why is the audience mostly white rednecks?…”

        You are lying. You make several assertions and each time I shoot them down you go onto another lie. Typical Jewish behavior. My question is why are you obsessed with interracial porn?

  50. TRASH


    Are they secretly gay?

  51. Jason Y

    Has anyone seen the racist porn on the net? They got these videos where racial slurs are hurled at black women, by these really bitchy redneck women. 😆

    They also got this porn with guys with Dixie flags who are screwing black women.

    • TRASH


      I have seen one on EFUCT (The worse humor-porn site you will ever visit) where a naked black female is forced to say that she is a “coon bitch” while on her knees sucking a huge white penis through a watermelon.

      White males who exploit and degrade helpless stupid African women who cannot help being prehistoric people from the savanna are really an embarrassment to the rest of us.

      I’m surprised they can find black women who for $800 or some such thing will put themselves through this.

      • Jason Y

        They would if they needed drug money. Myself, I was shocked to see the stuff with the black women being insulted by racist white bitches. The Dixie flag stuff though seemed less offensive, but still a little bit.

      • Jason Y

        Yeah something else funny is the cartoon porn by Erenisch. It’s a slave world that looks like something from the Archie Comics.

        They have this one scene where a woman is tied up in an aquarium with breathing apparatus, and then there is a jellyfish she has to squirm away from constantly. 😆 In another scene the owner finally lets the cheerleader looking slave have a bite of his hot dog, cause usually all they eat is dog food.

    • TRASH

      JASON White men who let themselves be photographed with their penis through a watermelon in an African female’s mouth for some pittance sum like $500 are truly sad.

      But is was truly the most vile thing I ever made the mistake of viewing and I only saw a single clip of it.

      • Sam J.

        Yet you can’t stop talking about interracial porn it must have affected you deeply.

        • TRASH

          SAM J White Nationalists are aggregation of contradictions: They live in semi-rural or rural zip codes where no minority would ever want to live but fear JOOS, Africans and Asians will overrun them even though these are urban-dwellers who lack the skills or money to leave the cities and would starve in a week in the woods anyhow.

        • Sam J.

          Trash is a total dumbass because he doesn’t understand that the NAMMS get Whites to pay for their moving about.

          “…no minority would ever want to live but fear JOOS, Africans and Asians will overrun them even though these are urban-dwellers who lack the skills or money to leave the cities and would starve in a week in the woods anyhow…”

        • Tony Swagger

          Hey Sam,
          why does Jew Trash likes to watch porno movies backward?
          A: He likes the part where the hooker gives the shekel back.

        • Sam J.

          @Tony Ha HA. Good one.

        • TJF

          To Tony Swagger:

          why does Jew Trash likes to watch porno movies backward?

          I thought Trash was the former SD who stated several times he was German American and not Jewish. Also he doesn’t come across as a SJW or some PC dweeb (of any race or ethnicity).

        • Sam J.

          He says all kinds of shit much of it contradictory. Can’t remember all his lies. Most probably a paid Jew Hasbara.

          “…I’m a Gora who lived in Kerela…”
          “…I say I lived in Cochin and the waterfalls are nice…”
          “…I’m lower-middle class myself and no genius…”
          “…In the Philippines I met a homeless American named Clinton Macbeth…”
          “…With some experience with porn producers…”
          “…Trust me, I have some experience with the industry…”[porn]
          “…I’m German-Catholic from the Upper Midwest…”
          “…I’m German Catholic not Jewish…”
          “…I live in Asia…”
          “…I moved ALL THE WAY OUT WEST… to the San Fernando Valley…”
          “…I’m Catholic but some Yiddish blood is hanging from the family tree…”

        • Barack Thatcher

          If I recall correctly, he claimed three of his grandparents were of German descent, while his Maternal Grandmother was of German Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

      • Jason Y

        I guess these women are the insensitive “politically incorrect” cool women, that these Facebook WNs and Republicans like so much. If only people had a sense of humor like these black women (and white guys) in question. 😆 The world would be a paradise.

        Gosh, lol, it’s just a joke. HA HA

        • TRASH

          TRASH Minority women don’t even know what the word “PC” means much less possess the abstract thinking capacity to make some “statement”.

          They respond to such direct stimuli as “money” and “stimulants” and “large penis” (They do not seem to care if the owner is European either judging from the gusto with which they enthusiastically receive it).

          One curious thing about minorities of various backgrounds is a lack of abstraction.

        • Jason Y

          Minority women are less dumb than you think and get mad easily. We are not dealing with Downs Syndrome people here.

  52. TRASH

    E FUCT has some fairly horrible clips of African women on their knees being forced to suck huge white penises through watermelons while addressing themselves as “coon bitches”.

    These white males are paid of course but it is still demoralizing to see that a European-American male will accept $500 to do such a thing with a black female.

    One thing I feel makes white men morally superior is that we do not stoop to degrading the females of other races-we leave them alone. Instances of African women being raped by Swedish men are very low.

    It’s pretty despicable what white lowlifes in the LA porn industry will pay make some poor African female do.

    • Sam J.

      You’re certainly up on all the permutations of this sort of thing. You must have some kind of paid subscription.

      • TRASH

        JOOS and other purveyors of adult material are having a hard time of it because its all free on the internet now. Nobody pays for a porn subscription anymore or rents a video.

        It’s a dead industry.

        SAM J that’s why the rate per hour for those skinny blonde strippers from Kansas who ran away to LA to become a “Big Actress” because step-dad “touched them” are sinking to such pitiful rate…..

        I’m not in the production of adult material and never had been. It’s just common knowledge to anybody who lived in San Fernando Valley.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think it’s a dead industry. It has simply become ad supported like NBC or ABC. Gosh, who would have ever dreamed of a world like this, lol ?

          Also, porn producers have started churning out extreme or unique stuff that they demand a subscription for. Which works fine with porn addicts as their fucked out brains need more and more to get the same rush.

    • Jason Y

      I wasn’t really offended to watch it. I found it funny more than anything else. However, there is stuff on the net that I find vile. The thing on Daily Stormer about mixed raced kids was a big thing.

  53. Barack Thatcher

    Trash is SD!?!? He legitamently is Jewish religiously and 1/4 ethnically. Sam and Tony win this round with regards to Joos.

    • TRASH

      Well, I’m Catholic but some Yiddish blood is hanging from the family tree. I guess you have me there.

      I’m far from wealthy and my IQ is only 115-120: I’m not running anything in North America or anywhere else.

      • Sam J.

        “…I’m a Gora who lived in Kerela…”
        “…I say I lived in Cochin and the waterfalls are nice…”
        “…I’m lower-middle class myself and no genius…”
        “…In the Philippines I met a homeless American named Clinton Macbeth…”
        “…With some experience with porn producers…”
        “…Trust me, I have some experience with the industry…”[porn]
        “…I’m German-Catholic from the Upper Midwest…”
        “…I’m German Catholic not Jewish…”
        “…I live in Asia…”
        “…I moved ALL THE WAY OUT WEST… to the San Fernando Valley…”
        “…I’m Catholic but some Yiddish blood is hanging from the family tree…”

        Trash is a liar.

        • TJF

          To Sam J:

          “…I’m a Gora who lived in Kerela…”
          “…I say I lived in Cochin and the waterfalls are nice…”
          “…I’m lower-middle class myself and no genius…”
          “…In the Philippines I met a homeless American named Clinton Macbeth…”
          “…With some experience with porn producers…”
          “…Trust me, I have some experience with the industry…”[porn]
          “…I’m German-Catholic from the Upper Midwest…”
          “…I’m German Catholic not Jewish…”
          “…I live in Asia…”
          “…I moved ALL THE WAY OUT WEST… to the San Fernando Valley…”
          “…I’m Catholic but some Yiddish blood is hanging from the family tree…”
          Trash is a liar.

          None of those are contradictory except for the first statement (and did SD / Trash actually say that..?). I sense some hyperbole but also things that could be true.

          As for his comments about the Philippines I don’t agree completely but they do sound like someone who has spent some time there as I have. If it’s true he owned a “bar” in the Philippines then he could easily have contact with porn producers. Sleazy guys like to go to sleazy places.

        • Sam J.

          He said his Jew porno friends were in California where they liked to degrade White girls. He found it amusing to degrade people.

        • Sam J.

          He said all that stuff, cut and paste.

    • TRASH



      Preface: JOOS did not vote in Bush who entangled us in endless and pointless foreign wars. Things went downhill in the year 2000, no>

      1) WTF cares what minorities do in their ghettos? Why would you have anything to do with those places anyhow? Why put yourself somewhere that minorities can assault on the street.

      2) What are minorities going to do, walk 30 miles down the freeway in the cold or drive (few could afford the gasoline) by the thousands from the inner-city into suburbs to “burn them down” or into rural areas? Minorities never step off the sidewalk: they’d freeze or starve to death. Plus 40% of them have to have a steady supply of baking soda/cocaine rocks to smoke or they go into painful withdrawal.

      3) Stop caring what Minorities do or how they feel. Koreans and JOOS actually make money from their liquor stores and pawn stores but do not care about Africans. Why do White Nationalists care what they do?

      4) Mudslims cannot “invade America”. They lack the Naval power to sail from Syria out the Mediterranean Sea into the Atlantic to Virginia and storm the beaches. Second-generation American losers with Pakistani names kill themselves every time they commit a terrorist act in a gay night club or their office party but they cannot form an army capable of occupying Washington D.C. They cannot even conquer a backwater like Syria.

      • Sam J.

        Trash is just stupid as fuck and has no imagination or any situational awareness of what going on.

        “…What are minorities going to do, walk 30 miles down the freeway in the cold or drive…”

        No they’re going to tax you to build them buses and public transport which they will ride around on for free while you have to pay for the building, maintenance and to ride them damn things on which they will attack you when ever they feel like it. If you fight back they won’t say it was an attack they will say you were “fighting” and you will go to jail and be ruined financially.

        Trash is a complete dumb ass and doesn’t understand any of this.

        • TRASH

          SAM J

          Yes, if you ride inner-city buses you are asking for it. Why would you be riding around the inner-city unless you were a junkie or whore monger? In that case you should have a driver’s license and a car to curb-crawl.

          These bus routes to not connect with the suburbs much less rural Zip Codes and NAMS will stay within 5 miles of their dealer, wholesale supplier, legitimate employer, fencing operation or liquor store at all times anyhow.

      • TRASH

        SAM J

        I never made porn in my life but I did move all the way out to Looss Ange-lees where as Robert will attest you might meet people in that business.

        JASON Y even worked in Korea for years and spoke the language! Ain’t it amazing what you can do when you don’t sit on the same stool at the Sports Bar 4 days a week watching big black giants play children’s games?

        That requires being college eju-caded and possessing some initiative, which you probably lack.

        Homeless American WAS JUST LIKE YOU SAM! Lookin fer luv in all the wrong places with some Filipino mail order bride and not very street smart.

        Yiddish blood…You Brit Protestants have fallen behind everyone else in America ie Chinese coolies, Irish Catholics, Italian construction workers. “Bohunk” Slavs in Chicago fleeing the Iron Curtain have all left your ethnic group behind academically and monetarily in the last 100 years.

        It’s not just the JOOOS my noble Highlander.

        “I’m Gora who lived in Kerala” I briefly stayed in India. Big difference. There’s a backpack guide call LONELY PLANET about this phenomenon of traveling on $10 per day through India.

        Some “illegals” travel all the way up through Mexico from Salvador to cock-block you. Ain’t dat something? Not everybody stays in the Zip they were born their entire live.

        I live in Asia? Here I am going to get vague about my details but because I am LOWER CLASS my money goes further in some places than others.

        You see, I waited until I was 40 to marry a younger woman after a lifetime of work/study.

        SAM J you can never travel because you probably started a family when you were 20 and rolled joints on your skateboard in junior high when “us college ejucaded folks” “was studying algebra” and as a result you have never left your zip code in your entire life.

        Unlike that Salvadoran Indian who lived in the jungles until last month but actually traveled all the way up through Mexico.

        You know nothing about life outside your backwater.

  54. TRASH

    JASON Y Why is it that whites from the Northeast or Northwest or even Miami or Dallas are not so badly ravaged by the schemes of JOOS or Africans who spend most of their time smoking crack in older areas of our Northern cities or feel the economic pressure of Amerindian primitives from some Central American village deep in the jungle.

    How is it that rural whites in zip codes where few of these minorities live (They’re all city dwellers) feel they are bearing the brunt of minorities?

    They hardly have any.

    • Jason Y

      These people are not affected by NAMS, unless it’s via taxes. Nonetheless, thier constant bitching and dumb redneck humor on social media gets old. It’s more hell fire and brimstone preaching than you’d hear from the worst minister in Moonshine Valley. It never FUCKING stops. lol

      Here’s a classic. “Share this if you ever worked under one of these (It shows some car being repaired.” Or how about “I’m sorry Iv;e offended your little liberal pansy ass, here’s a band-aid. 😆 ” (note this macho crap is played on heavy rotation on Facebook).

      • Jason Y

        Sorry for double post.

        “SHARE THIS – If you think little faggot ass college students should have to join the Army to get tuition. HA HA LOL”

      • Jason Y

        These redneck Facebook posts are on more heavy rotation than Led Zeppelin and Bad Company on a classic rock station. 😆

        • TRASH

          SHARE THIS Little Faggot Ass College Students graduate and someday their name is on their desk instead of their shirt.

        • Jason Y

          SHARE THIS Little Faggot Ass College Students graduate and someday their name is on their desk instead of their shirt.

          Good one Trash. 😆

        • TRASH

          JASON Someday their name is on their desk but not on their building. I think lower and middle-class people will fight for crumbs but the upper-class is going to be indifferent either way.

          Let’s face some fact of life. The macho Rednecks just screw around a great deal between 12-22. Fights, partying, girls, sports. Not being form a wealthy background, I’m realistic about this. None of them are willing to spend four years working 20 hours a week and attending class 8 hours a day for 4-5 years to graduate.

          Most of them are intelligent enough to do so if they wanted to do so and could get money to somewhere, but they love doing “doughnuts” in their souped-up cars and banging their hot cheerleader girlfriends and do not want to leave their neighborhoods where they are alpha males.

          Everybody else goes to college, out of state, comes back to get a decent-paying job and one day when they are 30 they wake up realizing that they have never left their city and have no particular importance and feel marginalized.

        • Jason Y

          Iv’e noticed these macho rednecks when not working at some minimum wage job, are watching TV or doing some other stuff you mentioned. In that case, as you said, they’re not willing to get more vocational education or a college education.

          Sometimes they might try to bring up some pity party where they claim to be “the working man” and everyone else begs from parents for money, or have turned into some intellectual snob. But it’s so misleading cause they’re working stuff, only requires 2 percent of their brain, and they don’t donate extra time, as I just said, to dig them out of the minimum wage hole.

      • TRASH

        JASON Y

        Us Northern liberal Micks, Jews, Krauts, Bohunks and Wops are all the grandchildren of peasants who were poor workers.

        Do hicks think we rose to the middle-class on welfare?

    • TRASH

      SAM J thinks all whites never leave their zip code their entire lives like he probably hasn’t (Unless he swabbed an aircraft carrier decks for a few years in which case he probably visited some whorehouses overseas and that’s about it).

      • Sam J.

        Yeah you’re a Gora, a Catholic, a German, a Jew, an Asian, a porno guy…no your a liar and not a very good one. Your a stupid fuck who doesn’t understand reality.

        If you’re so great and have so much control over the NAMS then why the fuck are you people letting them destroy your cities? Where’s you great plan to keep the rest of your cities from being trashed.

    • Barack Thatcher

      TRASH is my new favorite Jew. God’s chosen people!

      • TRASH

        BARACK I can be like some wino in Brooklyn drinking out of a paper bag on his stoop or playing chess on welfare in the park?

        If you spent time above North you would see many poor Jooos sleeping in the park or boozing on the beach at Coney Island.

        We’re just not as impressed by the ruling abilities of short hairy semi-Arab people who loaf around on the street trying to sell jewelry or in the flea markets.

        • Barack Thatcher

          I’ve lived in Brooklyn for extended periods of time (a neighborhood that was actually 40% Hispanic and another 40% Asian, with the rest being either Jews or gentile Whites), and there were some pretty “rough” Jews.

          I remember you’d see young Jews from conservative families talking to prostitutes on street corners!

  55. TRASH

    JASON Y Why do White Nationalists who live in rural areas that minorities could not or would not want to live near anyhow feel that said urban minorities control their lives.

    I cannot believe that urban Africans will be marching down dirt-roads out of the forests into areas rural whites live.

    Poor whites would not have the money to live downtown whether it was gentrified or remained a ghetto. What difference does it make to them if downtown inner-city areas are internal third-worlds?

    • Jason Y

      The WNs and Republicans claim taxes are eating them up alive. Taxes they claim are used to support welfare for NAMS. Also, they think gun control laws are mainly the result of NAM criminality. These gun laws take guns away from responsible gun owners, whom they claim to be a part of.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry for double post. Actually I got the stuff I wrote above from a TV show with a scene where WNs answer some black guy who was cynically questioning why they were WNs.

        However, what was said on the show is how WNs and many Republicans really feel .

    • Sam J.

      Trash is a lair and stupid. He has no sense of the trends or history.

      “…What difference does it make to them if downtown inner-city areas are internal third-worlds?…”

      Because they don’t stay there. They destroy the housing in the city then move to the suburbs which will then be destroyed in turn. There’s acres and acres of these Row Houses in Baltimore, Maryland. Which any self respecting yuppie could make into fabulous housing but Negros live near them and they will kill you so you can’t live there.

      This used to be excellent housing. In Europe people would live in houses like this for centuries but in the US the Blacks just destroy them.

      Blacks need to be controlled. NAMS need to be controlled. Maybe this is not nice or politically correct but we don’t have the money anymore to keep allowing them to destroy everywhere they go. We’re running out of cities.

      Another thought is that lower cost housing used to be perfect for young people just getting started. They had kids and needed to keep cost down. Now if you don’t have massive cash immediately then your children have a good likely hood of being attacked and possibly murdered. White people want to have a safe place for their kids so they delay having children making the demographic problem worse. Now the Blacks just destroy these houses. Worthless pieces of shit. Like locust that eat up everything everywhere they go.

      • TRASH

        SAM J Demographic problem. We Northern Yanks do postpone marriage and pregnancy until 30 or so depending on our cash flow and maybe we have 2 children who we are able to provide greater resources and attention.

        As I have written Latoyato and Juanita breed when they start to breed: 2 boys end up in prison, 1 girl is a prostitute who dies of HIV, 1 girl a hopeless addict and maybe 1 child manages to stay straight and hold a job.

        They are also taxed when they work and those that don’t work end up dying from OD’s or HIV or in jail anyhow.

        • Sam J.

          Every time you open your mouth you sound dumber. It’s tragic that a supposedly foolish red neck like me can see so clearly how your braggadocios behavior is really just a case of you making excuses for your piss poor stupid lack of fore sight. More of your…no problem, no problem stupidity. You have a big problem. At least I’m not so fucking stupid that I don’t even realize there’s a problem. I had an aunt that lived in the North she sold her house when the taxes were higher than the house payment. She said it was just stupid to keep paying that kind of money. So in reality you’re paying big time for Latoyato and Juanita yet in your feeble mind it’s …no problem. Why let’s just import hordes more and we’ll just move to a gated community. Well your stupidity got you in the place where you have to constantly move to live, with savages kicking you out of every place you go but you’re too stupid to see this.

          Between the Satan worshiping psychopathic Jews and the dumb as shit Yankees who will probably elect the psychopath Hillary this country is fucked. All the Jews have to do is tell you dumb shit Yankees that you won’t be rednecks if you vote for Hillary and you will line up at the cattle pens to be slaughtered.

      • Sam J.

        There’s over 25,000 of these abandoned houses in one city alone. Baltimore, Maryland. A guy who writes from there says the number is way higher. He got the info from a guy who does nothing but board up houses. I think he said it 34,000 or so. So as they board up houses destroyed by Blacks the city buys houses in the suburbs and moves the Blacks in there.

        Let’s say only 20,000 of these houses can be refurbed. A family of four that’s homes for 80,000 people. That’s a whole damn reasonable sized city. They should only let White people in them with children and they would be great places to live.

    • Sam J.

      Trash is an idiot.
      “…Why do White Nationalists who live in rural areas that minorities could not or would not want to live near anyhow feel that said urban minorities control their lives.

      I cannot believe that urban Africans will be marching down dirt-roads out of the forests into areas rural whites live…”

      Because people like you are so stupid they can’t find anyway to control these animals. Everybody, I mean everybody knows the South used to control these people until the federal government stopped us. Maybe Blacks didn’t like this but so what. We didn’t have them eating our cities like locust. The Blacks were actually safer when there was more control. People like you who proclaim all your great knowledge over the foolish rednecks haven’t got a neuron in your skulls because you have no plan at all. Get out with your stupid gated communities that will be surrounded and taken over. You think you’ll shoot them? Ha they’ll have YOU in jail pleading for your life. Problem with you is you’re too stupid to think past one step, the whole time telling everyone how brilliant you are. We know what living with a lot of NAMS is like. It’s unpleasant. I’ll tell you what you take all these NAMS off our hands if not then shut up and let us take care of them how ever we wish.

      • TRASH

        SAM J Which NAM wants to drive his pimp mobile with 3 Homies 30 miles into the suburbs or sticks to fight tough hicks in a Sports Bar? That’s kind of far away from his bitches, ho’s, rock and barber shop.

        “Surround gated communities?” NAMS would have to a) steal gas to fill automobiles for a convoy 20/30 miles down the expressway far out of the city into suburbs or rural areas b) stockpile ammunition/k-rations/tents/blankets or c) take all this on the bus with a free voucher.

        …Oh right, Tyrone The Bone and Laquaishi really want to pack up their stolen Glock with 1 clip to make a 30 mile trip out of the inner-city into the suburbs or rural areas where it gets cold up here in Yank-land.

        On an inner-city bus your average Euro-American passenger is a hardcore junkies trying to score or a sex maniac patron of street prostitutes.

        Yes, you can be assaulted in NAM districts/projects or robbed with your pants down if paying NAM women for sex acts is your thing.

        Baltimore and other inner-cities are decaying I agree.

        But we wops, micks, jews and krauts moved out to the suburbs into gated communities about 40-50 years ago anyhow. That’s called the American Dream.

        • Sam J.

          Trash is a dumb ass.

          “…But we wops, micks, jews and krauts moved out to the suburbs into gated communities about 40-50 years ago anyhow. That’s called the American Dream….”

          Stupid fuck they kicked you out. So when they move to the suburbs…what are you going to do then? It cost you money to leave and your housing falls in value every time. American dream. No you’re an American dumb ass. Dumb fuck people like you are the ones that brought in all this mass immigration. No problem you say. We’ll just move. Stupid fucks. You could have had a nice place in the city now you pay more to move around like gypsy’s but to you THAT’S PROGRESS. It’s shows how savvy you are to be run about the country by savages.

        • Sam J.

          “…SAM J Which NAM wants to drive his pimp mobile with 3 Homies 30 miles into the suburbs or sticks to fight tough hicks in a Sports Bar? That’s kind of far away from his bitches, ho’s, rock and barber shop…”

          Your so fucking stupid it defies description. Now I as a WN have been called racist a lot. Ok but even I don’t believe that Black people are too poor and dumb to own a car. Your whole game plan is that Black people don’t own cars. No wonder you people get thrown out of your neighborhoods. There’s a word for this I can’t recall it when someone is so stupid they don’t even realize they’re stupid. Something, something effect. You suffer from this. I looked it up. Dunning-Kruger effect. “Incompetent People Too Ignorant to Know It”.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Geographical distance is key. With the exception of Little Italy in Baltimore and some of the Irish neighborhoods in Boston, yes these groups have worked their way up, TRASH is correct.

      • TRASH

        SAM J TAKING CARE OF THEM: NAMS (Ghetto Afros) vs Rednecks (Highland Scots ancestry mostly).

        You Brit Prods from the South have that Colonial Admin. mentality that you can dress them up in suits saying “Yes, you’re Lordship” if you apply enough pressure. They are too well-armed for that now.

        WILDERNESS WARFARE You’d wipe them out in a week because they cannot fight jungle warfare at all.

        That’s why the Italians have never been able to muscle in on rural biker-gang rackets.

        They cannot hunt or sustain themselves in the sticks off the land whatsoever. They’d freeze and starve first, likely.

        URBAN GUERRILLA WARFARE: Forget it, they are more street smart than you are and understand urban environments better.

        Police and National Guard can barely outfight them with far superior weaponry.

        You have no pines to hide behind or swamps to jump out of. You’d lose to the hood rats in the inner-city given the same numbers and weapons.

        • Sam J.

          “…You’d lose to the hood rats in the inner-city given the same numbers and weapons…”

          You’re a damn fool in this account as you are in every damn thing you say. Every thing you say is stupid. In a even weapons, even people fight between Rednecks and Blacks the Rednecks would blast them to pieces in no time flat. Blacks don’t know how to shoot and they run at the slightest provocation. The Rednecks would chase their asses down and kill every one of them. Our shooting skills don’t come from x-box.

  56. TRASH

    Anybody who been to the Philippines can see how well a country with no social safety net prospers. Filipinos are homogeneous in the bargain. You’d probably not even have something as organized as the French Revolution but simply mass raids into suburbs for food supplies and firewood.

    It is not as if the taxes are as high as they are in Sweden.

    Gun Control? They’ve banned fully automatic rifles not shotguns or semi-automatics.

    If Korean shopkeepers can hold off looters with handguns and single-shot rifles than how well will NAMS fair in rural areas against WN’s who are notoriously good shots?

    NAMS are going to occupy forests in the winter with their stolen handguns and wage long-term campaigns?

    • Sam J.

      Trash is a liar.

      “…NAMS are going to occupy forests in the winter with their stolen handguns and wage long-term campaigns?…”

      No they will tax you and force you at gunpoint to build them houses to stay in. They will force you to accept them into you’re so carefully built gated communities.

      • TRASH

        SAM J Taxes, yes. But force us at gunpoint to build them houses 20 or 30 miles away from the inner-city chop shops, fencing operations, baking soda/cocaine delights, crack houses, prostitutes, dog fights and all the other joys of urban living.

        NAMS just do not want to sit in Sports Bars or hunt deer. They are not going anywhere outside their inner-city bus route ring, by choice.

        Country living just does not appeal to them.

        • Sam J.

          I thought you said every one out in the country was stupid? Why would you want to move there? Oh I forgot your superior management of risk and public relations means your dumb ass was kicked out of the cites and you lost a fortune in housing value so now your just a poor ass White trash. Wow your White superiority gig really worked out didn’t it? You really showed those country rednecks how to live didn’t you…whoops now your in the country.

        • Jason Y

          Sam has a point with Trash being overboard anti-white. He makes massive generalizations and has never been to the south nor knows anyone personally from there.

          Myself, Iv’e mentioned a sub-group of whites are druggies, a sub-group of whites are rednecks, and another one is a cross between druggies and rednecks. However, this isn’t the norm in the south. These groups are outliers.. Also thugs are an outlier among blacks.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Jason- I agree.

          I think it’s almost satire of the extreme Anti-NAM rhetoric of WNs/Alt-Righters.
          The same goes for them, except debatebly Urban Blacks.

        • Barack Thatcher

          For instance, Sam posts a picture of a run-down street in Detroit, purely anecdotal evidence. I post a picture of W.V. shitholes/methlabs.

          The same thing he just did? Right…..
          it’s satire

        • Jason Y

          I know some country blacks who are more country than most whites. I think the reason most blacks have become city people is because most blacks hang with their own kind, and traditionally the large groups of blacks have been herded into larger cities. However, small towns everywhere and including East Tennessee, have lots of “Darrius Rucker” blacks who hang around, and many of those have white wives and mulatto children.

        • Barack Thatcher

          In pretty much all of W.V. that’s the status Quo; “Darrius Rucker Blacks”. EXCEPT the Eastern Panhandle.

        • Sam J.

          “… Sam posts a picture of a run-down street in Detroit, purely anecdotal evidence…”

          You’re so stupid. Again and again and again. So stupid. You people are so dumb. “anecdotal”? You say “anecdotal”? You can see the blight from satellite photos it’s hardly anecdotal.

  57. Sam J.

    Trash is a liar or stupid. In Baltimore Maryland the Blacks own the government and if you fight back the Blacks you’re arrested. Once you lose control of an area you lose control over your life and safety. Whites Americans are a minority among the young. If we lose control the NAMS will loot us and kill us with no consequence. Fighting back will put the Whites in jail not the NAMS. NAMS don’t care if they go to jail it’s where their friends are. Whites are ruined by jail as they lose all their income. The NAMS don’t have any in the first place so they don’t care. He’s trying to convince you that you should just “be above all that”, that you can live in gated communities but if you don’t control the whole city they will annex your gated community, raise taxes to unsustainable levels and declare it open for settlement. In Baltimore the city is buying houses in the county where Whites have fled the crime of the city and moving city section 8’s into the county. There’s no where to run.

    Trash is a liar.

    • Barack Thatcher

      I have family in Baltimore and have visited there many times. What you are saying is simply false.

      Baltimore had a White mayor from 1999-2007!

      • TRASH

        SAM J makes a good point. Yankees and WASPS and Irish-Catholics were the first to leave and not-quite white Arab-blooded Italian Americans stayed another generation and the cities got a little shabbier. In the 70’s they finally managed to rise out of poverty and moved to the suburbs and now NAM populated areas look awful.

        But who wants to stay in a three-room tenement in Baltimore simply to keep it white (Or Italian tan?)

        • Barack Thatcher

          Little Italy is generally regarded as a shithole.

          I can recall when my aunt died last year, one ‘funny story’ they told about her at her eulogy was how she had a friend from Little Italy!

          An Upper Middle Class Anglo lady with a WOP friend!
          How absurd!

        • Barack Thatcher

          I believe they’ve only produced baseball players and Nancy Pelosi, who gtfo as soon as she could.

        • Jason Y

          Everyone wants to GTFO of neighborhoods with either white druggies or thugs. Why should people, as SAM thinks, care for these criminal types, simply cause they are the same race as the criminal types?

        • TJF

          To Jason Y:

          Everyone wants to GTFO of neighborhoods with either white druggies..

          Nope, there are a shitload of drug users in San Francisco and Berkeley yet droves of people want to move to these cities.

    • Sam J.

      “…I have family in Baltimore and have visited there many times. What you are saying is simply false…”

      Things have changed. You’re stupid, just move out, plan has fucking torpedoed into the abyss. Now Blacks control the city. They have forced the police to not respond, lie about arrest rates, lower the class of crimes to make the crime rate look better.

      I read a guys blog who lives in the middle of the city every day so you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      What I said,”…In Baltimore the city is buying houses in the county where Whites have fled the crime of the city and moving city section 8’s into the county…”

      is 100% factual and is happening right now. They will cover up your “superior” gated communities, then they will annex you and tax you “White Mutherfuckers” to death. You, following your stupid move away policy, will lose all the equity in your home and have to start all over. At some point you will get old and not be financially able to move again then you will be eaten by the hordes of Blacks and aliens that YOU let in the country. It’s certainly not the WN that did this. You people are always saying WN are dumb but I’m not seeing it. You’re frail excuses to why you don’t get these problems under control show you suffer from the effect where you so stupid you don’t even realize you’re stupid.

  58. TRASH


    That’s true, Northerners don’t care if some NAM whose great grandfather lived in a mud hut on the Angola savanna advances the opinion that we Europeans are inferior whose ancestors built Rome, Berlin, Magna Carta.

    Fighting NAMS on the street with their HIV and Hep C who will simply be back in their projects smoking bicarbonate baking soda 2 hours later is a waste of European’s energy and health.

    • Barack Thatcher

      I’ve heard the quote than before the Civil Rights act, the North Policy towards Blacks was ‘do what you want, just don’t make us deal with it’….
      while the Southern policy was ‘Nobel cr@cker, you are better than the Nigs, forget that you live in a shithole that was caused by years of no industry from the rich plantation owner, get the NIGS’

      • Jason Y

        Nowadays, it seems like the south has adopted the North policy. Most southerners don’t give a rats ass about “nobel cracker” stuff, except morons flying rebel flags in the back of their trucks. Maybe an occasional trailer dweller would raise a rebel flag and have a discussion among friends about “nobel cracker”, but the norm among southern whites is, “We don’t care. The blacks are far away from us.”

        • Barack Thatcher

          “Nobel cr@cker”….

          muh Jewish verbal IQ does wonders..;)

        • Barack Thatcher

          Where I’m at there aren’t a lot of qualms to associating, even closely with Blacks. Sometimes parents are uneasy if a White girl dates a Black guy, but that’s about it.
          Rural Blacks have more in common with Whites (they had to conform to the Culture), and therefore they can get along better.

          The only time any Confederate Flag waving fella’ will have qualms about Blacks is when talking about ‘MaeBelle slept with a Black guy’….’now she’ll be judging my dick’…lol

        • Jason Y

          “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” “Fiddle-dee-dee” :lol;

          Well, I think where i live some families are cool with interracial dating but some are not. However the culture, in general, is latenly racist. In other words, you can interrcially marry, have kids, but don’t get on Facebook and make friends with everyone, cause some people are violently and annoyingly racist. It’s this sub-group of rednecks who terrorize the majority who don’t really care.about blacks that much.

          I think that even the majority of latent racist whites, don’t really like interracial stuff, but they can deal with it. They would prefer, as would say a higher Indian caste, that their kids date another white person, more than likely.

        • Jason Y

          Where I’m at there aren’t a lot of qualms to associating, even closely with Blacks. Sometimes parents are uneasy if a White girl dates a Black guy, but that’s about it.
          Rural Blacks have more in common with Whites (they had to conform to the Culture), and therefore they can get along better.

          The only time any Confederate Flag waving fella’ will have qualms about Blacks is when talking about ‘MaeBelle slept with a Black guy’….’now she’ll be judging my dick’…lol

          West Virginia would be full of Darrius Rucker blacks, Blacks who are basically 80 percent white in culture and maybe in blood. These guys would be more likely to date a white woman and raise mulatto kids, and just be one of the local boys.

        • TJF

          To Barack Thatcher:

          “Nobel cr@cker”….

          muh Jewish verbal IQ does wonders..;)>/i>

          Yeah at first I think you were talking about a Nobel prize winning cracker but I guess you meant a noble cracker.

          while the Southern policy was ‘Nobel cr@cker, you are better than the Nigs, forget that you live in a shithole that was caused by years of no industry from the rich plantation owner, get the NIGS’

          By the way, much of the South was heavily industrialized by the mid 50s and had many union members, in 1960 Birmingham Alabama was second largest steel producer in the US after Pittsburgh.

          “By the 1920s, Birmingham produced one fourth of the nation’s foundry iron and had grown into the largest steel maker in the Southeast.”

      • TRASH


        Grown NAM men choose to impregnate 6 women and leave their children walking around the roads like stray dogs. That is their choice and we whites who arrived 50 years after the Civil War have no connection to that. They choose to buy cocaine from Latins and mix up with baking soda and smoke it on the street with Brillo pads. Grown men can do what they want. Their women CHOOSE to prostitute themselves for $30.

        NAMS have no desire to live in the country anyhow. They despise rural life and open lakes and woods. So people like Jason are delusional to believe they will use their section 8 to build a project near his farm.

        Oh, we’ve lost Detroit or Baltimore but politically and economically life moved to the suburbs when Reagan got elected because by then whites had moved out.

        Italian-Americans infuriated migrating Southern Blacks from 1930-1980 because like Mexicans they were a sturdy people who tended to excel at construction jobs and bricklaying and the like. Watch a SPIKE LEE film. Also their crime syndicates “had it together” a bit better than Bloods or Crips on the street level. But like Meadow Soprano they have simply fully assimilated now and NAMS are alone in their squalor.

        Nooooo. Northern Whites could care less about NAMS and their equivalent to Angola.

        • Jason Y

          More Darrus Rucker blacks live out in the country than you think. Blacks are everywhere in the south, including rural areas and small towns in East Tennessee.

          Thugs, on the other hand, would be concentrated in the cities, and some blacks move to the cities to be totally among their own kind (because of cultural reasons). However, even in the cities, you probably have thug areas, and better black neighborhoods, cause nobody wants to live where their kids are threatened.

        • Sam J.

          “…NAMS have no desire to live in the country anyhow. They despise rural life and open lakes and woods. So people like Jason are delusional to believe they will use their section 8 to build a project near his farm…”

          You’re damned ignorant fool. The White people will make nice places to live in the country and as soon as they do the Blacks will want to live there and will move in.

  59. Barack Thatcher

    Although I do agree with much of what TRASH says here, it’s all rather silly.

    The issue is, that Sam’s views are simply not mainstream at all, and there is no need to address them. The “Alt” movements are a reaction to the cultural left and some right ‘cowardice’, I guess. There are “anti-Sams” on the other side who are 5x more ridiculous, BUT are even more threatening than that because they are taken seriously by the mainstream.

    Although, the way things are going, it appears like Sam’s views are going to be in the mainstream, pretty soon. This absurd caricature like victimhood is goddamn ridiculous. I like to call them “anti-White demons”. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE

    • TRASH

      BARACK Rural whites are doing themselves in, sort of.

      When they are young they get into drugs and even hard ones like meth. High school is spent focusing on athletics instead of academics when of course few whites are going to be good enough to be Pro Football or Basketball players. There is a great deal of sexual abuse and broken families. Rural white girls get pregnant at 18 or 20 and 50% of the time the father is too young to take marriage or family as seriously as he should. College is out of the question both for the young parents and the kids.

      Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans in the North associate this with the “peasant class” in the old country and break out of this cycle.

      Wanting to fight AA’s in the street or believing some 6’3 pimp would throw down his Glock and hos to be “looked after you” like it was British Rhodesia? “Oh yes You’re Lordship” Unlike rednecks we never “owned them” and never cared much about their worlds that they created.

      Yes, Northern Ethnic Europeans abandoned the inner-cities to them to live in bigger houses and lawns in the suburbs so technically we ran away from Detroit or Baltimore. We rose up through the ranks into the middle-class.

    • Jason Y

      Sam’s rants are sort of justified. However, he goes overboard and refuses to see druggie whites can be as destructive as blacks, but in a different way.

      OK, sometimes he admits druggie whites exists, but white people are suppoed to “care for their own”, knowing we cannot care for them, as much as good blacks cannot care for thugs who do a drive by on their children.

      Ultimately, all we can do is get rid of thug blacks or out of control white druggies, but that of course does not mean genocide against whites or blacks in general.

      • Barack Thatcher

        He may be angry at Blacks because he’s lived around them so much and they cause issues? Even so, I’m skeptical of that because they are rural Blacks.

        What gets me is that somehow the Jews are to blame for White druggies.

        TRASH makes the point that Italians, Irish, Greeks, etc. live in NE around more Jews yet don’t have these problems, leading to the logical conclusion that Jews are not to blame.

        • Jason Y

          A big question is why he hangs around thugs when most southerners, who are normal people who watch American Football and NASCAR, just get the hell away from them

          Ultimately, it seems like a lot of southerners who hate blacks are in situations where they’re forced to be around them, say in the army, prison, or like my brother (the less rich one) who stays near thugs to make money (He’s sticking around for real estate values to go up as the thugs leave.). These people are frustrated because they stick around, and they get a daily does, all the time, of the worst of black nature.

        • Barack Thatcher

          It doesn’t seem that Blacks who join the army are thugs.

          If anything, they and Black police officers, are trying to escape the bad elements of Black culture by having rigidity and discipline, these guys are very, very rarely White haters.

        • Jason Y

          That’s true, but I think a few bad blacks slip in, they run into whites (who have been brought up to think blacks are beneath them) and resentment develops. Iv’e seen it too many times among my own southern family.

        • TRASH

          No Irish-Catholic lawyer or German dentist in New York or Boston walks past a Hymie the wino swilling booze on his Queens stoop or some crackhead who looks like Ron Jeremy in Times Square and believes he is secretly living in a mansion with his finger on the button of world power.

          Sorry, it ain’t so and rednecks who started a family with a GED when they were 18 down in Kansas, got hooked on meth at 20 and ended up living unemployed in a trailer would be doing so no matter what.

          To some extent Tony Montana Latino gangs can be blamed for flooding the flyover with meth….but whose kid is in rehab or jail for it? His or yours?

        • Jason Y

          Another question that could be brought up is, “Even if the so called Jews were gone, and good jobs were available in say, Kansas, then would drug addicted 20 year olds be able to handle it? How long would they last?”

        • Barack Thatcher

          I’m unaware that Latin America had much to do with meth…..

          AND, they should be grateful those struggles are ongoing there, and not in “flyover country” my Step-grandfather was from an elite Colombian family and can recall that Pablo Escobar was just popping off people in the Government/law enforcement/Judiciary, as well as members of ruling families, worse than turn of the century Sicily.

          Not having a redneck mafia is a good thing 😉

        • Sam J.

          “…Although, the way things are going, it appears like Sam’s views are going to be in the mainstream, pretty soon…”

          That’s because I’ve lived around minorities all my life and I know how they act. You people on the other hand are dumb as fuck and don’t understand anything. Some of you keep blabbing on about dumb Whites or drug Whites but don’t, again, understand that the problem with Blacks is of an order of magnitude. It’s way worse.

          You also lie when you say that I say ALL Blacks are this way. I’ve posted hundreds of post here and I’ve NEVER said that. Never. I’ve said, and will say again, that the magnitude is around 40% bad some of which are Congo, General Buck Naked, Monster Cody bad. Very, very bad. Look up “Monster Cody” as you people are probably too stupid to know what he or General Buck Naked is.

          White people in the South know these things because they happened to us before. Do any of you dumbasses know why the KKK was formed? Probably not. I’ll tell you. After the civil war supposedly the South was supposed to just join again. If we swore to be loyal to the Union we could go about our business. We did but we were double crossed. If Lincoln would have lived it would have been so but he didn’t. The Radical Republicans took away the vote of any one who fought for the South. That was…everyone. All the White Men of the South. All this was enforced by troops from the North stationed in the South. So then Jews, carpet bagger Yankees and Negros ran the South. It was just like Detroit is now over the whole entire South. Taxes were raised to exorbitant rates so everyone lost their land and the Negros looted everything that wasn’t tied down. They came in and cut down almost every damn tree in the South and shipped it North. They either closed or charged 30% higher railroad rates than in the North. Birmingham Alabama is the only place on planet Earth that has all the elements to make steel They bought the steel works and shut them down. There was unbelievable political corruption. Killings of Whites and rapes of White Women went through the roof. The worst part of this was 1865 to 1877. Finally the Whites had enough and created the KKK. They started attacking the corrupt politicians and hanging Blacks who attacked Whites. The reason the North left the South and removed the troops is the KKK was vastly gaining in power and outright guerilla war was very close to starting on a wide scale.

      • TRASH

        Whose to say SAM J is not 100% right and I am simply the fool that he states I am? I’m not 100% sure myself.

        NB In a way Northern whites are More Racist because we shared no history with NAMS. We arrived 50 years after the Civil War. Having our own cultures, we cared nothing for theirs.

        In any event, I just cannot believe that ghetto NAMS will ever escape the ghetto. They might seep into the suburbs but even that is a stretch.

        • EPGAH

          Well, any suburb that doesn’t want “Burn That Shit Down” needs to keep them out. That is getting less and less possible now with Federal policies explicitly designed to drive ghetto thugs into respectable neighborhoods, making their problems EVERYONE’S problem!

        • EPGAH

          The problem is not escaping the ghetto, it’s that everywhere they go, they spread it. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, or just a function of their existence, like Staph turning your skin into bubble-wrap as a function of it existence.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah you gotta point. Southern whites have a cultural bond, and also a debt to pay blacks, but Itallians etc.. feel they owe them nothing and act accordingly.

          Yeah, you see that now with Northeast Asians on these racist Asian forums. They will claim they don’t give a fuck about blacks, mainly cause they don’t owe them nothing. They claim whites did all the evil to NAMS, not them.

        • Jason Y

          Contrary to what EPGAH said, I don’t see any movement of ghetto blacks into white suburbs. Whites stay far away from thugs, as much as they can afford to.

      • TRASH

        People in the South feel towards Amerindians who peacefully drink themselves to death in remote places how we feel about NAMS. They will not be able to organize themselves to any degree that constitutes a genuine invading force 20 miles outside their respective ghettos.

        I’m doubtful that in a full firefight in the suburbs they’d come out on top.

        Latinos in the Southwest are a different matter but they are sort of like our Italians in the North-unless you get involved in high-level felony crime you will mostly be able to steer clear of them and they are macho so it is best to just avoid their barrios or Little Italy bars where somebody thinks somebody said something about their mother violence occurs.

  60. TRASH

    JASON Y SAM J should get a good look at winos named Kleinfeld swilling booze all day in their stoops in Queens or sleeping rough on Coney Island beaches.

    He really believes this folks are running the the world?

    • Tony Swagger

      Says the jew filth, while masturbating to jewess Sarah Silverman’s tasteless comedies…

      • TRASH

        TONY She’s forming public opinion? Controlling your life and your personal financial decisions? Australians or New Zealanders care about her, or Asians? Trump will be at her beck and call or even Hillary.


        • Tony Swagger

          Are you implying all southern whites are jobless drunkards?
          Are you implying that jews do not own disproportionate wealth across america?
          Are you implying you do not know jews run every media house?
          Are you implying jews do not have disproportionate representation everywhere?
          Are you going to deny, you are one of them?

      • TRASH

        I am not accusing White people from any region of North America as being jobless drunks but I am saying that to inner-city NAMS rural whites are as unimportant them as Native Americans.

        No NAM wants to invade the remote places that live. NAMS like hard concrete streets at the epicenter of the urban economy.

        Rural whites are in a sense quite fortunate. Well ethnic whites as SAM J points out have to play hopscotch from the cities to the suburbs to the next outer suburb in the Northeast it is not the case for people in the interior of the country.

    • Jason Y

      Who’s running the world? I tell you who. Greed is running it. It has nothing to do with conspiracies of one race.

  61. Jason Y

    What do you guys think of the muleongeons?

    They’re a local group in southern Appalachia that has often been mistook for black.

    • TRASH

      I believe they are, way back when. Although their family names are English.

      The theory is that a few early British colonists intermarried with African servant girls after leaving the colony.

  62. Barack Thatcher

    The intros to Sam’s posts;
    “trash is an idiot”
    “trash is a liar and stupid”
    “trash is stupid”

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, but Trash is making massive, but comical, false generalizations about southern whites. What response does he expect?

      The generalizations don’t apply to all southern whites, only a sub-group of rednecks. Just like Sam’s stereotyping of blacks, is really only justified in response to thugs.

      • TRASH

        Dallas and Miami are more metropolitan than parts of Indiana. Rednecks. Not southerners.

        • Jason Y

          Iv’e always found it odd that Texas, a rich state, is located next to Mississippi and Lousiana, traditionally poor states. Also macho Texas is near Lousiana which is associated with gays so much.

      • TRASH

        JASON Y Clearly SAM J believes that all Northern whites are Semites whose Talmud instructs them to produce porn so that rednecks will become so addicted that they spunk on the keyboards of their laptops typing in credit card numbers. I’m not sure porn addiction will allow one desert country to take over the world.

        On the subject of taxes I believe that there is no way out of this conundrum.

        TONY & SAM believe that whites should or could implement some law or another that would prevent NAMS from smoking crack all day or induce them to return to the fields of their ancestors to pick cotton.

        I agree that Northern whites were “kicked out of the ghetto”, more or less. We could afford to by 1960 because our parents were born in the US, learned English and went to college so remaining Baltimore tenements was just no longer rational. This is also a result of economics.

        I’m sure Tyrone the pimp with his stable of ho’s and his legal front businesses would like to do that right away.

        Illegal Immigration is a far different issue altogether.

        • Sam J.

          “…JASON Y Clearly SAM J believes that all Northern whites are Semites…”

          No I believe you’re stupid. I believe you will do anything the Jews tell you as long as they don’t call you Rednecks. I believe you want the Jews approval. You’re afraid of the Jews and the Blacks. You think the Jews are superior to you so you listen to them. I don’t believe you’re superior to me. Couldn’t be you’re such idiots. I DO NOT believe that the Jews are superior to me. I’m not a psychopath. I’m not like a reptile. They are inferior. They may be smarter and more crafty but that doesn’t make them human or better then me. Look at the long history of the Jews and then look at what they’ve built…nothing. They have one stupid wall where the Jews tie blocks to their heads and bobb about like idiots. Can you imagine a White person doing such stupidity. Hell no. Look at Jew art. It’s fucking retarded. Beds with condoms on them. Rooms with lights that blink on and off. Art. Please don’t make me laugh.

          I see things exactly as they are where as you are all about status. You’ll do anything the Jews say on their idiot box you worship. They blow your buildings up right in front of your faces and you just grin your stoopid grins and tell yourselves,”thank God I’m not a Redneck”.

          I’ll give you an example of how Southerns think about status. Those guys on the Duck Dynasty. You think they give a fuck what you think? They could care less what you think.

          You say you don’t know how to control these people. I do. Simple. First you get in voting requirements. Either property or IQ test or both. Then you build public housing in watched designated areas where you can watch them. In these housing projects you constantly search them for weapons. As for Whites you allow them to open carry weapons where ever they damn well please. Then when packs of feral Negros attack Whites you just shoot them all. Now you say you can’t do that because of civil rights laws and the courts. Well get rid of them. Cancel those laws and impeach every damn judge in the country. Think that won’t get their attention?

          You take over the local government and make the Chief of Police and the Mayor know by God that any White who shoots Negros attacking him will be left alone. Otherwise they will be thrown out on their asses pronto.

          You beat the South in a civil war and have driven the whole damn country into the ground every since. You know good and damn well Southerners don’t run the country. We’re reviled as we are, supposedly, the most stupid evil people on the planet but you people don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. You’ve given away the whole damn country to Jews, Negros and now Mexicans the whole time shivering in your boots if Jews call you racist. What a bunch of stupid fucks you are.

    • Tony Swagger

      This must be considered as a complement for that greasy little jew. Poisonous, filthy, disgusting, malicious, deceptive, manipulative, backstabbing are more appropriate term. There aren’t enough euphemisms in English, to describe the vile race

      • Jason Y

        If you throw insults at anyone, then your going to get hate in return. For instance, Trash is insulting rednecks, but he’s also insulting ordinary southern people. Also Sam is insulting thugs, but he’s also insulting ordinary blacks. We need to be more specific in who were are targeting with the dark comedy and insults.

        • TRASH

          JASON Y I’m not insulting Anglo-Celtics because New Zealand and Australia have a higher living standard than North America. So does Canada, in fact. The Anglo-Celtic capacity for building civilizations from scratch is unmatched.

        • Jason Y

          I wonder if Australia still needs immigrants. I know they did in the past. I mean do they need skilled immigrants?

      • Sam J.

        The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths they worship Satan.

    • TRASH

      BARACK Well perhaps I am. Everything he says might be true and everything I say might be wrong. Facts do not lie. You be the judge.

      Clearly neither of us are geniuses although I have a lousy four-year degree and might be considered lower middle-class Yankee and not a redneck.

    • TRASH

      BARACK Maybe he is right. NAMS will stop looting tomorrow and mount an organized assault on suburbs 40 miles away with the necessary supply chains. Build Section 8 housing in the forests so they can shoot deer with their MAC 10. But most likely it will get cold and they go back into their buildings soon and hover over the crack pipe again.

      Immigration Act of 1965 allowed a bunch of Koreans and Japanese to move to LA or Hawaii where they appear to have become fairly respectable citizens but not Salvadoran gangsters. To my knowledge Mexicans were streaming into the South before and after since

      Maybe Tyrone the Bone pimp will set aside his Glock and his ho’s and his baking soda cocaine to wear a white suit for rural whites to move back to the cities and order around.

      Maybe Ron Jeremy and Sarah Silverman actually give 2 shits whether anybody in the sticks watches them and decides to quit high school to have a family at 17 or get into meth.

      All this could be true.

      You be the judge.

      • Jason Y

        Again the illegal thing is mostly about contractors and others doing the hiring as opposed to Lations fleeing what seems to be the oppressive nature of the NWO. For instance, if US farms flood Mexico with cheap corn, then what can a farmer do but emigrate?

        However, once we get tough on contractors, then the oppressed farmers are just left to die, or wallow in poverty in Mexico. What to do ???

        • EPGAH

          Celebrate the death of excess poor, violent criminals?

        • Jason Y

          How many of the immigrants are actually violent, except in the fact they’re illegally immigrating? They seem more like Okies from the “Grapes of Wrath”.

      • Sam J.

        “…Build Section 8 housing in the forests so they can shoot deer with their MAC 10…”

        God you’re stupid. You have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Did you know that any apartment complex built with low interest rates has to have a certain amount of “low income” tenants to get low interest rates? Guess how many apartment complex builders will go for that low interest rate? After all they don’t have to live there. Now after the “low income” demons move in guess what happens to the rest of the apartments over time? The screaming monkeys run everyone off so eventually it’s just low income and of course soon it looks like the Congo and if there weren’t White police there they’d be eating children so as soon as they can the least bad of the tenants move to another White area and it starts all over again. The whole time ALL the people who own homes in the area have their housing value fall into the ditch and lose their lives savings. But don’t you have a care. Trash’s brilliance will save you. Just lose everything you have and move.

        You people are so stupid. YOU’RE A MINORITY NOW. All the minorities can tell you what to do. They can tax you however much they want. They can tell you where to live and who to live next to. They can tell you who to hire. They can confiscate all your weapons so they can kill you.

        • TRASH

          SAM J What NAMS won’t do is move out into the sticks or small towns: What gang activity/underground economy is out there? 4H Club?

          You have a point about the inner-suburbs and low-income apartments. The last and most stubborn ethnic white group to move out were the scruffy Italians (Sort of like Mexicans however).

          Seize the rifles and handguns from legal owners? NAMS do not care if rural duck hunters own an SKS or ordinary folks have a semi-automatic nor do they intend to engage in a long-term guerrilla war by stripping whites of their weapons. They use guns only for opportunistic crimes or assassinations of rival gang members. As I stated they would not spend a single weekend camped out in the sticks to kill rural whites. There’s no food, drug or prostitute supply from the inner-city base 50 miles away to support such a campaign.

          NAMS are little interested in legitimate work so that the minority will want to strip a legitimate job away from a white. They’d rather sell drugs, fence, pimp for $100 an hour or own a liquor store or some legal but sleazy business. White work does not interest them.

        • TRASH

          SAM J

          Northern whites also come into contact with minorities but their seems to be a greater ability for us to avoid the barrio or the ghetto up here. Harlem and Spanish Harlem as bad as they get but unless a Yank is mixed up in the drug trade, a sex maniac who likes screwing NAM prostitutes in alleys or chooses to live in abject poverty in their districts (Instead of living in abject poverty elsewhere) they are not going to find themselves at the tender mercies of NAMS.

          If Africans ever wielded power in the South they were impoverished when they began showing up in the North in the 1940’s. I am surprised that carpet-bags or Jews would have migrated to the South to do business if it were as rough as Detroit today.

          Most of our ancestors arrived 50 years after the end of the Civil War to the Northeast or Chicago or Canada so this is lost on us. Some far Northern States were still part of British Canada at the time of the Civil War (Note that many Confederate soldiers left the U.S. for Canada).

          Koreans, Japanese and Filipinos arrived in the Pacific states-Washington, California, Hawaii-about the same time and their own immigrant history was sort of similar to Northeast ethnic whites. First generation works in a factory, second generation manages to learn English and get an education, third generation is white-collar and lives in the suburbs.

          Bear and mind that we Northern whites are only 80 years out of abject poverty and illiteracy of first-generation immigrants. This has all happened since 1930’s.

  63. Jason Y

    All this illegal immigraton and the resulting resentment is due to the greed of contractors and the like. So why not jail the contractors?

    All of this stuff is the result of greed and it’s strongly negative affect on the economy and culture.

    Likewise with drugs, people should go after the drug companies and bankers (doing money luandering), not jail Cheech and Chong.

    • EPGAH

      Why do you make out the illegal to be an innocent dupe? Does it not have a coda of right and wrong? Is it not choosing the wrong thing for personal gain? Is that not the explicit definition of a criminal? Why not punish them until they stop doing wrong? But no, you think the contractors and bankers are somehow the ones doing wrong, the others should get a pass? Illegals are the ones with the “strongly negative effect” on economy and especially on culture, as they bring Mexico’s dysfunctional culture with them and try to spread it here, rather than assimilate to our better culture.

      America, for all our faults, is still better than Mexico. Let’s keep it that way!

      • TRASH

        Whites in Latin America are to blame for this, really. They evidently are the ones who keep Indians in such poverty that fleeing North is the only choice. I’m not anti-white I’m just saying that white Iberian people run the place.

        Starving Amerindian peasants are not going to be distracted by ethics in their desire to feed their whole village so one can expect them to behave on blind instinct-I’m only guessing because I’ve never been to Latin America in my life.

        • EPGAH

          OK, let’s say they’re trying to survive on blind instinct, and you give them a pass for breaking the laws. Then shouldn’t Americans trying to survive ALSO reduced to blind instinct get a pass for shooting the invaders and ridding ourselves of a violent parasite group?

          You’ve never been to Latin America? You don’t have to, look what they do to any area in America they colonize. The poverty is their own fault.
          Everywhere they invade, they turn into Tijuana.

        • Barack Thatcher

          “Latin American Whites” are actually crypto-Jews whose ancestors fled the Spanish inquisition!

        • Sam J.

          “…Then shouldn’t Americans trying to survive ALSO reduced to blind instinct get a pass for shooting the invaders and ridding ourselves of a violent parasite group?…”

          EPGAH is right. Where’s my fucking pass?

        • TJF

          To Barack Thatcher:

          “Latin American Whites” are actually crypto-Jews whose ancestors fled the Spanish inquisition!

          The Jewish population of Spain in 15th century was estimated around 3 – 4% and a substantial portion of Spanish Jews with the advent of the inquisition fled to other parts of Europe and the Middle East out of Spanish territory since the inquisition extended to all territories occupied by Spain. I am there was some migration of crypto-Jews but I seriously doubt they made up the majority. Also there was substantial German, British, Irish, Italian, Syrian, and Lebanese immigration to Latin America for centuries. I would guess the Jewish lineage of gentile whites in Latin America to be less than 10%. For most of the time of the Spanish inquisition it was Spanish and Portuguese guys going to the new world to seek their fortune and screw a bunch of native (and black) women.

        • Barack Thatcher

          TJF- I’ve heard the average Iberian or Ibero-Americano is 5%, plus the very few non-Cryptos still left, so close to your estimate.

          I was trolling.
          HBD chick did an article where she argued the White Hispanic elite in the United States were the biggest shills for illegal immigration (Diaz-Balart, Menendez, other very pale La Raza activists, etc.), because they wanted to create a hacienda system here in the U.S., with them at the top. This is very similiar to Sam’s accusations against Jews.

        • TJF

          To Barack Thatcher:

          I was trolling.

          Yeah I basically thought as much.

          HBD chick did an article where she argued the White Hispanic elite in the United States were the biggest shills for illegal immigration (Diaz-Balart, Menendez, other very pale La Raza activists, etc.),

          Toss in blue eyed Jorge Ramos for good measure.

          because they wanted to create a hacienda system here in the U.S., with them at the top. This is very similar to Sam’s accusations against Jews.

          Possibly – it could also be an public identity – street cred thing – some of the most outspoken American black activists tend to be light skinned going back to W.E.B. Dubois. I wouldn’t be surprised if this didn’t apply to some degree to white Latinos beating their chests for “their people” all the while predominantly associating and living among other light skinned folks.

        • Barack Thatcher

          I dunno. I guess it’s all about pretending.

          Jorge Ramos can get a bunch of mestizos to follow him,
          what if someone else changed their name and got a spray tan?
          They could do it, too.
          Look at Jeb Bush.

          This newfound ‘power’ is not exclusive to White Hispanics.

        • Barack Thatcher

          The problem with White Latin American immigrants here, is that many times they are highly irrational thinkers. They really only succeed in fields like law and politics.

          My Grandmother’s mother’s family was wealthy. I believe her maternal Grandmother’s parents owned slaves (it was abolished in Cuba in 1875). She was a Republican from her citizenship in 1972 to 2004; she was a paleocon.
          She left because she objected to the neocon policies of Bushstein.

          But now that she’s a Democrat she’s an extreme anti-racist, the embodiment of all that’s wrong with the cultural left.

          Most others I know are Republican but much more centrist than your average Republican.

      • TRASH

        I don’t think an innocent dupe finds their way North from the jungle villages through Mexico and into Tulsa. That is a calculated intention.

        Indians are exploited by the whites who have managed to continue running Mexico 200 years after they supposedly got their independence from Spain. Vincente Fox is no Indian, in fact I think he is part Irish.

        Amerindians from Central America lack the conscious capacity to really want to “spread their culture” like a Mormon missionary. They are unmanageable drunks and have little moral sense and do not care about anything but pay.

        Half of them will actually return to their villages 30 years down the road when they’ve earned enough. Nothing about a bland agnostic Protestant culture enamors them.

        The idea that they could assimilate is equally ludicrous. They can barely speak Spanish or assimilate into Latin culture in Mexico, much less ours.

        • EPGAH

          Yes, I don’t believe they’re innocent dupes either, but that’s what Jason espouses, so I have to point out how ridiculous that is. I think they have a cold, calculating intent to steal from their betters, then return to Mexico once they’ve done enough damage in America.

          I know they’re only here to steal money, and MAY return to Mexico once they’ve stolen enough, or worse, they may NOT return and stay here, their mega-breeding skewing our demographics and fucking with our politics. When the President feels he “has” to meet with La Raza scum for advice on immigration, there’s DEFINITELY something wrong. That’s something like asking kids what punishment they want?

          So why does Mexico keep them alive, let alone the expectation that we have some duty to keep the Third World trash alive?
          The answer is basically, because when they’re in America, they’re not Mexico’s problem they’re OUR problem. More importantly, though, illegals invading America are a source of profit for Mexico that surpasses OIL REVENUES!

          This is NBC News, AKA the Democrat Fanclub, pointing out that Mexico gets more money from remittances than from oil. It’s not a Right-Wing paranoia. Thing is, though, that extra money doesn’t engender any improvements in Mexico, it only funds the Next Wave of invasion.

          I know they have no intent to assimilate, if anything, they want to turn America into another Mexico. I believe Americans have a duty to prevent this from happening, like any nation or even cellular organisms have to protect themselves against infection/conquest.

      • Jason Y

        Of course, contractors are to blame. However, the contractors are the only hope for starving Amerindian peasants. I guess we run into the ethical problem of someone stealing bread cause they’re starving.

        • TRASH

          I’m not sure if it gets down to that. How much thought did you give to this in Korea. You know you’re only going to be there for a specific period of time, you’re a different race?

          To what extent can we expect Amerindians to fell differently.

        • EPGAH

          How are contractors to blame rather than the illegals themselves? And no, illegals aren’t starving, they keep breeding, which proves they’re not starving. They survive and breed quite a bit without invading America, so they’re stealing a BETTER life, not stealing to survive. It’s like stealing jewelry, not stealing bread.

          Basically, the only ethical question we’re facing here is this: If I offer you money to do something illegal, and you actually do it, is it your fault for doing it, or my fault for offering you the money to do it?
          Note that I am in no way MAKING you do it, as I don’t have Mind-Control Powers or the Force or whatever.

        • Jason Y

          I wasn’t going to Korea out of desperation. It was for adventure, even though it was good money for a young single person.

        • EPGAH

          And the illegals are not coming here out of desperation. They can earn enough to breed staying in their own countries, they come here for MORE money, a BETTER life, not for survival. Maybe to them, dodging ICE is an “adventure”?

        • Barack Thatcher

          What the….?

          So if illegals’ home countries are so great, then their culture is not deficient, and they are not a threat?

          They DO come out of desperation.
          it’s not our problem, we can’t afford it economically.

  64. jorge

    Some can tell me what the fuck are “NAM” or “NAMS”?

    I don’t understand many acronyms, I don’t know English very well.

    • jorge

      *Someone, not some, ha.

    • EPGAH

      It means Non-Asian Minority, AKA Black or Hispanic.
      When someone is complaining about “minority” crime, it’s AMAZINGLY unlikely they’re complaining about Asian crime, as Asians tend to be better educated and for the most part, less involved in crime. Or at least, not in the blue-collar crimes that Americans notice.

      People tend to cry out, “Help! I’m being robbed, mugged, and/or murdered!” not “Help! This guy is going to commit tax fraud!”, right?

    • Jason Y

      Non Asian Minorities = NAM That would be blacks, browns. However, it’s misleading cause southeast Asians are Mongoloid, yet more similar to Mexicans. It should be NNAM Non Northeast Asian Minorities.

    • Barack Thatcher

      Non-Asian (racial) Minorities, in the U.S., in this case, Mestizos and Blacks.

    • NAM = Non-Asian Minorities = Blacks and Hispanics. Generally has a pejorative feel to it. I do not like to use the term myself. It arose in the HBD community, and they almost always talked about NAM’s in disparaging ways, which is why I do not like the term. They wanted to just say minorities or non-Whites, but Asians act very good, in fact better than Whites, so it seemed unfair to throw them in with the Mexes and Blacks. That’s one more way it’s snarky. Implies that Asians are good enough but Hispanics and Whites both suck.

      • EPGAH

        Do you mean Hispanics and Blacks?

      • Barack Thatcher

        I think the general idea is that it’s just groups with lower average IQs than Whites. NE Asians are smarter than us, SE Asians when raised in the first world, are as smart as us.

        • TRASH

          Korean youth gangs in the heart of Los Angeles have been known to rob or assault others. I’m not sure if you walked through Korean Town or Chinatown New York in the dead of night you would be as safe as you would be Vermont.

          On the level of organized crime activity they are as ruthless as any other group.

          Having an average IQ of 105 does not guarantee good behavior.

        • Jason Y

          Germans have a high IQ and the Nazis were ruthless conquerors.

      • Jason Y

        “What are we fighting for? I don’t give a damn. Next stop is VietNAM.”

  65. TRASH

    JORGE Are white Crypto-Jews the upper-class Hacienda-owners of Mexico or Latin America? I find this hard to believe but would you address this theory?

    • jorge

      In Argentina (where I am from) sure there are many Jews in upper class and some in oligarchy, but I don’t think that they are the “owners” of the country. Owners of the country are white (from any religion but mostly Christians) but I don’t think that they are very preoccupied about racial things, althought they don’t like blacks and, especially, Amerindians. In other countries, where non-whites are many more, elites and upper classes in general are more racist and worried about race.

      And oligarchy here I think that is more associated to American one and transnational companies that with big Zionists, although also are asociated with some of them, but, probably, mainly indirectly.

      And Argentina is the country with more Jews (in number and also percentage) of Latin America, and have the third biggest Jewish community in the Americas behind United States and Canada.

      • Sam J.

        I would like to know your opinion of Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre’s “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse”. Have you read it and does it conform to your experiences? What happened to you during the economic collapse? I’m very interested i hits as I believe the US is next.

        • Sam J.

          i hits oops “in this”

        • jorge

          I don’t have a opinion about him because I did not know who was, until now that you named him and I searched about him in Google.

          The last economic collapse here was in 2001, and I had 10 years old just fulfilled at that time (my birthday was on 1st December, and the president left his charge on 21st December). I live in the northeast of Argentine, in a mid-sized city named Posadas (in the border with Paraguay), capital of Misiones province (like United States is divided into 50 states, Argentina is divided into 23 provinces, and a city that is a federal district, Buenos Aires, that do not belongs to any province).

          My province historically is one of the 5/6 poorer of Argentina, and the whole north (northeast and northwest) is the poorer region of the country (always the 10 poorer provinces are the 10 that are in the north), and have a bigger mestizo and Amerindian population comparing with the rest.

          Argentina was having bad times since mid of 90s, with increase of unemployment, crime, drugs, violence in streets, etc. Before that, Argentina had other economic collapse in 1988, but was not so big and our streets and social situation was far from what started in 90s (but even with this, still today we are a quiet country comparing with great part of South America and Central America, except for another relatively quiet countries, like Uruguay, Chile, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia and some little ones in Caribbean).

          In those times, my family was from working-class and very near to underclass. My dad lost his job in 2000 and, during the next 3 years, the family’s subsistence depended exclusively of my mother and the aid of their parents (my grandparents). In 2003 my dad get a job and from this, we began to be better and better, and today we are into middle-class (more near to working-class than to upper-class, but into middle-class after all). A thing that helped was the “thinking in future” (something that many poor people don’t do), with saving and spend only in necessary things, like food or ends many parts of the house that were semi built, and not in a car, TV or things like this, that some we did not have (our only TV was very old and almost ruined, for example the buttons wasn’t there and we have to put a pencil into the little hollow for change channels or volume).

          Many people went down in the social scale, and for poor people was a disaster, especially here, in the north, and more especially in rural regions. There were starvation in countryside of northern provinces, and in cities and towns of the whole country, people from shanty towns and slums sometimes ransacked commerces or trucks that were transporting food because despair. Also there were riots in banks caused by working-class and middle-class people, because they (banks) decided that, for the crisis, they needed take money of the people that had it into banking accounts, so if you were saving your money for some emergency like that, you lost all this from one day to another. Other poor people had to eat from rubbish, and also was begging in downtowns of their cities. Others were stealing pedestrians, houses, commerces, livestock transport (stealing cows, chickens, pigs, etc. for eat), or, in countryside, poor worker families also stole livestock. Also there was many squatting of empty houses, lands (were more shanty towns were built), etc. On national TV showed a shanty town were people was broiling street dogs…

          Many middle-class and some upper-class and working-class people left the country and migrated to Spain, United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Ausralia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France… Some had college degrees and, when lost their jobs here as professionals, went to these countries and many ended working in building, cleaning, domestic service, dishwashers, etc.

          And approximately since year 2000, commerces began to close, and many people opened, in their houses, little places of barter. Opened hundreds of thousands in the whole country, was so common like a bar, even more. So people was exchanging objects usually for food.

          So, migration from rural areas to urban ones was intensified, also migration from northern provinces to the rest of the country (especially to big cities and importand mid-sized cities, like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, Parana…), or, in all the country, from towns and small cities to mid-sized cities. But this kinds of migration were constantly since 30s, but during crisis intensifies.

          Even with all this, that intensifies during crises, Argentina is one of the best third world countries, especially Pampean region. But not all this things happened spontaneously, because also there was many incitement to disoder (during some days, that ends with resignation of president) from opposition leaders, especially using people that worked for them as referents in slums and shanty towns.

        • jorge

          And a hypothetical economic collapse in United States would not be so bad like here. What can be worst is riots, but equally, usually you have more violence than Argentina (and surely more than the rest of first world), so will not be something so strange for you (here there were many deaths by day during like a month between ransackings, riots, house/land illegal usurping, house’s robbery, etc.). And I think that there will not be children dying of hungry like here.

    • Jason Y

      So WNs cannot explain why the elites in the third world are snobby bastards, so in desperation they might accuse them of secretly being Jewish, maybe like they accuse the USA south slaveholders of the past of being Jewish.

      • TRASH

        JASON Y Snobbery and Elitism – Double-sided Coin

        Any region N. American Rednecks put themselves in harm’s way.

        *Showing little interest in school at 12 or 13 poor white “hangs” on the street or anywhere public that is free where he is bullied by NAM’S. Constant loitering on the street puts him in the path of juvenile NAMS.

        Unlike Asian children or suburban whites who ignore or avoid NAMS he will engage in a fistfight with them every time they say something to him or look at him. He does not walk on and stay silent. NB NAMS know that middle-class whites or Asians will simply ignore them in a contemptuous way that reminds them of their low class status so when looking for a fight they seek out a redneck white.

        *Young redneck girls are often sluts. Let’s be honest. They start screwing like porn stars by 15. Birth control unless via oral sex on partner is unheard of. Often they run away in their mid-teens and maybe get raped. They are single mothers at an early, early age.

        Rednecks soon tire of the slut they impregnate at 18 or 20. They do not want to be a father. Yet they will father a series of children with different forgotten young sluts.
        Rednecks will wrack up a series of petty convictions as juvenile and find himself in juvenile jails or adult jails with NAMS who are more hardened then he is.
        He acquires a GED or at best a bare-bones high school diploma. He is having too much fun at 18 drinking, screwing his girlfriend, driving around in his car or on his motorcycle to attend college and work. Instead he lives at home at until 24 when his parents (Single-parent) heave him out.
        Alcohol and drug use dominate his life. Drunk driving convictions that result in a gram of methamphetamine found in the vehicle. Perhaps even a burglary or receiving stolen property charge.
        To “score” he must purchase from retailers in NAM areas where police inevitably notice he is a redneck in a NAM area or NAM’s victimize him. Watch COPS for 25 years, the redneck is always busted loitering in bad areas.
        Though he lives in some town without a single synagogue he believes that JOOS are controlling his thoughts and life.
        NB Poor JOOOS in their grimy NYC or East Coast suburbs never travel to Kansas or 30 miles away from their borough and could not find his city on a map. They do not give 2 shits about him.
        His run-ins are not with INVADERS ushered in post-1965 IMMIGRATION LAWS. He battles NAMS whose ancestors have been in North America for 400 years or Amerindian Cholo types. He will not be jumped by Vietnamese, or Japanese or Koreans in Kansas.
        REDNECKS often claim to be the persecuted working man. In truth they did not work very hard in elementary school, in junior high, high school. They were too busy partying, screwing, playing sports they would never be paid to do as adults, having children young. At 30 or 35 the consequences finally dawn on them.

        • Sam J.

          You’re stupid as fuck and large part of the decline of the country is because you are so afraid the Jews will call you Redneck for looking after White interest. You pee all over yourself in fear every time the Jews tell you anything. You’re mentally weak and child like needing the Jews to lead you.

        • Sam J.

          Notice Trash has gone back to explaining to you all the supposed failures of White Southerners of which he readily admits he’s never been around ever. Maybe because every thing else he has said has been proven to be stupid as fuck. All his running away from the Blacks, all his slavering Jew worship, all his foolish running around like a gypsy because he has no control over his environment. All these things show he is stupid as fuck. I submit that his latest diatribe is just more ranting of a stupid as fuck person with an inferiority complex.
          But it will be ok. Just turn on your TV and they’ll tell you your superior for hating White people. You will feel good then as you’re driven from place to place and taxed to death for the Jew and his nation wreckers.

      • jorge

        Elites are snobby bastards in all the planet, but I think that more in poor places, and especially if there is some racial/cultural differentiation from upper-classes to low classes.

  66. Sam J.

    Robert has been fooled.

    Jew Howard Jacobson,“WE ARE ALL SICK IN OUR WAY. In the erotic life of men and women there is no such thing as health… We are philosophers by virtue of our sexual appetites, not despite them. WE SHOULD ACQUAINT OURSELVES WITH PORNOGRAPHY, IN WHATEVER FORM IT TAKES. In its ominous nothingness, pornography familiarises us with humiliation… Winning is a dead end, in sex as in everything else…”

    The Jews put out perversion after perversion. It’s starts with few looking at this perversions but over time people get desensitized to it but it’s always the Jew pushing it. They lie constantly and tell you,”look everyone looks at this stuff”. They don’t. It’s all pushed. They do this to destroy civilization. They wish all to be like animals to be better to control. Humans only left with animal desires.

    You must always be wary of everything the Jew says. Especially when it comes to anything supposedly representing society. They are liars. They can’t be believed. Many times they mix the truth with lies to install confidence but beware the small lies they slip in with the truth.

    Look at the video I linked earlier. If the Jews are so good where are all the Good Jews criticizing those who do harm. They are not to be found. Their criticism is about trivial things off the point of the great crimes they commit.

    • TRASH

      SAM J Who said you had to be in a geographic location to have some acquaintance with poor whites? I’ve met a few on the Canadian border.

      1) They preach White Nationalism but really do not know anything about Europe or the nation of their ancestry. All of them claim to be “part Indian” though they come from the Old British stock that actually fought Indians.

      NB Often they are from single parent families and knew the partner for such a short period of time that their kids have little grasp of their own European heritage. The “part Indian” thing has arisen to be trendy.

      2) I agree they are not “gypsies”. Even if they have a fairly marketable skill like plumbing or mechanical trades they will lack the initiative to move on if the local economy sinks. They will not move.

      3) Usually poor whites are on foot in some rundown area when trouble with NAMS breaks out. NAMS do not drive their pimpmobiles out to their property in the sticks to fight. They would not dare.

      4) I’m not sure JOOS care about them one way or the other. For one thing poor whites do not have money to get sucked into convoluted pyramid scams. Poor rural whites meet very few JOOS, actually.

      5) Poor whites self-marginalize themselves. They leave school early. Have kids early. Divorce early. Get into drugs/alcohol early. They very correctly realize around 35-broke with two kids whom they can provide little after a lifetime of partying, trivial athletic obsessions, boozing, bad money management ets-that indeed their influence is not particularly great in society…NAMS at least have the Pity Card to play like LA RAZA.

      6) SCREWING FOR VICTORY: DEMOGRAPHICS. Having 5 white babies with 3 different women on a fairly modest salary is not the solution.

      • Jason Y

        Actually what your saying about Amerindians is sort of correct. However, some whites have more Amerindian ancestery than others. For instance, if one parent looked like an Amerindian, than that would qualify one to brag, otherwise it’s foolishness.

        Some people in my family look like Amerindians or Northeast Asians.

        • TRASH

          JASON Y John Travolta played a half-Indian hick in Urban Cowboy and in my experience they do resemble him-same wiry build, lank oily hair, small eyes, heavy brow and large puffy lips.

    • TRASH

      SAM J

      “Looking out after White Interests”

      Poor whites f*ck themselves at such an early age with their slacking off in school, their meth at 16, their pregnancy at 18, their molestation in the home, their sluttiness, their love of sports games played by African giants, their drunk driving.

      What, Pray Tell, are middle-class whites expected to do for them? Cock block them? Stop them from “scoring” in high school when they should be studying.

      Keep them their promiscuous little slut sisters and daughters from running away from home to get sucked up into the sex industry?

      Stop them from fighting cholos and homies in the street.

      SAM J Tell us how we can support them.

    • TRASH

      “Perversion after perversion” So what?

      SAM J Why are so many Evangelical Christians the stone fools getting hooked on porn?

      I bet old Ron J the Hedgehog is not hooked on porn.

      Pablo Escobar’s kids probably not hooked on dope either. Pablo and El Chapo do not have the drug problem, redneck kids getting locked up trying to score drugs in NAM areas have the drug problem.

  67. Sam J.

    “I have on my desk at the moment a news item from Brazil. It… was reported by Reuters news agency. It is about a child prostitution ring operated in Brazil by Israeli diplomats in order to satisfy the sexual appetites of Israeli tourists… The head of the child prostitution ring is Arie Scher, Israel’s consul in Rio de Janeiro. The ring recruited girls as young as nine years old and organized sex parties with the children for Israeli tourists”

    “…Viewing the videos, police officials recognized the swimming pool and deck of the Israeli consul, Arie Scher, (right) which was the scene of many of the sex parties….”

    “… Arie Scher was immediately whisked out of Brazil by the Israeli government before the Brazilian police could question him. Now, why is this story significant? After all, among every nationality there are perverts and degenerates and child molesters. Yes, but not every government is involved in child prostitution.

    Are we supposed to believe that the Foreign Ministry back in Jerusalem didn’t know that one of their diplomats was using the consular residence in Rio de Janeiro to entertain big-shot Israeli tourists with sex parties featuring children? Are we supposed to believe that Israel’s super-efficient intelligence apparatus wasn’t aware of what Jewish tourists were doing at the consular residence?..."

    The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths.

    • TRASH

      SAM J Like poor whites the Brazilians just open their ass for exploitation from somewhere by being poor and stupid with a bunch of kids walking around unsupervised.

      “OTA” OPEN THEIR ASS is what poor whites along with Brazilian NAMS do. They pump various women to feel like studs who have kids they do not care about who walk around unsupervised and penniless.

      Daddy of Brazilian child was NAM boozing in the bar or snorting the coca while his penniless kids roam around on the road because Mom has to support them.

    • Jason Y

      The article on mixed raced kids soured me on those motherchickens for eternity. It’s unforgiveable.

      • TRASH

        JASON Y Depends on the father and how he makes his living. A white man who practices international law and marries an African model is going to probably have a son who attends college and has a decent job.

        If the father is a NAM then the woman will be a loud, course and usually fat lower-class white woman who herself is not well-educated and when the NAM abandons them the kid is at a disadvantage.

  68. TRASH

    SAM J That’s NAMS opening their ass for you. Daddy is drinking in the bar watching Pele the soccer player on TV and snorting some coca. His unsupervised and unschooled children are roaming the roads in harm’s way.

    • Sam J.

      Not for me I’m not opening any kids ass. That’s Jews that do that sort of thing.

      • TRASH

        Why then are Jews and Asians more successful that rural whites (hillbillies) or Italians as a rule of thumb?

        If their lifestyle is inferior and their behavior depraved why then is their earning power higher?

        • Jason Y

          Italian Americans have risen to the middle class.

        • Jason Y

          Sorry for double post:

          However, hillbillies 😆 ? Most southern whites are southern, but not poor. They make as much as middle class people anywhere, and in some cases more.

  69. Sam J.

    I’ve just learned that I came out of caves and was grafted by Yacob.

    I was quite astounded to learn this. I shall have to mediate on it a while. It fits in with the wisdom that Trash has gifted us with.

    • TRASH

      TRASH believes that African civilizations were irrelevant to European history and had no link to Rome, Britain etc.

      SAM J is flattering himself if he believes that JOOS, Cholos or Homies really want to mass move to the rural interior of North America. Country living holds zero attraction to them with its hard physical labor and exposure to elements of nature.

      TRASH like most Yankees is simply less impressed with JOOOS than rural whites who have never met one.

      TRASH also believes that British Protestants hauled a load of people off the Savanna long before vast numbers of JOOS washed up in the East Coast cities 50 years after the Civil War.

      • Jonathan

        Reading all your comments, you seem very knowledgeable. Keep up the good word and post more, Trash!

        • Barack Thatcher

          I second that.

        • Jonathan

          To be fair to Sam, Epgah and alt righers are fair to some extent. They have a lot of good points with regards to black crime/third world immigration and preservation of white culture. But the overt anti semtic rhetoric drowns all their good work in a second. It is true to some extent jews have disproportionate representation and power for their over all percenta\ge, but the points these conspiracy theorists attribute towards them all the malice in the society seems far fetched.

        • TRASH

          SAM J has actually out-argued me on many points.

          He makes some good ones. 100 years ago in Wisconsin or the Upper Midwest cities were poor and grubby places full of German peasants. Apart from barroom fistfights there was little violence or anarchy.

          They escaped to the suburbs just around the time of the exodus from Mississippi and Mexico of NAMS arrived in the fifties.

          However, urban violence has seeped into the suburbs and the suburbs continue expanding outwards into areas that were previous remote.

      • Jonathan

        It’s sad that alt right has become a den of conspiracy theorists. Whatever good work they’ve planned on is getting drowned by the tidal wave of hatred prevailing there. To be fair to Sam and EPGAH, they have some good points like Black crime/third world immigration but they will never to fruition if they go on with their hatred like this.

        • Barack Thatcher


          But the issue with the Black crime thing, is, that when you look specifically at Black on White crime, it’s not an issue, at all.

          FBI stats say Blacks commit 37% of the violent crime, but this blogger, Robert, has said 90% of that is against other Blacks.
          So assuming all the other 10% is against Whites, it’s only 3.7% of all crime.

          Considering Blacks should commit 13% of the crime, and 71% of that should be against Whites, we see it should be 9% to be proportional.

          No, it’s just another fantasy.
          If you dig deeper the Alt-Reich is basically just making stuff up.

        • It is worse than that. Blacks commit 89% of their homicides against their own kind. Only 7% of their homicides are against Whites, while Whites are 64% of the population.

          Blacks should commit 13% of their homicides against their own kind and 64% against us to be proportional. They massively overselect for their own kind and massively underselect for us. Maybe Barack can do the match.

          13% and 89% = overselection
          7% and 64% = underselection

        • Jason Y

          That’s exactly why most white southerners don’t hate blacks to the point that Sam does. The thug blacks target their own people, and the whites are for the most part safe from them (because they stay away from them). The few that cross paths, like Sam when he was younger, have developed a severe dislike of them.

        • TRASH

          JONATHON “European peasants from the bottom class of Europe” is the NAM opinion when they arrived up North from Mississippi.

          He’s unimpressed and disinterested in being an Italian-American who works in a garage and wears too much cologne and gold chains.

          Northern Whites are resigned to leaving him to his own devices. True enough Milwaukee seemed nicer when it was a German brewer’s enclave but the suburbs are greener and have more property.,

          Sam makes a valid point that slowly the urban ghetto seeps into the suburb, however.

        • Barack Thatcher

          Wow. They would be expected to kill specifically us in 13×0.64 % of all cases, or 8.32. They actually do in 37×0.07, or an underwhelming 2.59%. 37×0.89= 33% of all crime is Black on Black. The wingnuts do have a point here. But the Alt-Reich’s obsession with American Black on White crime shows their idiocy.

        • They would be expected to kill specifically us in 13×0.64 % of all cases, or 8.32. They actually do in 13×0.07, or an underwhelming .91%. They select us at .109 percent of our population. In other words, they massively underselect us by a full 90%, near total underselection.

        • Barack Thatcher

          They actually do 37×0.07, which is 2.6%, not to nitpick.

          so 2.6/8.3, so at 0.31

        • Barack Thatcher

          speaking of population statistics….
          is there any data on Hispanic racial make-up?

          The problem with the self-identification on the census is that there is no Mestizo (some write it in, but very few take that initiative).

          For instance;
          White: 75%-100% White
          Mestizo: 25%-99% Amerind
          Amerind: 100% Amerind
          (same with Blacks and mulattoes)

          Any 5%+ combination of Black and Amerind in a person <75% White means they are tri-racial/Zambo.

          What percentage of USA Hispanics would fall in all each of the six categories?

  70. Jonathan

    Sam is right on certain points. But most of his conspiracy theories alluding to the joos seem pulled out of no where. These are sort of materials cranks like Linder & Anglin would believe in

    • Sam J.

      Your either foolish and don’t know what’s going on in the world or your a person who purposely sidetracks people. You pretend that everything is on the up and up while the country is being destroyed. Everything I post has a linear fact based story behind it. Let’s take one of the biggest that turned me against the Jews. On 9-11 building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a rock dropped in mid-air supposedly from a few fires. For the building to fall the same speed as a rock dropped in air the density of the lower part of building 7 had to be the same as that the rock was dropped through. Namely air. You think the bottom of the building was air? We all know this is bullshit. The only alternative is the support for the building was removed from under the top of the building. Demoed.

      The Spoofers (as opposed to Truthers) keep lying about the fires or lack thereof. Look for yourself and see the fires or lack thereof. Here’s a video of reporters going into building #7 AFTER the North tower supposedly fell on it and destroyed it sufficiently enough for it to collapse completely. Look at :54 you see the #7 for the building on the door.

      Now you’ve seen video of the inside where there is NO massive damage to make all four sides of the building fall. You want pictures of the back? Here’s a picture of the South side of building #7, facing the North tower, after it had fallen. There is no huge gaping hole. There is no massive fire going all the way up the building. So you can’t say it’s the other side and we have plenty of video and pictures of the North side of building #7 pictures with no damage at all.

      Here’ another NIST FOIA released video taken between one and two hours before building #7 fell. There’s around three floors on fire.

      (Watch the reporter pan up at 2:54. You can clearly see the whole building is not on fire. This side shown is the North side of building #7. Later you can see the fires mostly around three or four floors only and in isolated spots.)
      If the fires were hot enough to melt steel then why isn’t the glass in the windows melted? Glass melts at an extremely lower temperature that steel. Ever put a metal can and a glass bottle in a campfire? The glass bottle melts but the steel can will still be intact. These fires were no hotter than a campfire. One last video of all sides from 23 angles also showing the miraculous collapse.

      Fireman retired so now he can talk. He was right next to the damn building. Says,”…there was an explosion and the building came down…”

      For more info look at a site by some engineers that lay out the evidence.

      There’s lots more. The whole story is bullshit. Problem is people, maybe you included, believe it’s low class to look into such things. Maybe you won’t even look at any of the links I posted as you’re “too good” to fall for this low class nonsense. They’ve also covered the internet with stories that are purposely absurd, ray beams, mini-nukes, blue screen. What I posted you see for yourself. Can you explain it. You don’t have to be an engineer to see that things can’t just up and fall down with a few fires.

      Before you criticism me then you watch these and if I’m wrong then go point by point and tell me where I’m wrong. Calling me names doesn’t prove me wrong. Tell me where the error is in my way of thinking.

      The Jews own all the major media also they owned the buildings that were attacked and managed the security of the airports where the planes took off from. They can see the whole story is bullshit just as easily as I can. The Jews did 9-11.

      • TRASH

        Why are they getting run of their boroughs by NAMS? Can’t they find some way to wield their great influence and prevent this from taking place?

        Come to think of it, as you pointed out, they cannot even control Syria or Lebanon.

        How come they keep getting busted for scandals like Anthony Wiener or Spitzer. You’d think their all-powerful Cabal could prevent such things in order to ensure they became our leaders.

      • TRASH

        SAM J If JOOS have that much influence and power Anglo, Asian, Native and Arab-Americans should feel ashamed of being so stupid.

        • Sam J.

          Yes they should feel stupid. You said,”…Come to think of it, as you pointed out, they cannot even control Syria or Lebanon…”

          The reason why this is so is because they don’t believe Jew lies.

    • TRASH

      JONATHON In my experience the majority-though not all-of whites who are assaulted by NAMS come in three categories of physical proximity.


      The white child’s parents are too poor to leave the bad area. This is unfortunate for the child.


      A) They had dealings with them because they were selling drugs to other whites and purchasing retail in urban wholesale drug-distribution centers. The majority-though not all-of NAM-on-White homicides are not Hold-ups but Drug burns.

      A) ii Victim is a white female in NAM area who is a drug addict. Instead of trading $40 of crack for sex, they simply assault her for free.

      Watch COPS. The “Neck” is always pulled over when the cop sees his confederate-flag painted pickup truck pulling out of a local crack-house (Oddly COPS on the show never raid the house or rarely. Whether this is because of Warrants or Payoffs I don’t know-both probably.)

      B) They are physically in heavily NAM areas on foot. Or at night.

      C) When a NAM advances the opinion that Europeans are “crackers” (What a stupid insult anyhow) whose Rome, Berlin and Athens were inferior to the Savanna Hut of his own great-grandfather the Redneck succumbs to the bait.

  71. Joey Junger

    This reminds me a little of Magnus Hirschfeld’s studies with transvestites and homosexuals. After awhile, it became obvious he was fascinated with this stuff and just using his research subjects as proxies for his own prurient interest. What I mean is, Rob, you keep talking about this stuff, so you might assert it’s lame, unhealthy, etc. but you keep coming back to it so it holds some sort of fascination (and maybe even allure) for you.

    I must say for “cucks” right now is probably the best time to be alive. The president’s black and whites are becoming a minority and almost every commercial or magazine cover I see pairs a white female with a black male.

    • Forget it Joey. Keep coming back to what stuff. Cucking? This is the first time I have written about it. I have been cucked by gf’s before, but I laughed right in their faces and todl them to take pictures. They were being defiant about it in order to humiliate me and rise me to homicidal rage I guess. In other words, they were trying to get murdered like women always do. One woman said, “I have a date this weekend! With a Black man!” Right in my face, defiant like trying to get me to hit her or kill her. I laughed right in her face and said bring it on bitch. And I have been cucked by another gf but I just did not react to it. It was very humiliating, but I certainly did not enjoy it!

      I am not submissive at all and this cuck shit is way too sub for me. I am really dominant in bed. I dom the fuck out of them and they collapse and get these scared eyes and little girl voices and then just do anything you can imagine sexually. I like my women subs and I like to dom myself and I don’t switch, sorry. I love eating pussy, but I hate the submissive aspect to it. One woman kept trying to get me to lick her ass, but I kept balking because it’s so submissive.

      So no, I would not get off on being cucked lol.

      I have had gf’s tell me about past encounter and some of it turned me on though. But I do not wish to be humiliated by some stud fucking my girl. HELL NO.

      Do you know what kind of porn I like? I run into this bullshit cuck porn all the time and I really do not like it and I almost never like it. If I ever do, I identify with the Black bull not the pathetic White guy. But cuck porn is just not my thing and I hate the whole cuck scene. White cucks are PATHETIC!

    • Keep talking about what stuff? Perverted stuff? Yeah I’m a pervert. Gay stuff. Yeah but I am not gay. I never watch gay porn. I have GB’s of porn on my drive and no gay shit. I have an actual physical revulsion to gay porn and any sort of explicit homosexual talk, which according to the Cultural Left means that I am a homosexual!

      LOL fucktards.

      There is this site called POZ on Reddit, it is for reactionaries, mostly White nationalists, who hate the Cultural Left. They say the culture is POZ, that is, we have “Cultural AIDS.” There was one article where they were talking about the Cultural Left saying all homophobes were gay and one guy said, “I hate this BS. I hate Black people. Does that mean I’m a nigger?” I thought that was pretty funny and sums up this whole lame argument.

      • TRASH

        Porn appears to be the ultimate equal-opportunity employer: you can see Arab grandmothers sucking stovepipes in front of the camera, for that matter.

        “Ben Dover” once remarked that everybody and their cow was making porn.

      • EPGAH

        On this page, you say you have an actual physical revulsion to queer porn and even explicit queer talk, but on the other page, you said homophobia was bad, and it was part of what made the Right “bad”.

        Which is it?

        But yes, that last line is pretty funny.

        • Correct, I can’t stand homosexuality, but I am ok with biologically gay males because I know they can’t help it. I am willing to tolerate them. The Republicans are not.

          Most straight men hate homosexuality. They hate the very idea of it. But they don’t necessarily hate actual gay men if they have an excellent excuse for being that way. They just don’t want to do it themselves.

        • EPGAH

          And what about the constant…herassment, for lack of a better word, that queers do to straight men, now that it’s OK? And the shutting down of businesses that refuse to bend for them, like that unfortunate bakery in SNOPES?

          I don’t hate queers as a group, but I DO hate that they’re forcing their shit on everyone else now that it’s been labeled OK, and even virtuous to do so, and the non-perverts are now somehow the strange ones.

        • EPGAH

          As to “They Can’t Help It”, remember, we have the world’s largest pharmaceutical industry, right?

          As soon as queers stop defending their pathology as a lifestyle and admit it’s something that needs to be fixed, people who get paid a lot more than me will spring into action and invent a cure.

          Remember, geneticists have made mole rats monogamous and mosquitoes sterile! Fixing whatever pathology makes queers queer should be far, FAR, FAR easier than those two tasks.

          But they have to admit it’s a problem first!

          Is that what the “Cultural AIDS” means, we no longer call bad things pathological, so we lower our defenses against them? Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong, as it were?

  72. TRASH

    My theory is a great many women of all ages harbor some fantasy of being filmed in sex acts. Twenty years ago few would have had the opportunity to do so but technology allows anybody to make porn and upload it.

    • A young woman I know wanted me to make live porn with her on cam for money. She is a model in her 20’s. I was seriously thinking about it but I did not do it because I was afraid that people would recognize me and it would ruin me.

      • TRASH

        Model Release forms have to prove your age and consent. You sign them and it is permanent record of your participation.

        Ron Jeremy lost his Special Ed teaching license: short answer is that it would ruin you.

        One male port star had some office job and wore a Battman mask and cape in his scenes but was found out and fired anyhow.

        If all you wish to do is cell-phone a woman sucking your disembodied erect penis to completion in close-up perhaps you will never be identified-though anybody who is interested can trace it to your server.

      • TRASH

        You have to sign a model release form to her to prove that you are over 18 and she has to keep it available by law. So there will be a legal paper trail.

        Ron Jeremy of course lost his Special Ed teaching license.


        In the old days people could produce porn for 3 years, become millionaires, most became property renters and it did not matter if they had a bad reputation.

        Those days are gone. Very few guys can make a living with porn or at least a decent one.

        Gay-for-pay? Gay Producers love paying straight me $2,000 for their first scene and photographing the look of pain on the straight male’s face as he penetrated by a John Holmes-sized gay penis. I hear that actually pays $ But they re done with you in 3 years when you have made $300,000 for the rest of your life people will know that you sucked stovepipes and were impaled by stovepipes for money. Is is worth it?

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Ron Jeremy of course lost his Special Ed teaching license.

          No he did not lose his teaching license but that doesn’t matter as it is unlikely he could be employed for any length of time by any high school because of his past notoriety.

          See link below:

          Ron Jeremy recently stated he still has a valid teacher’s license, but he obviously has no plans to return to teaching children. Aside from the fact that he’s now a multimillionaire and doesn’t need the money, he stated, “…if parents see me with [their] kid, they’ll want to call 911.” That being said, he does do lectures at various colleges on occasion, particularly lecturing on the adult film industry and acting and has said he wouldn’t mind teaching theater someday at the college level.

      • TRASH

        I wish to add that I have not now or ever been involved in porn. I lived very briefly on the fringes of areas where the business occurred.

        • Sam J.

          Trash said, cut and paste,
          “…With some experience with porn producers…”
          “…Trust me, I have some experience with the industry…”[porn]

        • Sam J.

          I might add porn is a vicious evil business that is mostly by Jews because their using of people in the most vile manner is no problem for a tribe of psychopaths who have little to no empathy for others. Trash went on and on how he knew this degraded girls from “flyover” portions of the US and how he was gleeful at this persecution and degradation. He thinks this makes him a high status person to use and degrade people. He only started backing up on this when he realized that most people don’t consider abusing young girls is a good thing. That pushing the dreams of these girls for fame by degrading them is evil That by making drugs available to them they foster desperation and degradation. He and his loathsome porno friends are evil pieces of shit.

        • Sam J.

          “…The California pornography industry is a destructive, drug infested, abusive and sexually diseased industry which causes severe negative secondary effects on female and male adult industry workers as well as the general public…”

          “Every professional in the porn-world has herpes, male or female.” … “I don’t believe I worked with one person who didn’t at one time have an STD.”

          “some agents lie to the girls and tell them they are shooting a scene when instead they set up prostitution acts for them.”

  73. TRASH

    ROBERT SAM J and others have expressed incredulity that one can actually meet pornographers socially somewhere but in California they are pretty much open about what they do in San Fernando Valley. There’s thousands of them having sex or filming sex for a living every single day to pay rent.

    It’s a really lousy living for males: $30,000 a year for a top straight male porn star who has sex every day of the week with women who are hideous or beautiful depending on the director’s whims.

    When most of them get off drugs and booze in their 30’s they have no work record so they have little to show for being a pornographic film actor.

    • Sam J.

      “…ROBERT SAM J and others have expressed incredulity that one can actually meet pornographers socially…”

      That’s because we don’t hang out with scummy assed people like that. Now you make run across them all the time but it says more about your debased life style than our incredulity.

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